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Rihanna: Past Relationships

Rihanna: Past Relationships .


It sneak up on you
He know it, but he don't know how to say it (he know you would find out bout) his past relationship
Why he there
(He couldn't leave now) he need you
He was there all along (to find out bout) his past relationship) why he kept a secert
Why you put up with his, his, his, past relationship
Now he want you back (he know didn't what he had)
Past relationship
You should had

(Chorus 2)

It set off leave feel pissed off
(And leave you lonely)
Something you got u some reason
Why he don't won't to say it this long
He know what it do (why you also in background)
He better than this (find out bout his past relationship) past relationship
But you got it behind you
But his past relationship

(Chorus 1) x10



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