>> II/ Blade II

II/ Blade II ( 2)

: II/ Blade II.

II/ Blade II

Priest lets loose an agonized SCREAM as Blade and the others gather around him. He's undergoing a horrific change, taking on the gaunt, vein-engorged features of a proper Reaper. He SNARLS and WAILS, GNASHING his teeth like a rabid animal.

Reinhardt and his team look uneasy. Shaken by their teammate's downward progression.

BLADE how long since he was bitten?

NYSSA Minutes.

Blade draws closer. Already, the flesh on Priest's chin is splitting as a seam begins to form.

BLADE It's already changing him --

Reinhardt paces, annoyed by Priest's WAILING.

REINHARDT Jesus, can't you get him to shut the fuck up!?

NYSSA (gravely) His blood cells aren't producing oxygen anymore. His own body is suffocating him. These things are like crack addicts. If they don't feed every few hours, they'll feed on themselves.

As if in response, Priest starts convulsing. His flesh tightens, drawing taut around his increasingly skeletal form. His screams become unbearable, twisting into a high-pitched ululation that's making the Bloodpack's skin crawl.

REINHARDT Somebody put him out of his misery for fuck's sake!

VERLAINE You kill him! I'm not killing him!

Asad pulls out his handgun and empties the clip into Priest's body -- but Priest keeps SHRIEKING.

Unnerved, Reinhardt unsheathes a machete, decapitating Priest even as the others protest.

The headless body continues thrashing, still making noise from it's open throat! If anything, it seems to be redoubling its efforts. It LURCHES forward, jerking itself free from Chupa and Snowman's restraining arms.

CHUPA Mierda!!

The juddering horror that used to be Priest staggers to its feet. Reinhardt and his men panic, stumbling backwards. The headless monstrosity LUNGES STRAIGHT AT --


Without batting an eye, he draws his MACH pistol, briefly aiming at the on-rushing creature's chest, then adjusting his aim to one of the blacked-out windows above and behind it.

BAM!BAM!BAM! Blade shoots out the window and BLAZING SHAFT OF SUNLIGHT slices down through the darkness, spotlighting Priest like an ant beneath a magnifying glass.

FWASH!!! The headless body is incinerated in mid-step. It collapses to the floor, just inches before Blade. One of its blackened claws feebly grabs Blade's boot, then grows still.

Beat. You could hear the pin drop in the silence that follows, every one of the Bloodpack thinking some variation of "there but for the grace of God go I". Asad lays a hand on Nyssa's shoulder, steadying her.

Blade shifts his foot, causing the cinder-like hand gripping his boot to crumble to dust.

WHISTLER (O.S.) If this is the best you turd-stains have to offer, I'm not impressed.

Blade looks over to see Whistler, who is just entering. He moves over to him, angry. Chupa follows, equally pissed.

BLADE I thought you were supposed to be watching our backs.

WHISTLER Ran into a little Reaper trouble myself.

CHUPA (approaching, hostile) Oh yeah? Like how little? In case you hadn't noticed, we lost two men while you were out farting around.

WHISTLER (poking Chupa in the chest) You need to ratchet those 'nads of yours down a few notches, paco.

Chupa flushes with anger and flicks his knife across Whistler's shoulder, opening a gash. Whistler goes ballistic and PUNCHES Chupa in the face. A brief tussle ensues before Blade and the others can separate them. As Chupa is pulled away by Asad, he looks back at Whistler.

CHUPA Listen, hillbilly, you are a cunt-hair away from cowboy heaven.

WHISTLER Ain't no thing but a chicken wing, buttercup.

BLADE (still suspicious) Where were you, Whistler?

WHISTLER I'll show you.


Whistler, Blade and the surviving members of the Bloodpack are now gathered around the octagonal iron culvert just beneath the ballroom. Whistler turns on a flashlight. We HEAR something moving in the darkness. The group tenses, then Whistler's flashlight beam reveals --


Cowering by the culvert. One we recognize. The other vampire guard from the bloodbank, now transformed. He's shrunken and emaciated, pale. And although he's obviously dying, he still HISSES, his fanged mouth snapping ineffectually at them. His arm has been trapped -- pinned under one of the sectional culvert coverings. It looks like he's been trying to gnaw it off in order to escape.

REINHARDT What the hell?

WHISTLER I found him like this. I think he was trying to crawl back into that culvert.

Blade looks to the culvert in question. He pulls back one of the sectioned covers. The opening is about two feet wide, just large enough for a man to gain access.


Blade drops into the sewer line. The area is claustrophobic, damp. There are torn pieces of insulation hanging from the ceiling, saturated and dripping with blood.

Blade crouch-walks further in. We hear WIND. He shines his FLASHLIGHT. A portion of the brick wall looks like it's been clawed open.

NYSSA (calling down) Everything okay?

Blade retreats back to the drain-pipe, pulling himself back up. We HOLD for a beat, then drift up to the blood-saturated strips of insulation. SOMEONE is crouched in the shadows there, clinging to the ceiling upside down.

It's NOMAK, red-eyes shining in the darkness.



We are in a previously unseen portion of Damaskino's vast bedroom. An elegantly tiled pool area has been partitioned off by a series of latticed screens. In the counterpoint to this are a series of muted monitors tuned to the pulse of the world -- CNN, MSNBC, C-SPAN, etc.

Damaskinos sits in a robe, finishing a meal, his eyes flicking over the monitors -- tracking current events, market fluctuations. We get the sense that the man is a true polymath. That he owes his five thousand-plus years of existence to resourcefulness rather than luck.

Stevens enters, waiting to be acknowledged.

DAMASKINOS (vampire dialect; subtitled) Yes?

STEVENS (vampire dialect; subtitled) They've made contact with the Reapers.

DAMASKINOS (vampire dialect; subtitled) Any casualties?

STEVENS (vampire dialect; subtitled) Two so far.

Unconcerned, Damaskinos slices into a piece of raw meat.

DAMASKINOS (reverting to English) An inevitability, I suppose. Nyssa was not among them, I trust.

STEVENS No. This is a dangerous game, you're playing, Damaskinos.

DAMASKINOS Any game worthy of being played is. One must be patient. In this way, I have outlived my enemies. All of them.

Damaskinos steps beyond the screens now, into the pool area -- and although we can't see the water from this angle, we can see patterns of ruby light flickering off the tiled walls. Stevens follows, uncomfortable.

STEVENS Blade's too volatile. You're not going to be able to keep manipulating him --

Damaskinos steps into the steaming liquid, which we now see is BLOOD. His robe spreads out, floating on the surface.

DAMASKINOS You worry too much, Stevens. I have assurance from our friend inside that events are unfolding as scripted.

STEVENS As scripted? You've already lost two of your own. How many more are you willing to sacrifice?

Damaskinos sinks until he's waist-deep in the crimson fluid.

DAMASKINOS As many as it takes. (pointing) Do you see that jar over there?

Stevens looks to a shelf where a gold and crystal Coptic jar rests. A HUMAN HEART floats within.

DAMASKINOS (CONT'D) It contains my human heart -- (touching a pale scar on his chest) Something I relinquished a long time ago. Only a fool would appeal to it now.



The dying Reaper has now been chained inside the cell. It WHEEZES and MOANS, clearly in agony. Blade and Nyssa stand watch. Blade grips the Reaper beneath its jaw, turning its face towards us.

BLADE Recognize him?

NYSSA (nodding) From the surveillance footage in the bloodbank. He was one of the guard's Nomak attacked.

BLADE Which means he turned about seventy-two hours ago.

NYSSA Right. So why is he dying? He doesn't appear to have any broken bones, no entry wounds of any kind -- what's killing him?


Blade nicks the Reaper's carotid artery with a knife. CLEAR SERUM oozes out, no red blood cells at all.

BLADE (CONT'D) No hemoglobin left. Their metabolisms are too fast. They burn out. That's why they're having to feed so often. Their systems are self destructing.

NYSSA If that's true, what about Nomak? He's been alive longer than the others.

BLADE Nomak's different. He's the carrier. (shaking his head) There's something driving him beyond the Thirst. Something we're missing.

As they watch, the Reaper shakes through its final death throes, then grows still, the nictomembranes over its eyes slowly sliding down.


A pair of GLOVED HANDS spreads apart the Reaper's eyelids. In response, the protective nictomembrane slides mechanically down over the pupil.

NYSSA (O.S.) They appear to have a nictating membrane here, like you'd see on a crocodile or camel. Shields the eyes from sunlight.

The hands now part the Reaper's mouth, probing the seam in the chin, then splitting the mandible apart to reveal the enlarged esophagus. The fingers push back on the gums and the pressure-sensitive fangs extend even further in response.

NYSSA (O.S.) (CONT'D) A bifurcated mandible. More developed masseter muscles and zygomatic bones around the mouth allowing for a much larger, stronger bite --


Blade, Nyssa, and Scud are gathered around the autopsy table. The rest of the crew linger further back.

NYSSA (CONT'D) Epidermal layers are thicker, tougher --

Nyssa begins the Y-incision along the chest. Once again, CLEAR SERUM oozes out. She cracks open the thoracic cavity.

SCUD Ho-lee shit.

We SEE inside the abdominal cavity. A complex, pinkish/gray parasitic organism has taken over every organ visible.

NYSSA I've never seen anything like this. The Reapers are as different from us as we are from you. (probing the organism) It's almost as if the virus is re-wiring their bodies, creating new, parasitic organs which consume the old ones.

BLADE Like cancer with a purpose.

NYSSA Exactly. Look at the digestive system. It's been drastically simplified. Super charged. And this --

She pulls back the lungs -- a calcified structure encasing a fibrous mass rests where the heart would normally be. She taps the calcified structure with a scalpel.

NYSSA (CONT'D) The heart is completely encased in bone.

She tries to cut into the bony shell and the scalpel snaps. Scud WHISTLES, impressed.

SCUD Good luck getting a stake through that.

Blade studies the Reaper corpse, then looks to the Bloodpack.

BLADE We've got six hours till sunrise. Be ready by then.

ASAD What happens at sunrise?

BLADE We take up the hunt again.

CHUPA You gotta be fucking joking.

BLADE You've seen what we're up against. Daylight's the only advantage we've got. They'll be more vulnerable then.

REINHARDT (pointedly) And so will we.

BLADE Look, I care about the humans who are dying, not you, got it?

REINHARDT (snarling) Spare me the race card, OJ. We're not going out into the sun. It's too risky.

BLADE You don't have a choice. You're just going to have to protect yourselves as best you can.

Blade spins and leaves. Whistler follows. Nyssa watches them disappear into Blade's room. Reinhardt and the other vampires approach her.

REINHARDT You buying any of this chocolate Elvis bullshit?

Nyssa just stares him down, obviously conflicted.

CHUPA This guy doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. We already lost Priest and Lighthammer, who's gonna be next? Fuck him. Fuck his rules. First chance I get, I'm chowing down on that fucking HeeHaw sidekick of his.

Snowman signs something to Verlaine.

VERLAINE What do you think, Asad?

ASAD (pointedly) I don't think. I follow orders.

Asad looks to Nyssa once more -- perhaps he's even concerned now. She's still staring in the direction Blade left.


Blade sits in the shadows, wrapping a piece of rubber tubing around his arm, injecting himself with pneumatic syringe of serum. He shivers, convulses violently, then throws back his head in relief. When he does so, he SEES --

Whistler standing in the doorway. They eye each other a moment as Blade unwraps the tubing from his arm, puts away his syringe and serum. Whistler lights a cigarette, then nods through a window towards Nyssa and the others.

WHISTLER You ask me, you and Miss Muffet are getting a mite too cozy for my taste.

BLADE I wouldn't worry about it.

Blade moves to walk away, but Whistler stops him.

WHISTLER I am worrying. Seems to me, you're starting to get confused as to which side of the line you're standing on.

BLADE Pretty hollow words coming from a man who spent the last year running with the enemy.

WHISTLER What the hell is that supposed to mean?

BLADE It means I'm starting to wonder if the vampires still have their hooks in you. You've been acting strange ever since I gave you the cure. Reckless, quick to anger -- (beat) You said it yourself, Whistler. Those vampires knew our defense system backwards and forwards. Where'd they get their intel?

Whistler steps closer, his voice dropping to a lethal, whisper.

WHISTLER I'm compromised?! Me?! I'm not the one playing stink-finger with Vampirella out there!

Blade stares back at Whistler, calm as a viper.

BLADE You're out of line, old man.

The two comrades in arms stare each other down. Then, finally, Whistler backs away.

WHISTLER (quietly) We'll see.

Whistler turns and strides exits. We HOLD ON Blade, torn, conflicted, watching Whistler retreat.


We SEE a FIGURE emerge from the shadows -- CHUPA.


Chupa walks the night, scanning shadows.


Like heat-vision, only tinged with crimson. There are DRUG DEALERS and bottom feeding WHORES trolling for tricks out here, BEATING HEARTS and BRANCHING ARTERIES highlighted on their ghostly silhouettes.

Chupa moves to the mouth of an alley, nodding to a DEALER.

DEALER Lookin' to get hooked up?

CHUPA What you got?

As the dealer glances around to see if anyone's watching --

DEALER Horse, Hawaiian ice. Whatever you want.

Chupa sniffs the air, glancing at a pulsating vein on the dealer's neck, and smiles.

CHUPA Whatever, huh? Well I'm all off the hook on that bitch.

Chupa steps into the alley with the dealer.

DEALER So what's it gonna be?


Chupa is at the dealer's throat before he can finish, flashing his fangs, shoving him backwards. Then --

CHUPA (CONT'D) I like a little adrenaline chaser.


Grabs a fistful of Chupa's hair, jerking his head back. It's Blade. He yanks Chupa off the dealer.

BLADE What do you think you're doing?

CHUPA Trying to feed, puto baboso!

The dealer takes off as Blade swings Chupa around. They exchange a couple of blows, then Blade knees him in the balls, twisting him around by his arm, dislocating it.

Blade releases Chupa, shoving him forward. Chupa's broken arm dangles awkwardly. Furious, Chupa reaches for his .45 with his good hand -- only to hear the CLICK of another gun as it's placed against the back of his head.


Standing behind him, looking grim and determined.

NYSSA Do it and you die. (Chupa considers options) You heard Asad. Until this is over, these people are our allies.

CHUPA Oh I haven't forgotten about Asad. I'm just wondering if you have.

Chupa re-holsters his gun, then jams his dislocated arm up against the wall and resets it. He backs away. Nyssa watches him leave, looks to Blade.

NYSSA He's right about one thing. We do have to survive.

BLADE You don't have to hunt to do it.

NYSSA Really? What are we supposed to do, then? Starve ourselves because we fee on others in order to live? What about that scumbag you just let off the hook? A nothing. A drug-dealer. How do you justify saving people like that?

Blade doesn't answer, just moves away. She follows.

NYSSA (CONT'D) You know the Thirst better than any of us. You're barely managing to tread water yourself. Living in a constant state of pain, having to shoot up that serum of yours. That's not what I call surviving, Blade.

Off Blade's stony expression we --



The back of the workshop. Scud takes a hit of weed then resumes working on one of the UV entry lights -- it's been taken half-apart and tweaked-out with cables and a crystal prism. Whistler is there too, loading magazines.

WHISTLER (observing Scud) The hell are you fiddling with there?

SCUD (proud, succinct) Tweaked the phosphor rod, modified the collimated beam, wanna concentrate the light, get something like a UV laser going.

WHISTLER (shaking his head) You're wasting your time, already been tried.

SCUD Yeah, but you didn't have the Scudster working on it, did you?

WHISTLER (testy) Nope. Back then we did not.

SCUD (unfazed) So how long have you known Blade, anyway?

WHISTLER Going on twenty years now.

SCUD Blade doesn't talk about the old days much.

WHISTLER Blade doesn't talk about anything much. (nodding to Scud) What about you, though?

Scud pulls up his T-shirt. His abdomen is covered in a network of horrific scars. Like something you'd see on the survivor of a shark attack.


SCUD I was backpacking. Hooked up with these two chicks who were off to see the Burning Man festival. We were gonna take "E", have ourselves a little freeball out in the desert. You know the riff, "Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me, but --"

Scud takes a Phillip and adjust some screws on the laser.

SCUD (CONT'D) Anyway, halfway through our Three's Company marathon, Janet and Chrissy started taking chunks out of me. Woulda died too if Blade hadn't shown up and staked those mamacitas a new honeyhole. (shrugging) Things kinda fell in place after that.

Scud jiggles the necklace of fangs around his neck.

SCUD (CONT'D) Took myself a few souvenirs, though.

Scud triggers the modified entry light. The light PULSES like a series of flash-bulbs going off, creating a stroboscopic effect as a wafer-thin, super-concentrated BLUE BEAM OF LIGHT slices through the shadows. Scud looks to Whistler and smiles.

SCUD (CONT'D) Mmm-mmm. Poppa's got a brand new bag.


Beyond the shadowed skyline of monolithic buildings, the night is beginning to give way to dawn.


Scud stands before the others. He looks bleary-eyed but pleased with the night's work. The fruit of their efforts are laid on a work table before them -- a half-dozen UV laser guns, along with a collection of UV flashbang grenades and a much bigger explosive device secured into a backpack carrier.

Blade picks up one of the UV lasers. He sights down the length of it. Scud takes a power pack and slaps into the base of Blade's gun.

SCUD The powerpacks have a limited charge, maybe ten minutes of continuous use at most.

Nyssa gestures to the flashbang grenades.

NYSSA What are these?

SCUD UV flashbang grenades with plug-in phosphor sticks -- (pointing to a backpack carrier) This is for the grand finale. Wired together a couple-dozen of those puppies. But I'd be careful where you pop your load. Might end up frying yourselves in the process.

WHISTLER What about you? You're not coming?

SCUD After last night? Dude, I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Asad looks to Blade.

ASAD What good is all this firepower if we don't know where they're hiding?

BLADE We won't need to. They'll come to us.


Blade looks to Nyssa, who tosses Reinhardt an aerosol cannister. He sprays a little, then wrinkles his nose in disgust, gagging.

REINHARDT (CONT'D) This is fucking foul!

NYSSA They're pheromones. I infused them from that Reaper's adrenal glands. All mammals use them to mark their territory. Even vampires.

CHUPA Fuck that! I'm not spraying some gash hound's nut-juice on me!

NYSSA Trust me, the Reapers will key to it. If we use this, we'll draw them out.



Beneath the ballroom gratings. A high-angle shot looking down at the octagonal iron culvert around which Blade, Whistler, and the remainder of the Bloodpack are gathered. The mechanized, sectional portions of the culvert covering are GRINDING UPWARD, flowering open and apart like some blood and rust-encrusted gateway to Hell.


One by one, the group of hunters descend into the claustrophobic chamber. Verlaine is lugs the UV bomb on her back. Blade leads them to the clawed-open portion of the brick wall, then on through.


Blade leads the group along a grime-encrusted line which slopes gradually downward, sloshing through ankle-deep run off water collected from the city above them. Tendrils of mist drift about, cutting their field of vision even further. Here and there, thin SHAFTS of SUNLIGHT cut down through cracks in the street above, requiring the vampires to cautiously circumvent them.

They reach a four-way intersection of tunnels. Blade pauses.

BLADE Time for Nyssa's pheromones.

Blade opens a statchel. Inside are a dozen distinctive aluminum atomizers. He hands them out to the others. Whistler triggers a can, spraying a thin mist over his face, wrinkling his noses in disgust.

WHISTLER Eau de suckhead. Tasty.

BLADE We'll split into three units. First team that makes contact wins the prize. Try to maintain radio silence from here on out.

Blade points to Chupa and Whistler, indicating the Eastern tunnel. They head off. Next, Blade directs Nyssa, Asad, Snowman, and Verlaine down the Western tunnel. Blade nods to Reinhardt and starts down the Northern branch.


It's darker here, no shafts of sunlight slicing down from above. Whistler turns on his UV entry light. Chupa reaches out with his hand, partially blocking the beam.

CHUPA Turn it off.

As the shifting patterns of light and shadow play across Chupa's face we SEE his pupils contract and dilate unnaturally large in response.

CHUPA (CONT'D) We want to attract them, not scare them off.

WHISTLER Yeah, but you fangs can see in the dark. What am I supposed to do?

Chupa tosses Whistler a pair of night-vision goggles.

CHUPA Bifocals, grandpa. And try to keep up.

Chupa heads into the darkness, moving with uncanny speed.


We intercut between the three teams now, back and forth as they progress deeper into the city's bowels.


Blade and Reinhardt trudge along. The tunnel slopes inward, forming a V-shaped channel where a trickle of water flows. Blade notices SOMETHING bobbing in the water. He nudges it with his foot and knocks it free. It's a broken HUMAN TIBIA which twirls around, then flows past their legs.

A few steps later on, Reinhardt notices SOMETHING ELSE. He stoops into waist-deep water, picking up what he thinks is an isolated HUMAN RIB -- but ends up snagging a tangled mass of hair, mud, and bones.


Whistler and Chupa move side by side. Chupa is anxious, eyes darting about. Occasionally, they come upon a transection with smaller conduits leading off to the right and the left. Then they reach a stooped, narrower tunnel and have to move single file.

Suddenly, a BLAST of LIGHT and THUNDEROUS SOUND explodes above them. They look up --

WHISTLER (startled) Shit!

A subway TRAIN rockets by on a track just above them, pummeling them with soot and dust.

Unseen by them, briefly illuminated by the flashing subway lights we see three Reaper faces, pale and haunting, hanging upside down.


Blade and Reinhardt reach a dead-end where the tunnel has caved in. A BERM OF HUMAN BONES slopes upward from the water -- skulls and ribs, vertebrae, tibias, metatarsi. Blade kneels, inspecting them. There are gnaw marks on them.

BLADE Must be hundreds of these skeletons here.


BLADE So I think you people may have underestimated how many Reapers you're dealing with.


As Nyssa, Snowman, Verlaine, and Asad cautiously move forward, Nyssa GASPS, startled by --

HALF A DOZEN REAPERS laying on the tunnel floor before them in a stagnant pool of sewage water. Dead.


Back with Whistler and Chupa, Whistler is in the lead.

CHUPA (O.S.) Hey,hillbilly.

As Whistler turns around, Chupa SLAMS Whistler in the side of the head, swiping his night-vision goggles off. As Whistler vainly searches for his goggles.

WHISTLER What the fuck you doing?

CHUPA Ain't nobody here but you and me, chicken wing. I'd say this is as good a time as any to settle up.

Chupa moves stealthily in darkness, violently KICKING the older man. Whistler tries to crawl away, then reaches for his pheromone atomizer and locks it in the "on-position". As Chupa continues to lay into Whistler we SEE the atomizer roll away, dispensing its contents.


Blade and Reinhardt by the berm of human bones.

NYSSA (O.S.) (filtered; over comm.) Blade. We've got six Reapers. They're all dead.

BLADE Fry 'em.


Nyssa nods to Asad and Verlaine. They train their UV lasers on the area where the Reaper corpses were -- but the Reaper bodies are gone. And so is Snowman for that matter.

ASAD What? Where did they go?

VERLAINE Screw that, where did Snowman go?

Just then, we hear a NOISE from above. Nyssa and the others whip their UV lasers in that direction.

NYSSA Jesus, they were playing possum!


A HORDE OF REAPERS skitter away from the lights.


CLOSE ON the pheromone atomizer, the spray petering out. Whistler is beat to shit, bleeding from his mouth. Chupa reaches for his handgun, whipping it out just as --

Whistler's hands brush the damaged night vision goggles. He swings them upward.


Whistler has just enough time to register Chupa, the handgun pointed directly at him/us before noticing SOMETHING ELSE just beyond Chupa.


Clinging to the ceiling above. They drop down on Chupa like a pack of rabid dogs, literally tearing him in half.


Hearing GUNFIRE and SCREAMS, Blade charges back in Whistler's direction as --


EXPLODE apart. Reapers CHARGE towards them, hitting Blade in the chest, driving him backwards. As Blade falls, his entry light swings upward, illuminating.


Drops down atop Reinhardt, knocking his UV gun into the water. We SEE even MORE REAPERS converging in on them from the side tunnels in a cacophony of SHADOW and NOISE.


Verlaine, Nyssa and Asad are FIRING their UV lasers. The pumping flashes of their guns throw crazy shadows in every direction. Adding to the unbridled chaos of strobing light and NOISE. More and more Reapers are swarming towards them, moving towards us at an unearthly clip! Nyssa and her compatriots retreat, running for their lives.


Leaps, landing on Verlaine's back. It grabs her head and deftly SNAPS her spine in half with a sickening CRUNCH!


Whistler panics, backing away from the SOUNDS of the reapers slaughtering Chupa. He finds his gun, flicks on the UV entry light --

And just like that, the attacking reapers have vanished. Whistler whirls about, sweeping the UV beam around, but all he SEES is darkness.

Then, a bone-chilling WHISPER cuts through the shadows.

NOMAK (O.S.) Whistler.

Whistler spins. NOMAK RIGHT BEHIND HIM. As Whistler whips the UV gun up, Nomak stops it. The beam is mere millimeters from the Reaper's face -- close enough to illuminate his nightmarish features, but not close enough to burn.

NOMAK (CONT'D) If you survive this, tell your master. My end is my beginning.

In an eyeblink, Nomak is gone. Whistler spins, shining the UV this way and that. Alone in the dark.


Blade FIRES his UV into a Reaper's torso. As the Reaper incinerates, Blade spins, FIRING at a second Reaper --


Firing his non-UV weapon. Two Reapers are closing in on him.

BLADE Take mine!

Blade throws Reinhardt his UV laser and unsheathes his sword. Reinhardt sweeps the lethal beam over the two reapers.

Blade retreats back into the water, calm, letting the creatures comes to him. As they close in on him, he slips the tip of the sword beneath the surface of the water, waiting --

As one, the Reapers converge on Blade. He swings his sword up from the water, hacking away at them, using their own momentum against them.

Reinhardt considers his options. He decides to run for it --

BLADE (CONT'D) Reinhardt!

Reinhardt races away, abandoning Blade. Blade reaches for one of the UV flashbangs clipped to his harness. He pulls the pin with his teeth and shoves it into an on-rushing Reaper's mouth as --

Reinhardt slips on the wet concrete and --

BANG! Searing LIGHT fills the tunnel, instantly incinerating the Reaper.

Reinhardt's unprotected face CATCHES FIRE. He SCREAMS, falling back into the water, trying to douse the flames. ANOTHER REAPER lands atop him, dragging him down as --


We hear GUNFIRE and SCREAMS coming from all directions. Blade retreats. A reaper, fully ON FIRE from the UV explosion, races towards him. As Blade decapitates it:

BLADE (shouting into radio) Re-group! Re-group!

Asad and Nyssa also retreat. Nyssa pulls a pin on a UV flashbang, throws it behind her. BA-BANG! UV light fills the tunnels and --


Blade, Nyssa, Whistler and Asad abruptly find themselves back in the four-way juncture, knee-deep in water. They quickly regroup, out of breath, riding adrenaline highs.

NYSSA Where's Chupa?

WHISTLER Forget him, he's chunk-style.

ASAD Same with Snowman and Verlaine.

WHISTLER Guess that perfume of yours did the trick after all?

BLADE (quietly) A little too well, I'd say.

The others turn to look in Blade's direction.


are staring out at them from the darkness of the Eastern Tunnel. Then we hear a HISSING SOUND coming from the opposite direction. Blade and the others spin around --


are closing in on them from the West. AND THE NORTH. AND THE SOUTH! There must be forty of them in all.

WHISTLER Perfect. We got the whole fucking Partridge family here.

They retreat until they are back to back, each one of them covering their respective tunnel opening.


Lunges at them from the North. Asad triggers his UV laser, scorching the creature. It HOWLS and slinks backwards.


Attack from the East and the West. Blade and Nyssa respond in kind, burning their assailants in mid-air. But even as they fire, their UV beams weaken, the flashes of light coming from their barrels pulsing less frequently.

WHISTLER (CONT'D) Unless anybody has any bright ideas, I'd say we're about half a battery away from a reaper gang-bang.

The foursome are managing to keep the Reapers at bay, but just barely. Blade motions to Nyssa.

BLADE Give me the rest of the pheromones.

Nyssa reaches inside her harness, handing Blade the remaining atomizers. He crushes them in his fist, letting the fluid within spill over his face and chest.

ASAD What are you doing?

The Reapers become even more agitated, HISSING loudly, pressing in on them closer and closer. Blade nods his head back down the Western tunnel.

BLADE Verlaine's body is back there somewhere with the UV bomb. If you train your guns in that direction, you'll drive an opening in their ranks. I'll run for it. When the Reapers come after me, you make a break for it the other way.

Asad studies Blade with newfound respect.

ASAD You won't make it.

BLADE (hefting his UV gun) Then I'll die trying, won't I?

NYSSA Blade.

BLADE Save it. I don't want to hear your words. Let's do this NOW!!!

The foursome spin, FIRING their UV lasers down the Western tunnel. The Reapers SHRIEK, falling to either side, their bodies burning --

Blade CHARGES FORWARD, firing his dying UV laser. As he makes it past the line of Reapers, they start after him, driven into a frenzy by the pheromones. The Reapers in the Northern and Eastern tunnels flood after Blade too, leaving --

Nyssa, Whistler and Asad to contend with the Reapers in the Southern tunnel. They discharge their weapons, shouldering Reapers aside, making a mad dash for freedom.


Blade runs, splashing and stumbling through the water, just a hair's breadth ahead of the HOWLING Reaper horde. Suddenly, the tunnel widens out into a larger chamber.


Whistler and the others FIRE BACK at the small group of Reapers which have followed them, rather than Blade.


cut off from Nyssa and Asad. He spots a maintenance ladder and runs for it, dragging himself up the rungs. A Reaper leaps up the ladder after him --

Whistler reaches the top of the ladder, but his exit is blocked by a manhole cover! It's STUCK! Whistler swings up his shotgun, FIRING into the cover.

The cover is BLOWN UPWARDS, sending a shaft of blinding sunlight down on the Reaper below him. As the Reaper incinerates, Whistler scurries upwards to safety.


Blade reaches Verlaine's half-submerged body. He tears the backpack carrier off the dead vampire and hefts it onto his shoulder, charging up an elevated concrete embankment as --


Nyssa and Asad find themselves cornered. Their UV lasers are shot. The Reapers are closing in and we're --


Back with Blade, the Reapers overrunning him. They pile atop one another in a frenzied effort to get to him. Dozens and dozens of them. And still Blade struggles upward, lifting the UV cluster bomb triumphantly above his head, triggering the device.

The world goes white.

No explosions. Just BLINDING, PURIFYING LIGHT leaving us with a retina-burn image of Blade's silhouette surrounded by Reapers. In that brief instant, the Reapers are frozen, revealed as WRAITH-LIKE X-RAY IMAGES of bone and muscle.


A BLAST-WAVE of LIGHT fills the tunnel, chasing its way towards Nyssa and Asad, overtaking the Reapers before them. Asad throws himself at Nyssa, knocking her into the knee-deep water, shielding her body with his own.


Asad still burns, flaring up and disintegrating from the surface on downward like a piece of liquid-drenched magnesium, bubbles streaming from his writing body.


Darkness, then patterns of subtle shadow and light as our vision slowly returns. FWASH! Blade strikes a FLARE. In the sputtering aureole, the aftermath is slowly revealed.

Blade crouches, unscathed, as if he were standing ground zero in the aftermath of Hiroshima. Scores of Reaper ash-outlines radiate out from him, some of them flash-seared into the surrounding brickwork walls like permanent shadows.


Blade slowly makes his way down the tunnel, using the sputtering flare to guide him. As before, he sees nothing but Reaper ash outlines. But then, Blade sees --


Bleeding and horribly burned despite Asad's sacrifice. Blade crouches, scooping her up into his arms.



BANG! Blade kicks open a pair of doors, hurrying Nyssa inside. He's carrying her limp form in his arms, having wrapped her in a blanket. Blade himself looks like hell warmed over -- covered in blood, ash, and grime.

He rushes her towards the ER, navigating through a maze of PATIENTS and VISITORS. An ER NURSE approaches.

ER NURSE Sir, you can't just --

WHAM! Blade shoulders the ER NURSE aside, barreling into the triage where bewildered DOCTORS and ORDERLIES wait.


BLADE She needs a hypertransfusion. NOW!

Blade sets Nyssa down on an operating table, pulling off the blanket. She's badly burned and she's lost an enormous amount of blood. As we watch, she GROANS, revealing her fangs.

DOCTOR (aghast) God in Heaven.

Just then, a POLICEMAN enters, gun drawn.

POLICEMAN Alright, buddy, step away if --

WHAP! Blade slaps the cop's gun away and KICKS him in the chest. The cop flies backwards, SLAMS into a bank of equipment, falls. A NURSE SCREAMS. In a near blur, Blade has his MACH out and pressed against the Doctor's forehead.

BLADE Do you want to die?

DOCTOR Not particularly.

BLADE (holstering his MACH) Then get your fucking team in gear.

Blade unsheathes his sword, deftly drawing the edge across his wrist, opening a vein. He cradles Nyssa's head, pulling her mouth to the wound on his wrist. And as she starts to feed we pull back and --



The sun dips towards the horizon. The shadows of the urban landscape lengthen and darken in time-lapse.


Blade stands beneath the showerhead, turning his face up into the scalding spray, rinsing the blood from his chiseled physique. Crimson water circles the drain.


Nyssa now rests on a cot. Peaceful, the color having somewhat returned to her features. After a moment, her eyes flutter open and she takes in her surroundings. She is in Blade's austere bedroom -- there are tatami mats, a basin for water, a well-thumbed volume of Zen koans.


cuts through an icy window pane above, angling down near Nyssa's cot. Dust motes swirl about it.

Nyssa focuses on it. Longingly. Then she raises her arm and reaches towards it. Closer, closer -- just barely extending her hand into the light. Her fingertips blacken and smoke, yet Nyssa endures the pain for another moment. Finally, she withdraws her hand, inspecting the damage -- then notices Blade watching her from the doorway.

NYSSA Each day is a little life.


NYSSA "Each day is a little life. Every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to rest and sleep a little death."

She looks back to the sunlight, wistful, sits herself up.

NYSSA (CONT'D) Anyone else make it?

BLADE I don't think so.

Blade enters, kneeling by the edge of the cot, inspecting her wounds. Studiously avoiding her gaze.

NYSSA Thank you.

BLADE For what?

NYSSA It would've been easy for you to let me die back there today, but you didn't.

BLADE (shrugging) I wouldn't read too much into it.

She reaches for his face. Blade stops her hand.

BLADE (CONT'D) You don't want to go there.


BLADE Because one of us is going to kill the other before this ends.

NYSSA It doesn't have to be like that. We don't have to be enemies.

BLADE Get real. I was useful to Damaskinos as long as the hunt was still on. Now that it's over, all bets are off.

NYSSA (pointedly) If that's true, then why'd you save me?

Blade stands now, moving to the ice-covered window, troubled by the question. Damned if he knows the answer. After a beat, Nyssa rises too, keeping to the shadows.

NYSSA (CONT'D) Why do you hate us so much?

BLADE I am a hunter. A weapon. It's what I do. It's in my blood.

NYSSA Well it's in mine, too. I'm a pureblood. I wasn't turned. I was born this way. Just like you. Am I evil because I want to survive? (beat) What about a wolf? What about any predator?

Nyssa pursues Blade, circling around in front of him so he has to face her again.

NYSSA (CONT'D) The only difference between you and me is that I made peace with who I was a long time ago. I'm not ashamed of what I am. (beat) You haven't been hunting us all these years. You've been hunting yourself.

Blade moves away. She reaches for his shoulder. He whirls on her, angry, traps her hand. She tires to pull it free but he grips her wrist tightly, pulling her closer --

NYSSA (CONT'D) You're hurting me.

BLADE Pain cuts the deepest, isn't that what you said?

And closer, their faces are just inches apart now --

BLADE (CONT'D) Reminds you you're alive?

And Blade kisses her, hungrily. Nyssa responds in kind. Her head drops low, her mouth finding the cords of his neck -- sucking at his flesh, then sinking her teeth in deep and --

WHAM! Blade clamps a hand around her throat, slamming her head back. A droplet of blood dribbles from her lips as she lets loose a breathless shudder. She's in the ecstatic throes of the Thirst now, all reason gone.

Blade reaches his other hand to her shirt, ripping it open as he runs his fingers across her breasts, then over her exposed rib cage. He turns her around, forcing her against the wall, sinking his own fangs into the back of her neck. She groans as we --



Naked on the tatami mats upon which Blade sleeps. Skin beaded with sweat. Breath steaming in the chill air. He's atop her, moving inside her with measured thrusts.

Nyssa's limbs are wrapped around him. She claws at the expanse of his back with her fingernails. Her mouth is locked on Blade's throat, then his is locked on hers. Together they drink, leeching blood from one another.


Nyssa clutching greedily at Blade like she never wants to let go. Her soul is gone -- transported to that place we drift to when the euphoria overtake us and we're somehow able to transcend the horror of our fleeting lives.

Finally, Nyssa GASPS, climaxing as she retracts her fangs from Blade. Her head rolls to the side as her pupil -- focused on nothing short of eternity -- dilate unnaturally large.


Blade and Nyssa lie in each other's arms, awash in moonlight, blissfully dead to the world until --


He sits up, listening. Nyssa stirs beside him. She moves to speak but Blade holds up a hand, silencing her. Together, they slowly creep towards a nearby window where --


is pressed up against the icy glass, staring back at them! Nyssa GASPS. Blade draws back with a start. But in the time it takes to blink, Nomak is gone. Just then, we hear a NOISE. Scud appears in a doorway, groggy.

SCUD What's going on?

BLADE He was here. Watching us.

SCUD Nomak?

BLADE He wants us to know he's hunting us now.


Blade is at the computer workstation. He activates the footage of Nomak he was viewing earlier. He fast-forwards to a specific moment, then plays it back at normal speed.

BLADE (CONT'D) Nomak said something to me before he disappeared the first time --

Blade points to the screen, saying the words as Nomak silently mouths them.

BLADE (CONT'D) Athelfiki singenia ex amato. At first I thought he might've been using one of the vampire dialects. But it turns out, it's Greek. Do you know what it means?

Nyssa shakes her head.

BLADE (CONT'D) It means "bloodbrother."

NYSSA I don't understand.

WHISTLER (O.S.) Well maybe I do.

Blade spins, his MACH pistol up and ready to fire. Whistler sits on the opposite side of the room, watching them as he smokes.

WHISTLER (CONT'D) (to Scud) Your security's for shit, kid.

BLADE Where the hell have you been?

WHISTLER Just out connecting a few dots.

Whistler rises from his chair. He flicks his cigarette butt into the shadows and fixes Blade with a heavy stares.

WHISTLER (CONT'D) Bangin' some vampire chick. Kind of a faux pas in our line of work, wouldn't you say? Hope you double bagged it, at least.

Blade is still guarded, not yet ready to lower his MACH.

BLADE What's your problem, Whistler?

WHISTLER Why don't you ask your girlfriend?

Blade looks to Nyssa, but she seems equally perplexed.

WHISTLER (CONT'D) I did some checking on that Carter Stevens character. That familiar of theirs who claimed he was with the NIH? Turns out he used to work for them, but he doesn't anymore.

BLADE Then who does he work for?

Whistler gives Nyssa a rueful stare, then tosses Blade a research folder. On the cover is the same red, double-helix logo we saw at Damaskinos' facility.

WHISTLER Some biotech outfit called Caliban Industries. They've been lying to us since day one. This Nomak fucker didn't evolve. He was designed.

Nyssa look to Blade, imploring.

NYSSA I don't know what he's talking about.

WHISTLER You expect us to believe that? (to Blade) Who you going to trust, Blade? Me or her?


A high-tech, heavily guarded industrial complex nestled within an expanse of unassuming wooded acreage overlooking the ocean.


Carter Stevens shuts down his computer workstation, then moves to the heavy oak door, glancing at a medical chart as he opens it. When he looks up --


A fist PUNCHES Stevens in the face.


Stands in the entry way. Whistler is behind him, holding a gun to Nyssa. Scud is there, too.

BLADE (mobing in on Stevens) Start talking, bitch.

STEVENS I don't know what you --

Blade spins Stevens around, shoving his face against a glass case, crushing the man's nose, spiderwebbing the glass.

BLADE Nomak! You created him!

Blade clamps his fingers around Stevens' broken nose and twists it with a sickening CRUNCH. Stevens SCREAMS, caving.

STEVENS Ohgodohgodohgod... (in agony) Alright, alright. Yes, we did... (gasping) PLEASE! PLEASE!!!

Blade releases him. Stevens sinks to the floor, cradling his brutalized face.

BLADE Keep talking, Stevens. Tell me why.

STEVENS (sputtering) The Shadow Cabinet. For decades they've been trying to find a way to rid themselves of their hereditary weaknesses. Viral epidemiology, immunochemistry. Recombinant DNA was the next logical step.

NYSSA (genuinely horrified) No, that's not possible. They wouldn't keep something like this from me...

STEVENS Your father didn't want you to know. (haltingly) Something went wrong. The Reaper strain was too aggressive. Then Nomak escaped.

WHISTLER And we're supposed to clean up your mess. Fucking perfect.

STEVENS (defensive) Look, the fact that Nomak was artificially created didn't make the threat any less urgent. He was still out there, spreading the Reaper virus.

But Blade's not concerned about that now. He's got something more pressing on his mind.

BLADE The genetic material you spliced into Nomak -- (beat; almost fearful) Where did you get it?

DAMASKINOS (O.S.) I should think that would be obvious at this point.


Standing behind them.

DAMASKINOS (CONT'D) We took the genetic material from you.


Damaskinos leads them down a corridor.

DAMASKINOS Jared Nomak is your genetic brother. And I suppose if you follow that line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, then these are your offspring.

Damaskinos reaches to a nearby control panel, pressing a button. A pair of massive doors slide apart, revealing:


We are in a vast, multitiered, temperature-controlled chamber -- equal parts 21st century medical facility and Hammer House of Horror.

A network of catwalks look down upon the circular chamber, the center of which is dominated by a massive, steel cask, which is in turn ringed by a safety railing. The operation looks not unlike a small-scale water purification plant, or perhaps a futuristic distillery. Only in this instance, the liquid churning within the cask is HUMAN BLOOD.


Each no bigger than a thumbnail, line the walls of the chamber, preserved in credit card sized cryo-cases. There are thousands of them, resting atop one another in racks with stretch from the floor on upwards.

As Damaskinos removes an embryo from the rack, we see ANOTHER EMBRYO behind it. That cryo-case now slides forward with a WHIR, taking the place of the one which Damaskinos removed. Like some kind of perverse vending machine. God knows how deep they're stacked. If thousands are visible, there could be tens of thousands in total.

Damaskinos holds the translucent cryo-case up to the light. The Embryo within shudders, its tiny heart beating.

DAMASKINOS (CONT'D) (proudly) A new breed, begotten from your own flesh. Immune to silver, even sunlight. (stepping towards Blade) The wolves have lain with the sheep long enough. No more compromises. No more deals. Only closure.

BOOM! We hear the tread of HEAVY FOOTSTEPS approaching. All eyes turn towards a side corridor.


enters from the shadows, holding Scud's rail-gun. Much of his face has been burnt away, leaving him with a ghastly death's head mask of blackened muscle and exposed bone.

REINHARDT Put it back in park, Blade.

BLADE Thought you were dead.

REINHARDT Seems like there's a lot of that going around these days.

As Reinhardt aims the rail gun at Blade, a DOZEN VAMPIRE GUARDS appear on the catwalks above, also taking aim.

REINHARDT (CONT'D) Six-thousand feet per second, isn't that what Whistler said? Let's see you dodge this one --

Blade does his level best, pulling his MACH, squeezing off a SHOT even as Reinhardt FIRES. BA-BANG! Blade is hit in the side, spun clear around. His shot goes wild, hitting one of the Guards in the head, turning him to ash as Blade himself falls to the floor.

NYSSA Blade!

Blade GASPS in shock. The rail-gun needles have ripped a brutal hole through the side of his chest-plate. He clutches at his flank, trying to staunch the blood that's seeping between his fingers. As he sits forward, we see MORE FLECHETTES have embedded in the wall behind him, having torn completely through him.

Whistler steps forward. One of the vampire sentries LASHES OUT, striking him in the face with the butt of his rifle. Whistler sinks to his knees, stunned. The guard disarms him.


Gritting his teeth against the pain. He reaches inside his combat harness, pulling out the remote detonator for the explosive flechette in Reinhardt's skull.

BLADE Kiss your ass goodbye, Reinhardt.

SCUD You're wasting your time, Blade. The flechette's a dud.

Scud crosses over to Reinhardt's side. Whistler stares at him in disbelief.

SCUD (CONT'D) It was never supposed to explode. All it was supposed to do was make you feel like you were in control.

Blade's eyes darken with hatred. Reinhardt laughs.

REINHARDT Thought you had me on a short leash, didn't you, chief? Only it turns out, you're the one that's been on the leash.

Reinhardt digs his claws into his scalp and tugs the barbed flechette from his skull. As he does so, Blade's remote detonator BEEPS to indicate it's being tempered with. Reinhardt finishes removing it and sighs contentedly.

REINHARDT (CONT'D) That's better.

Reinhardt tosses the fletchette to Scud, who grins, flipping down his lower lip to reveal a vampire glyph tattooed on it.

SCUD See, I'm one of Damaskinos' familiars.

Blade looks to Nyssa who averts her gaze.

SCUD (CONT'D) Yeah, your little cootchie knew.

WHISTLER You little shit. When did they get to you?

SCUD Back when Blade had me hunting down your puckered old ass. What's up with your hair, anyway? Fucking Willie Nelson look-a-like?

Scud punches Whistler in the face.

SCUD (CONT'D) Man, I so wanted to do that.

Scud shakes his hand, which is smarting from the blow. He looks to Blade now, angry.

SCUD (CONT'D) And you. You never cared about me. I gave you everything. All you cared about was digging up the old fuck! You think they scoped out my security system? (chuckling) I let them in. Dude, I practically gave 'em the fucking keys. I've been feeding Damaskinos information the whole time. Providing them with samples of your genetic material -- helping them with the Reaper program. They're close, Blade. Right up against it. Any day now, they're all going to be Daywalkers. And when that happens, well, let's just say, I don't want to be on the losing team. You may be strong, you may be fast, but in the end, you're just too human, B.

He pinches Blade's cheek. Then he stands up.

SCUD (CONT'D) So that's down and dirty. Got anything to say for yourself?

BLADE (weak, but defiant) Two things. One, I was on to you the moment they turned you. And two -- (raising the detonator; smiling) I switched that dud of yours back with the real one.

Scud has a split-second of terrified, wide-eyed realization before Blade pushes the button and BOOM! The flechette in Scud's hand EXPLODES, blowing his body apart, spraying those nearest him with blood. Primarily Reinhardt.

REINHARDT Son of a bitch!

As the others react with varying degrees of surprise and horror, Reinhardt savagely KICKS Blade across the face. He HITS Blade again and again, driving him down to the floor. Then he bends and tugs the sword from Blade's back-scabbard, preparing to cut his throat.


Reinhardt hesitates. Nyssa takes a step towards Blade, but Damaskinos stops her. Damaskinos gestures to his guards. They haul Blade up and drag him from the lab. Reinhardt gestures to Whistler.

REINHARDT What about him, then? (crossing to Whistler, handcuffing him) Me and Hobo Kelly here have a little unfinished business.

Damaskinos waves dismissively. Reinhardt takes Whistler away.


Blade is dragged into a large autopsy room. The vampire guards lay him on a steel autopsy table. He struggles against them, but he's just too weak from loss of blood. Eventually they get him secured, clamping his wrists and ankles into steel manacles which are affixed to the table.



Blade's sword pommel as the booby-trap blades in the handle spring out.


PULL BACK to reveal Reinhardt holding Blade's sword. He gives it a few practiced swings, then runs his thumb along the blade.

REINHARDT (CONT'D) How many vampires do you think he's killed with this thing?


Sitting in the corner, his hands cuffed behind his back. We are in a security station filled with surveillance monitors offering various views of the laboratory complex.

WHISTLER Not nearly enough, Fritz.

REINHARDT Keep talking, warmblood.

Reinhardt KICKS Whistler in the face.

REINHARDT (CONT'D) When I'm through with you, you'll be begging for a dirt nap.

Whistler spits blood and glares up at Reinhardt.

WHISTLER Been dead before. Didn't much cotton to it. Tell you what, chicken shit. You do your worst. We'll settle up after.



Nyssa stands before the banks of vampire embryos, clearly troubled. Damaskinos regards her.

DAMASKINOS (vampire dialect; subtitled) My child --

Damaskinos moves in close to her, running a finger along her throat. She doesn't acknowledge it.

DAMASKINOS (CONT'D) (in English) I would hate to think you were losing your perspective. Who do you think God favors in the web? The spider or the fly?

NYSSA Nomak said something to Blade in Greek. Athelfiki singenia ex amato. Where did he learn that?

DAMASKINOS From his father, of course.

NYSSA (horrified) You experimented on your own, son?

Damaskinos slowly tightens his hand around Nyssa's throat.

DAMASKINOS I have fathered thousands of children in centuries since I first walked this earth. Make no mistake, Nyssa. Those blood-ties mean nothing to me when measured against the ascendancy of our race. Nothing. (giving her an extra squeeze) If you have any interest in remaining alive, you would do well to remember that.

Damaskinos releases Nyssa. She falls, GASPING for breath. He stares down at her with disdain, then exits.



Damaskinos enters, followed by Carter Stevens. The guards remain posted at the main entrance of the room. Damaskinos approaches, looking down at Blade.

Blade stares back at him, still defiant, but fighting a losing battle. He's dying and he knows it. His breathing is shallow. It's an effort just to keep his eyes open.

DAMASKINOS With every century, humans become more repulsive to me. Once, you were souls to be taken, corrupted. But you have disgraced yourselves to being nothing more than blood and meat.

TWO SURGEONS snap on surgical gloves. Stevens is enjoying seeing Blade helpless.

STEVENS We're going to harvest you, Blade. (injecting fluid into Blade) Bone marrow, organs, everything. Your tissue's too valuable to let go to waste.

BLADE (weakly) Nomak is still out there.

DAMASKINOS True, but thanks to you, we know his weakness. We can keep him contained. It's just a matter of time before we hunt him down.

BLADE Too bad you're out of it.

Damaskinos is amused by Blade's seeming lack of concern.

DAMASKINOS And why is that?

BLADE Revenge. That's what Nomak wanted all along. To pay back the people who created him.

STEVENS You may be right. Fortunately for us, he has no idea where this facility is located.

Blade smiles, laughing tiredly.

BLADE He does now. (off their concerned looks) He's been watching me since the tunnels. Following me. I led him right to you.

Blade lifts up his hand, unfurling his previously closed fist. There is a deep gash in his palms.

BLADE (CONT'D) Just like a trail of bread crumbs.

Damaskinos stares at Blade's hand, then looks to the floor. A line of blood droplets lead back to the doors through which he entered.



Various hallways, the helipad outside Caliban industries, etc. In rapid succession, we SEE more TRAILS OF BLOOD DROPLETS. Then, just as quickly, we are back --


With Damaskinos and company. Suddenly, the lights above them flicker then go out. As emergency lights kick on --

BANG! BANG!BANG!BANG! All eyes turn towards a steel security door which is shuddering -- bulging and bending inwards as Nomak throws himself against it.

Damaskinos looks to a bank of security monitors which are flickering back to life now. We see Nomak's blurred silhouette from various angles, pummeling the door. Then --

RIPPPPPP!!! A portion of the door is clawed open and we see a glimpse of Nomak's SNARLING FACE.

NOMAK (roaring) FATHER!

Damaskinos' eyes widen in terror as he stumbles backwards, activating an ALARM. He looks to the guards, SCREAMING.


Damaskinos runs for his life, rushing out the opposite door, quickly followed by Stevens as we --



Nyssa hears the ALARMS and moves into a corridor lit by red, strobing emergency lights. VAMPIRE GUARDS are rushing past.


Reinhardt also hears the ALARMS. He looks to the surveillance monitors where he SEES Nomak.


Behind him, we see Whistler taking advantage of the distraction. He folds his legs up under him, working his cuffed hands over his feet. When Reinhardt spins back away from the security monitors --

Whistler is GONE. A steel grating in the floor lies half open. The obvious means of exit.



As Nomak continues tearing down the autopsy door, BULLETS hammer into his back. He turns, sees a DOZEN GUARDS FIRING at him, their gunfire chewing the shit out of the concrete walls around him. Nomak staggers, but doesn't go down as CLEAR BLOOD sprays from the body hits.


Whistler shuffles forward through the narrow conduit on his elbows. We hear footsteps. Through the metal gratings above, we glimpse TWO FIGURES rushing past --


Damaskinos and Stevens round a corner, spilling into several GUARDS. He shoves his fellow vampires aside.

DAMASKINOS Get out of the way.



CLOSE ON a grate moving up from the floor. Whistler emerges, rushing to Blade's side. As he starts frantically releasing Blade from his bonds, he looks to the ravaged door --


Nomak savages the guards, flinging them into the air. A guard's body hits the V-gap in the door and obscures our view as --

Whistler redoubles his efforts, finally freeing Blade. He helps him from the autopsy table. Blade is sinking, starting to fade. Whistler slaps his face, shaking him.

WHISTLER Come on, Blade. Talk to me!

BLADE (weakly) Blood...


Carnage. A frazetta painting come to life. Nomak atop dead guards, draining the last of his victims' blood. He whips his face in our direction and ROARS, charging the door --


WHAM! The door gives way and Nomak enters. To the right, he SEES Whistler and Blade exiting. To the left, he SEES the security monitors. Damaskinos and Stevens can be glimpsed in one of these monitors.

Nomak moves to the left.


Blade clutches his bleeding side, staggering down the corridor towards a door marked "Eugenics" with Whistler's help. By all rights, Blade should be dead. But he continues on, moving towards the door with determination.


CLOSE ON a hand twisting a safety lever on the floor. PULL BACK to reveal Stevens manually activating a series of hydraulic lock-down latches.

CHINK!CHINK!CHINK! The doors of the Eastern, Northern, and Western corridors are sealing, lock-down latches clamping down for extra security. Even as the Western door seals, we glimpse Nomak rushing towards it with inhuman speed.


panicked, turning towards the open elevator cab where --


is waiting. But even as Stevens starts towards the elevator, Damaskinos dispassionately presses the "CLOSE DOOR" button.

STEVENS What are you doing?!!

Stevens rushes towards the closing elevator doors, but it's too late. He pounds his fist against them. Behind him, we hear a terrible RENDING OF METAL as the Western door gives. Stevens looks in that direction --

In an eyeblink, Nomak is upon him, SLAMMING his hand over Stevens' face, crushing it.


As Damaskinos slides a security card through a reader and punches in a code, a thin SPRAY OF BLOOD jets across his pale forearm. He looks to the elevator doors. The spray of blood is coming through the vertical door seal. The metal doors SHUDDER violently and then the cab begins to ascend. Damaskinos retreats to the far corner of the elevator, breathing a sigh of relief.



WHOOSH! A pneumatic door slides open. Blade and Whistler enter. They are on the second level now, up amongst the catwalks. Below them is the churning cask of purified blood. They have almost reached the end of the catwalk when --


converge on the lab from two directions at once. Some of the vampires spill through the door on the second level with Reinhardt, while others enter on the ground floor.

REINHARDT Stop him!!!

As Reinhardt takes aim at Blade with the shotgun, the other vampires FIRE. Whistler is HIT in the leg. He goes down, CRYING OUT, then grips Blade's arm, shoving him onward --



gripping the guard rail for support, dragging himself along. Reinhardt fires. A SHOTGUN BLAST hits Blade, grazing him but otherwise missing him. As Reinhardt curses and prepares to fire again --

Blade makes it to the end of the catwalk, pitching himself out into open space. Time slows to a crawl as Blade tumbles downward, plummeting into --


Blade sinks from view, disappearing beneath the churning slurry of crimson. A beat passes as Reinhardt and his men draw closer, apprehensive. Then, an explosion of BLOOD gushes over Reinhardt and the others. They fall backwards, blinded, slipping --


surfaces from the cask in morbidly glorious slow-motion. Think of Sheen in the end-sequence of Apocalypse Now, only instead of a river of mud, Blade is covered head-to-toe in crimson. Majestic and glistening. A primordial god. He rears back his head, letting loose a triumphal ROAR.

Reinhardt's men hesitate. One look at Blade's eyes and we can see he's tapped into a well-spring of fury even he never knew he had. The man is super-charged and ready for war.

Blade tears into the vampires, unleashing a blizzard of martial arts moves. He powers a right hook into the first vampire's face, then pivots, launching a devastating spinning back-fist into the face of a second. At the same time, he rips the second guard's security belt from his waist, twirling it around nanchadku-style to blind a third guard and capture the wrist of a fourth.

Some vampires FIRE their guns, but Blade is a whirlwind, shifting and dodging. BULLETS go wild, hitting circuitry, EXPLODING APART cannisters of combustible chemicals. In seconds, FLAMES are licking across the laboratory floor.

Blade drops, causing a pair of vampires to FIRE their guns at one another.

Then Blade knocks two more vampires onto their asses with a foot sweep. Then he's up again. Slamming the bridge of a fifth vampire's nose into his brain with a palm heel strike.

A snap kick, an overhand elbow strike, a knee stamp that shatter's the vampire's knee cap. An upward block, a jab, a cross, a shin kick aimed at a vamp's quadriceps.

Overhand punches, rising punches, parallel punches, spinning rear elbows, deep kicks, on and on and on and on in an orgy of super-hero violence until --

WHAM! Blade cuts the last of the vampire soldiers down, turning from the creature's disintegrating body to face --


The vampire mercenary clutches Blade's sword in his hand, but the weapon provides him with little sense of security given that he's just seen a dozen of his men slaughtered. The automatic sprinkler system is on now, spraying water down upon Blade and Reinhardt alike. Blade advances.

Reinhardt's been cornered. There's nowhere else for him to run. Refusing to be cowed, Reinhardt SCREAMS and brings the sword down at Blade's head when WHOOSH --

But Blade swings his hands upward, slapping them on either side of the blade, trapping the sword on its downward arc.

Reinhardt strains, trying to tear the sword away from Blade's grip. The vampire's eyes widen in fear. And during that split-second in which the two men are frozen, connected by the weapon which vibrates between them, Blade says:

BLADE Tell me something, chief. Can you blush?

TWHISH! The sword twists free from Reinhardt's grasp, spinning upward into the air. Reinhardt stumbles backwards against the blood cask railing as --

Blade catches the sword on its way down, swinging it around in one fluid motion, slicing Reinhardt's torso in half, along with a diagonal axis! Reinhardt sinks to his knees as the TWO HALVES split apart, turning to ash before they hit floor.

Beat. Blade stands beneath the spray of the overhead sprinklers, rinsing the blood from his body. He turns towards the exit, sword in hand.



A set of elevator doors open, disgorging Damaskinos. Beyond the lobby windows we can SEE a waiting helicopter, VAMPIRE SOLDIERS readying it for take-off. Damaskinos rushes across the lobby and is almost at the exit when --

CHUNK!CHUNK!CHUNK! A series of steel shutters slam down over the doors and windows. Damaskinos tries to tug one of the shutters upwards, then moves to a keypad nearby. He starts hurriedly tapping in a numeric sequence when we hear:

NYSSA (O.S.) I overrode the security codes.

Damaskinos spins around. Nyssa stands behind him. She's got Whistler's rail-gun in her hands.

NYSSA (CONT'D) We're locked in.

DAMASKINOS Are you insane? He'll kill us both!

NYSSA Maybe it's better that way.

AS if in response, a GRINDING SHUDDER comes from the elevator doors. Damaskinos spins in wide-eyed horror, then --

BLADE (O.S.) What's it going to be, Damaskinos? Thiavolos. The devil you know --


enters the lobby from a mezzanine above, sword in hand.

BLADE (CONT'D) -- or the devil you don't?

Damaskinos turns back to his daughter, making a last appeal.

DAMASKINOS (vampire dialect; subtitled) For God's sake, Nyssa! Let us out of here!

WHAM!WHAM!WHAM! Nomak pounds away. The elevator doors are starting to buckle, then they tear apart completely --


bursts into the lobby, ROARING. If anything, he is even more animalistic now, his features having become grossly distorted.

NOMAK (in vampire dialect) Why are you frightened, father? The prodigal son has returned.

Damaskinos scurries backwards, but there's nowhere left to run. Nomak descends on him, lifting the vampire into a rib crushing embrace, chomping his elongated canines into Damaskinos' throat.

Damaskinos SQUEALS like a child as his life-blood is sucked out of him. His body begins to cave inward, shrinking and twisting until there's nothing left but shriveled husk.

Nyssa hefts the rail-gun and FIRES at Nomak's back. Nomak HOWLS, releasing Damaskinos' body, then turns, focusing his blood-drunk gaze on Nomak.

BLADE (alarmed) Get out of here!

But Nyssa stands her ground, rachetting back the slide on the rail-gun, readying to unleash another barrage of needles. Nomak CHARGES, moving at unbelievable speed. She FIRES AGAIN, aiming at Nomak's chest --

but then Nomak is upon her. He slaps the rail-gun from her hands, SMASHING IT TO PIECES. Then he wraps his hand around her throat, pulling her forward, sinking his teeth into her neck. Nyssa SCREAMS.

BLADE (CONT'D) Nyssa!!!


as he leaps from the mezzanine level, sword extended, like Beowulf diving to slay Grendel. He PLUNGES the sword deep into Nomak's upper torso. Then DRIVES it in even further --

Nomak releases Nyssa and back-hands Blade across the face, sending him sailing through the air. He lands, skids across the floor --


stumbling backwards into the wall. The sword has sunk so deep that the tip is actually protruding out his back, SCRAPING a gash across the wall as Nomak slides towards the floor.

Nomak GRUNTS, then reaches for the pomeel with his ruined hand. He grips the pommel and SNAPS the sword-blade in half. Then he SLAMS against the wall, forcing the half of the broken blade that's still embedded in him out back through the front of his chest. As Nomak rises to his feet --

Blade is on him again, snap-kicking the Reaper in the chest. Nomak retaliates. Blade somersaults out of the way, then springs back again, KICKING Nomak in the face, BREAKING Nomak's NECK. Nomak's head lolls unnaturally sideways for a heartbeat and then Nomak swings his head around, somehow righting his neck vertebrae with a snap of his head.

They trade blows, a brutal death-match that seems to defy gravity. Blade moves in for a round-house punch, but Nomak catches his fist, holding it for a split-second, then bending Blade's hand at an unnatural angle, SNAPPING his wrist bones. The pain is enormous.

Nomak starts beating the living shit out of Blade, pummeling him with his fists, gripped by an uncontrollable rage. He SMASHES Blade against a marble column, cracking it. Then he flings Blade against one of the brushed steel walls - so hard that Blade's body actually leaves an indentation.

Before Blade can recover, Nomak is in front of him, launching another kick. Blade rolls his head out of the way, barely avoiding Nomak's boot heel which dents the wall. Nomak kicks a second time. Blade avoids Nomak, but third time's the charm and Nomak lands one squarely in Blade's gut. Blade falls beneath a flurry of blows, unable to defend himself any longer. Blood stains his eyes, obscuring his vision. He strikes out blindly, but Nomak has forced him to the ground, pinning him there. As Blade struggles to free himself --


lowers his head towards Blade's face. The scar/seam in Nomak's chin splits open and Nomak's lower jaw flares apart, distending and widening to reveal the awful, glistening hell maw -- the hollow inner fangs and striated cartilage which are closing about Blade's face. Blade twists his head violently to the right, then glimpses the broken tip of his sword resting a few feet away. He reaches for it in desperation, plunging it up into Nomak's chest. Nomak HOWLS. Because the hilt has been broken off, Blade is forced to grip the cutting edge of the weapon with his bare hands. It slices into his fingers --

but Blade just grips the broken sword tighter, ignoring the pain, driving it deeper and deeper -- until, suddenly, it penetrates the cartilaginous shell around Nomak's heart and --

NOMAK (in vampire dialect) Blood brother.

Nomak smiles, covering Blade's hands with his own. He looks blade in the eye, then drives the broken sword home.

Nomak's body stiffens, his eyes grow unseeing, an oddly serene look spreading across his tortured face. A patch of BLACKNESS begins radiating outward from his chest, moving over his body, carbonizing him from within. As his blackened flesh begins to crack, BLUE FLAMES flicker out from the fissures. In seconds, Nomak is gone.

Beat. Blade stands, exhausted. Then he looks to where Nyssa rests. He moves to her side, kneeling beside her. She smiles up at him, bravely, but frightened all the same. Blade inspects the wound on her neck. It's clearly fatal.

NYSSA How does it look?

BLADE (with genuine sadness) Not good.

Nyssa nods. Blade has only confirmed her existing fears.

NYSSA It won't be long now. I can already feel it burning inside me --

She grips Blade's arm, her eyes welling with tears.

NYSSA (CONT'D) I don't want to become what Nomak was -- (beat; straining) I can't. I want to die while I'm still vampire.

Blade sighs. The burden is all to familiar to him.

BLADE What do you want me to do?

NYSSA I want to see the sun rise.


his face a mask of sad resignation. He lifts Nyssa into his arms. She closes her eyes, resting her head on his chest.


The shutters over the doors and windows slowly rise. Blade shoulders open the front door, moving across the lawn towards a bluff overlooking the ocean. A moment later, Whistler emerges into the light, watching as Blade sets Nysa down on the grass. Her eyes flutter open and she looks into --


where the faintest glimmer of pre-dawn light brightens the cloud-swept sky. It's peaceful. We can hear the SURF crashing on the shore below.

Together they wait.

A GLIMMER OF LIGHT emerges over the earth's curvature, spreading its dazzling radiance out across the skyline. Nyssa's eyes widen in expectation, her breath catching. She looks up at Blade, stroking his face, smiling.

NYSSA Each day is a little life. Remember?

Blade nods, he's strong for her. Despite his best efforts, a tear slides down his cheek. They kiss then as the sun rises in full glory, flooding the world with its brilliance.

Blade holds Nyssa tightly to his chest, refusing to relinquish his grip as her body catches fire. The end is blessedly quick -- not a slow-burn of blazing agony, but a nearly seamless transition from life --

To ash... Nyssa collapses apart in Blade's arms, billowing out around him in a cloud of glowing embers. One moment she's there, the next she's gone. Blade remains where he is, kneeling on the bluff, the wind carrying the last traces of Nyssa aloft into the sky. He shuts his eyes. Turns his face to the warmth of the sun, surrendering himself to acceptance.


isolating Blade alone on the windswept bluff. After a moment, Whistler moves to Blade's side. He rests a hand on Blade's shoulder, but doesn't say a word. We keep moving up and up until the two of them are just a pair of tiny figures on the rolling coastline. Then we --



Images of a weapon being forged, all filtered through shimmering convection waves of intense heat. We SEE a HAMMER CLANGING DOWN. The FIRES of a ROARING furnace. SPARKS showering up from titanium slowly being given shape. Molten silver. Acid etching. And then we PULL BACK to reveal --


Blade works before a forge by moonlight, his body dripping with sweat. He slips his hand in a protective glove and grips the red-hot weapon, dousing it in a quench bucket. As a cloud of steam envelops Blade, he lifts it up for view.


perfect. Lethal. Wrought from titanium, plated in sliver. As Blade inspects the sword, we hear his earlier words again:

BLADE (V.O.) I am a hunter. A weapon. It's what I do. It's in my blood...

Satisfied with his work, Blade smiles --


A shit-hole porno emporium offering the latest in bagged-for your-pleasure Euro-raunch.


Rush, the vampire brother wanna-be from the opening of the film, is up at the register, exchanging a twenty for a handful of tokens. He's humming along to that old E-Rotic song "Voulez-vous couchez avec moi".

RUSH -- yelling for your tender touch, you can never get enough --

We FOLLOW HIM down a hall lined with video booths, serenaded all the while by the cheesy SYNTH SOUNDTRACKS and faked ORGASMOGROANS coming from beyond the doors.

RUSH (CONT'D) -- cover me with your love --

Rush stops at "Buddy Booth No. 3 - HOT ONE-ON-ONE ACTION."


Rush steps inside. There's a chair set in front of a Plexiglas window, an intercom with a phone receiver, box of Kleenex, and a slot for the tokens.

Rush gets himself situated, picks up the receiver, then eagerly pops some tokens in the slot.

RUSH Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir! Voulez-vous coucher AVEC MOI!!!

With a HUM, the screen in front of the window rises, offering us a view of the booth on the other side of the Plexiglas. Only instead of a skanked out booth girl, Rush finds himself staring in open-mouthed astonishment at --


Who flashes an evil smile at us.

BLADE What? You think I forgot about you?

In a near blur, Blade draws his new sword from his back scabbard and stabs it RIGHT INTO CAMERA, SMASHING apart the Plexiglas window as we --





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