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Ivan Pavlov (26.09.1849 - 27.02.1936) - Russian scientist.

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was a prominent Russian scientist. He was the first Russian Nobel Prize winner. This man was the founder of the largest Russian physiological school. Pavlov was born in 1849 in Ryazan. His ancestors were mainly priests and belonged to Russian Orthodox society. Thats why he spent several years studying theology, which he later recalled with great warmth.

While in the last year of studying he read a very useful book on brain reflexes written by Professor Sechenov. Basically, this book has completely changed all his life. In 1870 he moved to Saint-Petersburg to continue his education. At that time he was rather busy with nervous regulation studies. More than ten years he spent studying gastrointestinal tract.

To learn human build-up he led hundreds of researches. Making a series of discoveries during his career he fully re-created modern notion of digestion. When he was in his fifties, Pavlov made a sufficient report on digestive system at the conference held in Spain. Following this report, he received the Nobel Prize.

While studying medicine, at the same time he worked at the K. N. Ustimovichs lab. After graduation he was approved at the well-known Botkin hospital as one of the departments head. He didnt think much of material well-being at those times.

Speaking of his personal life, in 1881 Ivan Petrovich met his future wife in Saint-Petersburg. Her name was Serafima Vasilyevna and she was from Rostov-on-Don. His parents were against this marriage and refused to help the newly-wed couple in any way. For that reason Ivan and Serafima lived in a rather poor environment for the next ten years. They spent some time living with her parents and his brother, who worked as Mendeleevs assistant.

At the house in Rostov, where he lived while visiting this city, there is a special memorial in honor of the scientist. Starting from 1925 till the end of his life he directed the Academy of Sciences. He died at the rather advanced age and was buried in Saint-Petersburg.



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