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/ From Dusk till Dawn

JACOB Son, I have this situation under control. I know exactly what I'm doing. You're going to have to trust me on this.

SCOTT If trusting you means trusting those fuckin' killers, I can't do that. If you don't tell the cops, I will.

Jacob grabs Scott by the front of his shirt, and yanks him to him.

JACOB Now, you listen to me. You ain't gonna do a goddamn fucking thing, you hear me! Nobody cares what you think, I'm running this show, I make the decisions.

SCOTT He's running the show.

JACOB I'm running the show. I make the plays, and you back the plays I make. Stop thinking with your fucking balls. Kate in a room with a couple of desperate men with nothing to fucking lose ain't the time to "go for it." I need your cover. Cover my ass.

There's a HONK behind them.

They both look out the window. It's their turn with the BORDER PATROL GUARDS. JACOB takes the wheel and drives up.

A stern BORDER GUARD approaches JACOB'S window.

BORDER GUARD How many with you?

JACOB Just my son and I.

BORDER GUARD What is your purpose in Mexico?

JACOB Vacation. I'm taking him to see his first bullfight.


RICHARD I'm curious. What was the nuttiest thing I did?

SETH This ain't the time.

RICHARD Oh, I know, was it possibly when your ass was rotting in jail and I broke it out? Yeah, you're right, that was pretty fuckin' nutty. Not to mention stupid. But you know what? I can fix that right now.

SETH HAULS off and PUNCHES Richard smack in the head. Richard HITS the floor, Guard, Jacob, and Scott hear Richard fall in the bathroom.

BORDER GUARD What was that?

JACOB Oh, that's just my daughter in the bathroom.

BORDER GUARD You said it was just you and your son.

JACOB I meant me, my son and my daughter.


BORDER GUARD Open the door. I'm coming aboard.



We can only see Kate's face. It's scared. We hear rustling around the bathroom, but we don't know what it is.

Then it's quiet. Then we hear talking outside the door, but we can't make it out. Then we hear a knock.

KATE I'm in the bathroom.

BORDER GUARD (O.S.) It's the Border Patrol. Open up.

KATE It's open.

We hear the door open and see the light change on Kate's face. She's looking up.

BORDER GUARD in the doorway looking in.

HE SEES: Kate by herself, pants around her ankles, sitting on the toilet.

KATE Do you mind? Shut the fucking door.


He closes the door. Kate lets out a breath. We wait a beat, Seth pulls back the curtain in the shower, we see Richie on the floor of the shower knocked out.

Seth and Kate meet eyes.

He gives her the O.K. signal.



We see through the back window of the motor home, the border getting smaller as we drive away from it.

Scott knocks on the bathroom door.

SCOTT It's clear.

Seth BURSTS out of the bathroom.

SETH Goddamn, that was. intense!

Seth goes to the back window. He sees the border getting farther and farther away. No cars following.

SETH (to himself) We did it. (pause) We're in Mexico.

Seth throws his head back and SCREAMS for joy.

Kate, emerging from the bathroom, reacts to Seth's scream, along with Scott.

Seth is so happy that he does a little jig in the back of the van.

Everybody else is still tense as shit. But Seth lets go of all his tension, and becomes a new man before our eyes. He turns to Kate.

SETH (loud and happy) Come here, Kate!

Kate, nervous, takes a step back.

He charges for her. GRABS her, hugs her around her waist, and spins her around. When he lets her go, she stumbles dizzily onto the bed.

SETH (to Kate) You were magnificent! You told him to shut the fucking door. I'm hiding in the shower, and I'm thinking to myself, "Did I just fuckin' hear what I just fuckin' heard? And what does he do -- he shuts the fucking door!

Kate kind of half smiles.

SETH If I was a bit younger, baby, I'd fuckin' marry you!

Seth goes up front and slaps Jacob on the back.

SETH I gotta hand it to ya, Pops, you raised a fuckin' woman.

Jacob doesn't share Seth's enthusiasm, but he is relieved.

JACOB We did our part, we gotcha in Mexico. Now it's time for your part, letting us go.

SETH Pops, when you're right, you're right, and you are right.

KATE (suddenly brightens) You're gonna let us go?

SETH In the morning, darlin', in the morning, we are G-O-N-E and you are F-R-E-E. Now, I know I put you guys through hell, and I know I've been one rough pecker, but from here on end you guys are in my cool book. Scotty, help me pick Richie up, and lay him down. Jacob, keep going on this road till you get to a sign that says, "Digayo." When you get to Digayo, turn this big bastard left, go on down for a few miles, then you see a bar called "The Titty Twister." From what I hear, you can't miss it.


SETH Then stop, 'cause that's where we're going.

He slaps him once again on the back, and leaves to attend to Richard.


CLOSE-UP RICHARD without glasses. Unconscious, Seth slaps his face.

SETH (O.S.) C'mon, kid, wake up. Don't make a career out of it.

Richard starts coming to and opens his eyes. Seth sits at the foot of the bed.

SETH You okay?

RICHARD (disoriented) Yeah, I think so. What happened?

SETH I don't know, you just passed out.


SETH Yeah, we were just standing there. You said something about your shoulder hurting, then you just hit the ground like a sack of potatoes.


SETH Yeah, when you fell your head smacked the toilet hard. It scared the shit outta me. Sure you're okay?

RICHARD Yeah, I guess. I'm just a little fucked up.

SETH Well, let me tell ya something, gonna clear your head right up. We are officially Mexicans.


SETH We are... (singing) "South of the border down Mexico way."


SETH Yep. We're heading for the rendezvous right now. We get there, we pound booze till Carlos shows up, he escorts us to El Ray. And then me and you, brother, kick fuckin' back. How ya like them apples?

Slowly shaking the cobwebs out of his head.

RICHARD Far out. (pause) Where are my glasses?

SETH They broke when you fell.

RICHARD Oh, fuck, Seth, that's my only pair!

SETH Don't worry about it, we'll get you some glasses.

RICHARD What dya mean, don't worry about it. Of course I'm gonna worry about it, I can't fuckin' see.

SETH When we get to El Ray, I'll take care of it.

RICHARD Yeah, like a Mexican hole-in-the-wall's gonna have my fuckin' prescription.

SETH It's not a big deal, unless you make it a big deal. Now, I'm real happy, Richie, stop bringing me down with bullshit.

Jacob calls to the back.

JACOB Guys! We're here.


A neon sign that flashes:

THE TITTY TWISTER Hiker/Trucker bar, Dusk till Dawn

Underneath the joint's proud name on the sign, and on top of "Biker/Trucker bar, Dusk till Dawn" is a well-endowed woman, whose breast is being twisted by a neon hand.

EXT. THE TITTY TWISTER NIGHT The neon sign sits on top of the rudest, sleaziest, most crab-infested, strip joint, honky-tonk whorehouse in all of Mexico.

The Titty Twister is located out in the middle of nowheres ville. It sits by itself with nothing around it for miles. A plethora of choppers and eighteen wheelers are parked out in front. The walls almost pulsate from the LOUD, RAUNCHY MUSIC within the structure. Signs cover the walls outside reading things like:


In the parking lot, a BIKER and a TRUCK DRIVER beat the shit out of each other, one with a pipe, the other with a hammer. A SECOND BIKER fucks a Titty Twister WHORE against the wall. A greasy man, known as CHET PUSSY, stands in the parking lot, soliciting customers through a Mr. Microphone.

CHET Pussy, pussy, pussy! All pussy must go. At the Titty Twister we're slashing pussy in half! This is a pussy blow out! Make us an offer on our vast selection of pussy! We got white pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy, hot pussy, cold pussy, wet pussy, tight pussy, big pussy, bloody pussy, fat pussy, hairy pussy, smelly pussy, velvet pussy, silk pussy, Naugahyde pussy, snappin' pussy, horse pussy, dog pussy, mule pussy, fake pussy! If we don't have it, you don't want it!

The Fullers' recreational vehicle pulls into the parking lot and stops.


What's left of the Fuller family and the Gecko family look out the windshield onto the sight that is the Titty Twister.

SETH (to the group) Okay, troops, this is the homestretch. Here's the deal; this place closes at dawn. Carlos is gonna meet us here sometime before dawn. Which by my guesstimate is somewhere between three or four hours from now. So we're gonna go in there, take a seat, have a drink -- have a bunch of drinks, and wait for Carlos. That could be an hour, that could be three hours, I don't know which. But when he gets here, me and Richie are going to leave with him. After we split, you guys are officially out of this stewpot. Let me just say I'm real happy about where we're at. We got a real nice, "I don't fuck with you -- you don't fuck with me" attitude going on. Now, if everybody just keeps playin' it cool -- and I'm talking to you, too, Richie -- everybody's gonna get what they want. Comprende, amigos?

Everybody nods and mutters in agreement.

SETH Okay hard drinkers, let's drink hard. I'm buyin'.

EXT. PARKING LOT - NIGHT The camper door FLIES OPEN and the two brothers and the Fuller family step out into the night.

They look across the parking lot at the Titty Twister. It literally looks in some ways like the entrance to hell.

JACOB Out of the stew pot and into the fire.

SETH Shit, I been to bars make this place look like a fuckin' 4-H club.

RICHARD I gotta say I'm with Jacob on this. I been to some fucked up places in my time, but that place is fucked up.

Seth can't believe it.

SETH (in a baby talk voice) Aww-w, whatsa matter, is the little baby too afraid to go into the big scary bar?

The two brothers square off, not like strangers fighting, but like brothers fight. They talk real quiet, but real personal.

RICHARD That's what you think?

SETH That's how you're lookin', Richie.

RICHARD I'm lookin' scared?

SETH That's what you look like.

RICHARD You know what you look like?

SETH No, Richie, what do I look like?

RICHARD You're lookin' green.

That's not what Seth expected to hear.


RICHARD Where are you right now?

SETH What do you mean?

RICHARD Where are you?

SETH I'm here with you.

RICHARD No, you're not. You're sippin' margaritas in El Ray. But we're not in El Ray. We're here -- getting ready to go in there. You're so pleased with yourself about getting into Mexico, you think the job's down. It ain't. Get back on the clock. That's a fuck-with-you-bar. We hang around there for a coupla hours, in all likelihood, we'll get fucked with. So get your shit together, brother.

SETH My shit is together.

RICHARD It don't look together.

SETH Well, it is. Just because I'm happy doesn't mean I'm on vacation. You're just not used to seein' me happy, 'cause it's been about fifteen fuckin' years since I been happy. But my shit is forever together.

Richard believes Seth's response.

RICHARD Okay, just checkin'.

They walk toward the bar's entrance. Chet Pussy talks into the microphone.

CHET (yelling into the microphone) Take advantage of our penny pussy sale. Buy any piece of pussy a tour regular price, you get another piece of pussy, of equal or lesser value, for a penny. Now try and beat pussy for a penny! If you can find cheaper pussy anywhere, fuck it!

Chet notices our heroes, especially young Kate.

CHET (in microphone, towards Kate) What's this? A new flavor approaching. Apple Pie Pussy.

SETH Step aside, asshole.


CHET Not so fast, Slick.

Seth GRABS HOLD of Chet's FINGER, BENDS it BACKWARDS till the BONE SNAPS in two.

Chet lets out a SCREAM.


Chet FALLS to his KNEES in front of Seth.

Seth HOOKS him with a powerful FIST UNDER his CHIN that SNAPS Chet's HEAD BACK, and THROWS him on his BACK.


Chet is OUT.

The whole altercation took two seconds.

Everyone's in shock and looks at Seth. Seth looks back at everyone.

SETH Now, is my shit together, or is my shit together?

Richard and Seth laugh with each other.

RICHARD (slappin' Seth five) Your shit is forever together!

They head for the door. Richard stays behind for a second, and gives the fallen Chet a few, swift kicks,


If the Titty Twister looked like the asshole of the world from the outside, in the immortal words of Al Jolson, "You ain't seen nothin' yet." This is the kind of place where they sweep up the teeth and hose down the cum, the blood and the beer at closing.

In the back, TOPLESS DANCERS do lap dances with customers, while a SLEAZY SEXY STRIPPER STRIPS to RAUNCHY MUSIC, played at ear drum-bursting level. TWO MEN are in a savage BAREKNUCKLE FIGHT, surrounded by screaming customers of bikers and truckers.

One of the dancers is a man with a saddle on his back, his name is DANNY THE WONDER PONY. The woman on his back, in the saddle, feet in the stirrups, hands on the reins, is ATHENA, his rider. They dance around to the cheers of the crowd.

Bikers and truckers play pool in the back. Fights break out here about one every ten minutes. The customers may start 'em, but the bouncer, BIG EMILIO, ends 'em.

Seth, Richard, Jacob, Scott and Kate walk through the door. They each individually take in the sights and the smells. Seth is the first to say something.

SETH Now this is my kinda place! I could become a regular.

The man behind the bar is RAZOR CHARLIE. He eyes the group as they approach.

Their difference from the usual road waif nomads who populate the Twister disturbs him. He exchanges a knowing look across the room with Big Emilio, as the group bellies up to the bar.

SETH Whiskey!

RAZOR CHARLIE (in English) You can't come in here.

SETH What dya mean?

RAZOR CHARLIE This is a private club. You're not welcome.

SETH Are you tellin' me I'm not good enough to drink here?

RAZOR CHARLIE This bar is for bikers and truckers only. (points his finger to Seth) You, get out!

Big Emilio almost magically appears behind Seth and places HIS BIG BEEFY SAUSAGE-FINGERED HAND HARD on Seth's shoulder.

BIG EMILIO (to Seth in Spanish) Walk, Pendaho.

Seth slowly turns his eyes to the big hand on his shoulder.

SETH (low) Take your hand off me.

BIG EMILIO (Spanish) I'm going to count to three.

SETH No, I'm going to count to three.


SETH Two..

Jacob jumps in the middle.

JACOB Now wait a minute, there's no reason to get ugly. There's just a misunderstanding going on here. You said this bar is for truckers and bikers, Well, I'm a truck driver.

Everybody looks at Jacob.

As Jacob talks he takes out his wallet.

JACOB If you look outside your door, parked in your parking lot, you'll see a big ass recreational vehicle. That's mine. In order to drive that legally, you need a class two driver's license. That is the same license that the DMV requires truck drivers to carry in order to drive a truck. (he takes the license out of his wallet and lays it on the bar) That is me, and this is my class two license. This is a truck driver's bar, I am a truck driver, and these are my friends.

Everybody's a little stunned after Jacob's speech.

Razor Charlie picks up the license, looks at Jacob, looks at everyone in the party and smiles.

RAZOR CHARLIE (to Jacob) Welcome to the Titty Twister. What can I get you?

Seth BRUSHES OFF Big Emilio's paw.

SETH Bottle of whiskey and five glasses.

Razor Charlie's eyes go to Seth. Even though he has a big smile on his face, he looks like he's going to kill Seth. But instead he just says,

RAZOR CHARLIE Coming right up.

Razor Charlie goes for the bottle. Big Emilio gives the party one last look and walks away. Richard gives Jacob a buddy punch on the shoulder.

RICHARD Good job, Pops.

Seth's still frying an egg on his head.

SETH That's just fuckin' typical. Biggest number one problem with Mexico, it's not service oriented. I was feelin' so good, and those fuckin' spies brought me down.

Richard puts his arm around Seth.

RICHARD Fuck 'em, shake it off.

Razor Charlie brings the bottle and the glasses. Seth looks at the guy, still pissed.

SETH You serve food, Jose?

Razor Charlie knows Seth's taunting him with a racial slur, but he just smiles and says,

RAZOR CHARLIE Best in Mexico.

SETH I kinda doubt that. We're grabbin' a table, send over a waitress to take our order.

Seth walks away, and the group follows him.

We just hang on the evil wheels turning inside of Razor Charlie's head.

The five of them move across the floor to a table. As they walk, Kate attracts stares, wolf whistles and rude comments from some of the patrons. Jacob keeps near his daughter.

The dancers do their sexy routines. A big-chested, wild-haired blonde catches Scott's eye. She winks at him.

Richard leans over and whispers in Scott's ear.

RICHARD Anytime you want a lap dance with that broad, say the word. It's on me, kiddo.

He gives the boy's neck a squeeze. Jacob's eyes survey the surroundings. Big Emilio and Razor Charlie quietly exchange words about the party in Spanish.

RAZOR CHARLIE (in Spanish) They're not the normal road trash we normally feed on. But it'll be okay. No one knows they're here.

The five of them find a table and sit down.

Seth, still in a bad mood, takes the cork out of the whiskey bottle and tosses it. He pours Richie and himself a glass.

SETH Who else?


SETH (picking a fight) Why not, against your religion?

JACOB (won't be baited) No, I do drink, I'm just not drinking now.

SETH Suit yourself, more for me. (to Scott) Scotty?

Scott shakes his head no.

SETH (to Kate) How 'bout you? (pointing at Scott and Kate) are safer in here with us than wandering around a Mexican border town all night long. Just don't do nothin' stupid and we'll all get along fine. (to Scott) Scotty, you sure you don't want a drink?

SCOTT Okay, I'll have one.

JACOB No you won't.

Seth pours Scott a shot.

SETH Sorry, Pops, but I'm drinkin' and I don't like drinkin' alone. Bottoms up, boy.

Scott takes the drink and he, too, experiences an on-drinker's tremor.

Seth turns to Kate.

SETH How about you, cutie pie? Ready for round two?

KATE Okay.

Seth just passes her the bottle. She pours her own shot and knocks it back.

RICHARD (to Seth) Hey, Dr. Frankenstein, I think you just created a monster.

Jacob turns to Seth and asks quietly.

JACOB Why are you so agitated?

SETH I'm still stewing about that ape laying hands on me. And that fuckin' bartender sticks a weed up my ass, too.

JACOB He backed down.

SETH He's smilin' at us. But behind his smile, he's sayin', "Fuck you Jack." I hear that loud and clear.

JACOB What are you going to do?

SETH (picking up the whiskey bottle) I'm gonna just sit here and drain this bottle. And when I've drunk the last drop, if I still feel then, the way I feel now, I'm gonna take this bottle and break it over his melon head.

JACOB Before we stepped in here, you told all of us to be cool. That means you, too.

SETH (tossing it off) I never said do what I do, I said do what I say.

JACOB Are you so much a fucking loser, you can't tell when you've won?

Richard, Kate and Scott both turn to Jacob. Nobody can believe what he just said. Neither can Seth who calmly lays down his drinking glass.

SETH What did you call me?

JACOB Nothing. I didn't make a statement. I asked a question. Would you like me to ask it again? Very well. Are you such a loser you can't tell when you've won? (pause) The entire state of Texas, along with the FBI, is looking for you. Did they find you? No. They couldn't. They had every entrance to the border covered. There's no way you could get across. Did you? Yes, you did. You've won, Seth, enjoy it.

Seth looks at Jacob, then picks up the bottle.

SETH Jacob, I want you to have a drink with me. I insist.

Jacob slides his empty glass over to Seth. Seth pours booze in Jacob's glass and his own. Both men pick up the glasses.

SETH To your family.

JACOB To yours.

They both knock 'em back and slap the empty glasses down.

JACOB Now, is your shit together?

SETH Forever together.

Seth turns to Scott.

SETH In that camper out there I saw a guitar. I take it that's yours.

SCOTT Yeah, it's mine.

SETH Go out and bring it in. I feel a song coming on.


Seth sitting at the table, playing guitar, singing Mexican songs. Some bikers, truckers, and whores have gathered around their table. Everyone's groovin'. Seth finishes the song. Everybody applauds.

Razor Charlie behind the bar grabs the greasy microphone that he uses to announce dancers.

RAZOR CHARLIE (announcer voice in Spanish) And now for your viewing pleasure. The Mistress of the Macabre. The Epitome of Evil. The most sinister woman to dance on the face of the earth. Lowly dogs, get on your knees, bow your heads and worship at the feet of SANTANICO PANDEMONIUM!

The lights go down low. A light hits the stage. The opening notes of the Coaster's "Down in Mexico" fills the room.

The crowd hushes up.

And on the stage steps SANTANICO PANDEMONIUM.

This Mexican goddess is beautiful, but not the beauty that Stendhal described in "As the Promise of Happiness," but the beauty of the siren who lures men to their doom.

She dances to the raunchy music, not like she owned the stage, but like she owned the world.

And if the patrons of the Titty Twister are her world, the world is proud to be her possession.

All activity in the bar, save Santanico, stops. Even the Fuller/Gecko table falls under her spell. Especially Richard, Scott and Kate. Seth knows this song and accompanies from the table with the guitar.

When the music builds to its explosive section.

Santanico LEAPS from the stage, LANDING in the middle of the room.

She does an eyes-closed voodoo dance in perfect step with the beat. As the music continues to play, a very fucked-up looking Chet Pussy walks in. He goes over to Razor Charlie and points at Seth's table, describing what happened.

As the last verse plays, Santanico, like a snake, comes up from the ground, on top of the Fuller/Gecko table.

Richard, Kate and Scott are enraptured.

Santanico scans the table, zeroing in on our boy Richard. She STANDS OVER him.

While moving her body to the music, she lifts up the whisky bottle from the table, and pours the whiskey down her leg.

She lifts up her foot, with the whiskey dripping from her toes, and sticks it in Richard's face.

SANTANICO (to Richard in Spanish) Drink up.

Richie, mesmerized, sucks the whiskey off her toes. The CROWD GOES WILD. Santanico smiles, master of all she surveys.

Jacob and Scott are embarrassed.

Kate, oddly enough, is turned on by the controlling power this woman has over a man she's deathly feared.

Seth laughs out loud a Mexican "yi yi yiii" laugh, keeping the beat with his guitar.

Across the room, Razor Charlie, Chet by his side, motions over Big Emilio. He begins explaining with pointing what Seth and company did to Chet.

Richard continues to suck her toes.

The song ends, Santanico extracts her foot from Richard's mouth. Steps off the table. Takes a drink of whiskey. Looks down at the seated Richard.

She GRABS the back of his hair, YANKS his head BACK. His mouth OPENS because she's hurting him. She LEANS her FACE OVER his like she's going to kiss him. Then let's the whiskey from her mouth fall into his. They never touch. The crowd applauds. She lets go of Richard's hair. Except for Jacob and Richard, both for their own reasons, the table applauds, none louder than Seth.

SETH Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Now that's what I call a fuckin' show!

One of Santanico's FLUNKIES brings the naked woman a robe, which she puts on.

Richard, still in a daze, looks up at his new friend.

SETH (snapping his fingers) Earth to Richie. Don't you wanna ask your new friend to join us?


SETH Well, then ask her, dumb ass.

RICHARD (looking up at Santanico) Por favor, Senorita. Would you care to join us?

SANTANICO (to Richard) Muy bien, gracias.

Santanico sits down next to Richie. Seth pours her a drink.

SETH Richie, you lucky bastard! (to Santanico) Now, little lady, you could of just as easily done that to me. Who a Nelly! You got my dick harder 'n Chinese arithmetic.

The table laughs.

SETH Which reminds me of a joke. Little Red Riding Hood is walking through the forest and she comes across Little Bo Peep, and Little Bo Peep says: "Little Red Riding Hood, are you crazy? Don't you know the Big Bad Wolf is walking these woods and if he finds you he's gonna pull down your dress and squeeze your titties?" Then Little Red Riding Hood hitches up her skirt and taps a .357 Magnum she has holstered on her thigh and says: "No he won't."

As Seth tells his joke, Jacob notices Razor Charlie, Big Emilio and Chet moving rapidly towards their table.

JACOB (to himself) Oh, shit. (to Seth) Seth --

Seth waves him away.

SETH Not now. So finally she comes across the Big Bad Wolf and the Big Bad Wolf's laughing and says: "Little Red Riding Hood, you know better than to be walking around these woods alone. You know I'm just gonna have to pull down your dress and squeeze your titties." Then Little Red Riding Hood whips out her .357, cocks it, sticks it in the Big Bad Wolf's face and says: "No you won't. You're gonna eat me, just like the story says."

Seth starts laughing at his own joke uproariously. Richard, Kate, Scott and Santanico join in too. Before Jacob can say anything --

The Titty Twister trio stand over the table.

RAZOR CHARLIE (to Chet in Spanish) Which one?

CHET (pointing at Seth) This piece of shit broke my finger and my nose... (pointing at Richard) then this fag kicked me in the ribs while I was down.

That's all Big Emilio has to hear.

BIG EMILIO (to The Gecko Brothers) Up!

RICHARD Fuck off, ape man!

Big Emilio leans in with his beefy hand, GRABS Richard by the shoulder. Richard lets out a howl as blood pours from his wounded shoulder.

Santanico steps back from the table.

Seth jumps to his feet and FIRES a round from his .45 into Big Emilio, sending his bullet-ridden body to the floor. Razor Charlie whips out a straight version of his name sake and SLASHES Seth across the face.

Seth SCREAMS at the top of his lungs as his hand goes up to his laid open cheek.

Richard, who has fallen to the ground holding his wound, brings up his .45 and starts BLASTING.

Razor Charlie takes a bullet in the head, chest and belly before he hits the floor.

Jacob and his children have hit the floor as well to stay out of gunfire.

The bikers, truckers, waitresses and whores all stop what they were doing.

The music continues to play, though the dancers stop dancing.

Santanico, who's closest to the two brothers, smells something.


Richard moves to his brother, who takes out a handkerchief and puts it to his face.

RICHARD How are you?

SETH Scarred for life, that's how I am!

Seth looks up and sees Chet still standing there.

SETH You thought it was pretty funny, didn't you?

Both brothers FIRE on Chet. Chet's blown left... right... left... right... then drops, pointing their guns towards the crowd.

SETH Everybody be cool, or you'll be just as dead as these fucks!

SLOW MOTION: Blood drips down the side of Seth's face.

SLOW MOTION: It splatters to the floor.

The CAMERA scans the crowd. The patrons are scared, but the waitresses, whores and dancers lick their lips.

SLOW MOTION: Blood drips from Richard's shoulder. It falls to the floor, splattering.

WE MOVE INTO SANTANICO'S FACE. A special aroma fills her nostrils. Her eyes lock on Richard. The look on her face could easily be read as intense sexual desire.


Looks up and watches, eyes wide with fear, Santanico's transformation.

Her NOSE RECEDES INTO her face like a rodent's. The whites of her eyes turn YELLOW. The FANGS of a beast PROTRUDE from her mouth. Kate yells from the floor.

KATE (yelling) Richie, look out!

Before Richie can turn around.


Richard LETS LOOSE with an agonizing SCREAM.

Seth turns to his brother's cry.

He sees SANTANICO PANDEMONIUM, like a mongoose attached to a cobra, legs wrapped around Richard's waist, fangs buried deep in his shoulder, and Richard screaming and slamming about, trying to knock her off.

Richard screams to Seth:

RICHARD Shoot her! Shoot her! Get her off!

Seth tries to aim his gun, but there's too much movement. He can't get a clear shot.

Jacob and his children can't believe what they're seeing.

Richard can't take it anymore, his knees buckle. Santanico rides him down to the floor.

Seth gets a clear shot, he takes aim and FIRES, hitting the vamp in the head, blowing her off his brother.

Richard, who's on all fours, tries to stand and gets about half way before he stops, saying:

RICHARD (with his dying breath) Fucking Bitch!

He tumbles over, a corpse.

SETH Richie.

Suddenly, the eyes of Big Emilio, Razor Charlie and Chet Pussy pop open. The "dead" men sit up with evil grins on their faces.

The patrons scream.

A WHORE locks the front door (which is a complicated lock with steel rods going into the ground), turns toward the bar and yells:

WHORE Dinner is served!

The bikers and truckers who have been transfixed, watching the impossible, realize that the waitresses, naked dancers and whores who they were pawing just five minutes ago, have turned into yellow-eyed, razor-fanged, drool-dripping VAMPIRES.

The vamps attack.

What follows is a shark feeding frenzy. Whores, who had been sitting on customer's laps, sink their teeth into unshaven necks.

Naked strippers and bikers wail the shit out of each other. Truckers get their heads caved in by women half their size. The patrons use what ever they can find to fend off the monsters: chairs, chair legs, broken bottles, switchblades, anything.

Jacob, Kate and Scott make a dash and dive behind the bar. They hide and watch.

Seth stands where his was, limp dick of a .45 in his hand, too freaked, scared and stunned to do anything. He stands motionless, watching what he can't believe.

Behind him, Santanico, who lies next to the dead Richard, eyes POP OPEN.

She RISES in her snake/dance way.

Seth feels her and SPINS in her direction, gun raised.

SANTANICO Let's see if you taste as good as your brother.

She approaches Seth, who FIRES at her. BAM... BAM... BAM... CLICK... CLICK... CLICK... CLICK. She laughs and gives her hair a toss back. Seth, moving backwards, is terrified.

Santanico gives Seth a SWINGING ROUND HOUSE PUNCH to the JAW, that sends him FLYING over a table, SLIDING ACROSS the FLOOR and INTO the WALL.

A bad-ass biker named FROST, with a hideous burn on the side of his face, stands on top of a pool table, swinging a pool cue, left to right, fending off vamps.

Big Emilio picks up a biker who stabbed him with a switchblade and throws the poor bastard from one end of the bar to the other.

The biker-winner of the bare knuckle fight, SEX MACHINE, goes head to head with a stripper.

The vamp might have superhuman strength, but Sex Machine has close to superhuman strength, and he's matching the vamp bitch blow for blow.

Then he GRABS her by the waist, LIFTS her up over his head and BRINGS her DOWN HARD on an upturned table, IMPALING her on the wooden leg.

FROST is still swinging his POOL CUE, when Razor Charlie appears, straight razor in hand.

Frost JUMPS off the table to meet the challenge. Razor Charlie SWINGS at him, Frost LEAPS back, SWINGING his pool cue at him. They do this dance, till Frost CRACKS Charlie UPSIDE the HEAD with the pool cue, breaking it in half. Charlie FEELS the HIT. Frost PLUNGES the splintered end of the cue in Razor Charlie's heart.

Green blood comes out of his chest, as Charlie screams the vampire's death scream.

Seth comes to and finds Santanico standing over him. He tries to rise, but Santanico places her bare foot on his chest, pinning him down to the floor. He tries to move, but the pressure of her foot is equivalent to an engine block placed on his chest.

SANTANICO I'm not gonna drain you completely. You're gonna turn for me, You'll be my slave. You'll live for me. You'll eat bugs because I order it. Because I don't think you're worthy of human blood, you'll feed on the blood of stray dogs. You'll be my foot stool. And at my command, you'll lick the dog shit from my boot heel. Since you'll be my dog, your new name will be "Spot". Welcome to slavery.



looking down at Seth, her face contorts to FEED MODE, when the bottle HITS her SQUARE in the HEAD, SHATTERING.

We see that Jacob behind the bar threw it.

Santanico, bathed in whiskey and broken glass, is momentarily dazed. She looks down at Seth.

Seth sits up, .45 in hand, and fires.

Santanico is HIT in the CHEST. The bullet from the gun makes the liquor-soaked robe ignite.


Big Emilio sees Santanico's fiery death. He lets out a cry.


He turns his hateful gaze on the two humans.

Seth and Jacob see Big Emilio zeroing in on them, then they see him move his big frame in their direction. Seth turns to Jacob.

SETH We may be in trouble.

Big Emilio walks steadily through the bar like Godzilla walks through Tokyo. Tipping over tables, knocking fighting vamps and humans alike on their asses on his way to stamp out Seth and Jacob. A TRUCKER JUMPS in his path to attack him, with a QUICK SWING of his hand the trucker is brushed aside, receiving a broken neck for the effort.

Big Emilio never breaks his stride or takes his eyes off Seth and Jacob.

Seth and Jacob both grab pieces of wood, holding it like a weapon, but the wood looks puny compared to their opponent.

Big Emilio stands in front of them. The two men hold their wood tight. Fangs grow in Big Emilio's mouth that make him look like a huge walking shark.

Just when Big Emilio's ready to strike, he hears behind him,

VOICE (O.S.) Hey, you, monkey man!

Big Emilio turns and sees Sex Machine across the room.

SEX MACHINE Anything you gotta say to them, say to me first.

Both Seth and Jacob ATTACK Big Emilio from behind. He effortlessly knocks them away.

They both hit the ground.

Sex Machine gestures with his hand to Big Emilio to "come ahead."

Big Emilio CHARGES towards Sex Machine, like a runaway locomotive.

Sex Machine stands his ground waiting for IMPACT. The two huge men COLLIDE. What follows is literally a war of the Gargantuans. The two mastiffs POUND each other till one buckles. Finally, the one who buckles first is Big Emilio, who HITS the floor.

Once on the floor, Seth and Jacob, stand over the huge vamp, BEATING him with clubs and pipes, like L.A.'s finest. The vamp can do nothing except SQUIRM on the floor from the savage beating.

SEX MACHINE That's enough.

Jacob and Seth stop.

Sex Machine holds a pool cue in his hand. He SNAPS off the end tip, making it jagged, and like a spear, STICKS it into big vamp's fallen body. Big Emilio, SCREAMS, TWITCHES and dies. The pool cue sticks out straight up from the dead vamp.

Chet Pussy spies Ms. Apple Pie Pussy herself, Kate. He breaks into a lecherous grin and licks the blood from around his mouth.

Kate and Scott are cowering behind the bar when Chet appears over the top. They both let out a scream. Scott goes to protect his sister and receives a punch in the face for his trouble. Chet dives at Kate.

CHET You know what everybody says about me? I suck!

Chet goes to bite Kate, grabbing at her t-shirt, and sees her crucifix. HE recoils backwards. Scott grabs hold of his head from behind. Kate jumps up from the floor, rips off her cross and grabs Chet by his beatnik beard, opening his mouth. She SHOVES the cross inside. Chet's eyes roll up back into his head. Scott SLAPS Chet hard on the back.


Chet has swallowed the crucifix. A SIZZLING sound is heard moving down from his throat to his belly. He opens his mouth and lets out a noise similar to a train whistle. He jumps up from behind the bar, doing a wild dance from pain. He jumps from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, screaming all the while.

Kate and Scott watch him from the bar, mischievous grins on their faces.

Chet is on his knees, arms stretched out, yelling at the top of his lungs like a vamp King Lear.


Chet breaks off a chair leg, muttering to himself.

CHET Stop the pain, stop the pain, stop the pain, stop the pain, stop the pain...

He plunges the stake into his own heart, but instead of the vampire's cry that escapes from the others upon being staked, Chet lets out a sigh of relief.

By this time there are not too many people left. Most of the vampire have been killed by wooden stakes and most of the customers have been butchered or drained.

All that's left on the vampire side are two naked dancers and two whores. On the human side are Seth, Jacob and his kids, Sex Machine and Frost. Aside from the children, who are hiding behind the bar, all the humans are holding wooden stakes.

The four human men group together. The four female vampires charge, teeth exposed, snarling and dripping with blood. Seth, Jacob, Sex Machine and Frost raise their weapons and slam, almost simultaneously, the four vamps. All four staked bodies hit the floor.

Kate and Scott run from behind the bar to their father's side.

They all stand looking at the horrible carnage that has taken place. The floor is littered with dead bodies.

FROST Ain't they supposed to burn up or something?

At that moment a bright flash ERUPTS, illuminating everyone's face. The sound of quick burning flames fills the air. Everybody shields their eyes from the intense light, which lasts only a split second.

It vanishes, along with the bodies of the vampires. All that remains is a smoldering mess of goo where the bodies once lay.

They all stare at the mess for a few seconds and then RUN for the door. It's locked. They BANG on the door, but it's useless. It ain't budging, yet they all go on banging.

Except for Seth. He never ran for the door. He walks over to his dead brother's body and kneels beside it.

He takes his dead hand.

SETH Richie, I'm sorry I fucked things up. You'd really like it in El Ray. We'd find peace there. I love you little brother, I'll miss ya bad.

Seth goes to kiss his brother's lips when, RICHARD 'S EYES POP OPEN. They're YELLOW. Seth RAISES his head in surprise.

RICHARD I'm glad you feel that way, Seth. I love you, too.

Richard GRABS Seth by the front of his shirt and pulls him down to him. Fangs are now exposed. Seth tries to pull away. He SCREAMS for the others to help. Richard PULLS Seth down to striking distance and opens his mouth to take the big bite, when Sex Machine grabs Seth from behind and YANKS him from Richard's grasp. Jacob, Frost and the kids have surrounded Richard and proceed to KICK him and STOMP his head. Sex Machine picks up a chair and SMASHES it against a wall. He picks up one of the chair legs and walks over to where the others are holding Richard down. Richard sees the wood in the biker's hand. He knows what that means. Seth whips out his .45 and points it at Sex Machine.

SETH Touch my brother with that stake, biker, and vampires won't need to suck your blood, they'll be able to lick it up off the floor.

SEX MACHINE He ain't your brother no more.

SETH That's a matter of opinion, and I don't give a fuck about your's.

Jacob, Frost and the kids continue to hold Richard down to the ground.

JACOB Don't be an idiot, he'll kill us all!

Seth aims his gun at the group.

SETH Shut up!

Richard's giggling.

RICHARD Yeah, shut up.

Seth, still holding the outstretched gun, takes the stake out of Sex Machine's hand. Seth lowers the .45.

SETH Hold him down.

The smile evaporates from Richard's face.

SETH Richie, here's the peace in death I could never give you in life.

Seth puts the stake over Richard's heart. Using the butt of his .45 like a hammer, he POUNDS the stake into Richard's heart. Richard screams and dies. They all stand around the body as it BURSTS INTO FLAMES and disintegrates into goo. Seth breaks away from the group and walks over to the bar. He grabs a bottle of whiskey and starts downing it. Kate, of all people, walks away from the group and joins Seth at the bar.

KATE Are you okay?

SETH Peachy! Why shouldn't I be? The world's my oyster, except for the fact that I just rammed a wooden stake in my brother's heart because he turned into a vampire, even though I don't believe in vampires. Aside from that unfortunate business, everything's hunky-dory.

KATE I'm really sorry.

SETH Bullshit! You hate us. If you had half a chance you'd feed us to them!

JACOB Then why didn't I?

Jacob walks over to Seth.

JACOB I saved your life. I didn't have to, but I did. And I'm sorry you lost your brother. I'm sorry he's dead. I'm sorry everybody's dead. Now, if we're gonna get out of this we need each other. And we need you sober and thinking, not drunk and...

As Jacob has been talking, a sound has started that has grown LOUDER and LOUDER. Jacob stops in mid-sentence to identify it.

JACOB What the hell is that?

FROST At first I just thought it was birds.

SEX MACHINE No, it's more of a gnawing sound. Birds peck, they don't gnaw. Rats gnaw.

Seth puts the bottle in his hand down.

SETH It's bats.


The outside of the Titty Twister is literally covered with hats, CLAWING, FLAPPING, GNAWING, trying like hell to get inside.


Everybody listens to the bats SCRATCHING and clawing all along the walls, the roof and at the front door. Everyone's scared shitless and nobody has the slightest idea what to do next. The door begins to crack and splinter, little claws poke their way through.

JACOB Give me a hand!

Jacob runs to a table top. He grabs it and covers the area the bats are trying to claw through. The others grab other items to help secure and barricade the door.

As the survivors are panickedly boarding up the door and the windows, a DEAD BIKER that the vampires fed on, pops open his yellow eyes. He sits up and sees all the furious activity. Everyone's so busy they don't notice their new friend. The dead biker vamp sets his sights on Kate, who's putting a board into place. He springs to his feet and POUNCES on her, just as Sex Machine turns from across the room in her direction.

SEX MACHINE Watch out, girly!

The biker vamp GRABS Kate from behind. She lets out a scream. The vamp holds her close to him in a bear hug, but she's moving around so much he can't get a clear bite. The others hear the scream and look toward Kate. Sex Machine, Big Emilio's baseball bat in hand, is halfway to the rescue. As the biker vamp opens his mouth to take a juicy bite out of Kate's shoulder, Kate RAMS her head back, hitting the vamp in the mouth and breaking his fangs. He releases her and spits out his teeth just as Sex Machine runs up and SWINGS the baseball bat upside the vamp's head, breaking the bat in two and sending the vamp to the floor. As the vamp lies on the floor seeing stars, Sex Machine grabs one of the broken ends of the bat and SHOVES it in the vamp's heart. He dies and bursts into flames.

At that point, three other dead victims rise to a sitting position. Sex Machine grabs a chair and THROWS it to the ground, breaking it. He grabs the four legs.

SEX MACHINE (mumbling to himself) Goddamn fuckin' vampires.

The biker has turned into Captain Sex Machine, Vampire Hunter. He stakes two of the vampires as they get to their feet. Both SPEW green blood, scream, die and burst into flames. The third, a trucker vampire wearing a cat cap, SMACKS Sex Machine in the mouth, which sends the biker for a loop.

As CAT CAP runs toward the fallen Sex Machine, Kate JUMPS on his back from behind. Both of them go tumbling into a stack of whiskey cases. Sex Machine runs over and grabs Kate by the hand, pulling her up and out of the way. Cat Cap is lying in a pile of broken bottles and whiskey. Sex Machine raises his stake as Cat Cap dies and DRIVES it in the vamp's black heart. Cat Cap dies and bursts into flames, which hits the whiskey, starting a giant fire.


Frost and Jacob stop barricading and run to the fire.

FROST (to Sex Machine) We'll put this out. You stake the rest of these fuckers.

SEX MACHINE Way ahead of ya. (to Kate) What's your name, girly?

KATE Kate, what's yours?

SEX MACHINE Sex Machine. Pleased to meet'cha. Kate, let's stake these blood-sucker fuckers.

Kate and Sex Machine give each other a high five and go to work STAKING the dead bodies.

Jacob and FROST beat down the fire with their jackets and whatever else is at hand.

A hole begins to appear where a window had been plastered over. Little claws scrape their way through. Scott stands in front of the window.

SCOTT (yelling) We got a problem!

Seth, who is barricading doors and window, looks in Scott's direction. The hole in the plaster cracks open and out POPS a little, fleshy vampire bat/rat head. The bat/rat, which is SQUEAKING and HISSING its head off, tries to SQUEEZE its body through the newly formed hole.

Seth, gun in hand, RUNS to the window. He points the .45, point-blank range at the head of the bat/rat.

The bat/rat sees this, makes an "oh shit" face, and YANKS his head back through the hole.

Seth was ready to fire, he lowers his gun in bewilderment, when...


The bat/rat BURSTS through the hole, like shot out of a cannon, HITTING Seth in the gut and sending him FLYING, LANDING HARD on his back.

Once Seth hits the ground, the bat-thing (which has the body of a fat rat with a bat's large wingspan) lickity-split RUNS UP Seth's body to his juggler. Seth's hand GRABS the bat's neck, and tries to PUSH it away. But the bat-thing has its CLAWS DUG in Seth's clothes. The bat-thing is just inches from Seth's face. Its mouth is SNAPPING.

SETH Get this bastard off of me!

Frost leaves Jacob with the fire, comes from behind and GRABS the bat-thing and YANKS it off of Seth.

Sex Machine and Kate are a green, bloody mess from their preventative staking of dead bodies. Sex Machine kneels by a dead body, raising the stake in his hand to spear him. The body SPRINGS UP and bites Sex Machine on the arm. Red blood squirts all over. Sex Machine screams, then brings the stake down in the body's chest. It dies, burns and turns into goo. Sex Machine holds his bit arm and wraps it with a piece of his shirt. He quickly looks around to see if anybody saw him get bit. Nobody saw it, everybody was too busy.

Frost holds the FLAPPING, FIGHTING, SNAPPING bat-thing in front of him at arm's length. He struggles with it for a while, then...

BASHES its head against the bar. The first bash takes some fight out of the little fucker, so... Frost BASHES his head against the bar six or seven times. He then THROWS the bat-thing on the bar, turns it over, garbs a pencil in a cup next to the register, and RAMS it in the bat-thing's heart. The bat-thing coughs and dies. There's a FLASH of FLAMES, followed by a pile of goo.

Sex Machine and Kate have covered up a hole in the plastered window with a table while Frost, Scott and Seth wrestle with the bat-thing.

Jacob has put out the fire. Everybody comes together, exhausted, and takes a breather. Outside, the bats continue to try and claw their way in.

JACOB Is everybody okay?

Everyone mutters "yeah."

JACOB Okay, does anybody here know what's going on?

SETH Yeah, I know what's going on. We got a bunch of fuckin' vampires outside trying to get inside and suck our fuckin' blood! That's it, plain and simple. And I don't wanna hear any bullshit about "I don't believe in vampires" because I don't fuckin' believe in vampires either. But I do believe in my own two fuckin' eyes, and with my two eyes I saw fuckin' vampires! Now, does everybody agree we're dealin' with vampires.

Everybody agrees.

SETH You too, preacher?

JACOB I'm like you. I don't believe in vampires, but I believe in what I saw.

SETH Good for you. Now, since we all believe we're dealing with vampires, what do we know about vampires? Crosses hurt vampires. Do you have a cross?

JACOB In the Winnebago.

SETH In other words, no.

SCOTT What are you talking about? We got crosses all over the place. All you gotta do is put two sticks together and you got a cross.

SEX MACHINE He's right. Peter Cushing does that all the time.

SETH I don't know about that. In order for it to have any power, I think it's gotta be an official crucifix.

JACOB What's an official cross? Some piece of tin made in Taiwan? What makes that official? If a cross works against vampires, it's not the cross itself, it's what the cross represents. The cross is a symbol of holiness.

SETH Okay, I'll buy that. So we got crosses covered, moving right along, what else?

FROST Wooden stakes in the heart been workin' pretty good so far.

SEX MACHINE Garlic, holy water, sunlight... I forget, does silver do anything to a vampire?

SCOTT That's werewolves.

SEX MACHINE I know silver bullets are werewolves. But I'm pretty sure silver has some sort of effect on vampires.

KATE Does anybody have any silver?


KATE Then who cares?

SCOTT When's sunrise?

Jacob looks at his watch.

JACOB About two hours from now.

KATE So all we have to do is get by for a few more hours and then we can walk right out the front door.

SEX MACHINE Yeah, that's true, but I doubt our barricades, that door, those plastered windows and these walls will last two more hours with those bat fucks fuckin' with 'em.

JACOB Has anybody here read a real book about vampires, or are we just remembering what a movie said? I mean a real book.

SEX MACHINE You mean like a Time-Life book?

Everybody laughs.

FROST (in a cowboy voice) John Wesley Hardin, so mean he once shot a man for snorin'.

JACOB I take it the answer's no. Okay then, what do we know about these vampires?

SETH Aside from they're thirsty.

FROST Well, one thing, they might got super human strength, but you can hurt 'em.

JACOB Yeah, that bottle upside the head of Santanico didn't kill her, but it didn't feel too good either.

SEX MACHINE Another thing, you try and ram a broken chair leg in a human, you better be one strong son-of-a-bitch. The human body is one rough-tough machine. But these vamps got soft bodies. The texture of their skin is softer, mushier. You can push shit right through 'em. Conceivably, if you hit one hard enough, you could take their fuckin' head off.

SCOTT You could take their head off.

SETH Actually, our best weapon against these satanic cocksuckers is this man. (he points at Jacob) He's a preacher.

Frost and Sex Machine look toward Jacob.

SETH As far as God's concerned, we might just as well be a piece of fuckin' shit. But he's one of the boys. Only one problem, his faith ain't what it used to be.

Jacob PUNCHES Seth in the mouth, sending him to the floor. Jacob stands over him.

JACOB I've had enough of your taunts.

Seth looks up from the floor.

SETH I'm not taunting you. We need you. A faithless preacher doesn't mean shit to us. But a man who's a servant of God can grab a cross, shove it in these monsters' asses. A servant of God can bless the tap water and turn it into a weapon.

Seth rises.

SETH I know why you lost your faith. How could true holiness exist if your wife can be taken away from you and your children? Now, I always said God can kiss my fuckin' ass. Well, I changed my lifetime tune about thirty minutes ago' cause I know, without a doubt, what's out there trying to get in here is pure evil straight from hell. And if there is a hell, and those monsters are from it, there's got to be a heaven. Now which are you, a faithless preacher or a mean, mother fuckin' servant of God?

Jacob has to laugh at that. So does everybody else. Jacob sticks out his hand and shakes Seth's.

JACOB I'm a mean, mother fucking servant of God.

The laughter and good humor passes quickly and the only sound to be heard is that of the bats gnawing and clawing. It immediately reminds the group of the deep, deep shit they're in.

KATE I don't know if I can take two hours of that noise.

FROST You can. You'll take it 'cause ya got no choice. How'd ya like twenty four hours of it, lying in a muddy ditch with only the rotting corpses of your friends to keep you company?

JACOB What are you talking about?

FROST Back in '72 I was in Nam, trapped behind enemy lines, lying in a rat hole with my entire squad dead. They thought they killed everybody, and except for me, they were right. But it wasn't for lack of trying. A grenade blew up right next to me, that's why I'm so pretty.

They thought I was dead, so I played dead. They dumped all the bodies in a ditch. All I could do was lie there playing possum. Dead bodies under me, dead bodies on top of me, listening to the enemy laugh and joke hour after hour after hour...

As Frost goes into his monologue, the sound fades out and the camera moves to Sex Machine. He's having a hot flash. He can't hear anything. He's looking at Frost speaking, but he doesn't hear any sound. Then he hears a deep, MALE VOICE say:

MALE VOICE (V.O.) Thirst.

"Who the fuck was that?" he thinks to himself. He turns around: nobody's there. No one else in the group seems to hear it, A FEMALE VOICE seductively says:


We hear Sex Machine's thought in a voice answer.

SEX MACHINE (V.O.) Stop fucking saying that!


SEX MACHINE (V.O.) That bite weren't nothin'. It just hurt like a son-of-a-bitch, that's all. It barely punched the skin.

Sex Machine looks at Frost, who's acting out his story. The biker is pantomiming fighting and slashing. He's describing all the while, but we can't hear anything. All we hear are many voices, male, female, children saying:

VOICES (V.O.) Thirst... Thirst... Thirst...

Sex Machine begins looking at the other members of the group in a thirsty way. He stares at each of their necks, closer and closer until he can see the veins on Frost's neck actually pulsating, throbbing, beckoning to him. Sex Machine has turned into a vampire.

The sound comes back as Frost finishes his story.

FROST ...and then when I came back to my senses, I realized I had killed the entire V.C. squadron single handedly. My bayonet had blood and chunks of yellow flesh on it like some cannibal shish kabob. And to this day I don't have the slightest idea how I --

Sex Machine lets out a hideous cry.


Frost SCREAMS as Sex Machine grabs hold of him and BITES into his neck.

The group tries to PULL the TWO men apart.

Jacob gets his arm around Sex Machine's neck and tries pulling.

Sex Machine takes his teeth out of the biker's neck and SINKS them in Jacob's arm.

Jacob SCREAMS and lets go.

Seth, Kate and Scott react to Jacob being bit.

Sex Machine GRABS Jacob and TOSSES him effortlessly over the bar, CRASHING into a shelf full of liquor bottles.

Frost HOPS around the room, mad as a hornet, holding his bleeding neck.

FROST I been bit! He fuckin' bit me!

Sex Machine PUNCHES Seth in the face, dropping him like a sack of potatoes.

He smacks the shit out of Kate. She goes FLYING into a table.

Sex Machine turns, seeing Frost breaking off a big table leg. Frost looks at the big vamp.

FROST (to Sex Machine) You're dead, mother fucker! You're gonna bite me! You just turned me into a vampire, asshole!

SEX MACHINE What are you gonna do about it?

Frost, table leg in hand, RUNS, SCREAMING his head off, straight at Sex Machine.

Sex Machine's nostrils flare. He raises his meaty fist and pulls it back, so he can really haul off.

Frost, top speed, stake raised, screaming. Sex Machine lets loose with his punch, Seth, Scott and Kate look up from the floor. Jacob rises from behind the bar. Frost's face COLLIDES with Sex Machine's fist. Sex Machine hits Frost so hard it lifts the biker off the ground and propels him through the air.

Seth sees where Frost is heading and says:

SETH Oh shit!

Jacob sees.

JACOB Good lord!

Frost, in mid-air, HITS the barricaded, plastered overwindow and CRASHES through it.

Sex Machine lets loose with a maniacal laugh. Hundreds of bat-things fly into the bar. Seth grabs the two kids by the hand and runs for the backroom.

Behind the bar, Jacob grabs two pieces of wood from off the ground.

Ten bat-things are in hot pursuit of Seth, Kate and Scott, who are RUNNING for their lives. They get to the door of the back room, whip it open, dive in and SLAM it behind them. An ugly, fleshy bat-thing manges to get its head caught in the door as it closes. Kate and Scott PUSH on the door as hard as they can. The bat-thing's head, which is inside, screams, howls and snaps in fury.

Seth turns toward the bat/vamp in the door. He sticks his .45 in its big mouth.

SETH You wanna suck something, suck on this!

He FIRES four shots that blow the bat vamp's head all over the wall.

Kate yells:

KATE We have to go back for Daddy!

SETH Daddy's dead.

KATE Noooo!

She spins and grabs the door knob, ready to fling the door and help her father. Scott grabs her and pushes her up against the wall.

SCOTT He's right, Kate. Daddy's dead! He was too far away. If flinging that door and filling this room with those bat-things would save him, I'd fling it. The only thing it'll do is turn us into one of them.

SETH He needs our help!

SCOTT He's beyond our help. You saw him get bit. I saw him get bit. We all saw it. You can't help him. I've got no one left to lose but you. I can't be alone again. We're sticking together.

Just then they hear Jacob's voice BOOMING from the bar room.


Jacob, holding a cross made out of two sticks and reciting appropriate verse from the bible, is keeping the vampires at bay. But, as Seth predicted, it is the shining power of his restored faith that is his mightiest weapon. Jacob is making his way through the vampires, toward the back door. A lot of the bats have transformed into bat/devil/human creatures.

The creatures stand at the edge of Jacob's force field of holiness. Many bat things fly around the bar like mad, whirling dervishes. A cluster of bat-things over above and in front of Jacob. They all growl and hiss at the man of god. For every one step forward Jacob takes, the vampire stake one step back. Jacob recites the verse from the bible in a threatening, mean, mother fucking, servant of god tone. As he speaks with authority and strength, he sees Frost lying on the ground, bat-things on him like ants on a candy bar. But Jacob is too much in control to let even this repugnant sight trip him up.

Jacob has backed himself up by the door.

JACOB Open the door.

The door FLIES open. Jacob jumps inside. The door SLAMS shut.

Jacob hugs daughter and son. As he hugs them, we see his bloody arm.

When he releases them, they can't help but notice.

SETH Did he...?


Seth explodes, knocking over boxes, busting chairs, tipping over tables and cussing a blue streak.

SETH Fuck, piss, shit! Mother fuckin' vampires! Mother fuckin' vampires! Goddamn mother fuckin' vampires!

Seth runs over to the barricaded door and yells to the creatures on the other side.

SETH You all are gonna fuckin' die! I'm gonna fuckin' kill every last one of you godless pieces of shit!

JACOB (to Seth) You bet your sweet ass you are, and I'm gonna help you do it. But we ain't got much time.

Kate is crying, she knows what's happened to her father.

KATE You're gonna be okay, aren't you, daddy?

JACOB No, I'm not. I've been bit. In effect, I'm already dead.

Scott and Kate, crying, grab their father and hold on for dear life. Jacob wants to cry, but if he breaks down, the kids will never have the courage for what they must do.

JACOB (to his children) Children, listen to me. I love you two more than anybody. And I just want you to know you've made me proud all your lives. But never more so than tonight. And I wish we could sit here and cry till I pass on, but we can't. Because I'm not going to pass on. I'm going to turn into a monster. And when I do, I'm going to be dangerous. But before that happens, just know I love you. (to Seth and the kids) Now, I'd say in the next twenty or thirty minutes our friends outside will bust in this door. And I'll probably turn into a vampire within the hour. Now, you have two choices. You can wait for me to turn, then deal with me, then wait for them to burst inside here and the three of you will deal with them. Or, we can kick open that door and the four of us can hit 'em with everything we have, and carve a path right through 'em to front entrance. But if we're gonna go at 'em, we gotta go at 'em now. I confused them, I scared them, I took them off guard. But they're going to get unconfused, they're going to get unscared, they're going to get together and they're going to hit that door like a ton of bricks. And when that moment arrives, we gotta be ready.

Jacob sees that the back room is pretty damn big and filled with boxes and crates.

JACOB What's this stuff?

SETH My guess is that this little dive's been feeding on nomad road waifs like bikers and truckers for a longtime. This is probably some of the shipments they stole off the trucks.

JACOB Well, I say lets tear this place apart for weapons. So when they burst through that door, we'll make 'em wish they never did.

SETH I don't give a shit about living or dying anymore. I just want to send as many of these devils back to hell as I can.



The survivors are opening boxes and prying open crates. A lot of what they find is bullshit. Pantyhose, coffee, teddy bears, etc. But a few of the boxes are just what the doctor ordered. Cases from a sporting good supplier yield a shipment of baseball bats. Meant to arrive at toy stores are a shipment of Uzi replica squirt guns and a box of balloons. And captured en route to a hardware store are shipments of power tools, saws and jack hammers.

Seth and Scott saw the bats into wooden stakes.

Kate fills the Uzi squirt guns with tap water from the backroom sink.

Jacob, with Seth's knife, etches a cross into every bullet in the .45 automatic's last full clip of ammo.

Vampires all start converging on the back room door, getting their courage back.

Kate makes water balloons.

Scott sharpens the stakes to a point with the tools. Seth attaches a wooden stake to the end of a jackhammer.

Jacob blesses the water in the squirt guns and balloons, turning it into holy water.

Our heroes work together, preparing for the battle to come. The back room door, barricaded with crates and boxes, begins to be pounded on by the undead on the other side. The room tone is a combination of chewing, scratching, pounding, squeaking and screaming.

Finally they're ready.

Jacob turns to his kids.

JACOB Before we go any further, I need you three to promise me something. I'll fight with you to the bitter end, but when I turn into one of them, I won't be Jacob anymore. I'll be a lap dog of Satan. I want you three to promise you'll take me down, no different from the rest.

The kids can't say the words.

SETH I promise.

JACOB Kate, Scott?

KATE I promise.

JACOB Scott?

SCOTT Yeah, I promise.

Jacob doesn't believe them.

JACOB Why don't I believe you? (he picks up the .45) I'm gonna ask you two again, then I want you to swear to God that you'll kill me. If you don't, I'm gonna just kill myself right now. Now, since you need me I think you better swear. Kate, do you swear to God that when I turn into one of the undead, you'll kill me?

Kate doesn't answer. Jacob places the .45 barrel against his temple.

JACOB Kate, we don't have all day, so I'm only gonna count to five. One...two... three... four...

KATE Okay, okay, I promise I'll do it!

JACOB Not good enough, swear to God.

KATE I swear to God, our father, that when you change into one of the undead, I will kill you.

JACOB Good girl. Now, Scott, we have even less time, so I'm only giving you the count of three. One...

SCOTT You don't believe in suicide.

JACOB It's not suicide if you're already dead. Two...

SCOTT Okay, I'll kill you when you change, I swear to God in Jesus Christ's name.

JACOB Thank you, son.

SETH Okay, vampire killers, let's kill some fuckin' vampires.


The vampires, bat-things and what have you, start BREAKING down the door. They are in a mad frenzy. They burst through the door.

Waiting for them are Scott and Kate holding Uzi squirt guns and water balloons draped down their chests on a belt like grenades. Jacob is holding a cross made of sharp wooden stakes and the .45 with the cross bullets. Seth is holding the jackhammer. The survivors walk out of the back room into the bar. The vamps back up, letting them inside.

What we have here is a Mexican standoff, a la "The Wild Bunch." A moment of peace before the battle. The vamps just watch the humans. The humans just watch the vamps. Then, like the bull in the china shop, Seth ends the peace by starting up the jackhammer.

SETH Kill 'em all!

Jacob holds up the cross, the vamps react.

The kids SPRAY the crowd with UZI fire, burning vampire flesh.

The pack of vamps retreat while the Fuller squad walk forward.

They are attacked on all sides, but they keep moving towards the door.

Seth slams the stakes into several of the vamps, it speeds in and out of vampire chests, each time spraying him in green vamp blood.

Jacob shoves his cross stake into a vampire with one hand and SHOOTS three vampires with blessed bullets with the other.

Flame BURSTS from the vampires' chests when the bullets hit.

Kate and Scott both whip water balloons off their belts and toss them into the crowd.

They burst and FRY several of the vamps, who fall, screaming in pain.

From its perch on a wood ceiling beam, a bat-thing drops and HURLS toward the group.

Jacob sees it, raises his gun and FIRES.

The bat-thing bursts into a ball of screaming fire.

Seth continues carving a path to the front door by slamming the hammer stake into vampire chests.

The front door is barricaded again by a big table and other junk.

SCOTT (yelling) Why did they block the door again?

JACOB (yelling) To keep the daylight out! This is where they sleep! Get to the door!

Seth tries to get to the front door, when Sex Machine, now a half bat, half devil vamp, about six foot seven, drops from above in front of him. Seth RAMS the stake in its chest. The Sex Machine-thing screams out, LIFTING the hammer and Seth off the ground.

Seth is thrown from his hold on the hammer across the room, he CRASHES into a table.

The Sex Machine-thing falls back with the jackhammer sticking out of his chest, dead.

Kate, spraying Uzi fire like Rambo, sees Seth fall. She screams:

KATE Seth!

Seth quickly gets up to find himself surrounded by vampires on all sides. With no weapons, he puts up on dukes.

SETH Okay, dead boys, come on! Take a bite and feel all right!

Kate clusters with her father and Scott.

KATE (yelling) I'm going for 'em!


KATE Everybody goes home!

Kate turns into a squirt gun firing, water-balloon throwing, one-woman army, as she breaks from her father and heads in Seth's direction.

KATE (screaming) Die, monster, die! Die, monster, die!

Kate mows down the group by Seth, they lie on the floor, burning in agony. Kate takes Seth's hand and gives him a couple of water balloons and a stake.

KATE (to Seth) Watch my back!

SETH Anytime.

Cutting through vampires, the two make their way across the bar.

Jacob, firing the .45, takes out several more vampires in fiery death.

Scott fires the Uzi and chucks more water balloons.

As Jacob fights, all of a sudden the sound goes out. He can't hear anything. He wonders if he's gone deaf. He starts to hear the words: "Thirst, thirst, thirst." He notices the vampires have stopped attacking him. They look at him wit happy smiles on their devilish faces. Fangs begin to grow. His eyes are yellow.

Scott turns to his dad. He sees his father is a monster.

Jacob, with a devilish grin on his face, GRABS Scott and sinks his teeth into Scott's forearm. Scott screams bloody murder as his dad begins to drain him of blood.

Scott takes one of the water balloons he's wearing and SMASHES it against Jacob's head.

The holy water melts half of Jacob's face away. He lets go of Scott, screaming, and drops the .45 on the floor.

Scott drops to the ground, picking up the gun. He brings it up to fire.

A totally evil Jacob, with only half a face, matches stares with the boy he once called his son.

Scott's eyes turn to steel.

SCOTT I swear to God, in Jesus Christ's name.

He FIRES, sending a holy bullet into Jacob's forehead, creating a hole from which fire shoots out. Jacob's entire head bursts into flames, then explodes.

From across the room, Fate sees her daddy ignite. She cries out. In the thick of the battle, Seth yells:

SETH Fight now, cry later.

Kate takes his advice and hits a vamp square in the face with a holy water balloon, which melts his head.

A bat-thing lands on the back of Scott's neck. He screams as it bites into him. He drops the .45.

Kate sees Scott get bit.

KATE Oh my god.

Another bat-thing lands on Scott's arm and takes a bite. Scott screams.

KATE You bastards!

She goes to spray them when her Uzi runs out of water.

Now seven bat-things are on Scott biting and sucking blood. Scott is in agony.

SCOTT Kill me, Kate!

Kate runs for her brother, does a DIVE and a ROLL, coming up by the .45, SNATCHING it in one motion and FIRING three times.

One... two... three bat-things are hit, shoot flames, then all of them EXPLODE, BLOWING UP Scott.

The remaining vamps approach.

All the humans have left is a few bullets and one holy balloon.

SETH How many bullets left, kid?

KATE Not many.

SETH Well, when you run out of weapons, just start cold cocking 'em. Make 'em sing for their supper.

The two survivors are backed up against a wall. Two bat things do a Kamikaze dive from the air toward Seth. Seth throws the holy balloon at them. Direct hit. The two bat-things burst into flames and spiral to the floor.

The two survivors look at the vampires, who stand before them. A moment of stillness before the attack. Kate stands holding the .45, arm outstretched.

KATE (to Seth) Should I use the last bullets on us?

SETH You use 'em on the first couple of these parasites that try to bite you.

The vamps begins to close in. Kate lines up the .45 sights on the face of an approaching vampire.

Seth holds the Uzi like a club, ready to bash in the first vampire's head that gets in swinging distance.

Beams of sunlight shoot through the holes that Kate shot through the wall. Approaching vampires burn. The scorched vamps scream like they've never screamed before.

SETH Shoot more holes!

Kate turns away from the vamps and shoots holes in the wall behind him, Daylight comes through, providing Kate and Seth with a safe, lighted area.

The .45's empty.

The vamps hiss and scream at the frustration of not being able to get at them.

The two survivors hold hands, when...

All of a sudden the door to the Titty Twister is pounded on from the outside.

The vamps look towards it in horror.

From the other side of the door, we hear a voice with a Spanish accent.

VOICE (O.S.) (in Spanish) I'm looking for my friend. Is Seth in there?

SETH (yelling) Carlos! (in Spanish) Help us, bash the door. Bash the door in!

CARLOS (O.S.) (in Spanish) Danny, Manny, knock down the door. Hurry, hurry!

The vamps are totally fucking freaked out! They run and fly around the bar in a panic. Crying, howling, grabbing onto each other.

The front door is TORN apart from shotgun fir coming from the outside, punching holes the size of basketballs in the door.

The table in front of the door gives and FALLS forward.

The door caves in and sunlight invades the bar. Many vamps are instantly fried, bursting into flames.

The Mexican gangster CARLSO and his two henchmen, DANNY and MANNY, are horrified at what they see. They cross themselves in fright.

Vampires search for dark corners, but all is lost. Sunlight hits a mirrored ball attached to the ceiling, sending hundreds of beams of sunlight scattering through the room. Vamps try and dodge the beams. No dice. All around the vamps combust in fiery explosions.

The Titty Twister is now on fire, burning out of control.

Seth and Kate run through the building and leap through the door into the parking lot.


Carlos, Danny and Manny help them to their feet and walk them away from the blazing bar. They catch their breath by Carlos's Mercedes.

CARLOS (to Seth) What the fuck was going on in there?

Seth signals Carlos to wait a minute while he catches his breath. Then he hauls off and PUNCHES Carlos square in the kisser. Danny and Manny aim their shotguns at Seth.

CARLOS (in Spanish) Whatsamatter with you? Are you crazy?

SETH Why the fuck, outta all the god forsaken shit holes in Mexico, did you have us rendezvous at that place?

CARLOS I don't know, one place's as good as another.

SETH Have you ever been there before?

CARLOS No, but I passed by it a couple of times. It's out in the middle of nowhere. It seems like a rowdy place, so there wouldn't be a lot of police. And it's open from dusk till dawn. You said meet you in the morning.

SETH Well, because you picked that place out of a hat, my brother's dead now. And this girl's family's dead.

Carlos stands up again.

CARLOS I'm sorry to hear that. What were they, psychos?

SETH Did they look like psychos? They were fuckin' vampires. Psychos don't explode when sunlight hits 'em, I don't care how crazy they are.

Danny and Manny react to the vampire news by crossing themselves again.

CARLOS Oh, Seth, how can I ever make it up to you?

SETH You can't, but fifteen percent instead of thirty for my stay at El Ray is a good start.

CARLOS Twenty-eight.

SETH Jesus Christ, Carlos, my brother's dead and he's not coming back, and it's all your fault. Twenty.

They look at each other, then shake hands, saying in unison.

SETH AND CARLOS (in Spanish) Twenty-five.

Seth gets the suitcase and gives Carlos 25%. Seth walks over to a red 1990 Porsche 911.

CARLOS You like the car?

SETH I said new, this is an '90.

CARLOS It's hardly been used at all. I got it from a drug dealer who only drove it 5 times in as many years. Swear to God. That's like new.

SETH So do I just follow you?

CARLOS Yeah, follow us.

SETH So let's do it.

CARLOS (to Danny and Manny) Vamanos!

Carlos, Danny and Manny pile into Carlo's white Mercedes.

Seth by his Porsche, looks back at Kate.

Kate stands alone.

The whole desert seems between them.

So much to say ... but no words.

SETH I'm sorry.

KATE Me too.

Long pause.

SETH See ya.

KATE Later.

Seth turns his back on her. Just as he opens the door, Kate says behind him:

KATE (O.S.) Seth.

Seth turns around.

KATE You want some company?

Seth smiles.

SETH Kate honey, I may be a bastard. But I'm not a fuckin' bastard.

He blows her a kiss across the desert.

She blows one back.

Seth's in his car and GONE.

Kate turns around, faces endless desert before her, and begins her long walk home.





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