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Salvador Dali (11.05.1904 - 23.01.1989) - Spanish painter

Salvador Dali was an outstanding Spanish surrealist painter. Apart from painting he was involved in photography art, film making and lecturing. He shot several films and wrote several books during his life, including An Andalusian Dog, The Secret Life of Salvador Dali. He was considered to be a powerful and extraordinary public figure. Dali was born on May 11th, 1904, in Figueres, in a rather strange family. His mother was a fervent believer, while his father was an atheist. Although his fathers name was also Salvador, the boy was named so after his dead brother, which highly worried the painter. He wasnt a diligent pupil at school, although drawing talent was there from his very childhood.

His pictures were on display in Figueres when he was only 14 years old. After the school he easily entered the Academy of Fine Arts. Studying there wasnt his favourite pastime. The only reason why he stayed in Madrid was his desire to be closer to his comrades, among them Luis Bunuel, Federico Garcia Lorca. In 1924, he was expelled from the academy for misbehaving. A year later he reentered the academy but was again expelled, this time without the right to recover. By that time hed already had his own exhibition, which was numerously visited by Picasso. In 1929, Dali shot his first surreal movie An Andalusian Dog. After that, he decided officially to become a surrealist.

The same year he met his lifelong muse - Gala Eluard. She can now be seen in many of his paintings. They were so much in love with each other that Gala left her husband to live with the beloved Dali in Cadaques in a small house without any facilities. She helped him to arrange several exhibitions in London, Barcelona, New York. At one of his London exhibitions he appeared in the suit of a diver. He enjoyed surprising the public and having lots of attention. After his trip to Italy, Dali considerably changed his style of drawing. At this stage he admired the works of Renaissance masters. As the war broke out, he moved to the USA, where he instantly gained success and recognition.

In 1942, he wrote an autobiographical book which was quickly sold out. In 1946, he met Alfred Hitchcock and they started working together. Some of his European comrades were rather jealous and occasionally wrote humiliating articles about him. In 1948, Dali returned to Spain and settled in Port Ligat. However, he sometimes travelled to France and the USA. More and more he was engaged with the idea of Catholicism. Religious motifs can be seen in his 1950s paintings. At the dawn of his life he took up photography and lecturing. In 1974, he donated a large sum of money to build the Dali Museum in Figueres, which shows fantastic architecture and is full of his art works. Dali died in 1989, just a few years later after Galas death.



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