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Marilyn Manson: Posy Guy (Your Turn)

Marilyn Manson: Posy Guy (Your Turn) .


You harmed her, no reason why
She fuckin hates yeah you
Like she hates the"one true god"

She tried to give you everything
You just threw it away
Turned it into bullshit
And runned away

Now its your turn
To cry and beg
For some miracle from your god
And whine like a hog
Everthing that comes
Goes by
Its your turn
I hope you die
In the shadow of the Valley of Death

Shes now looking for me
Someone who does aprecciate
Like drugs for life

Dont believe you let her go
Now she gets me high high
While you beg and fuck

GIRL x 2

Now she sees the real thing
Doesnt know
Why she cryed for a motherfucker like you
Like you...Like you.....

SHOUTING BOTH: This song is dedicated for all the motherfuckers
Who harm with no reason, hey your not the drug, so dont try to be one
Remember that shit comes..and goes by...The sorrow exists



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