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Rihanna: The One

Rihanna: The One .


Ayo four, three, two, one
If this ain't concrete then call it what you want
For my lady I make where you from hotter than the sun
I'm still street say the word and it's done
If ever in the world that we gotta let a slug fly
Even if they subpoena me I would never testify
You feel the same and this way we never change
Dudes play they disappear and I ain't David Blaine
Like, yeah love you know I'm breezin' through with mine
Yeah love give me a reason to squeeze for mine
It's thug love at it's finest, dude rewind this
Uh, the boy H-O behind this

[Chorus: Rihanna w/ Bleek ad-libs]
You were there for me when I needed you when my back was to the wall
And it's good to know that you're still the one to catch me when I fall
We've been crazy tight and I realize when all is said and done
Through the best of times, and the rest of times
Baby you're the one, baby you're the ooone!

[Outro: (Rihanna) & M. Bleek]
(Baby baby you're the one)
Uh, Rihanna y'all, you know, ROC, ROC
(Baby baby yooou're the ooone)
ROC, ROC, rock on
Uh huh, Big on the production
Y'know, it's another one of those joints
It's the ROC, and we, get, busy!



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