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/ Nazareth: Greens,

/ Nazareth: Greens, .

Woke up this morning crawled out between the sheets
My woman was warm, kisses oh so sweet
Wanted to stay but I had to go
Headed for the factory, made myself some dough


I said greens is what I mean
Well it dont keep ya warm as lovin
But it sure pays for that fun in between

Got me some new wheels bright red fast and mean
Felt good drivin around in that machine
Cruisin round puttin on a show
Couldnt make the payment the car just had to go

(Repeat chorus)


Gotta make some changes, gotta get myself in gear
Things are gettin heavy, Im cuttin out of here
Take my woman, make some speed
Dont know where Im going but I sure know what I need

(Repeat chorus)2x

/ Nazareth: Greens,
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