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Robbie Williams: Man For All Seasons

Robbie Williams: Man For All Seasons .


One eye on the shadows, protecting his fellows,
From sun up till the moon on his back.
Sends the villains to Hades, a hit with the ladies
A stallion, in the sack.

You cant get your life back, when right follows left Jack,
The more you see, the less you know.
When others would leak it, his service is secret.
Plays God when its your time to go.

Queen and country safe and sound, with villains six feet under ground.
And no one knows cause no ones found any trace of a man for all seasons.
Loves 'em and leaves 'em alone....so alone
And you and I wouldn't have a clue, whose doing what, why, when and who, up the creek with no canoe,
Watch out for the man for all seasons, loves 'em and leaves 'em alone......so alone (but safe at home)

From the House of Lords saving Norfolk broads,
Commoners and landed gentry.
His word is Bond with a brunette or blonde, baby its so elementry.
For the man never ends, stop your life with one stare,
See the film you'll know how it goes
But this aint no fiction, just check the diction, quid pro quo, a pro's pro.

Hey fellas, don't be jealous, when they made him they broke the mould. So charismatic, with an a automatic,
Never prematurely shooting his load.


But safe at home [X6]


[Repeat to fade]

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