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Choosing a Career

: Choosing a Career.

Choosing a Career

There are a lot of professions and it is difficult to make the right choice. I have made my choice: I'm going to be manager of tourism. When I was a little girl I dreamed to be a pilot. I wanted to see the whole world. I was going to travel around the world, to see new countries, visit new places of interest and to make new friends. But later I knew that there are a lot of opportunities to see the world.

You can be a diplomat, a geographer, a sailor or a tour-manager.

I think that manager of tourism is a very good job. They are working with different people in different countries in various hotels and resorts.

You can work in an office and sell tour-vouchers or you may be a representative of Russian tour operator in a foreign country and work with tourists as a guide and translator. I decided to be a manager of tourism while I was traveling with my parents.

So I do my best to get to that dream. I learn computer, English, Russian and geography. I know that there are special faculties of tourism and hotel management in Moscow Universities and Academies. Ill try to enter one of them after school.



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