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Metallica: Crying Of The Dead

Metallica: Crying Of The Dead .


I hear these sounds in the day light.
Never heard them before in my life.
I bureid the grave of the dead way back home.
I fear is it the grave that's calling me.
Is it the crying of the dead.
Please get the dead to peace.
I can't stand this anymore.
Stop the crying of the dead.
The dead...the dead is comin out.
The dead ....the dead is eateing me alive.
Save me master ....save me master...please....please!

From the dead...from the dead...
The dead's eaten me alive.
I'm ready to go to the grave.
But the grave is not accepting me.
Neither can I go back home.
The world seems so dead.
The sins that I commited will never wash away.
I'm ready to die with this pain I feel.
But my grave has rejected me.
The master's coming to save me
I can't bear the crying of the dead...
But it's ringing on my door...so I'm ready to die..
And cry like the dead.



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