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Nightwish: Tenth Man Down

Nightwish: Tenth Man Down .


Today I killed, he was just a boy
Eight before him, I knew them all
In the fields a dying oath...
I'd kill them all to save my own

Cut me free, Bleed with me, Oh no
One by one, We will fall, down down
Pull the plug, End the pain, Run'n fight for life
Hold on tight, this ain't my fight

Deliver me from this war
It's not for me it's because of you
Devil's instant my eternity
Obey to kill to save yourself

Cut me free ...

"I envy the 9 lives that gave me hell
My path made up by their torn bodies
Man to man, soldier to soldier, dust to dust
Call me a coward but I can't take it anymore"

They wait for me far back home
They live with eyes turned away
They were the first ones to see
They are the last ones to bleed

"War: the ultimate high as all beautiful dies
War: a ruler's tool, a priest's excuse, a tyrant's delight...
I alone, the great white hunter
I'll march till the dawn brings me rest
10th patriot at the gallow's pole!"

Cut me free ...



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