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Johnny Depp (09.06.1963) - American actor.

Johnny Depp is a famous American actor, film director, screenwriter and a musician. He is well-known by his roles in the films Pirates of the Caribbean, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. In 2012, with the income of 75 million dollars per year, he was considered to be the highest paid actor in the world. He was born on June 9th, 1963 in Kentucky, USA. His father was a civil engineer and his mother was a waitress. The Depp family lived in Owensboro, but they often moved to other places. At last, they settled in Florida.

When Johnny was 12, his mother gave him a guitar as a present. This was the time when he started playing with various garage bands. He also started drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes at that age. Soon, his favourite grandfather died and his parents got divorced. These accidents had a negative impact on young Johnnys mind. He began using drugs and was expelled from school. At the age of 16, he left school and devoted himself to music. His other hobby was drawing. He was the author of his bands album cover. He was also fond of literature, especially of books written by Jack Kerouac. This authors works greatly influenced Johnnys adolescent views.

When he was 20, he married the make-up artist Lori Anne Allison. She was the one who introduced him to Nicholas Cage. The actor was impressed by Johnnys manners and he helped him to get a part in audition for the role in A Nightmare on Elm Street film. It was his first acting experience. At the same, he still hoped to devote most of his time to music. Unfortunately, the amateur band, where he played, soon collapsed. Thats why Depp agreed to participate in a series of TV shows. The 21 Jump Street series turned him into a teenage girls idol, which he didnt like at all. In 1990 he was invited to play a starring role in Tim Burtons Edward Scissorhands. After this film he begins regular cooperation with Burton. He also met his second wife, Winona Ryder, during the filming.

His career quickly went uphill. He was invited to play the lead-roles in Arizona Dream, Ed Wood, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, etc. After the loud divorce with Winona Ryder in 1993, he starts dating the British supermodel Kate Moss. Hes dated several other famous actresses and models. At the moment he is relationship with and American actress Amber Heard and has two children with a French singer Vanessa Paradis. In 2007, he received his first Golden Globe award. He is considered to be one of the sexiest and most highly paid actors of modern cinema. He has millions of fans across the world.



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