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Ingmar Bergman (14.07.1918 - 30.07.2007) - Swedish director.

Ernst Ingmar Bergman was a prominent Swedish film and theater director, as well as a (screen)-writer. He created a large amount of outstanding books. Even when he died the audience and fans remembered his works for many decades.

He was born in the Swedish city Uppsala on July 14th, 1918. His father was a priest which is why his early years were intimately connected with religion. However the strict cannons of the Lutheran Church didnt kill the creativity and rich imagination which was in his nature.

Ingmar started dreaming of the screenwriters profession from the very childhood. He liked to create stories and storylines. Already as a teen he was fully involved in art and literature. After graduating from the secondary school, he entered the University of Stockholm. During his student years he was hesitating whether to acquire the profession of a writer or a screen-writer.
As the time passed, he managed to succeed in both desired industries. One of his first plays Caspars Death was written when he was only twenty-two. It was soon staged in one of the Swedish theaters, which immediately invited the young boy as a screen-writer. After that the Swedish film industry became interested in his work.

At first he mostly worked as an editor, correcting and supplementing other writers scripts. Thats when he earned considerable reputation among film-makers. The first independently written script of the author appeared in 1944. A few months later his work resulted into a successful film. After that he became increasingly demanded as a talented specialist in Sweden.

However, Ingmar wanted to try something new, for example, to serve as a film director and thats what he did in 1946. His first film wasnt as successful as the second one - It Rains over Our Love. The picture has become very popular among Swedish viewers and entered the national classics list. Some of his best works include Summer With Monica (1953), The Seventh Seal (1957), The Silence (1963) etc.

During his lifetime Bergman got three Oscars, four Venice Festival awards, BAFTA awards and a large number of other awards. His films and books are still popular not only in his native Sweden, but throughout the world. His last film Ghost Sonata was on air in 2007. The same year the writer died. Last years I. Bergman spent on a small island in the Baltic Sea, where he had a private house.



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