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Lewis Carrol (27.01.1832 - 14.01.1898) - English writer.

Lewis Carrol (real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) was a remarkable English writer, mathematician, philosopher and a deacon. One of his lifetime passions included photography. His most famous works is the fairy-tale Alices Adventures in Wonderland. The writer was born on January 27th, 1832, in Daresbury, Cheshire. His father was a parish priest. Charles had seven sisters and three brothers. From the very childhood he showed himself as a clever and quick-witted boy. When he was twelve, he was sent to a private school near Richmond. In 1845 he had to move to another school, which he didnt like much.

In 1851 Charles moved to Oxford and entered one of the best and aristocratic colleges there - Christ Church. After graduation he read lections on Mathematics at the same college for 26 years. It was his main income. He also became a deacon here and had the right to preach without work in the parish. His literature career began while he was still in college. He wrote short stories and poems, which he sent to various magazines. At that time he took the pseudonym Lewis Carrol on the advice of one editor. His works gradually gained popularity. By 1854, all serious English publishing houses were accepting them. While working at college, he met the new dean Henry Lidell and his family. The dean had three daughters: Alice, Edith and Lorina.

Lewis Carrol liked visiting this family and spending time with them. Many biographers believe that his famous fairy-tale Alices Adventures in Wonderland was written about Alice Lidell. In 1867 the writer visited Russia. It was a period of theological contact and exchange among Anglican and Orthodox churches. During this trip, Lewis visited Berlin, Dresden, Warsaw, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and many other European cities. It was his first and only trip abroad. Description of this trip could be found in his personal diary which was published after his death. Apart from literature, Lewis Carrol was busy with various mathematical work and scientific inventions. These works were published under his real name. He died in January, 1898, in Guildford, at his sisters home.



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