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Jane Austen (16.12.1775 - 18.07.1817) - English writer

Jane Austen was a well-known British novelist and the author of several masterpieces. She was also known as the first lady of English literature and the founder of the so-called novel of manners. She was born in a small town of Hampshire county on December 16, 1775. In fact, J. Austens works are on the curriculum of most British colleges and universities.

The future novelist was born in the parish priests family. She had six brothers and two sisters. Her oldest brother also became a priest like their father, even though he was fond of literature like Jane. Two of her brothers were promoted to navy admirals and one was a bank manager. Her sister Cassandra was her soul-mate and she shared all the secrets with her.

The first 25 years of her life she spent in native Steventon. Namely in that place she wrote the famous novels Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and some others. However these works for a long time remained only drafts and havent been published. In 1801 Janes father retired and their family moved to another town.

Having moved to several towns, finally they settled in a small house near Alton and this place was her home for the rest of her life. There she worked in literary field and created her masterpieces. Interestingly enough Northanger Abbey was published only after her death. At first it was sold for ten pounds to the publisher and then bought back by Janes family members.

Along with this novel in 1818 the book Persuasion was released. The real name of the author never appeared on Janes books, although all her relatives and close friends knew who wrote them. Thus, her works received almost no recognition during her life. Most novels, written by J. Austen, were comedies of manners, in which the author openly ridiculed stupidity.

Her early books contained light portrait descriptions, whereas her later novels presented more ironic and contemptuous demonstrations. Speaking of her education, in 1783 Jane and her sister studied in Oxford. They also studied for some time in Southampton and Reading. She grew up on Shakespeare, Thompson, Sterne, Fieldings books. Her first work, which was a parody of a boring ode, was written when she was only 14.

When her father died, she had to help somehow her mother to support the family. Thats when she started publishing her works under the modest pseudonym A Lady. In 1816 she was honored to receive the review on her novel Emma from Sir Walter Scott. Austen died in 1817 in Winchester. It was known that she suffered from Addisons disease.



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