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Margaret Thatcher (13.10.1925 - 08.04.2013) - British politic.

Margaret Hilda Thatcher was the 71st Prime Minister of Great Britain, the first and the only woman to hold that title. She was known as the Iron Lady for her strong-willed character and harsh style in politics. Margaret Thatcher (nee Roberts) was born on October 13th, 1925, in Lincolnshire. She spent her childhood in Grantham. Her father was the owner of two grocery stores. He took active part in political and religious matters of Grantham. Margaret attended the local primary school and then she was appointed a scholarship and transferred to a more prestigious grammar school.

In 1943, she was accepted in Oxford, where she studied chemistry for four years. In 1947 she received a Bachelors degree in science. While still studying she became the chairman of Conservative Association of the university. After graduation she settled in Colchester, where she worked as a research chemist for one company. At the same time she joined the local Conservative Party and soon she was elected to represent the Conservatives for the safe Labour seat. She was rather fearless when making public speeches.

In 1950s she fully switched from scientific researches to political and legal practice. In 1959, after a difficult battle she was elected as a Member of Parliament. At that time she began actively attending the Institute of Economics, where she learned a lot about the welfare of state. In 1979, Thatcher won the general election and became the leader of the opposition. This was her first term as the Prime Minister of Great Britain. While holding the office, she won the reputation of Iron lady. Particularly, one Soviet newspaper called her that way in response to her anti-Soviet speech made in January of 1976. Over 11 years she was the head of the British cabinet. During this time she held a number of tough economic reforms and supported tax increases.

In 1982, she sent the British military ships to the Falkland Islands, which were occupied by Argentina. In several weeks the conflict was settled and Britain again took control over the islands. This was a key factor for the second victory of Conservative Party at the parliamentary elections in 1983. All in all, Margaret Thatcher won three elections. The third term as a Prime Minister was the most difficult for her. After she had taken a series of unpopular measures, she had no other choice than to leave the post. In 1992 Queen Elisabeth II granted her with the title of a baroness. During the last few years of her life the Iron Lady suffered from several minor strokes and senile dementia. She died on April 8th, 2013.



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