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Rod Stewart: Silicone Grown

Rod Stewart: Silicone Grown .


Wait a minute honey
I don't think the joke's so too funny, no
I stayed up all night
Checking out the doctor's guide
Wait a minute honey
Stop pretending you're a bunny
Well I might've guessed
You been to see a specialist.

I remember you said
That we gotta keep a breast of time
But obviously you don't know where to draw the line, well
Don't try to tell me it's a-what you been eating
Since when have you been forty-four around (get on with the song, yeah)

Dig this, at the moulin rouge tell you baby, we could knock'em dead
Just sign right here all I need is ten per cent.
Well, now you make me feel like a pimp in the white house
For a senator's daughter you're stealing all the headline news,
All the headline news.

Oh shake me, shake me, shake me up all night long
We all need a laugh and I guess you're just the one
Well you got more front than haig museum
Oh home grown silicone you really got the best of me
You got the best of me

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