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Red Hot Chili Peppers: Nothing To Lose

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Nothing To Lose .


A little bit of paper but that's ok
I got sure an i got her today
Hanging out winds to meet my four
This time i call my lord
My Lord, my Lord

A little bit of stage to cast our play
I got ten men to come my way
Check it to the Betty to miss my love now
Take it baby for come my way

A little bit of love
A little bit of love, that's ok
Take it down the city to mast our care
A little better to come my way
Shake it down to dig my Lord
Come on then drama King an bear my soul
That's ok

My Lord, Whoa
My lord.

I can touch you on your skin
A time to come an a time to begin
I like looking into your eyes girl
Come one the oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
Take it then!

I saw you sittin to park my floor
I saw you begging to give me more
I saw you dancing around my head now
How'd you like to stab my brain

Want you want
Oh, what you need
Come on.
What you really, yeah! Really!
How you gonna stop this here

That's enough. Yeah!
Nothing To Lose, everything
To gain i say it's only on knew
You on time better sit down for...

You say you faster than the
Drummers in your life well
I said that's ok.

I've been made up of everything you know
Sometimes it goes your way.
You're ratted on well that's ok
That's ok. (Today)

Your seven years but don't hold three
I got a feeling that is so free
I'm coming out to give my teacher for
Tell me of course I've grown

She's comin about seven dates
An i'm free to lead
(Vocal improvisation, words made up)
She lives hard an need but that's ok
Cause i live on the west an you know what
I'm gonna say, y'all i got my team, that's ok

You don't funk they go your way
(Made up words again)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Whatever you do, the mirror's
What you bring it

The mirror's what you make it
The mirror's what make it

It's what you make it. Oooooo, it's
All the love for you, ooooooo.

I feel it cast, reelin, tired, stealin'
For feel it.

Falling i'm coming for you the two
High long time
For your life
It's a blank canvas, you can make
It whatever you wanna make it
It's fresh snow, don't piss in it.
This is your fucking life

Thank you for coming to the show.
We love all of you,
We love all of you, We love all of you,
We love all of yooooooooooou...



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