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Rod Stewart: Lady Day

Rod Stewart: Lady Day .


North winds have made my face a little older,
And my back is bent Thru tryin' too hard.
My vest is torn, so I make no perfect picture
To place upon your white washed wall.
I'd like to stay but you have not asked me,
Still I don't really expect you to.
Dusty boots would shame you now, Lady Day.
Are we really that far apart?
I wish the world could see you now, Lady Day,
Laughing down at your oldest friend,
The one who shared just about all we have,
In a one sided love affair,
I get scared when I remember too much.
Wasted time, I suppose you could say that,
Strange, it doesn't seem that way to me.
(But wait a minute) i don't even think you're listening,
Just let me tell you how I really feel.
I've seen the inside of your heart, Lady Day,
When you wanted to be shown the way.
I loved you then as I love you now, girl.
Lalala lalalalala



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