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Rod Stewart: Delicious

Rod Stewart: Delicious .


Everyday I get up
And drag myself out of bed
While you're still sleeping
On your tummy
With your long legs spread
Pour me a coffee
get dressed
Kiss you good-bye
I'm like a lion in winter
I don't want to say good-bye
I'm trying to pull
On my socks
You get me horny and hot, darling
That's why I'm late on the job

*You're delicious
You're delicious, babe
You're delicious

Just keep on doing
What you are doing
Doing to me
Ah, yeah

You're like a cold beer, darling
On a long-hot summer's day
Yes, you are
You're the words of Browning
Five part Chekov play
You make a rich man poor
And make a blind man see again
You're as soft as cotton
I'm as hard as a diesel train
And while I'm driving to work
You scent all over my shirt
You're just a wonderful flirt.


Aint no man alive gonna
Take you from my side

I've had the new caviar
Fort Wall and pink champagne
I've seen the Mona Lisa
Drank the wine in France and Spain
I've smelled the rose of England
Tulips of Amsterdam
I've heard the call of a coal train
The bells of Notre dame
But you know what honey
You fill me up
With desire
You set my soul on fire
Lets get it down to the wire

Gimme one time
Please, bass guitar



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