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Green Day: One of My Lies

Green Day: One of My Lies .


When I was younger I thought that the world circled around me
But in time I realized I was so wrong
My immortal thoughts turned into just dreams of a dead future
It was a tragic case of my reality

Do you think you're indestructable
And no one can touch you
Well I think you're disposeable
And it's time you knew the truth
Cause it's just one of my lies!

(and all i wanna do is get real high)

Why does my life have to be so small?
Yet death is forever
And does forever have a life to call its own?

Don't give me an answer cause you
Only know as much as I know
Unless you're been there once
Well I hardly think so

I used to pray at night
Before I lay myself down
My mother said it was right
Her mother said it too...

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