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Robbie Williams: Coke & Tears

Robbie Williams: Coke & Tears .


(Elvis Impersonator, Spoken:)
"Ok settle down you all
Settle down lady, he's gonna be on stage
Real soon, that's right Mama
Put your popcorn down, he's turning
to the band, yeah he's
Running his legs off, ladies and gentlemen,
Mr. Robbie Williams"
Just because you're dyslexic
Doesn't mean you're not fake
We know you're not that stupid
You'll marry someone rich
Bet you won't steal his watch
When your down by near his crotch
That'll explain the itch
You were such a lying b****

I know you hold my suitcase
Down in Kensington
And you were screwing Ewen
When I wasn't in
Did it to me, you'll do it to him
Your friends just gave me grief
I will make this brief
You were such a lousy thief
You were such a lousy thief
But you were good in bed
You were good in bed
So good in bed

Now you tell my girlfriend
That I'll never change
You've been up since Wednesday
Don't you find that strange
You're ex-boyfriend is deranged
You'll tell them down in Browns
Haven't been for years

It's full of coke and tears
Full of coke and tears
Full of coke and tears
But you were good in bed
Good in bed

(Elvis Impersonator-Spoken:)
"Ladies and gentlemen
I'd like to thank you on behalf of
Mr Robbie Williams and the band
You've been a fantastic audience
Robbie's opened his heart
Out to you tonight and
You've really taken him on board
Remember the name and whenever
He's in the neighbourhood
You get yourselves down there all right
It's been a great evening
Thank you very much.
Robbie Williams has now left the building
Oh no, I'm afriad he's come back
For his coke, now he's left
The buidling, thank you very much
Thank you very much"

Glory Glory Hallelujah (x4)



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