>>48 / 48 Hours

48 / 48 Hours

: 48 / 48 Hours.

48 / 48 Hours



Endless green hills bisected by a ribbon of highway. A road gang clearing brush by the side of the road... Twenty-five men in prison fatigues sweating through their mid-afternoon labor.


Flank the working prisoners... Mountie hats, shotguns, sidearms, sunglasses; they look like they mean it.


A battered pickup appears...approaches. Suddenly, it coughs, shudders, stalls. A big Blackfoot Indian named BILLY BEAR gets out and starts cursing and kicking the vehicle.Then he begins walking toward the road gang...


BRADY is the Guard near the center of the work gang; he smiles at the oncoming man, pokes a prisoner beside him.

BRADY Wonder what reservation they let him off of...

The prisoner is GANZ who looks up, grins at Brady...

GANZ Yeah, there goes the neighborhood.

Brady laughs as Billy Bear closes in on him.

BILLY Say, buddy, my engine's overheating and I got 30 miles before the next station... Could I get some water out of your cooler?

Ganz leans on his hoe, speaks as Billy passes...

GANZ Maybe you shoulda stole a better truck, Tonto.

BILLY You got a real big mouth, convict.

BRADY It's okay, chief. He's just joking...

BILLY How about the water...

GANZ Firewater, Tonto? Is that what you...

Billy whirls, swings at Ganz. Both men roll to the ground.

BRADY Hey! Jesus Christ!


Seeing the commotion, they run toward it.


As they struggle, Billy slips a pistol into Ganz' hand.

BRADY That's a state prisoner, asshole...! Back off...


Brady pulls Billy away from Ganz just 'as one of the other officers arrives... Ganz suddenly whips out a pistol, shoots Brady at point-blank range. Before the other Guards can even react, Billy comes out with his own pistol, caps the Second Guard.


Still forty yards away... In mid-draw, be howls as a bullet from Ganz breaks the nearby ground. He fires, then turns and runs for the prison bus.


Smiling, fires twice. but the range is too great for pistol work...


Watching....Then they all scatter in different directions...


Hefts his weapon...

GANZ Come on...

He and the big Indian run to the pickup, climb in and roar away.


The THIRD GUARD making a call on the police radio...

OFFICER APO 657, Unit 25 to APO 478t APO 657t Unit 25 to APO 478.

RADIO RESPONSE Go ahead, Unit 25.

OFFICER Escape in progress. Two officers shot off rail crossing 31. Prisoners escaping. Two men, one six-four, 200 pounds, dark, an Indian, the other, Albert Ganz, five-ten...


Several miles from the escape... A big semi parked by the side of ttie road; back doors to the closed trailer open. A station wagon parked across the road. The pickup appears, approaches the semi, slows down and drives up the ramp into the van. Ganz and Billy jump out, shove the ramp up inside the truck and close the big doors.


Ganz and Billy climb inside ancl roar off, back in the direction of the road gang.


Takes off his hat, puts on a baseball cap and sunglasses...

BILLY Get ready to duck.

Ganz dives for the floor. Three police cars go by, sirens blaring, lights flashing. They pass the road gang. Ganz reappear, smiles...

GANZ You know something? I'm having a real good time.


The station wagon blasts down the pavement... Becomes a small dot on the landscape.



the portal slams open revealing a man holding a huge pistol,jack cates, s.F.P.D., a large and powerful man... He stealthily moves up a stairwell.


He stops at the top of the stairs... Listens gun still ready. A continuous sound of running water... Cates moves toward the bathroom. Rips the door open.


The shape behind the shower curtain freezes. Cates, gun held level, moves forward... Rips the shower curtain open. Revealing a young and very beautiful woman, ELAINE MARSHALL.

CATES Inspector Jack Cates, S.F.P.D.... And you're wanted.

Elaine stares at him as Cates turns off the water.

ELAINE What am I wanted for?

CATES I don't answer questions, I ask 'em...

A moment as she continues to stare at his pistol.

ELAINE I don't think your gun's loaded...

CATES This is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world. You gotta ask yourself just one question. Are you feelin' lucky?

ELAINE I still don't think it's loaded.

Elaine shakes her head and smiles, folds her arms over her breasts, shivers a little... Cates looks at the cylinder, spins it...

CATES Hey, you're right.

ELAINE You're hopeless.

CATES That's the way I see it, too.

Be puts the gun down on the edge of the sink, embraces her.

ELAINE I'm all wet.

CATES What's wrong with that?

They both smile.



Cates in bed with Elaine. She wears his shirt.

ELAINE A guy in the bar called me a dumb bitch today.

CATES What'd you do?

ELAINE Irrigated his face with the shot of J and B I'd just poured him. Then I tried to deck the sucker.

CATES I guess he got the message...

ELAINE Then I sit back and I think, I mean, who's to say I'm not a dumb bitch. I work in a bar, right? I can't read a list of my academic credentials to every booze-hound that comes in the place... You are what you do...

CATES Positive self-image problem all over again ... You are who you decide you are unless you're the type that lets assholes decide for you.

ELAINE Aren't you the one that thinks all psychotherapy is bullshit?

CATES I do think all psychotherapy is bullshit. But just because I think it's bullshit doesn't mean I don't know something about it.

ELAINE If this is your idea of sympathetic interest in my problems, I'll take brutal indifference.

CATES Hey, you know what I really think?

ELAINE Tell me--I'm dyin' to hear it.

CATES I think you're ashamed to tend bar which is sad because you look great in that outfit they make you wear... You pull down four bills a week which is damn good, and you mix the best Pina Coladas I've ever had... I think that if you need bigger and better things ... then go for em.

She smiles at him after this. It looks like they'll kiss. Their faces are close. Then she lightly moves back.

ELAINE You oversimplify every...

He stops her in the middle of the sentence by kissing her, then pulls back...

CATES Some things are simple, right?

Their faces are very close ... but they don't touch for another second.

ELAINE Right...



Titles continue.

Tugs churning across the bay... Quiet city streets. Parked cars covered with early morning dew... A newspaper truck slowly grinds by, drops a bundleand moves on.


The station wagon pulls up to a young punk, HENRY WONG, on a motorcycle.

Billy Bear smiles and leans out the driver's side window.

BILLY You got somethin' for us, Henry?

Henry produces some credit cards. Billy passes them to Ganz for inspection.

GANZ How hot are they?

HENRY Hot? Hey, they're not even room temperature.

Ganz snorts derisively.

GANZ How ya doin'?

HENRY Can't complain.

GANZ We got a lot to talk about.

HENRY Yeah, old times.

GANZ We'll follow you. Take it slow,okay?

HENRY Sure, right.

Ganz pockets the credit cards as Henry wheels away.


GANZ I want to drive awhile.

BILLY I ain't tired yet.


GANZ Maybe after we get done with him I'm gonna buy us some girls.

BILLY Whaddya mean, buy?

GANZ Pros.

Ganz stares at Billy.

BILLY Pay money?

GANZ Yeah, dummy. Money.

BILLY I never paid for it in my life.

GANZ It's better when you pay... they let you do anything.

BILLY They always let me do anything. I don't want to pay for it. I never paid for it in my life.

GANZ Just do what I say, okay? We'll pay for the girls and have a good time... Don't you trust me?

Billy smiles.

BILLY Sure, I trust ya.

They drive off.


First light breaks over Telegraph Hill. A quiet row of Victorian townhouses now converted into apartments.


Cates is sprawled across the double bed; Elaine is on the verge of falling off the edge. Cates' eyes snap open. A second later, his wrist watch alarm goes off. He turns it off, gets out of bed and begins pulling on his pants. Elaine sits up in bed, still wearing Cates' blue shirt... Cates picks up a robe as Elaine gets out of bed on the opposite side, throws the robe to Elaine... She takes off the shirt, swaps it for the robe and throws the shirt to Jack.

ELAINE You know, if you let me come over to your place once in a while, you could put on a clean shirt in the morning.

CATES What makes you think I have any clean shirts at my place?

He buttons his shirt and heads for the kitchen.


Cates brushing his teeth at the sink, Elaine making coffee.

ELAINE You know, that's my toothbrush, Jack.

He keeps brushing.

CATES Maybe you ought to buy me one.

ELAINE Maybe I would if I knew when you were coming back.

He stops brushing, turns and looks at her.

CATES I'm here. And I've been coming back for quite awhile... Let's not hassle, okay? And can I have a cup of coffee? Please.

She pours some coffee, hands him a cup and saucer... Cates pours some whiskey into it from a flask.

ELAINE That's a fairly crummy way to start a morning.

CATES Maybe I got a fairly crummy day ahead.

ELAINE Maybe that makes a nice excuse.

CATES Maybe you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Cates picks his holstered .44 off a chair back and begins strapping it on.

ELAINE When you start with that attitude... it's like I don't know who you are.

CATES What do you want to know? What difference does it make? I'm the guy in your bed the last three months. I make you feel good. You make me feel good. What the hell else do you want from a guy?

ELAINE I wish you'd stop trying to make me mad so I won't care for you... I wish you'd give me a little more of a chance.

He turns away, moves into the corridor near the stairwell.

CATES I don't have time for this. I gotta go to work.

She stands frozen... He turns back and looks at her; it's hard to apologize.

CATES (continuing) Look, I'm glad I'm in your life... and hell, with an ass like yours, I figure anything might be possible.

She is warmed up by the first part, amused by the second; she approaches...

ELAINE You know something, Jack, you really are hopeless.

CATES That's the way I see it, too.

ELAINE Call me later.

CATES You sure you want me to?

ELAINE Yeah, for some reason, I'm sure...

He moves closer, kisses her..

CATES Thanks for the coffee.

ELAINE I think you forgot this. Hands him his wallet and badge...

CATES Guess people ought to know who I am...

He turns to go down the stairwell...

ELAINE Jack, wait. Here...

She puts a scarf around his neck.

ELAINE (continuing) It's cold as hell out these mornings, and you know what the man said, the coldest winter I ever spent was the summer I spent in San Francisco...

They don't kiss. He nods appreciately, the scarf in hand as he turns and goes.


Cates comes out of Elaine's apartment building, crosses to his whipped and battered 64 Cadillac convertible, notices a parking ticket stuck under the windshield wiper...

CATES Son of a bitch.

Shoves the ticket in his coat pocket, gets into the Caddie puts the scarf around the rear view mirror, starts the engine and guns away...


Cates driving the convertible; he comes down a hill and turns toward the East Bay...



Henry Wong, seated on a park bench. Now very dead, a bullet hole in the middle of his forehead. Billy Bear is seated next to him on the bench reading the race form.


Using the telephone at an outdoor booth a few feet beyond the bench.


LUTHER and ROSALIE, a young couple, turn a corner. A dark parody of all-American young marrieds. They are bickering as usual.

ROSALIE I liked that carpet we saw.

LUTHER We can't afford it.

ROSALIE Don't remind me.

LUTHER Whaddya want me to do, go out and steal for the money? I hated the color anyway; the color sucked...

Suddenly, Billy and Ganz descend on Luther and Rosalie and pull them into their station wagon..


Billy has Rosalie by the mouth, gagging her with his big paw... Ganz has his gun at Luther's neck.

GANZ Surprise, Luther.

LUTHER Whaddya want? I thought you were locked up-

GANZ I want the money, asshole, what do you think? The money that Reggie hid...

LUTHER I don't know what you're talkin' about.

GANZ You want that Indian to snap her neck?

He mimes the gesture... snap...

GANZ (continuing) Instead of worryin' about Reggie, you better worry about me...

LUTHER Don't give me this, we were partners.

GANZ Billy, go ahead, break it...

LUTHER No! Don't kill her. I can get you the money.

GANZ When?

LUTHER I can't get it until Monday. Honest.

GANZ You chickenshit punk...

LUTHER Honest. The place we stashed it opens Monday morning. I can't get it till then. Monday morning, that's when it opens. After that, I'll get the money to you right away...

Ganz finally takes the gun from the neck.

GANZ I always liked you, Luther. You were always a lotta fun to hang out with...

Rosalie is rubbing her neck now that she's been released... Ganz gestures to Billy.

GANZ (continuing) We're gonna keep her.

Luther desperately doesn't like this.

LUTHER Come on, you can trust me. Please.

GANZ You try to mess with us or go to the cops, I promise you, I'll put holes in her you wouldn't believe.

He smiles at Luther, pinches him on the cheek, shoves him out of the car.


Stands shivering as it powers away.


A small hotel on one of the quiet streets behind Union Square.


Pulls up across the street.


Tha car arrives in front of the hotel.

GANZ Nice place, huh?

Rosalie is very nervous.

ROSALIE What are you gonna do to me in there?

Ganz gives her a casual smile.

GANZ Maybe that's where I'm gonna cut your throat.

BILLY He's just kiddin', you just keep doin' what I tell ya, you'll be okay.

They move out of the car, head for the hotel.


A FRIZZY YOUNG BLONDE sits behind the desk in a mirrored entrance hall. She reads a lurid paperback. Morning traffic streams by outside as Ganz, Billy and Rosalie enter and approach the desk.

GANZ We need some rooms for a couple of nights...Okay?

She smiles at Ganz.

FRIZZY Sure. We don't get many real customers, ya know? Most people only stay an hour or two...

Passes a form across. Ganz signs it, Frizzy glances at his signature then takes a key from the rack behind.

GANZ I want her young. And tall. Nice legs. Legs are important. Then, real thin. Yeah. NO jeans-A dress? a nice summer dress. You know I want her fresh... I'll tell you why, because I been hoein' weeds and makin' license plates for a couple of years... Yeah, I know you don't get it...


Sees a couple approaching, he shoves the dead man down on the bench and spreads the newspaper over his head. The body now looking like a typical park bum who has spent the night. Billy walks over to Ganz.

BILLY Hey, what about me?

GANZ And I need one more for my pal. Yeah. Make her an Indian. No, not a turban, you know, a squaw.

Billy smiles, takes the Polaroid...


A close shot of the dead man with the bullet hole in his forehead.


Takes the photograph back from Billy and slips it into his jacket pocket...

GANZ Walden Hotel. Third near Broadway. Tell them to ask for ... uh...

He takes the hot credit cards out of his pocket, the name embossed on the plastic..

GANZ (continuing) G.P. Polson...P.O.L.S.O.N....Just be a couple of hours.

Hangs up. The two men head for a green Plymouth...


FRIZZY Number twenty-seven, Mr. Polson.

GANZ Put them next door, okay.

She gives him a slightly knowing look.

FRIZZY Sure, hey, you got the whole floor to yourself...

Ganz sends her back a sharp look.

GANZ Keep your filthy ideas to yourself, lady.

Ganz picks up his suitcase, walks over to the nearest stairwell. Billy and Rosalie follow...



Bars starting to fill up with mid-day customers... A black Chevy cruises past and stops further up the block. Two Plainclothesmen, VANZANT and ALGREN, get out of the car. As they start toward the Walden...


Pulls up near the two men. Cates climbs out of his car and walks over to them.

CATES Hey, fellas, what's happening? Radio said you guys had something on...

ALGREN Not much, Jack ... Salesman named Polson had his credit cards lifted...

Algren nods over to the parking lot opposite.

ALGREN (continuing) One of Polson's cards rented that green coupe.

VANZANT Not too much for a big rough tough gunfighter like you to do on this one...

Cates smiles at the verbal positioning he's used to with his colleagues.

CATES Suspect packed or is this a laugher?

ALGREN Five and dime stuff. Polson said a kid with a switchblade mugged him and drove off on a motorcyle.

CATES Yeah, well, I guess you two are experts at taking boy scout knives away from teenagers...

VANZANT Yeah, we are, that means you can stay outta this one. We don't have any big need for the artillery

Vanzant's turn to smile.

CATES Hey, I'm just offering to help out... I like to watch real pros work.

VANZANT Help, huh? Sometimes your kind of help tends to leave the suspect in bad shape.

Algren...mediator... soothes the competitive situation.

ALGREN Hey, relax ... Jack, you wanna come inside, fine... You can stake out the lobby...

Cates, a bit disgusted at the politics of this moment, nods...

CATES Fine, it's your show...

The three men move toward the Walden.


Frizzy Blonde still behind the desk. Still reading the lurid paperback. Unaware as Vanzant and Algren approach... She looks up as they flash their badges.

FRIZZY Aw, you guys were in last week. You better ask around. I'm not supposed to be hassled... I got friends.

VANZANT Hey, park the tongue for a second, sweetpants, we just want to search a room.

FRIZZY Not unless you got a warrant.

CATES Maybe you should of been a lawyer instead of a dumb skirt workin' behind a register.

Frizzy turns to find Cates standing beside her. He nudges her aside. Starts going throught the register book.

FRIZZY Aw, come on, what the shit is this?

ALGREN We're looking for a guy going under the name Polson...

Frizzy sits back down in defeat.

FRIZZY Okay, big deal. Get it over with.

Cates finds the name.

CATES Mr. Polson, room 27...

ALGREN Is he alone?

FRIZZY Naw, his sister went up an hour ago.

Vanzant turns to Cates.

VANZANT Okay, like we said, you stake out the lobby.

CATES Sure. Great. Whatever.

VANZANT You're not missing out on Dillinger. This punk just stole some credit cards.

Cates watches the two Detectives head for the elevator.


Vanzant and Algren move down the hallwayStop at the far end. Both Detectives draw their pistols and approach a door.


Summer dress and undergarments scatteredon the floor. LISA, lies naked under the covers.

She matches Ganz's earlier requirements.Smoking a cigarette, staring at the ceiling. Ganz remains on top of the blanket. Still in his shirt and pants watching TV. Three sharp knocks at the door. Ganz reacts as if he's received an electric shock. His hand goes under the pillow... Comes up with an automatic. Shoves it hard into Lisa's stomach.

LISA Hey...

GANZ Shut up.

LISA What the hell's wrong? I didn't do anything.

Another knock. Ganz makes her move to the door.

LISA (continuing) What do you want? What's goin' on?

GANZ Shut up.

She grabs her dress and tries to pull it on.

GANZ (continuing) Now ask who it is.

Shoves harder with the pistol.

GANZ (continuing) Come on, ask.

She calls out.

LISA Who is it?


Vanzant and Algren stand back from the door. Guns held ready.

ALGREN Police... open up.


Lisa looks from the door back to Ganz. Then at the gun held against her. She's petrified.

GANZ Stall.

LISA What do you want?

VANZANT Police business. Come on, open up.

A smile on Ganz' face. Almost as if he's enjoying the moment.

GANZ Keep stallin'.

LISA Alright, I'm coming...hold on.

I'll just be a minute.


Vanzant and Algren waiting. Sounds of movement from within the room.


Cates moves toward the foot of the stairwell. Looks across at mirror on the wall opposite. The entire lobby covered from this spot. Every angle, including Frizzy.


Ganz gestures to Lisa.

LISA Just a second.

Ganz belts her with his gun; she falls..Ganz goes through the connecting door. Slips into the adjacent room.


Another Hooker cowers in the corner, pulling on her clothes. She's a Mexican girl in a ridiculous 'Indian' outfit.

MEXICAN GIRL Que paso? Que esta pasando? No entiendo...

BILLY Shut up.

Billy goes to where Rosalie is awkwardlytied to a chair with an electric dord. He pulls her to her feet as Ganz moves by.

BILLY (continuing) When I say jump, girl, you better jump.

BILLY (continuing)


Vanzant reaches down, tries the knob. Locked. Algren moves back, preparing to kick the door down.


Ganz opens the door behind the two cops. Raises his pistol and fires. Billy's shots follow immediately. Hits Vanzant. Algren rolls just as Ganz fires again. Wounded, he gets off three shots, then moves inside Ganz' room. Ganz and Billy run for the elevator... Exchange two more shots with Algren. The Mexican Girl begins screaming in Spanish...


Cates draws his .44. Races up the stairs three at a time. Frizzy starts to frantically call the police.


Cates stops at the landing. Vanzant's body sprawled across the hallway. Algren back in the corridor, still losing blood... Leans against the wall for support... Lisa staggers out of the room, screams. Algren points the gun toward the elevator. Indicating where Ganz and Billy have just fled. Cates starts back down toward the lobby.


Ganz and Billy, guns ready as the carriage jolts downward. Rosalie is terrified, sobbing...


Arrives at the halfway turn of the second staircase. He takes the next flight in two jumps.


As the doors open, Ganz gestures for Billy and Rosalie to wait as he heads for the lobby.


Cates literally flies into the lobby just as Ganz appears. He slams Ganz against a column, belts him across the neck with his pistol. Ganz screams with pain, drops his gun... Cates again slams him with his pistol, felling him...


Slides across the floor.

CATES Senses something ... moves just as Billy appears behind and fires at him. The bullet takes out a window. Cates dives over the desk. Another bullet chews up the wood.


Frizzy has been standing beside her desk, screaming... Cates' move and the accompanying bulletspanic her. She dashes for safety... Cates gets to his feet behind cover. Sees Billy holding Rosalie by the throat. Frizzy begins to scream.

GANZ He'll blow her goddamn head off.

Cates doesn't miss a beat. He slowly levels his .44. Takes careful aim and starts to fire at Billy.


Cates' shot narrowly misses Rosalie. The bullet smashes into a mirror above Billy's head. Cates keeps moving closer, gun pointed straight ahead. Billy pushes the pistol against Rosalie'temple. For the first time, Cates hesitates. They face each other across the length of the lobby.


Struggles down the remaining steps into the lobby. He still holds his revolver. Dares not raise it towards Billy and Rosalie.


Covers Algren from near the entrance. He's confused, doesn't know what to do... He keeps hold of Rosalie.


His eyes catch Algren's...

GANZ You. Drop it and we won't kill her.

Algren tosses his gun to the floor.

GANZ (continuing) Now, tell him to drop his Goddamn piece.

ALGREN Do it, Cates.

No response.

ALGREN (continuing) Do it, Cates. Goddamn it, do it.

Cates lowers his gun. Finally lets it drop to the floor.

GANZ Kick it over here.

Cates does; Ganz picks it up, smiles, looks at Billy.

GANZ (continuing) Get the car.

Then back to Cates as Billy runs out the entrance with Rosalie.

GANZ (continuing) Your gun's just like mine.

He's going to kill Cates. But first be glances at Algren. Then, almost casually, shoots him twice with Cates' .44. Algren staggers back. Dead before he hits the floor. Cates twists sideways just as Ganz fires. The bullet misses. Again Frizzy starts screaming and struggling. Ganz swipes the woman across the head with the gun. Her body slumps to the floor. Police sirens can be heard in the distance. Cates makes an attempt for Algren's gun. A bullet splatters against the floor only inches from his outstretched fingers. The gun skitters out of reach.

CATES You lying son of a bitch...

GANZ What are you talking about? We didn't kill her ...

Ganz smiles.

With your own gun, cop. How does it feel? Cates leaps into a wooden phone booth. Ganz leisurely blasts away at the booth with both his and Cates' gun. Two bullets crash into the booth. Ganz moves to check inside the booth but sirens are ominously near. Ganz finally retreats out the entrance.


Billy and Rosalie weave their way across street to the Cougar. They make a U-turn. Ganz runs out. Car pulls out, then the police cars and vans begin to arrive.


Chunks of wood on the floor. Shafts of light through a dozen bullet holes. Shattered receiver dangling from a cord. Cates, wedged tight into the very top of the cubicle. He drops to the floor.


The police arrive. Swarm into the hotel. All eyes on Cates as he rushes to Algren. Too late... Cates realizes Algren is dead. He cradles Algren's head as he stares at the arriving TAC Squad and Patrolmen.



Cates walks in. Several Detectives gather around him.

FAT COP What happened?

CATES Read the report.

OLD COP Two cops blown away by a credit card booster... that don't figure.

CATES No shit.

FAT COP They were good cops.

CATES They were good cops who fucked up and got careless.

A snotty YOUNG COP paces.

YOUNG COP That's what you say, Cates...


YOUNG COP But that's what you say about all of us all the tine ... we're always the ones fucking up when you tell it...

CATES The truth hurts, doesn't it, buddy?

Cates looks at the Old Cop.

OLD COP It don't figure.

CATES I need to borrow a piece.

The OLD COP shrugs... looks in his desk...

YOUNG COP Somebody steals your gun, you're supposed to file a report.

CATES Are you gonna tell me about police procedure? Do me a favor, don't give me a bunch of crap.

YOUNG COP I guess when two cops die on account of your fuck up you want to keep it as quiet as possible...

Cates loses it for a second, lands on him with both hands, pushes him against a wall... The room goes quiet. Cates cools down.

CATES Just shut the fuck up.

The other cops don't intervene. They just watch. Cates cools down, straightens up. HADEN walks by, or, rather, speeds by.

HADEN Cates, I'll need to see you in five minutes, exactly five.

The Old Cop hands Cates a gun, a traditional Army .45...

OLD COP Best I can do.

HADEN D'you read me, Cates...

Haden continues moving away.

CATES Five minutes. I heard you, your voice carries...

As Cates is examining the gun, RUTH, a lab technician, enters and drops three 8 x 10's on the desk near Cates.

RUTH They're still wet.

Cates lifts the blow-ups, each one showing a different aspect of a spent bullet.

RUTH (continuing) Lots of people getting shot with .44's lately ... Last year, it was Saturday Night Specials..now it's heavy stuff. People must be getting madder about something.

Cates starts pinning the blow-ups onto a large bulletin board on the wall. Nearby, at the same time (within Cates' line of sight, within earshot), Lisa, the Hooker, is being interrogated by a POLICE-WOMAN who pulls the statement off the typewriter. Nearby, the Indian Hooker is being interrogated in Spanish.

POLICEWOMAN You're an accessory to Murder One, so you're going to have to do a whole lot better than what we got down here, honey...

LISA Gimme a break, huh? ... Look, I got there. He was a trick just like any other for all I knew. That's all there is. He didn't feel like sitting and talking. He was in a big hurry to get laid. I was with him about an hour...

Cates has gotten interested in the last part of this ... drifts toward her... A DETECTIVE comes through, begins distributing I.B.M. printouts to Cates, the other nearby officers..

DETECTIVE We got a print from the hotel room. Guy's real name is Ganz, Albert Ganz. A hitter from back East but he worked out here a few years back. Armed robbery. Broke out of prison two days ago and capped two of the guards. A real animal. Wait'll you see this...

Cates reads the printout, then smoothly,imperiously, he takes over the questioning of Lisa.

CATES Did he give you a return match?

LISA He wasn't interested.

CATES Maybe he didn't like your performance.

LISA Fuck you.

CATES I'll take a raincheck...

From the side, Ruth is pointing at the photos...

RUTH This'll interest you, Jack...we've got something here from your gun... and these are from the first weapon Ganz used...

CATES I don't get it.

RUTH Here.


She turns, produces the third photo. Pins it beside the one from the Walden Hotel.

RUTH A perfect match for the markings from the first gun he used... but not from the Walden Hotel... fired at least six hours earlier...at point blank range... right between the eyes. Found him on a park bench...

She shows him two more pictures. Police forensics shots of Henry Wong ... very dead on the park bench...

RUTH (continuing) Ya know, there are some very bad people out there in the world.

CATES Look at it this way, Ruth. If there weren't, what would there be for us to do?

Lisa continues with the Policewoman.

LISA Anyway... so I got there and took him down. He started watching television and then you sensational people started banging on the door... that's all... except ... he's gonna give you guys a hard time.


Cates looks up as he hears that remark. Notices KEHOE, another Detective, entering with a long suitcase.

POLICEWOMAN What makes you think so?

LISA I think he liked shooting cops a lot more than getting laid.

Cates watches Kehoe unpack the box.

CATES Is that what this guy Ganz had in the hotel?

KEHOE Every last bit of it. The big guy's room was empty.

CATES I'll help you out.

Cates and Kehoe start going through the suitcase. Kehoe produces a speed loader for a .44...

KEHOE This guy must have had a .44 like yours, Jack. Now he's got yours.


Kehoe next produces several boxes of shells.

KEHOE This cat was real serious about his artillery.

An Attendant comes through, hands Kehoe a file. He opens it, shows the file to Cates who reads the name under the mug shot.

CATES Billy Bear...

KEHOE Backup man from the East Bay. Worked with Ganz a few years ago and sprung him from the road gang.

Kehoe opens the second file. Four mug shots are inside.

CATES Who are all these?

KEHOE They all pulled a bunch of jobs with Ganz about four years ago.

CATES Wait a minute, wait a minute... who's this?

KEHOE Uhh ... Wong, Henry Wong. He was in on the same job.

Cates spins the file around so that both Ruth an Kehoe can see it, throws the forensic shots down beside it.

CATES Tell me that's not the same guy.

KEHOE Hey ... Dick Tracy.

RUTH Did Ganz have a grudge against his old friends?

Haden comes out of his office.

HADEN Get in here, Cates.

Cates ignores him.

CATES I think I wanna have a discussion about it with any of the ones still walking. Can we find them?

KEHOE Here's the file. Cates checks the file.

CATES One of em's in the slam.

HADEN Damn you, Cates ... Get in here.

Cates walks into Haden's cubicle.

CATES I want to be left alone on this one. Algren was killed with my gun.

HADEN Yeah, I read the report...

Haden shuffles some papers, seems to ignore Cates.

CATES Hey, the bastard's got my gun. I want it back.

HADEN Jack, come on, there is an official department policy about cop killings. Cop killers represent a special priority because any man crazy enough to kill a cop is a greater threat to an unarmed civilian... In other words, we can't seen like we're in the revenge business... I know, we all know the truth's a little different.

Cates almost smiles at Haden.

CATES Yeah...

HADEN Anthing botherin' you besides losin' your gun?

CATES Yeah. It bothers me when cops get hurt while I'm makin' a play. I don't like it.

HADEN You might be more of a team player and a little less of a hot dog on this one, Jack.

CATES Being a hot dog's worked pretty well for me so far... Besides, I got a lead...

HADEN Okay. You're not a team player. You gotta do things your own way. Fine. Nail this guy and make us all look good. But you better watch your ass. If you screw up, I can promise you, you're goin' down.

CATES You really know how to send a guy out with a great attitude. He starts to go.



HADEN Try not to get your ass shot to pieces. We got enough dead cops on this one.

CATES I'll keep it in mind.




Heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Cates stands near a hot dog stand. Elaine joins him. Cates is eating a hot dog and studying a police file.

ELAINE Great place for lunch.

CATES Yeah, one of my favorites.

ELAINE You made the front page.

He hands her a dog.

CATES Yeah, Guess it must have been a slow news day...

ELAINE Jack, are you okay?

CATES Sure, okay, fine, no problem... See, there's this kid in jail ... First thing I got to do is go up and see what he knows ...

He points to the file.

ELAINE I thought you might come over to my place to recuperate. I don't have to go to work until the day after tomorrow.

They begin to stroll down the street.

CATES I got nothing to recuperate from. There's a guy out there with my gun, and I want it back.

She's not happy with this attitude.

ELAINE Look, spare me the macho bullshit about your gun...

CATES Bullshit? I'll tell you about bullshit. My gun's a real weapon in the hands of a real maniac who knows how to use it. It isn't my macho bullshit that's killing people, my gun is ...

ELAINE Look, Jack, if you make everything your personal responsibility, you'll turn into a bad cop. It's not a practical way to function...

CATES I didn't get burned, two cops did. Listen, I'll tell you about personnel responsibility. I like to get the job done right. And if I don't get my job done right... I'm for shit.

ELAINE Here it comes again ... the sacred job...

CATES That's right. I'm not like you. I'm not gonna sit on my ass wondering what's right and what's wrong... There's a psycho out there killing people with my gun and I'm gonna get him. Because it's my job. And if you don't get that...

ELAINE I get that. The job first. Everything else, especially me, second. I get it. I don't like it.


CATES No one asked you to like it... But that's the way it is.



Cates and a GUARD on the upper deck approaching the door to the cell block... The Guard shouts upward.

GUARD Open Nine.

With a huge metal clatters the door to the cell block opens.


Cates and the Guard go through the door.

GUARD Close Nine.

They move forward together.

GUARD (continuing) It's Number Twenty-two... You want company?

CATES No, no thanks.

The Guard shrugs, stays by the door.


He walks down the cell block. Inmates stare at him from inside the stark cells. They don't know who he is, but they can smell a cop. Cates stops at Twenty-two, looks inside... a bit startled. Obviously, Reggie Hammond has connections and taste. The paint is fresh; there's framed prints on the wall instead of pin-ups, and the overall feeling is that of a graduate school dorm rather than a prison. Cates turns, nods to the Guard at the end of the cell block. He throws a switch and the door opens.


Cates steps inside. Hammond is at a table wearing a Sony Walkman and writing in some detailed ledgers with a fountain pen. He's boogeying in his seat to the music. Sprawled on a bunk nearby is LEROY, another black inmate close to Hammond's age. Leroy is leafing through a copy of a skin magazine. He doesn't even look at Cates.

CATES Hammond.

Cates steps inside the cell.

CATES (continuing) Hammond!

No answer. Cates leans over, hits the override button on the Sony.

CATES (continuing) Hammond!

Hammond jumps, grabs his ears in pain ... He pulls the headset off and glares at Cates.

HAMMOND You got a name, cop?

CATES Try Cates. And let's talk in private, okay?

HAMMOND Sure, anything you want.

He tosses the Walkman to Leroy who dutifully puts it on.

CATES Look, convict, I know all about you. Single. No fixed address. No known relatives.

One previous conviction. Armed robbery... six months to go on a three-year sentence.

HAMMOND You here to write my life story?

CATES Not likely, Reggie. Maybe I just need some help.

Cates takes the forensic photo out of his pocket, passes it across the table to Hammond. He looks at it, hardly reacts.

HAMMOND Henry Wong... My old pal. He's looked better...

He passes the photo back.

HAMMOND (continuing) Look, I got just six months before gettin' out of here. Six months between me and freedom after bein' here three years... And I'm not gonna do anything to screw it up, includin' pee in the prison yard, knock up the Warden's daughter or rat on my old partners...

Cates swings the cell door back open.

CATES Too bad, Reggie. I thought maybe you were a smart boy. But I guess if you were real smart you wouldn't be a convict.

He smiles, decides to play his card.

CATES (continuing) I can see a second-rater like you wouldn't be any help at all goin' up against a real hard case like Ganz.

Hammond jerks his head around.



HAMMOND (continuing) Ganz the one who shot Henry? Cates, I asked you a question...

Cates smiles.

CATES Yeah, I noticed...

HAMMOND Ganz is in jail. He's gonna be there two years after I'm on the street.

CATES Didn't work out that way. He busted out with a big Indian. They capped two guards on a road gang. Nice meeting you Reggie.

He turns, goes out. The door clangs behind him. Hammond jumps up and bangs on the bars, shouts at Cates' back...

HAMMOND Cates, Come back here.

Cates turns, saunters back, leans against the door.


HAMMOND I can deliver Ganz. But you gotta get me outta here first.

CATES You're crazy.

HAMMOND I can help you, man, but you gotta get me out. I got to be on the street. Get me outta here.

CATES What's the big deal about you bein' on the street?

HAMMOND I got a lot to protect.

CATES Bullshit.

HAMMOND It's the only way you're gonna get Ganz.

CATES I'll think about it.


Cates typing several of official looking documents while seated across from a rather dour-looking bureaucrat named BOB.

CATES Let me borrow your pen, Bob.

Handed over by Bob.

BOB You going to use your own name?

CATES Shit, no.


He begins signing the documents.

BOB Jack, just remember one thing. If all this comes down, you don't know me. I'm not gonna burn for you. And I'll tell you something else. If it all comes down, your ass is new-mown grass.

CATES Right. Hey, no sweat.

He hands over the papers. Smiles.

BOB BOB You got him for 48 hours.

Bob studies the sheet.

BOB (continuing) You got a big career as a forger if you decide to go that way, Jack... I'll ring security.



The GUARD leads Hammond to a steel cage. Harmnond's now wearing a beautifully tailored plaid suit.

The Guard shouts to ANOTHER GUARD on the far side.

GUARD Prisoner G21355 ... Hammond.

SECOND GUARD Okay. Send him through.

The gate slides open. The Guard geztures for Hairmond to enter. Hammond walks to the far side of the pen. The first gate closes, the second one opens.

Hammond turns and walks over to Cates. The Guard comes up to Cates, double checks his orders then unlocks Hammond's cuffs.

GUARD Gotta sign for him.

CATES Sure thing...

He looks over at Hammond who smiles at him. Then looks at Harmond's clothes...

CATES (continuing) This prison gives out $400 suits?

HAMMOND What are you talkin' about? This suit's mine. It cost $900.

Hammond dusts off a sleeve.

CATES We're supposed to be after a killer, not a string of hookers...

HAMMOND Listen, it may be a little out of date. You know, I got a reputation for lookingreal sharp with the ladies...

Cates hands some papers to the Guard.

GUARD He's all yours.

The Guard walks away as Hammond feels Cates' lapel.

HAMMOND We could change this for something good...Get you lookin' sharp for pussy.

Cates gives him a look.

CATES I don't need to hear your jive. I already got that department taken care of...

HAMMOND You got a girl... shit... the generosityof women never ceases to amaze me.

Cates slaps a cuff on Hammond's outstrethand, then puts the other on his own wrist.

HAMMOND (continuing) Hey, no way. Take off the bracelets or no deal.

CATES You just don't get it, do your Reggie? There isn't any deal. I own your ass.

HAMMOND No way to start a partnership.

CATES Get this. We ain't partners. We ain't brothers. We ain't friends. I'm puttin' you down and keepin' you down until Ganz is locked up or dead. And if Ganz gets away, you're gonna be sorry we ever met.

HAMMOND Shit. I'm already sorry.

Cates yanks on the cuffs. They move away.




HAMMOND This your car, man?


HAMMOND It looks like you bought it off one of the brothers.

As they approach the car...

CATES Okay, let's get down to it. I did my part and got you out. So now you tell me where we're goin'?

HAMMOND Don't worry, I got a move for ya. An awesome move. A guy named Luther. Ganz'll be paying him a visit. We go to him right away.

CATES Luther was part of the gang?

HAMMOND What gang you talkin' about, Jack?

CATES I can read a police file, shithead, and quit calling me Jack.

HAMMOND Just an expression man, don't mean nothin'.

Cates gets behind the wheel and kicks the engine over.

CATES I don't give a damn. It happens to be my name.

HAMMOND Then what're you complainin' about? At least nobody's calling you shithead....

CATES I may call you worse than that.

Cates drives off.


Cates' Cadillac purrs into view, entering a deserted street within a rundown neighborhood.


Hammond seated next to Cates.

HAMMOND Just up the street, the other side, over there ... Now, don't bother knockin' on the door. Luther ain't the kind of guy that looks for company.

CATES Your pal nuts enough to take a shot at me?

HAMMOND Luther ain't the reliable type. I don't want you shot yet, Cates ... not before you been a help to me.

CATES I'm helpin' you, huh?

Hammond smiles.

HAMMOND Yeah. Didn't you know that?


The Caddy pulls to a stop.

HAMMOND Over there...232...

Cates double-checks his .38.

HAMMOND (continuing) You better let me borrow one of those.

Cates smiles.

CATES Sure thing, asshole.

Handcuffs Hammond to the door handle. Grabs the car keys.

CATES (continuing) You just hang on. And hope this big move of yours turns out to be something. Opens the car door.

CATES (continuing)


Cates knocks at the door. Nothing. Knocks again ... no response.. From inside, he hears a faint noise but no response to the knock. Holding the .38 in one hand, Cates tries the knob with the other. The door opens. Cautiously, Cates steps inside.


Long corridor ahead. No sign of Luther.


Moves down the corriaor, checks the rooms off to one sides.


slips into the hallway behind Cates... Cates turns just as he gets to the kitchen. Luther holds a gun. Cates drops to a crouch and aims the .38. Luther whirls and fires at Cates. As wood and plaster fly out all round him, Cates makes a running dive for the floor. Luther runs out before Cates has regainehis feet.


Luther rushes out the front door and heads toward the Cadillac.


Watches as Luther heads down the sidewaltoward him. As he starts to pass by... Hammond steps out suddenly... Flattens him with the car door. Luther drops, stunned. Hammond, still restricted by being cuffed to the door handle, reaches and grabs his pistol.

CATES Hammond, Drop the Goddamn gun.

Hammond looks up. He sprints across the pavement. Aims his gun at Hammond.

HAMMOND Quit playin' cop and undo this cuff, Jack, I need to talk to this man.

CATES I'm tellin' you to drop the Goddam gun.

HAMMOND I got a whole thing about people pointin' guns at me.

CATES Just throw me the Goddamn gun.

Long moment. Then Hammond smiles and tosses him Luther's pistol. Luther groans. Cates puts his foot on Luther's belly and pulls himself into a standing position, cuffs him.

HAMMOND Luther, I always told you the physical side of life wasn't your gig. Look at you, all messed up... Course you never were much in the snappy dresser department, were you?

Cates now has Luther ready to be questioned.

CATES Come on, talk to him.

Hammond turns to smile at Luther.

HAMMOND What's happening, Luther?

LUTHER I thought you were inside...

HAMMOND Meet my travel Agent.

Luther leans forward, looks straight at Cates.

LUTHER A cop...

CATES I sure ain't his fairy godmother... now I'm looking for Ganz...where is he?

LUTHER Haven't seen him for years. That's the truth.

CATES You just took a shot at me, asshole. I think you do know where he is.

LUTHER Who gives a fuck what you think?

Cates grabs the still open Cadillac door, slams it into Luther. He falls backwards. Cates looks at Hammond.

CATES Hey, this works pretty good.

HAMMOND Thank you.

CATES Want to try it again?

Luther sits up again, glares at Cates.

LUTHER Ganz and Billy got my girl, Rosalie.

CATES I think I met her. Now tell us something we don't know, like where they stashed her.

LUTHER I don't know.

Cates slams the car door agains him again.

HAMMOND I gotta tell you he's having a ball with this car door, Luther... You'd better think of somethin' to tell him.

Luther besitates...flashes a look at Hammond, who sends him a silent fleeting reply. Maybe Cates sees this. Maybe not.

LUTHER He ... he wants me to help him skip town.

CATES When? How?

LUTHER I dunno ... he's gonna call me...

Another look at Hammond.

LUTHER (continuing) He's gonna call me on...Tuesday.

Something's wrong with all this. Cates isn't sure just what. Not yet. He looks at Hammond.

CATES What do you think?

HAMMOND I think you better put him on ice, man.

CATES He's gotta take that call ... if there is one.

HAMMOND If you let him run around till Tuesday, he's gonna run right to Ganz and warn him. Ain't you, motherfucker?

Luther makes a play toward Hammond, who laughs, doesn't even flinch.

HAMMOND (continuing) Luther, are you angry with me?

Cates wrestles Luther into the back seat, turns to Hammond.

CATES I don't know what the hell you're smiling about, watermelon. Your big move turned out to be shit.

HAMMOND Just stares at Cates, keeps smiling...



Two Uniforms follow a sullen Luther, Cates and Hammond to the DUTY SERGEANT... Cates speaks to him through the small window.

CATES Assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon. Carrying a concealed weapon. Resisting arrest, Disturbing the peace. Public nuisance...

The Sergeant begins typing out an arrest form.

CATES (continuing) I'll think up a few more and file the report tomorrow.

Cates looks back at Hammond as Luther is hauled away.

CATES (continuing) Come on, I gotta make a phone call.

As they move through the honeycomb of office partitions.

CATES (continuing) You stay with me.

Cates picks up the phone on the other side of the booking desk. Dials ... waits for a response as TWO HOOKERS are led past by an Arresting Officer. Hammond gives them the eye.

CATES (continuing) This is Jack Cates. Any messages?


Elaine is on the kitchen phone, speakingwhite putting her coat on over her uniform for the evening. One look at the way it is cut and you know why she hates her job.

ELAINE Just one. Some lady called. Said she's a little hot-headed sometimes... But she still wants her occasional roommate. She'd like to talk it over after she gets off work tonight... if it's humanly possible....

CATES Elaine, look, I'm in the middle of sone stuff right now... I'm not gonna have time to come by. I don't know when I can get there.

Her face falls. Making the offer was hard enough.

ELAINE Come on, Jack ... you're making me work too Goddamn hard at this...

Jack is very irritated by this turn of events.

CATES Listen, Goddamn it if you think I'm happy about it, you're nuts. I just gotta take care of a few things, okay?

ELAINE This is not the way people who care for each other are supposed to behave.

Cates says nothing. She hangs up angrily.


Hammond is working on the girls.

HAMMOND Excuse me, ladies, you seem to be in need of assistance.

HOOKER TWO Look, we got enough problems, we don't need no tight-ass court- appointed lawyer trying to bullshit us!

HAMMOND Sweetheart, I'm not trying to bullshit you. I don't know whether or not you ladies heard but the city is coming down real hard on people practicing unlawful carnal knowledge.

HOOKER ONE So what are you trying to say, fella?

HAMMOND I'm trying to say that you're not just walk in that courtroom and get gonna slapped with a $50 fine and be back on the street turning tricks tonight. You both are going to do some time. About 30 days each... Unless, of course,we talk real business.

HOOKER TWO So where do you want to do it, honey? You wanna hop up on the counter?

HAMMOND No, we can go to the back room.

Cates walks over and pulls him by the shoulder.

CATES We're on the move. Let's go. As they walk toward a corridor.

HAMMOND Do you know how close I was to getting some trim. And you fucked' it up.

CATES Yeah, well, my ass bleeds for you. And I didn't get you out so you could go on a Goddamn "trim" hunt... stop moaning.

HAMMOND Speakin' of moans my Stomach is startin' to growl.

CATES We eat when I say we eat.

HAMMOND Bullshit ... I ain't moving till I get something to eat. You've been treating me like shit ever since I came out here. If you don't like it, you can take me back to the penitentiary and kiss my hungry black ass good-bye. And I want some food some place nice.. Some good people, nice music...

CATES Yeah, I'm hungry too. I know of a place. Let's go eat.

HAMMOND Yeah, I want mandolins, flowers... They move off down the corridor.




Cates and Hammond at a candy machine. Cates drops in a quarter, throws Hammond a candy bar...

CATES There's your God-damn dinner. Now, let's go.

They move toward a row of parked cars.


HAMMOND Who'd you call on the phone back at the booking station?

CATES Just get in the car and keep your mouth shut.

Hammond gets in the car as Cates readjusts Elaine's scarf on the mirror.

HAMMOND Must of been your lady friend...

Cates frowns at him.

HAMMOND (continuing) You really do have onoe, huh, Jack... what's her problem besides you?

CATES She's got the same complaint as half the Goddamn population. She can't get the job she's trained for and it pisses her off... Anyway, what the fuck do you care?

Cates climbs in behind the wheel of the Cadillac.

HAMMOND No, man, tell me about her. In jail they got me surrounded by guys wearin' blue suits twenty- four hours a day. And I ain't built for that. Really? With the clothes you got on you look like you'd love it.

Cates takes a belt from his flask.

CATES Now, where we goin', convict?

HAMMOND Mission District. Gonna find us an Indian.

Cates starts the motor, slams it into gear. Accelerates out to the street.




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