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Robert Graves (24.07.1895 - 07.12.1985) - British poet.

Robert Graves was a prominent British poet, novelist and critic. He is the author of numerous books, mythological prose and works on the theory of myths. During his life he created more than 140 works, two of which became bestsellers. Graves was born in London in July 24, 1895.

As he was the son of a well-known Irish poet, he started writing at an early age. He received traditional education at Charterhouse boarding school for boys. After graduating from the secondary school he volunteered for the army. Later on he was seriously wounded during the First World War.

His first book of prose was published in 1929. It was called Good-Bye to All That. In this book he clearly depicted his frustration based on broken hopes and his main topic of the lost generation. For some time he lectured in Cairo and then he moved to Majorca (Spain), where many of his books were written.

One of his most influential works was the novel-parable King Jesus (1946). In this book, along with prominent theologians, R. Graves tried to reconstruct the events which were connected with the Son of God. Authors deep, fundamental research in the fields of cults, religion and myths led to creation of The White Goddess book, published in 1946.

In 1960 for some time he lectured at the University of Oxford. His main topic was Poetic Craft and Principles. At the same time he was working on a series of subtle, witty and fine stories. Graves personally of all his works preferred poetry. Till the end of life he continued writing poems.

His last years were spent in Majorca, where he could rest from political and social events happening in Europe. There he fully dedicated his time to the art of literature. He developed his own original poetic style. His lyrics entered the golden fund of the 20th century poetry.

For the last ten years of his life R. Graves suffered from memory loss, which is why in 1975 he stopped his literary career. The British poet died in 1985 and was buried in a small coastal village in Spain.



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