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Jay-Z: Ain't No Nigga

Jay-Z: Ain't No Nigga .


Uh huh yeah hah
Never Sprung huh?
Jigga Roc a Fella y'all
Never Sprung huh?
Yeah peep the repertoire
Peoples feel me on this one
Peoples feel this
Never Sprung huh? Know my style

I love bitches thug bitches shy bitches
Rough bitches don't matter you my bitches
Gold diggers witcha eyes on my riches
Can't Knock Your Hustle for real exotic bitches
I'm game tight see it all through the platinum french
Frames with the french name in the same night
Pull you and your tight friend
Lift your little dress like light wind, hah, then I slide right in
You know the whole repertoire, U.S. to the U-S-S-R
Sexin in a Lexus car
Match wits with the best of y'all the rest of y'all
Is like vege-tables in my presence, check it
Reminescin to nuttin you ever heard, Iceberg
Slim baby ride rims through the suburbs
Funds come in lump sums never ends deferred
Get money like I'm down South Wednesday the 3rd, it's on

Dough to get, more shows to rip
I suggest you all roll with the click, who you wit
Frozen wrists and it's flows that's sick
More O's than you know exist, bitch who you wit

Can't scheme on em, Roc-a-Fella got a team on em
Chicks dream on him trick cream on him
Lose it when dudes think it's just music
Lean on em flash green on em and diamond rings on em
Sex around the way girls down to mida's
I'm somethin every girl gotta have like Levi's
Chiquita, me got more, see I brawl
You can love me or hate me, either or



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