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/ From Dusk till Dawn

: / From Dusk till Dawn.

/ From Dusk till Dawn



A convenience store in a Texas Suburb. No other businesses surround it.

CLOSE-UP: A light switch is flipped on.

The sign on top of the store lights up. It reads: BENNY'S WORLD OF LIQUOR.



A Texas Ranger patrol car pulls into the parking lot and a real live Texas Ranger, EARL MCGRAW, steps out. McGraw is in full ranger uniform - button shirt, cowboy hat, boots, mirrored shades, tin star and a colt revolver on his hip.

It's about an hour and a half before sundown and McGraw is off duty for the day.

The only other car in the parking lot is a 1975 Plymouth


A young Hawaiian Shirt wearing man named PETE sits on a stool behind the counter.

A few CLOSE-UP:STOMERS fiddle about.

A MAN wearing a black suit, black tie, and wire rim glasses holds hands with a PRETTY BLONDE GIRL in cutoffs and bare feet. They look through magazines.

Another black suit wearing MAN holds hands with a RED-HEADED GIRL in a prep school uniform. They look through the beer cooler in the back of the store. Both girls are around seventeen.

MCGRAW enters the store.

MCGRAW Hot goddamn day!

PETE Haven't felt it a bit. Been inside with the air conditioner blastin' all day long.

MCGRAW Not even for lunch?

PETE I'm by myself today, ate my lunch outta the microwave.

McGraw walks over to the beer cooler, as if done ritually every night (it is), takes out a beer, pops it open and joins Pete by the front counter.

MCGRAW Jesus Christ man, that microwave food will kill ya as quick as a bullet. Those burritos are only fit for a hippie high on weed. Pull me down a bottle of Jack Daniels. I'm gettin' tanked tonight.

PETE Whatsamatter?

MCGRAW (sighs) Awww, it's just been a shitass day. Every inch of it hot and miserable. First off, Nadine at the Blue Chip got some sorta sick, so that Mongoloid boy of hers was workin' the grill. That fuckin' idiot don't know rat shit from Rice Krispies. I ate breakfast at nine, was pukin' up pigs in a blanket like a sick dog by ten thirty.

PETE Isn't there a law or something against retards serving food to the public?

MCGRAW Well, if there ain't there sure oughta be. Who knows what goes on inside Mongoloid's mind?

PETE You could sue the shit out of her, ya know. That kid belongs under a circus tent, not flippin' burgers. You could own that fuckin' place.

MCGRAW What the hell would I do with that grease pit? Besides, Nadine's got enough of a cross to bear just taking care of that potato head. Then all this Abilene shit happened. You heard about that bank robbery in Abilene, didn't ya?

PETE That's all that's been on the box all day. They killed some people didn't they?

MCGRAW Four Rangers, three cops, and two civilians. And they took a lady bank teller as a hostage.

Pete doesn't say anything.

MCGRAW They'll probably make a run for the border, which would bring 'em this way. And if we get our hands on those shit asses, we're talking payback time. We'll get 'em all right. I gotta piss. I'm gonna use your commode.

PETE Knock yourself out.

McGraw drops his last drip of beer, crushes the can and exits in the bathroom.

The black suited man by the beer cooler turns around and, with the prep school girl in tow, walks rapidly toward Pete. We see that the girl is crying.

BLACK SUITED MAN #1 (to Pete) Do you think I'm fuckin' playing with you, asshole? (points to the tearful prep school girl) Do you want this little girl to die? (pointing to the blonde with the other guy) Or that little girl? Or your bosombuddy with the badge? Or yourself? I don't wanna do it, but I'll turn this fuckin' store into the Wild Bunch if I even think you're fuckin' with me.

The two men in black suits are the notorious Abilene bank robbers, SETH and RICHARD GECKO, "The Gecko Brothers." And the other customers are all being held hostage. Seth is the one with the prep girl. Richard is the one with the blonde.

Everybody speaks low and fast.

PETE What do you want from me? I did what you said.

SETH Letting him use your toilet? No store does that.

PETE He comes in here every day and we bullshit. He's used my toilet a thousand times. If I told him no, he'd know something was up.

SETH I want that son-of-a-bitch out outta here, in his car, and down the road or you can change the name of this place to "Benny's World of Blood."

Richard, holding tightly the hand of the terrified girl, leans next to Seth's ear and whispers something. Seth looks at Pete.

SETH Were you giving that pig signals?

PETE What? Are you kidding? I didn't do anything!

Richard whispers something else in Seth's ear.

SETH He says you were scratching.

PETE I wasn't scratching!

SETH You callin' him a liar?

Pete controls himself.

PETE I'm not calling him a liar, okay? I'm simply saying that if I was scratching, and if I did scratch, it's not because I was signaling the cop, it's because I'm fuckin' scared shitless.

Richard speaks for the first time in a low calm voice to Seth.

RICHARD The Ranger's taking a piss. Why don't I just go in there, blow his head off and get outta here.

PETE Don't do that! Look, you asked me to act natural, and I'm acting as natural -- in fact, under the circumstances, I think I ought get a fuckin' Academy Award for how natural I'm acting. You asked me to get rid of him, I'm doing my best.

SETH Yeah, well, your best better get a helluva lot fuckin' better, or you're gonna feel a helluva fuckin' lot worse.

The toilet FLUSHES.

SETH Everybody be cool.

Everybody goes back to what they were doing.

McGraw steps back out of the back. He appears to be unaware of the situation.

MCGRAW Yeah, and I'm gonna be right back at it tomorrow. So tonight I'm gonna sit in front of the box and just drink booze. How much is the bottle?

PETE Six-fifty.

Out of nowhere Richard WHIPS out his forty-five automatic and SHOOTS McGraw in the head.

McGraw goes down screaming.

Richard stands over him and SHOOTS him twice more.

Seth charges forward.

SETH (to Richard) What the fuck was that about?

RICHARD (in a low monotone) He signaled the Ranger.

PETE (hysterical) I didn't. (to Seth) You gotta believe me, I didn't.

RICHARD (to Seth) When they were talkin', he mouthed the words "Help Us."

PETE You fuckin' liar, I didn't say shit!

Richard SHOOTS Pete and Pete falls down behind the counter.

Seth grabs Richard and throws him up against the wall.

SETH What the fuck is wrong with you --

RICHARD Seth, he did it. You were by the beer cooler with your back turned. I was by the magazines, I could see his face. And I saw him mouth:

Richard mouths the words, "Help Us."

While Pete lies on the floor behind the counter bleeding from his bullet wound, he opens his floor safe and pulls out a gun from it.

Seth releases his brother.

SETH Start the car.

RICHARD You believe me don't cha?

SETH Shut up and start the car.

Richard walks away from Seth and crosses the counter...

...when Pete SPRINGS up, gun in hand, and SHOOTS Richard in the hand.

Richard FALLS to his knees, howling.

Both Pete and Seth SPRAY the store with gunfire.

Seth DIVES down an aisle. He reloads.

Pete DUCKS behind the counter. He reloads.

Richard has crawled to safety behind an aisle.

The two girls have run out screaming.

SETH (yelling) Richie? You okay?

RICHARD (yelling) I'm not dead, but I'm definitely shot! I told you that bastard said, "Help us!"

PETE (yelling) I never said help us!

SETH (yelling) Well that don't matter now, 'cause you got about two fuckin' seconds to live! Richie!

RICHARD (yelling) Yeah?

SETH (yelling) When I count three, shoot out the bottles behind him!


SETH One... Two... Three.

The two brothers start FIRING toward the counter.

They HIT the bottles of alcohol on the shelf behind Pete.

Pete is crouched on the ground as glass, debris and alcohol RAIN down on him.

Seth grabs a roll of paper towels from off a shelf.

Richard keeps FIRING.

Seth douses the paper towels with lighter fluid, sets it on fire with his Zippo, then tosses it.

The flaming roll of paper towels FLIES through the air.

The fireball lands behind the counter.

The entire counter area immediately BURSTS INTO FLAMES. Pete screams from behind the counter.

Seth smiles to himself and stands.

Richard shakes his head in amusement and stands.

Pete runs out from behind the counter, ENGULFED IN FLAMES still holding his weapon and FIRING.

Seth and Richard hit the ground FIRING their .45's.

Pete, the human torch, FALLS like a tree into the Hostess Pastry display.

Seth and Richard rise from the rubble.


They exit the store squabbling. The store is bursting into flames.

SETH What did I tell you? What did I tell you? Buy the road map and leave.

RICHARD What am I supposed to do, Seth? He recognized us.

SETH He didn't recognize shit.

Both Seth and Richard stand on opposite sides of the car.

RICHARD Seth, I'm telling you, the way he looked at us -- you especially -- I knew he knew.

They both climb in the car, Seth behind the wheel. Seth starts it op. The souped up engine ROARS to life. We can hear Seth mumbling under the motor.

SETH Low profile. Do you know what the words "low profile" mean?


The Plymouth tears out of the parking lot backwards, hits the street, and speeds off down the road.

We CRANE UP HIGH to see the car leaving a trail of dust behind it, as the store burns out of control.


Raunchy, honky-tonk MUSIC fills the theater.



The Plymouth tears ass across Texas plains. As TITLES PLAY OVER, we see Seth and Richard enjoying their getaway/road trip. Seth behind the wheel, pops open a bottle of prescription pills, empties out four of the red capsules in his hand, pops them in his mouth, and washes it back with a slug of Jack Daniel's from a pint bottle.

Richard looks at Seth through the hole in his hand. Like a boxer, Richard wraps his wounded hand with gaffer's tape.

The camera leaves the boys, as they woosh down the street, and goes along the length of the car to the trunk. It hangs on the trunk. Then we see through the trunk, like Superman:

AN OLDER WOMAN tied up and helpless in the trunk.

The rest of the titles play over black as the song continues.




Emma and Pete's Gravy Train is a truck stop off of Highway 290.




Emma and Pete's PATRONS are made up of regulars, truckers, cowboys and road-weary travelers. The CAMERA DOLLIES through the maze of tables, patrons, and waitresses.

It stops when it gets to a table occupied by the FULLER FAMILY. The Fullers definitely fall into the road-weary category. The members of the unit consist of the father, JACOB, age 44, an ex-preacher, a good man with rough edges, and his two children, KATE, age 19, is a young beauty who possesses what can only be described as an apple pie sensuality. She is dressed like a nice Christian girl, complete with crucifix. SCOTT, age 16, is a Jacob's Vietnamese adopted son. Scott is a likable, long-haired kid who always wears a T-shirt with the name of the heavy metal garage band he plays guitar for, "Precinct 13." The three of them are wolfing down a late lunch.

JACOB We got about two more hours of day light left. That'll get us into El Paso, which is right next to the border. We'll stop at a motel --

SCOTT Stop? We're not going to actually stop at a motel, are we?

Scott and Kate speak together, obviously repeating something that Jacob has said about three hundred times.

SCOTT AND KATE We've got a Winnebago. We don't need those over priced roach havens. We're self contained.

JACOB Okay, Okay, maybe I was a little overzealous, but give me a break, I just bought it.

Scott and Kate continue the impersonation.

SCOTT Why, just look at all this. You got your kitchen --

KATE -- you got your microwave --

SCOTT -- you got your sink --

KATE -- you got your shower --

SCOTT -- see this, television!

KATE Feel this, real wood paneling. That's real wood, too, not that fake stuff.

JACOB Unless you two wiseacres wanna be introduced to the joys of hitchhiking, what say we drop this?

SCOTT (to Kate) The truth hurts.

KATE (to Scott) It's the bitterest of pills.

JACOB You two ought to start a stand-up act, because you're just wasting your humor on me.

KATE Ain't it the truth.

SCOTT Why do you want to stop?

JACOB I'm exhausted.

SCOTT Lie in the back, Dad, I'll drive us into Mexico.

Jacob gives Scott a look that says, "You aren't touching my new motor home."

JACOB I just bet you would. Don't even thin about it. Besides, I want to have one night's sleep in an honest-to-goodness bed. The beds in the home are okay, but they're not like a real bed.

KATE Hey, if we go to a motel, we can swim.

SCOTT I'll be right back. I'm gonna go to the bathroom.

Scott gets up from the table and walks out back to the restroom.

Jacob and Kate are left alone. There's an awkward moment of silence before...

KATE Dad, when I called the machine to check our messages there was one from Bethel Baptist. Mr.Franklin said he wouldn't permanently replace you until we came back. He said when we come home, if you still feel the same way --

JACOB That's very nice of Ted, but I'll call him tomorrow and tell him not to bother waiting.

KATE I didn't want to talk about this in front of Scott because he gets upset. But you don't believe in God anymore?

JACOB Not enough to be a pastor. Look, I know this is hard on you kids. After Jenny's death, this is probably the last thing you need. But I can't do it any longer. My congregation needs spiritual leadership. Well, they can't get that from me anymore. My faith is gone. To answer your question, yes, I do believe in Jesus. But do I love them? No. After Jenny died, I just thought, what's the point?

KATE (pushing him) It's just, all our lives you've been a pastor. For twenty years you've preached trust in the lord. And then one day you wake up and say fuck him?

JACOB I didn't say fuck him. I'm just not connected anymore.

KATE That happens, you'll get it back.

JACOB Kate, give your old man a little credit. Every person who chooses the service of God as their life's work has something in common. I don't care if you're a preacher, a priest, a nun, a rabbi or a Buddhist monk. Many, many times during your life you'll look at your reflection in the mirror and ask yourself, am I a fool? We've all done it. I'm not going through a lapse. What I've experienced is closer to awakening. I'm not trying to shake your faith. I've just decided not to devote my life to God anymore.

KATE What do you think Mom would say?

JACOB Mom's got nothing to say, she's dead.


CLOSE UP: COUNTER BELL. A hand slams down on it. RING.


Seth stands at the front desk of the Dew Drop Inn. A standard issue Texas motel. Richard sits outside in the car. Nobody responds to the bell. Seth BANGS it impatiently five times.

TEXAS VOICE (O.S.) Hold your horses!

An OLD-TIMER walks through a curtain behind the counter. He's eating a BBQ rib.

OLD-TIMER (rough) Whatcha want?

SETH Whatcha think I want, ya mean old bastard? I wanna room.


Richard sits in the car listening to Merle Haggard on the radio. He watches from his perspective, Seth taking the walking outside and getting in the car. Seth starts it up, and drives them to their room.

RICHARD Do they have cable?


RICHARD Do they have an X-rated channel?


RICHARD Do they have a waterbed?

SETH They don't have anything except four walls and a roof, and that's all we need.

Their car drives up to room #9, but they park backing up the trunk close to the door.

The two brothers get out of the car.

SETH (tossing Richie the motel keys) Open the door. We gotta do this fast.

Richie opens the door.

Seth goes to the trunk, looks around the court yard. It's empty.

CLOSE UP: KEY going into the trunk lock, turning.

TRUNK POV: Seth looking into the camera.

SETH'S POV: A WOMAN in her late forties is lying scrunched up in the trunk.

She is the HOSTAGE BANK TELLER from Abilene. She's stiff, scared and looks an absolute mess.

SETH Don't say a word.

The two brothers, quick as lightening, yank the woman out of the trunk and whisk her into the motel room. SETH closes the trunk, looks around for any Johnny eye-witnesses, doesn't see any, slams the door.


Seth turns from the door, sees the hostage woman standing.

SETH You. Plant yourself in that chair.

She sits down in the chair.

HOSTAGE What are you planning on doing with --

SETH -- I said plant yourself. Plants don't talk. You wanna get on my good side? Just sit still and don't make a peep.

She shuts up.

Richard slowly takes off his jacket. He winces from his wound.

SETH Let me help you.

He helps him get his jacket off.

SETH How's it feel?

RICHARD How ya think, it hurts like a son-of-a-bitch.

Richie goes over to the bed and lies down on it. Seth takes the pillow and stacks them for Richie to prop his back up against.

SETH I got both rooms on either side of us, so we don't gotta worry about eavesdropping assholes. How's that feel? You okay?

RICHARD Feels good.

SETH I'm gonna go get the money.

He heads for the door.


Seth goes into the car, takes out a big suitcase. He scans the perimeter with his eyes, goes back inside.


Seth comes back in, lays the suitcase on the bed. Richie has the TV remote control in his hand and he's flipping stations. Seth looks at his watch.

SETH It's about five o'clock. (to hostage) What time does it get dark around here?

HOSTAGE About seven.

SETH Good. I'm going towards the border to check things out while it's still daylight. Call Carlos and arrange the rendezvous.

RICHARD Hey, when you talk to him, see if you can arrange a better deal than thirty percent.

SETH That's their standard deal, brother. They ain't about to change it for us.

RICHARD Did you even to try to negotiate?

SETH These guys ain't spic fire cracker salesman from Tijuana. They don't even know the meaning of the word "barter". You wanna stay in El Ray? You give them thirty percent of your loot. It's scripture. So it is written, so shall it be done. You want sanctuary, you pay the price, and the price is thirty percent.

RICHARD All I'm saying --

SETH -- This conversation is over.

Richie shrugs and turns back to TV, Seth turns to the hostage, grabs a chair and slides it up in front of her.

SETH Now, we need to have a talk. What's your name?


He shakes her hand.

SETH Hello, Gloria, I'm Seth and that's my brother Richie. Let's cut to the chase. I'm gonna ask you a question and all I want is a yes or no answer. Do you want to live through this?


SETH Good. Then let me explain the house rules. Follow the rules, we'll get along like a house on fire. Rule number one: No noise, no question. You make a noise... (he holds up his .45) ...Mr. 45 makes a noise. You ask a question, Mr. 45 answers it. Now are you absolutely, positively clear about rule number one?


SETH Rule number two: You do what we say, when we say it. If you don't, see rule number one.

Seth takes the .45, places the barrel next to the woman's cheek. She squirms and shuts her eyes. He pulls back the hammer.

SETH Rule number three: Don't you ever try and fuckin' run on us. 'Cause I got five little friends, and they all run faster 'n you can. Got it?

She nods her head yes.

He takes the gun away and replaces the hammer.

SETH Open your eyes.

She does.

SETH Gloria, you hang in there, follow the rules, and don't fuck with us, you'll get out of this alive. I give you my word. Okay?

She nods her head yes.

Seth rises.

SETH I'll be back in a bit.

He exits.

Richard looks to the TV, then looks to Gloria sitting across the room in the chair.

RICHARD Wanna come up here on the bed and watch TV with me?

You can tell she doesn't want to.

He pats the empty space next to him.

RICHARD Come on.

She gets out of her chair, walks across the bed, and sits next to him.


A phone booth outside of a gas station. Seth is in the middle of a conversation with the party on the other end.

SETH Things are real hot here. Crossing's gonna be a bitch. (pause) Don't worry, we'll get across. But when we do, where do we go? (pause) Can we make it as close to the border as possible? Texas wants our balls. The quicker we're in your protection, the better I'll feel. (pause) Okay, where? (pause) The Titty Twister? (he laughs) I love it already. Okay, Carlos, I'll see you and your men at the "Titty Twister" tomorrow morning. (pause) Bye, my friend.

Seth hangs up the phone, lights up a cigarette with his Zippo lighter and exits frame. After Seth exits, leaving the frame empty, a subtitle appears:



Richard lies on the bed by himself, propped up by pillows, watching TV, taking on hits from a water bong in the shape of a wizard.


A local newscaster named KELLY HOUGE is reporting a story about the brothers.

KELLY HOUGE (talking to camera) This bloody crime spree started just a week ago today. The oldest of the two brothers...

MUG SHOT OF SETH KELLY HOUGE (V.O) ...Seth Gecko was serving time in Rolling's Kansas State Penitentiary for his part in the 1988 Scott City bank robbery in which two law enforcement officers lost their lives.


KELLY HOUGE Having served eight years of his twenty-two year sentence, Seth Gecko was brought to Wichita Municipal court house for his first parole hearing. It was while at the court house that this man...


KELLY HOUGE (V.O.) ... his younger brother Richard Gecko, a known armed robber and sex offender, pulled off a daring daylight escape...


KELLY HOUGE ...resulting in the death of four Wichita law enforcement officers, and this woman...


KELLY HOUGE (V.O.) ...Heide Vogel, sixth grade teacher who was run over by the Geckos during a high speed pursuit through downtown Wichita.


A red line travels from Wichita to Oklahoma.

KELLY HOUGE (V.O.) From there the brothers traveled from Kansas through Oklahoma...

The red line enters Texas and the camera moves into Texas.

KELLY HOUGE (V.O.) ...into the great state of Texas, and then finally...

WE ZOOM in on a red-circled Abilene.

KELLY HOUGE (V.O.) ...into Abilene.




Kelly Houge walks down the courthouse steps of the criminal courts building of Abilene. She talks to the camera. Cops, lawyers and citizens bustle in the background.

KELLY HOUGE The list of the dead climbed up three more notches since our last telecast.


PHOTO: OFFICER SHERMAN GOODELL in full police uniform.

KELLY HOUGE (V.O.) Officer Sherman Goodell, who was in intensive care following the gun battle outside of the Valley Federal bank building...



Kelly Houge standing on the court house steps talking into the camera.

KELLY HOUGE ...died about forty-five minutes ago at Hopkins General hospital. And about six hours ago, during a daylight liquor store robbery in Big Springs, The Gecko Brothers killed another Texas Ranger...


PHOTO: EARL MCGRAW in uniform.

KELLY HOUGE (V.O.) ...Earl McGraw...


PHOTO: PETE in a Hawaiian shirt holding up a big fish.

KELLY HOUGE (V.O.) ...and liquor store clerk Pet Bottoms.


VIDEO FOOTAGE: Of Benny's World of Liquor burning down.

KELLY HOUGE (V.O.) Then they proceeded to burn the store down to the ground.


VIDEO GRAPHIC: Picture of The Gecko Brothers with a tally underneath:





KELLY HOUGE That changes the death toll to fifteen. (It changes under "Death toll") Five Texas Rangers... (it changes) Eight police officers (it changes) Three civilians. (it changes)



KELLY HOUGE And one hostage...



KELLY HOUGE (V.O.) ... bank teller and mother of four, Gloria Hill.


KELLY HOUGE Heading the case to bring these fugitives to justice is FBI agent Stanley Chase. We talked with agent Chase earlier this afternoon.



Kelly Houge interviewing STANLEY CHASE of the FBI.

STANLEY CHASE For the time being we are very confident we will apprehend the fugitives in the next forty-eight hours. The Bureau, local law enforcement and the Texas Rangers have all joined forces in forming a dragnet to snare Seth and Richard Gecko.

KELLY HOUGE Agent Chase, does it appear that they are heading for Mexico.

STANLEY CHASE Yes, it does, Kelly. We have already alerted the Mexican authorities. They intend to cooperate every way possible in bringing these fugitives to justice.

KELLY HOUGE Are you optimistic about the safety of the hostage they took in Abilene, Gloria Hill?

STANLEY CHASE We've received no news one way or the other. We can only hope for the best.

KELLY HOUGE What about the report from an eyewitness at the liquor store who said one of the brothers was shot?

STANLEY CHASE This can't be confirmed at this time, but we do believe it to be true. We have reason to believe it was the youngest brother Richard, and he was shot in the vicinity of his neck and shoulders by the store's clerk.

KELLY HOUGE Is it safe to assume that because the death count involved and the loss of life of law enforcement officers, that the Bureau, the Rangers and the police force are taking this manhunt personally?

STANLEY CHASE I would say that's a very safe assumption.



RICHARD (Newscaster's voice) Is it safe to assume since the law enforcement authorities in the great state of Texas are homosexuals of a sick and deviate nature, that they will be too busy fucking each other up the ass to actually catch The Gecko Brothers? (in an FBI voice) I would say that's a very safe assumption.

He changes a channel on the television. We see a Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoon on the screen.

CASPER Would you play with me?

A big burly COP turns around.

COP Sure, little boy... A GHOST!!!

The cop heads for the hills. Casper cries.

Seth enters the room carrying a six pack of beer and two take-out bags of Big Kahuna burgers.

RICHARD Shit, I started to get worried. Where the fuck ya been?

SETH Sight seein'.

RICHARD What'd ya see?

SETH Cops.

RICHARD Didya look at the border?

Seth dumps the burgers on the bed. Both men pop open beers and Richard goes to town on a hamburger. Seth flips off the TV

SETH Yeah, I saw the border. Through binoculars from on top of a high building. That's about as close as I risked getting. What's the TV say?

RICHARD They're going to apprehend us in forty-eight hours.

Seth sits down and takes a hit off his beer.

SETH (to himself) I gotta figure a way to get across that goddamn border. Longer we fuck around El Paso our lives ain't worth a shit.

RICHARD Look, fuck the border. Let's just dig in and wait for things to cool down.

SETH Richie, it's gonna get a lot fuckin' worse before it gets any fuckin' better. We showed our ass in Texas. We killed Texas fuckin' Rangers. They ain't gonna stop lookin' till they find us, and when they find us, they're gonna kill us. Texans take it very personal when ya kill their law enforcement officers. The El Paso police have already started a motel and hotel search for us.

RICHARD How do you know?

SETH I heard it on the radio. We gotta get our asses into Mexico tonight. Carlos is gonna meet us tomorrow morning at a rendezvous on the other side, then Carlos and his boys will escort us to El Ray and --

Seth stops talking and looks around.

SETH Where's the woman?


Seth's out of his chair.

SETH What'd ya mean, what? The fuckin' woman, the hostage. Where the fuck is she, Richard!?

RICHARD She's in the other room.

SETH What the fuck is she doin' there?!

He goes to the door of the adjoining room.

RICHARD Seth, before you open the door, let me explain what happened.

Seth stops and looks at his brother. He knows what he means. He can't say anything, only point at his younger sibling. Then he BURSTS open the door.

The dead, naked body of Gloria Hill lies on the bed. It's obvious Richard raped her and killed her.

Seth covers his eyes with his hands. He slowly enters the room with the dead body.

SETH (to himself) Oh, Richard, what's wrong with you?

Richard rises from the bed.

RICHARD Now, Seth, before you flip out, let me just explain what happened.

Seth slowly turns to his brother, then walks toward him.

Richard backs up.

SETH Yeah, explain it to me. I need an explanation. What's the matter with you?

RICHARD (low and calm) There's nothing wrong with me, brother. That woman tried to escape and I did what I had to do.

SETH No. (pause) That woman wouldn't of said shit if she had a mouthful.

RICHARD Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! Once you left, she became a whole different person.

SETH (slowly approaching) Is it me? Is it my fault?

RICHARD It's not your fault, it's her fault!

Seth grabs Richard and THROWS him in the corner of the room, holding tightly to his wrist.

SETH Is this my fault? Do you think this is what I am?


SETH This is not me! I am a professional fucking thief. I steal money. You try to stop me, god help you. But I don't kill people I don't have to, and I don't rape women. What you doin' ain't how it's done. Do you understand?

RICHARD Seth, if you were me --

SETH Just say yes! Nothing else, just say yes.


SETH Yes, Seth, I understand.

RICHARD Yes, Seth, I understand.

Seth hugs his little brother. Tight.

SETH (whispers in Richie's ear) We get into Mexico, it's gonna be sweet Rosemary, hundred-proof liquor, and rice and beans. None of this shit's gonna matter.


Scott and Kate are in the front seat of their parked motor home. The motor home's parked in front of the Dew Drop Inn's front office. We see Jacob inside getting a room from the Old-Timer.

KATE I can't believe he's stopping here. This place looks totally cruddy.

Jacob walks out of the office. Kate yells from the motor home.

KATE Dad, why are we stopping here?

He opens the meter home door and climbs in.

JACOB There's nothing wrong with this place.

KATE It's a flop house.

JACOB It's not a flop house. It's basic and simple. That doesn't make it a flop house.

KATE If it doesn't have a pool, we're looking for a new place.

Starting the huge car and slowly maneuvering it through the courtyard.

JACOB It has a bed. That's all I care about.

KATE Other places have beds, they also have cable TV, a gym, room service...


Seth walks out of room #9 with a beer in his hand. He's thinking about how he's going to get over the border tonight. Lost in thought, he steps out in the path of the Fuller's motor home.

Jacob slams on the brakes. Seth jumps back, startled. Both Kate and Scott are TOSSED out of their seats onto the floor. THUD... THUD...

KATE Owww, my head.

Jacob (pissed) honks his horn at Seth and yells out the window.

JACOB Watch where you're going!


Seth just stands right in their way without moving, gazing up at the giant motor home.


Kate and Scott join him up front looking at this weirdo.

SCOTT What's this guy's problem?

JACOB I have no idea.

Seth continues standing in their way, making no attempt to move. Not threatening, just looking at them.


JACOB Anytime, man.

The horn snaps Seth back to this world. A smile breaks out on the escaped fugitive's face and he politely steps to one side to let them pass.

Pass they do!

KATE Creepy guy.


The Sword of Damocles is lifted from above Seth's head. He's just solved a problem that a mere thirty seconds ago seemed unsolvable. He knows exactly how he's going to cross the border. Whistling a happy tune, he turns and walks back into room #9.


The Fullers are in room #12. It's identical to the one that the Gecko boys are in, except that the paintings above the beds are different. Jacob has fallen asleep in his clothes on the bed.

Scott sits in a chair, headphones on, playing an unplugged electric guitar. Kate is nowhere in sight.

KNOCK... KNOCK... KNOCK... on the door. Scott doesn't hear shit but his music. Jacob stirs a bit, but doesn't wake up. POUND... POUND... POUND... on the door. Jacob SPRINGS UP. He looks over at Scott, who, lost in guitar heaven, is oblivious of the knocker, then to the door.

JACOB (yelling) What?

From the other side of the door comes a friendly voice.

VOICE (O.S.) I'm your neighbor in room 9, I hate to disturb you, but I'd like to ask a favor.

Jacob swings his feet to the floor, stands up and walks to the door. As he passes Scott, he says, in his direction --

JACOB I hope none of this is disturbing you.

Scott can't hear him, but when he sees his dad look at him, he smiles.

Jacob opens the door and sees...

... Richard Gecko standing in the doorway, looking like the nicest guy in the entire world.

RICHARD Hi there, I'm from room 9, my name is Don Cornelius. No, not the Don Cornelius from Soul Train. Me and my lady friend need some ice and we don't seem to have an ice bucket. Could we possibly borrow yours? I'll bring it right back.

JACOB (still partially asleep) Sure.

We follow Jacob as he turns to the dresser to get the motel ice bucket. He grabs it, turns back to the door, takes a couple of steps towards it, then stops: in his tracks.

He sees Richard and Seth both inside the room with the door closed, both with .45's in their hands, both aimed at him.

JACOB What is this?

Seth SLUGS Jacob in the mouth, KNOCKING him to the ground.

SETH It's called a punch.

Scott suddenly becomes aware of what's going on around him and instinctively stands. Richard shoves his .45 in Scott's mouth.

RICHARD Sit down.

Scott lowers himself back down onto his seat.

RICHARD Good boy.

Jacob lifts his head off the floor and wipes blood away from his lip. He looks at his opponent who stands over him.

SETH (to Jacob) What's your name?

JACOB Jacob.

SETH Okay, Jacob, get up and sit your ass down on the bed. Make a wrong move and I'll shoot you in the face.

Jacob rises and sits on the edge of the bed.

SETH (to Richard) Okay, move the Jap over there.

Keeping the gun in Scott's mouth, Richard makes Scott rise...

RICHARD Upsy daisy.

...guiding him over to the bed by his father.

Richard removes the gun from Scott's mouth and stands next to his brother, looking down at their two hostages.

SETH (to his hostages) What's the story with you two? You a couple of fags?

JACOB He's my son.

SETH How does that happen? You don't look Japanese.

JACOB Neither does he. He looks Vietnamese.

SETH Oh, well, excuse me all to hell.

JACOB What's this about, money?

SETH It's about money, all right, but not yours. You see, me and my brother here are in a little hot water and we need your assistance.

The door to room #12 opens and a dripping wet, bikini clad Kate walks in.

The brothers spin their guns in her direction.

Kate, startled, screams. Jacob and Scott get on their feet and move forward. Seth spins back towards the two men, gun ready to spit.

SETH (to Scott and Jacob) Stop!

Jacob and Scott freeze.

Richard moves like quicksilver, shutting the door and positioning himself behind the terrified Kate.

KATE What's going on?

RICHARD We're having a wet bikini contest, and you just won.

JACOB (to Kate) It's okay, honey. Everything's going to be all right.

SETH Just listen to daddy, sugar, and don't do nothin' stupid. (he turns to Jacob and Scott, who are still standing) You two, Simon says sit the fuck down!

They slowly sit.

Richard can't take his eyes off the dripping wet Kate.

Both Jacob and Seth see this and neither men like it. Both for their own reasons.

SETH (to Jacob) Where are the keys to the motor home?

JACOB On the dresser.

SETH Richie, take the keys. Start that big bastard up, and drive it up front.

Richard doesn't move from his position behind Kate. Kate feels his eyes on her. She slowly turns and looks at him.

He looks in her face.

CLOSE-UP KATE She smiles at him.

KATE Richie, will you do me a favor and eat my pussy?


SETH (O.S.) Richard!

Richard's eyes go to Seth.

Everybody is where they were. Kate never turned around.

SETH Not when you get around to it, now.

Without saying a word, he takes the keys and leaves the room.

SETH (pointing at Kate) You, Gidget, go in the bathroom and put on some clothes.

She grabs some clothes from the floor and moves towards the bathroom.

Seth GRABS her wrist.

SETH You got three minutes. One second longer, I shoot your father in the face. Do you understand what I just said?


SETH Do you believe me?


SETH You damn well better. Go.

She goes into the bathroom.

JACOB Look, if you want the motor home, just take it and get out.

Seth grabs a chair and slides it up to his two male hostages.

SETH Sorry, Pops, it ain't gonna be that easy.

We hear the motor home "HONK" twice outside.

SETH Get ready to move out, we're all going on a little ride.

Jacob shakes his head "no."

JACOB Not a chance.

SETH Come again?

JACOB If you're taking people, take me. But my kids aren't going anywhere with you.

SETH Sorry, I need everybody.

JACOB My children are not going with you, and that's that.

SETH (angry) That's not fuckin' that... (holds up his gun) this is fuckin' this. (he calms down and looks at Scott) Go sit over there.

Scott gets up and walks to the other side of the room, leaving the two men alone. Seth speaks in a quiet, conversational tone.

SETH I ain't got time to fuck around with you, so I'll make this simple. Take your kids and get in the car, or I'll execute all three of you right now. (he cocks the gun and puts it right in Jacob's face) What's it gonna be, yes or no answer?

Jacob looks at him.


SETH Good. (to Scott) Your old man's all right, he just saved your life.

Seth BANGS on the bathroom door.

SETH Times up, Princess.

The bathroom door opens. Kate stands there, wearing a T-shirt, jeans and bare feet.

SETH Okay, ramblers, let's get to rambling.



The motor home with the powder-keg interior drives through the Lone Star night.


Richard's in the back bed area with a gun trained on Kate and Scott. The two scared siblings hold hands.

KATE Excuse me.

Richard zeros in on her.


KATE Where are you taking us?


KATE What's in Mexico?

RICHARD Mexicans.

He doesn't smile.

In the front part of the motor home, Jacob sits behind the wheel, driving into the night. Seth sits in the passenger seat, going through Jacob's wallet and talking to him calmly.

SETH (reading his driver's license) Jacob Fuller. Jacob, that's biblical, ain't it? What am I askin' for, of course it is. (motioning behind him) What are their names?

JACOB Scott and Kate.

Seth repeats the names as he thumbs through the wallet.

SETH Scott and Kate... Kate and Scott... Scott Fuller... Kate Fuller...

Seth comes to a snapshot of Jacob and his wife.

SETH Who's this?

JACOB My wife.

SETH Where is the little lady?

JACOB In heaven.

SETH She's dead?

JACOB Yes, she is.

SETH How'd she die?

JACOB Auto wreck.

SETH Come on, gimme some more details. How'd it happen? Some fuckin' drunk kill her?

JACOB No. It was a rainy night, the brakes on the car weren't great. She had to stop suddenly. She slid on the road, she crashed, she died.

SETH Died instantly?

JACOB Not quite. She was trapped in the wreck for about six hours before she passed on.

SETH Whewww! Those acts of God really stick it in and break it off, don't they?

JACOB Yes, they do.

Seth looks back at the wallet. He sees Jacob's minister's license.

SETH Is this real?


SETH I've seen one of these before. A friend of mine had himself declared a minister of his own religion. Away to fuck the IRS. Is that what you're doing, or are you the real McCoy?

JACOB Real McCoy.

SETH You're a preacher?

JACOB I was a minister.

SETH Was? As in not anymore?


SETH Why'd ya quit?

JACOB I think I've gotten about as up close and personal with you as I'm gonna get. Now if you need me like I think you need me, you're not gonna kill me 'cause I won't answer your stupid, prying questions. So, with all due respect, mind your own business.

SETH I seem to have touched a nerve. Don't be so sensitive, Pops, let's keep this friendly. But you're right, enough with the getting to know you shit. Now, there's two ways we can play this hand. One way is me and you go round an' round all fuckin' night. The other way, is we reach some sort of an understanding. Now, if we go down that first path at the end of the day, I'll win. But we go down the second, we'll both win. Now, I don't give a rat's ass about you or your fuckin' family. Y'all can live forever or die this second and I don't care which. The only things I do care about are me that son-of-a-bitch in the back, and our money. And right now I need to get those three things into Mexico. Now, stop me if I'm wrong, but I take it you don't give a shit about seeing me and my brother receiving justice, or the bank getting its money back. Right now all you care about is the safety of your daughter, your son and possibly yourself. Am I correct?


SETH I thought so. You help us get across the border without incident, stay with us the rest of the night without trying anything funny, and in the morning we'll let you and your family go. That way everybody gets what they want. You and your kids get out of this alive and we get into Mexico. Everybody's happy.

JACOB How do I know you'll keep your word?

SETH Jesus Christ, Pops, don't start with this shit.

JACOB You want me to sit here and be passive. The only way being passive in this situation makes sense is if I believe you'll let us go. I'm not there yet. You have to convince me you're telling the truth.

SETH Look, dickhead, the only thing you need to be convinced about is that you're stuck in a situation with a coupla real mean motor scooters. I don't wanna hafta worry about you all fuckin' night. And I don't think you wanna be worrying about my brother's intentions toward your daughter all night. You notice the way he looked at her, didn't ya?


SETH Didn't like it, did ya?

JACOB No, I didn't.

SETH Didn't think so. So, as I was saying, I'm willing to make a deal. You behave, get us into Mexico, and don't try to escape. I'll keep my brother off your daughter and let you all loose in the morning.

JACOB You won't let him touch her?

SETH I can handle Richie, don't worry.

The two men look at each other for some measure of trust. Seth sticks out his hand.

SETH I give you my word.

Seth can't help but think about the last time he gave his word.

SETH (hand sticks out) My words, my law. Better you not take it, and that's just where we are, then take it and not mean it.

Jacob takes his hand, but looks right into Seth.

JACOB If he touches her, I'll kill him. I don't give a fuck how many guns you have, nothing will stop me from killing him.

SETH Fair enough. You break your word, I'll kill all of you. (calling to the back) Kate, honey!

KATE Yeah.

SETH You must have a bible in here, don't cha?

KATE Yeah, we got a bible.

SETH Get it and bring it up here, will ya, please?

Kate goes into a drawer, pulls out a bible and brings it up front.

SETH Hold it right there, sweetie pie. (to Jacob) Put your hand on it.

Jacob does.

SETH Swear to God, on the Bible, you won't try to escape and you'll get us across the border.

JACOB I swear to God I won't try to escape and I'll do my best to get you into Mexico.

SETH You best better get it done, Pops.

Seth places his hand on the Bible.

SETH I swear to God I'll let you loose in the morning. And your daughter will be safe. And I also swear if you do anything to fuck me up, I'll slit all your throats.



Richard's in the back with Kate and Scott. Richard, expressionless, looks at Kate's bare feet.



His eyes go to her hands.



His eyes go to her neck.



His eyes move up.


Back to Richard.

RICHARD Did ya mean what you said back there?

Kate turns to him.

KATE What?

RICHARD In the room. Were you serious, or were you just foolin' around? I'm just bringing it up, 'cause if you really want me to do that for you, I will.

KATE Do what?

RICHARD (in a whisper) What you said to me in the room.

KATE (whispers back) What did I say?

RICHARD (whisper) You asked me if I would --

SETH (O.S.) Richard!

RICHARD (to Seth) What?

Seth and Jacob.

SETH I told you to watch those kids, I didn't say talk to 'em. You guys ain't got nothin' to say to one another. So cut the chatter.

Richard turns to Kate.

RICHARD (quiet) We'll talk later.

Kate still hasn't a clue what he means.



Automobiles are lined up, waiting one by one to go into Mexico. Cop cars with their red and blue lights flashing are all over the place. Border Patrol men and Police are stopping all cars. Pulling up to the end of the line is the Fuller's mobile home.


Jacob at the wheel, Seth in the passenger seat. Seth jumps up and goes into action.

SETH Okay everybody, it's show time. Richie, take Kate in the bathroom.

Richard grabs the terrified Kate and drags her in the bathroom,

SETH Scott, you come up front with your daddy.

Scott does. Seth, keeping low, gets behind Jacob.

JACOB I'm telling you, don't hurt her.

SETH As long as you're cool, she'll be cool. What're ya gonna say?

JACOB I don't have the slightest idea.

SETH Well, you just keep thinkin' of that gun next to Kate's temple.

Seth disappears into the bathroom with Kate and Richard, closing the door behind him.

Father and son are alone for the first time since this whole thing began.

SCOTT What are you gonna do?

JACOB I'm gonna try and get us across the border.

SCOTT No, dad, you gotta tell 'em that they're back there.

Jacob is surprised to hear Scott say this.


The bathroom, which consists of a shower, a toilet and a small sink, is a tight fit with three people in it.

Richard has his back against the wall, with his arm around Kate, holding her in front of him. One hand is over her mouth, the other holds a .45 against her head.

Kate's eyes are wide with fear.

Seth stands, .45 in hand, ready to fire if the wrong person should open the door.

Everybody talks low and quiet.

RICHARD This isn't gonna work.

SETH Shut up. It's gonna work just fine,

RICHARD I just want to go on record as saying this is a bad idea.

SETH Duly noted. Now, shut up.

Everyone's quiet for a second, till Richard breaks it.

RICHARD (to himself) They're gonna search the van.

SETH (offhand) As long as you don't act like a fuckin' nut, we'll be just fine.

RICHARD What does that mean?

SETH (distracted) What?

Richard lets Kate go, she quickly moves to the side.

RICHARD You just called me a fuckin' nut.

SETH No, I didn't.

RICHARD Yes, you did. You said as long as I don't act like a fuckin' nut, implying that I've been acting like a fuckin' nut.

SETH Take a pill, kid. I just meant stay cool.

RICHARD You meant that, but you meant the other, too.

Kate can't believe what she's watching. Neither can Seth.

SETH (serious as a heart attack) This ain't the time, Richard.

RICHARD (his voice rising) Fuck those spic pigs! You called me a fuckin' nut, and where I come from, that stops the train on its tracks.

SETH (real quiet and violent) Keep your voice down.

RICHARD (quiet back) Or what?


JACOB Have you forgotten about your sister?

SCOTT They're gonna kill us. They get us across the border, they're gonna take us out in the desert and shoot us.

JACOB If they get over the border, they're gonna let us go.

SCOTT Dad, I watch those reality shows. They never let anybody go. Any cop will tell you, in a situation like this, you get a chance, you go for it. This is our chance.

JACOB What about Kate?

SCOTT They're gonna kill her anyway. At least now with all these cops we've got a fighting chance.




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