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/ Nazareth: Jet Lag,

/ Nazareth: Jet Lag, .

Im goin back to New York city
Times square sure will be shinin bright
I know it sure looks pretty
But I dont go down every night.
Im gonna take in Memphis
You know the one down in Tennessee
And if you wanna boogie
Now thats the place to be.
Sittin in a bar in Macon
Drinkin something called Rebel Yells
When I thought I heard someone ringing
I guess shes a southern bell.
We just cut out of El Paso
It just fries there in that desert sun
And if youve ever been down there man
Then you know why we run.
I got jet lag
And livin out an overnight bag
Time changes every day
They do things a different way
Back in the U.S.A.
Tryin hard to make a phone call
"Long distance over seas"
"Yes maam I did say Scotland"
"Could you spell that again for me please"
You know that it just blew my mind
Id love to go back there next trip
I sure hope we get some time.
Driving down a Detroit freeway
Just lookin at those concrete walls
Hey but its a good town to rocknroll in
"What do you mean the police closed the god damned hall?"
Flyin home tomorrow
To be theres gonna be just great
And after some time with my lady
Im gonna be back to rocknroll in the States.

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