>> II/ Pet Sematary II

II/ Pet Sematary II ( 2)

: II/ Pet Sematary II.

II/ Pet Sematary II


Chase strips off the bandage over Zowie's rear end. The wound is gooey and open.

Geoff reads the concern in Chase's expression. Drew is right there at Geoff's side, looking on.

DREW What's the deal?

CHASE I don't know. He's had three days. His immune system should've responded by now...

Chase puts on his stethoscope and checks under the dog's rib-cage for a pulse. He checks a number of places, then shakes his head, totally confused.

CHASE I can't seem to find a pulse... it must be so weak, it's not registering...

Geoff and Drew share conspiratorial glances as Chase sets the stethoscope aside and extracts a blood sample.

Chase labels the capped vial of blood "ZOWIE" and carefully places it into a packing container. When he closes the lid, we see the preaddressed label:

UNIVERSITY OF MAINE School of Veterinary Medicine Lab Samples Enclosed

Uncomfortable with Chase's investigation, Geoff reaches for Zowie.

GEOFF We'll take him back to the kennels, Dad.



THE KITTENS ARE HISSING, shrinking to the back of their kennel.

Zowie stands motionless before their cage, gazing in at them.

Geoff and Drew are nearby, putting the finishing touches on the bedding inside a larger boarding kennel.

GEOFF You think my Dad'll figure out why he's not getting better?

DREW You think he'd believe it if he did?

One of the kittens SPATS fearfully at Zowie. Geoff turns to stare at Zowie.

GEOFF How can he not have a heartbeat?

DREW (worried) Maybe it takes a while...

Drew lifts Zowie into the kennel. Geoff secures the door, something that clearly must be done from the outside.

Zowie immediately begins to pace back and forth inside the cage. He turns towards us and we...



A SNARLING WEREWOLF rushing at us.

Chase jumps back, frightened out of his wits and we realize...

The werewolf is part of a group of COSTUMED KIDS out trick-or- treating. The kids LAUGH at Chase's reaction and hurry on, dragging their candy loot bags behind them.

Chase sighs and turns to lock the office door. He's closing up for the night.

He climbs into his Mobile Vet Van. We HOLD ON the new sign in the back window: "A HALLOWEEN TREAT. FREE KITTENS." Beneath that is a pencil-sketch of a black arched-back kitten.


Marjorie and Geoff are at the kitchen table with the remnants of dinner. Geoff is doing last-minute touches on his costume.

Marjorie looks over his costume. He's got a hockey mask pushed back onto the top of his head.

MARJORIE So who're you going as, Wayne Gretzky?

For effect, Geoff slips the hockey mask down over his face before answering.

GEOFF I'm going as Jason.

MARJORIE Jason? Who's he play for?

GEOFF He doesn't. He hacks people up.

Geoff checks his watch.

GEOFF I'm late.

As Geoff heads for the door, Chase is just coming in for the evening.

CHASE Hey! Where're you off to?

GEOFF I'm going out, Dad!

Geoff ducks out the door. Chase turns to Marjorie.


MARJORIE He's probably going up to the Pet Sematary. Kids've been going out there on Halloween night for years.

CHASE What do they do up there?

MARJORIE Oh, you know... drink beer, tell ghost stories. They try and spook each other out, talking about zombies and things... (she shrugs) It's no big deal, Chase. I did it when I was young.


Drew is at the bathroom mirror.

AMANDA Hold still. Hold still.

Amanda puts the finishing touches of color on Drew's lips. She's done an alarmingly good job of turning Drew into THE JOKER.

AMANDA You make sure you're home by ten. If Gus finds out I let you go...

DREW (sighs) I'll be home, Mom. Don't worry. I won't let Gus blow up again...

Amanda looks Drew straight in the eyes.

AMANDA Drew, I know Gus isn't your father, but you never even knew your real father. He walked out on the both of us, and you remember that. (beat) Gus isn't that way. He has it in him to love us both. You just have to give him a chance...

Drew nods respectfully. Amanda gives him a kiss. Drawing back, she rubs out the lipmarks she's left on his made-up cheek.



Dark clouds paint the foreboding sky. A broken pulse of lightning streaks through the dense haze.

Abandoning their bikes next to the path, Drew and Geoff approach the archway. The graveyard beyond is deathly silent.

They pass beneath the archway, entering the clearing.

And now, a soft, chilling VOICE drifts over the graves.

VOICE (O.S.) Geoff, honey. Mommy's here...

Geoff freezes in his tracks, awestruck as...


swoops down from the darkness above, materializing out of nowhere. A fluttering negligee. Flowing blonde hair.

RENEE'S FACE appears out of the shadows, masked with sadness.

Geoff swallows the lump in his throat.

Renee's form keeps coming. But even as she approaches, her visage grows less distinguishable. Just a phantom countenance now. A shadow framed by golden hair, resting atop a veiled body...

She's coming so fast that she's upon Geoff in no time. He fumbles back, startled out of his wits...

THE BODY is upon him now, flailing wildly. Geoff thrashes and struggles, screaming bloody murder.

Gradually, he realizes the body isn't fighting back. Geoff eases his struggle, lets his scream fall off.

Now he hears wild, mischievous LAUGHTER.

Drew pulls the body away. It's just a heavy wad of stuffed clothing: A DUMMY dressed in a negligee, capped by a blonde wig. It dangles near the end of a slanted wire.

Clyde, Stevie, Brad, and a half dozen other costumed KIDS appear from the nearby cover of bushes, doubled over in laughter.

Clyde tugs at a piece of twine that's connected to the back of the dummy's head and makes spooky sounds. The dummy jumps around on the slanted wire.

Clyde drops the dummy and saunters forward.

CLYDE Look at this, Junior here practically shit his pants.

Clyde drops down, nose to nose with Geoff, who's still recovering.

CLYDE Maybe you're too chicken to hang out with the rest of the boys. You gonna run home to Daddy now?

Geoff brushes himself off and rises to his feet. He stares into Clyde's eyes.

GEOFF Fuck off.

Geoff pushes past Clyde and moves on into the graveyard, somehow managing to keep his dignity intact.

Drew follows, then the rest of the boys, leaving Clyde staring after them, standing alone with the dummy.


Gus' squad car slows to a stop outside. Gus swings open the door and ambles toward the porch.


Amanda draws back from the window, mortified. She nervously crosses to the refrigerator and grabs a beer, turning as Gus enters.

AMANDA You're home early.

GUS Nope. Just ran out of smokes.

Gus opens a kitchen drawer and fishes for a pack of cigarettes. He fires one up.

GUS Where's the boy?

Amanda squirms.

AMANDA Uh... in his room...

Gus tightens his brow, casting a suspicious eye.

A sickened look flushes through Amanda as Gus pulls his eyes away from her and marches upstairs.


His feet POUND down the hallway. Silence for an instant. Then the powerful swing of Drew's door. Followed by Gus' hastened return down the hallway. And as he hustles down the stairs...

GUS God damn it, Amanda! You want me to be a father to the boy, and as soon as I lay down the law, you let him break it!

Gus stops before Amanda.

GUS Where is he?

One step away from terror, Amanda shakes her head. Gus loses his patience. He rips the can of beer from her grip and sends it flying across the room.


Amanda sighs in quiet defeat.

AMANDA The Pet Sematary.

Gus turns away and heads out the door.


Wheels spin as Gus' squad car streaks off into the night. The cherry top glows to life, bombarding the countryside.


By now, nearly TWO DOZEN COSTUMED KIDS have gathered at the Pet Sematary. In the midst of the graves, a small story-telling campfire burns. A number of the boys sip beer, trying to pretend that the bitter after-taste doesn't bother them.

Clyde sits up front. At fourteen, he's the elder statesmen of the group. With a beer in one hand, and a cigarette in the other, Clyde is just finishing up a spooky yarn.

CLYDE ...yeah, that old Louis was one sick fuck... digging up little Gage like so, maggots pouring out of that kid's eyes...

Clyde whistles. He drags on his cigarette and puffs out a smoke ring. Sees he still has an audience.

CLYDE Ellie was the only Creed that lived. Then one night a few months later, Ellie freaks out, and she hacks up her grandparents with an axe! (beat) Police found her licking their brains off the blade... They locked her up in a psycho ward and all she said were two words: 'Pet Sematary. Pet Sematary.'

Clyde stares at the wide-eyed kids. He grins, takes a swig of beer, and moves in for the kicker.

CLYDE Oh yeah! Almost forgot! Here's the best part. Two nights ago she escapes. Word is, she was heading for Maine. Man I hope she doesn't show up out here. (feigning concern) Shit, we wouldn't even notice her, not if she's wearing a costume. She could be one of us...

Clyde casts a suspicious eye on the group. The kids uneasily look at each other, making sure they know who's behind each and every costume.

Suddenly Clyde drops his jaw in exaggerated horror.

CLYDE Oh my Goddd!!!

Clyde lifts a trembling finger, pointing beyond the group of spellbound listeners.

CLYDE It's... It's...

The kids are afraid to turn around, assuming Clyde's rigged up some unspeakable terror...

And for an instant, a look of real horror washes over Clyde's face...


Is coming up the path beneath the archway, rising out of the swirling mist. A frightening silhouette, backlit by the moon.

But then Clyde realizes who it is.

CLYDE Shit! It's Drew's Dad. It's fuckin' Gus!

Drew and the others quickly turn around, realizing it's not part of the punch-line scare.



The kids quickly scramble for hiding places in the bordering brush, dropping their beer cans as fast as they can.

As Drew leaps to his feet, he upsets the fire, knocking one of the logs. A FLAMING EMBER rolls to the base of one of the brittle old crosses.

Drew and Geoff run for it.


Gus moves quickly up the meandering path, sending the blinding beam of his flashlight over the graves.

GUS You boys better not be drinking!


Through the thick woods, Drew is flanked by Geoff and Clyde.

DREW Oh man, he's gonna kick my ass...

Drew starts to take off. Clyde trips him on his first stride. Drew hits the dirt.

CLYDE Thanks for fucking up our Halloween, dumbshit!

Clyde recedes into the woods as Gus approaches the campfire. He scans the area with his flashlight, illuminating the various beer cans.

GUS Drew, you get your ass out here! Front and center!

Geoff pulls Drew to his feet.

Gus passes the flashlight over the woods. Kids duck away, retreating from their hiding places...

The flashlight sweeps toward Drew.

Drew freezes, spotlighted by Gus' beam. A burst of LIGHTNING floods Drew's horrified face.

GUS Get out here, Joker.

Geoff remains frozen in the woods nearby, out of Gus' light.

Behind Gus, the wooden cross is completely on fire now.

GUS You out here making a fool of me?

Drew shakes his head in instant denial.

GUS I'm warning you, buddy! You don't play by the rules, I'm gonna shadow your ass for eternity!

Drew makes a break from his spot in the woods. He weaves through the markers, arcing around the outer perimeter to avoid Gus...

...but Gus is quicker. He zigzags through the crosses and headstones to intercept Drew.

Gus gets a handful of Drew's collar and yanks him in.

GUS You little shit!

Gus draws his free arm back and smacks Drew across the face. Drew goes down.


is looking on from the woods, horrified. Torn...


cowers on the ground, trying to scramble away.

Geoff bolts out into the firelight, staring defiantly at Gus in silent accusation.

Gus is beyond furious. LIGHTNING flashes again.

GUS You get out of here, Geoff Matthews! This is between me and my boy!

Geoff doesn't move. Gus starts to advance forward...

...but the GROWL emanating from the woods gives him pause. Everyone turns...

A RUSTLING is heard in the bushes, and Zowie emerges into the building firelight, flashing his fangs at Gus. His eyes GLOW RED.

Gus freezes, studying Zowie.

Zowie inches forward, poised for the attack.

GUS Call off your dog, Drew.

Drew shifts his eyes from Zowie to Gus, too terrified to heed such a command.

Zowie brushes past Drew and Geoff, moving in on Gus.

Gus' eyes shift to burning cross at his side. With a swift boot, he kicks over the cross and presses it into his grip.

Swinging the cross like a primitive weapon, Gus connects with the side of Zowie's head.

Zowie spins a full circle from the impact. But he lands on all fours. Unphased. Taking the next step toward Gus. There's something clearly not of this world in Zowie's vicious stare.

GUS (terrified) Drew, call him off!

All Drew can manage is a faint appeal.

DREW Zowie...

Zowie goes for Gus, launching into the air...


...and sinking his glistening fangs into Gus' neck.

AN ERUPTION OF BLOOD showers the closest headstone.

Gus comes helplessly tumbling down with the weight of the dog. His SCREAMS are suddenly cut short as Zowie rips out his throat. His arms flail weakly at his sides, then grow still.

Drew and Geoff stare at the scene, wide-eyed with shock.

Zowie looks up from Gus' neck with dripping, red fangs. For a moment, his eyes settle on Drew. Then Zowie bolts off, disappearing into the night.

DREW Oh, God. Oh, God...

Drew's eyes shift to Geoff, whose face is flushed with sickened fear.

GEOFF (a whisper) Is he dead?

In dazed shock, Drew moves in for a closer look at the body.

Gus' eyes are wide open. Blood is still pumping in rhythm from his jugular with each weakening beat of his heart. It's a gruesome image against the roaring fire.

Drew kneels at Gus' side. He wants to touch him. To shake him awake, but with every attempt, he draws his hand back.

GEOFF Is he breathing? Can you hear him breathing?

Drew leans forward, turning his ear toward Gus' gaping mouth. And as he inches closer...


His hand jerks up and closes around Drew's neck. Gus stares up at him with his crazed menace.

Drew SCREAMS. His fingers claw at Gus' hand, desperate to pry it loose...

...but then, Gus' hand relaxes as his last, dying ounce of strength fades away.

Drew shrinks back, crouching over the lifeless body as the blazing firelight dances over it. He turns his tear-filled gaze to Geoff.

DREW Oh man, Geoff... we killed him... we killed him... (beat) What're we gonna do?

Geoff draws closer and looks down into the dead man's face.

GEOFF We could bring him back.

Drew's eyes widen at the suggestion.

And now, GAZING DOWN on Gus' body, and on the boys, WE PULL UP INTO A SLOW SPIRAL...

We move ever higher, until we are LOOKING DOWN UPON THE ENTIRE PET SEMATARY. At the SOUND of a shovel cutting into rocky soil, we...




Three quick shots:

A SHOVEL sinking into the earth.

GUS falling head down into the grave, landing with a heavy THUD.

SOIL covering Gus' lifeless face.


Amanda is pacing back and forth on the porch, checking her watch every few steps. She sighs with relief as...

Drew appears from the darkness of the woods.

Drew dismounts his bike and carries it up the front porch steps, strangely silent. His clothes and face are caked with dirt.

AMANDA Jesus, Drew, do you know what time it is? Did Gus ever find you?

Drew moves on past her into the house.

AMANDA (calling after him) Drew? Drew, what happened?

DREW (trying not to lose it) Nothing happened, Mom. We just ditched Gus, that's all...

Drew pauses and stares out into the unknown darkness of the night.


Chase is in the study, perusing some files. He looks into the hallway as Geoff arrives home, then glances at the clock. It's late. Very late.

Chase rises. He's both angry and relieved. Right now, though, the anger's winning out.

CHASE Were you drinking?

Geoff absently shakes his head. He slumps back against the wall, drained from the night's horrors.

CHASE Drew's Mom called hours ago, the rest of the kids were back by ten. Where the hell were you boys?

Geoff shrugs, trying to mask his uneasiness.

GEOFF Just out.

CHASE "Out." Well that's great, Geoff. (beat) Look, I've been letting you get away with a lot these past few weeks, but I'm not going to stand for crap like this. I don't care if it's Halloween... it's a school night, and if you do this again...

GEOFF (cutting him off) I'm really tired, Dad... can I just go to sleep?

Chase stops and looks at his son. Geoff's exhaustion is self- evident.

CHASE (sighing) Go on... we'll talk about this in the morning.

Geoff nods and heads for the stairs.


THE CLOCK is creeping up on 2AM...

THUNDER rumbles outside in the distance and rain starts to spatter the window panes.

Geoff's eyelids fall beneath unbearable weight and he nods off to sleep. Tiger is sprawled out on the blanket against his chest. Slowly, we move back towards the window...

In a flash of LIGHTNING--


APPEARS OUTSIDE. Washed in the haunting white glow. Streaked with mud. Caked with blood. Staring in at Geoff.

Geoff is jolted awake by the delayed clap of THUNDER and whips his gaze to the window. Before he can focus...

...the pulse of lightning fades away. And with it, Gus' face. Only darkness remains beyond the window pane.

Geoff returns his gaze to the bedroom, unaware of Gus' appearance. He sinks back to his pillow, already hurtling towards sleep once more.


MOVING IN ON the house, WE SINGLE OUT a rain-obscured window on the ground floor, the window to Drew's bedroom.


Drew is sound asleep, curled up under the sheets. He clutches his pillow like a life preserver.

GUS (O.S.) Drew!

Drew's eyes flutter open. He turns towards the window. Now, he hears some activity outside. And then Gus' hushed voice.

GUS (O.S.) Drew, buddy. I lost my keys.

Drew goes saucer-eyed. He swallows the swelling lump in his throat and rises from his bed.


Drew steadies his quivering fingers just enough to sink the key into the deadbolt on the back door. Drawing the CREAKING door open, he gazes out back.

DREW (scared shitless) Gus?

Nothing moves outside. The longer Drew watches, the more eerie each shadow becomes. Spooked, Drew steps back inside, quickly closing the door. He locks it back up again.

When he turns around, he's face to face with GUS.

Drew stiffens, backing into the wall.

DREW H-how'd you get in?

Gus offers a nightmarish grin and raises his hand, dangling his keys.

GUS Found 'em.

Drew's eyes follow a flow of blood from Gus' neck to the floor. Gus looks down at his dirty, bloody footprints. He's tracked blood all over the linoleum.

GUS I'm makin' a mess of your mother's kitchen floor... (beat) I need a shower...

Gus turns without another word and heads for the stairs.

Drew's mouth drops in utter astonishment as he watches Gus clumsily climbing the stairs.

After a moment, he returns his attention to the bloody kitchen floor. Tearing off a wad of paper towels, he wets them and begins to mop up Gus' tracks.



Gazing vacantly at his reflection, Gus covers his ravaged throat with a gauze strip, wrapping it around the circumference of his neck again and again and again.

Behind him, the shower is running, filling up the bathroom with steam.

Finishing the dressing off with a sloppy tape job, Gus reaches for the pajamas hanging nearby. He lazily buttons the buttons, failing to notice their alignment is off. He never did bother to shower. He's still covered with mud.


Gus enters from the steamy bathroom. The shower is still running.

Amanda stirs, sleepy eyes focusing on him.

AMANDA Gus, hon. I'm sorry about tonight. You coming to bed?

Gus lifts the covers and climbs in. With him comes the chill of death. Gus presses up behind her. His hand moves beneath the sheets, finding its way over the curve of her waist, caressing. Amanda shivers.

AMANDA God, you're ice cold... (turning) ...and you smell! Lord, what did you get yourself into?

It's then that Amanda sees the bandage around Gus' neck. Blood is seeping through the gauze.

AMANDA My God, Gus, what happened?

Amanda reaches out to touch him, but Gus stops her hand short of the bandage. Instead, he leans forward and clutches one of her breasts.

Amanda tries to twist away.

AMANDA Gus... stop it! What's wrong with you?!

But Gus doesn't stop. He throws himself on top of Amanda, roughly forcing her back onto the bed.


Amanda's hands beat at Gus' face and back, to no apparent effect. With one arm forced against Amanda's throat, he rips open her nightgown with the other.

We pull away from Amanda's struggles, back to the bathroom. The shower running on and on, cloaking the bedroom in steam.


Geoff is riding along the highway, his backpack full of school books. Drew is waiting on the shoulder ahead. When Geoff approaches, Drew hops on his bike, getting up to speed.


Geoff keeps glancing at Drew, waiting for him to say something. Drew maintains his enigmatic expression.


Drew nods. Geoff's eyes widen in disbelief.

DREW Picture this... Gus comes down to breakfast and he doesn't say a word. He even kind of smiles, like he forgot he hates me. And then you know what he does? He serves me an extra helping of pancakes... (beat) I asked him if I was still grounded... "no." I asked him if you could spend the night, and he nods. It's like we're a family. A real family.

The words have their own meaning for Geoff, who stares to the road ahead in deep thought.

DREW It's weird...

GEOFF What do you mean?

DREW It's like he's not Gus anymore. He's different. You know, like Zowie...

They share a chuckle that ends in silent uneasiness.


Chase enters with a stack of files tucked under his arm. As he organizes them in the large filing cabinet with the others, he listens to his messages on the answering machine.

The current caller sounds a little annoyed...

MESSAGE MACHINE ...Doctor Matthews, this is Elliot Rudman at the university. I've looked over the blood specimen you sent us on canine Zowie...

Chase abandons the filing and immediately returns the call. While it RINGS...

VOICE (O.S.) Knock, Knock, Doc.

A MOTHER and TWO TODDLERS are standing in the doorway to Chase's office, trying not to intrude on his call.

MOTHER (quiet whisper) We saw your sign. Are there any kitties left?

Chase studies them. They look like decent people.

CHASE Take your pick. They're in the boarding area. You can go on back.

Chase turns away as his phone call is answered.

CHASE Elliot, it's Chase...


ELLIOT RUDMAN has the phone tucked under his chin, in the midst of an autopsy. The WHIRR of the saw drowns out his words as he shaves the dome off a dog's skull.

CHASE I didn't get that...

The pathologist turns off the saw. His words become audible.

RUDMAN ...I said next time it might help if you took the blood sample while the animal was still alive...

The comment hits Chase out of left field.


RUDMAN I don't know what you expected to find, Matthews. There's nothing wrong with the antigens, nothing to indicate an unusual death...

CHASE Wait, there must be some mix-up. He was... the dog is alive.

RUDMAN Not this dog. There wasn't enough oxygen in those red cells to pump life into a flea.

Chase is baffled, speechless.

RUDMAN You took over for Doctor Yolander?

CHASE Yes... why?

RUDMAN Because the last person that sent me blood from a dead animal was Yolander...



The kennels have been cleaned up, but the room retains its eerie, dimly lit quality.

The DRIP of a faucet reverberates from the far corner.

The mother enters with a toddler clinging to each hand. Their smiles fade at the unsettling surroundings. Slowly, they move down the row of kennels.

TODDLER Where are the kitties?


CHASE (into the phone) Look, this is ridiculous...

Suddenly, BLOOD-CURDLING SCREAMS pierce the air. Chase drops the phone and rushes out of the office...


The toddlers are screaming at the top of their lungs. Mom is burying their heads in her dress.

Chase bursts in as the mother hastily retreats for the exit. Her horrified eyes flash by Chase. In an instant, she and the toddlers are gone.

Chase remains alone, moving down the long row of kennels with mounting trepidation...

Zowie's cage is empty.

Chase shifts his troubled gaze to the...

DRIP DRIP DRIP... as a PUDDLE OF BLOOD forms on the floor.

Chase raises his eyes...


Nothing but bloody ribbons of torn flesh are left of the kittens, dangling from the grid gate. DRIPPING.

Chase looks away as a new level of fear runs through him.

CHASE Jesus...

It's too gruesome even for a man of Chase's background. Fighting the gag reflex, he searches the room for the missing dog...

...and then he spots the broken glass window vent along the floor. And the pile of blood-spattered shards laying on the tile.


Clyde, Stevie, and Brad are loitering near the front bike racks. Clyde's smoking away.

As Geoff and Drew come out of the school, the trio moves to intercept them.


Just then, Chase's van pulls at the curb, interrupting whatever trouble was about to happen.

Clyde looks from the van to Geoff, and falls back.

DREW Saved by the bell...

Chase hurriedly rolls down the passenger window as Geoff and Drew approach.

GEOFF Can I sleep over at Drew's tonight?

Chase is preoccupied with other concerns.

CHASE Yeah... that's fine... (beat) Listen, Drew, I got the tests back on Zowie. He's not well. Don't ask me how, but he got out this afternoon...

Geoff and Drew exchange concerned looks.

CHASE If he finds his way home, call me, no matter what the hour, okay? And don't try to approach him. Whatever he's got might be infectious. Understand?

The boys nod their heads.

Chase masks his anxiety with a weary smile. With a wave, he speeds up, leaving the boys.


A MAP of Maine is unfolded on the passenger seat. Chase is on the car phone.

CHASE Can I have the address for Quentin Yolander?

Chase jots an address down on the map. He turns the van up a mountain road, winding through the towering pines.


A remote, rustic dwelling nestled into the desolate backwoods.


QUENTIN YOLANDER rocks back in his thick hide chair. His world is closed off from daylight by the extensive blinds.

He's holding a SMALL POODLE in his lap. Its big brown eyes are staring back at him.

YOLANDER You'd be so much more interesting with blue eyes...

And now, ONE OF THE POODLE'S EYES POPS OUT. Yolander's finger comes through from beneath the eye socket.

On closer examination, WE REALIZE that the dog is not alive at all. Yolander has his hand inside the hollowed-out carcass.

He carefully looks over a container of glass eyes on his desk and selects the right shade of blue. A shot of whiskey rests nearby.

Yolander reaches up into the poodle's belly and fits the blue eyes securely into place.

There's a KNOCK at the door. Yolander ignores it. Maybe he's deaf. Another KNOCK. Yolander turns towards the door, annoyed at the intrusion. And behind that annoyance, there's a touch of madness.

PULLING BACK, we see the rest of the room. Stuffed animals are crowded from floor to ceiling. A product of Yolander's obsession with TAXIDERMY.

YOLANDER I'm immortalizing a poodle. State your business!

Yolander presses some stuffing into the poodle's gut and begins to sew up the stomach.

CHASE (O.S.) Doctor Yolander. This is Chase Matthews. I've moved into your offices in Ludlow...

Yolander's attention remains on the needle as he meticulously stitches the belly.

CHASE (O.S.) (continuing) ...I sent a blood sample out for analysis. They tell me I sent them the blood of a dead animal...

At this, Yolander breaks his concentration. The needle pricks his hand. Blood oozes from the puncture, dripping onto the dog's stomach.

CHASE (O.S.) ...a dog...

Yolander rises from his seat and swings open the door.

Chase stands in the doorway, startled. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the good Doctor is drunk.

YOLANDER (glaring) Why are you bothering me about this? Can't you leave it be?

CHASE I... um...

Chase glances to the right and steps back...


is perched nearby, frozen in mid-pounce. It takes a second for Chase to register that the bobcat has been stuffed.

Now Chase sees the rest of the room... a whole zoo of stuffed animals, looking like a rural version of the Bates Motel.

CHASE (momentarily thrown) ...the pathologist... he said that you had reported a similar incident... with a cat...

YOLANDER The Creed cat, that's right. Bastard's name was "Church". (grins) Let me guess. Your dog's tissue isn't healing, pupils aren't dilating... maybe you can't find a heartbeat?

CHASE Exactly! I thought it might be some sort of blood condition... immune deficiency or...

Quentin Yolander laughs. It's disconcerting.

YOLANDER There's no "blood condition." The dog isn't sick, it's dead. (drawing closer) And so was Creed's cat. And so was his wife the night she was killed for the second time...

As Yolander moves forward, Chase backs up. He bumps into a whole shelf of stuffed creatures. To his right, A RAVEN sits frozen on its perch. Chase regards Yolander as being completely insane.

YOLANDER (menacing) You want some advice, friend? You get in your car, you pick up your family... and you get the hell out of that town.

CHASE Well... uh... thanks...

Chase continues to back out of the door. On his way out, he bumps into the stuffed raven's perch...

...only this raven isn't stuffed. It spreads its wings and SCREECHES.

Chase just about jumps out of his skin, tripping out of the doorway.



Gus reaches into the cage and grabs a rabbit by the ears. He casually snaps the neck. Laying the limp carcass on a stump cutting board, he quickly skins it.

Hanging above the cages, there is now a line of furry pelts. Half a dozen.

Drew and Geoff are on the porch, looking on.

DREW I guess we're having rabbit for dinner.

Gus hangs the freshly skinned fur to dry and violently snatches another hare from the cage.


The dinner from Hell. Geoff splats a helping of mashed potatoes onto his plate, all the while keeping a wary eye on Gus...

Gus is serving himself a chunk of rabbit. It hits the edge of the plate, teetering on the rim. He passes the dish on.

Gus meets Geoff's gaze. For a moment, there's a deadened, vacant look in Gus' eyes. Then slowly, a limp smile creeps over him, sending a chill up Geoff's spine.

Geoff averts Gus' stare. Gus helps himself to potatoes and passes the plate on. He lets go of it short of reaching Drew. Only Drew's quick hands save it from hitting the table.

Amanda comes to the table with a dish of LIMA BEANS. She casts Gus a cold, hateful stare and sets the limas down. She's still angry over last night.

Gus dishes a sloppy scoop and passes it toward Drew. Like before, he lets it drop too early. This time Drew doesn't save it. The lima beans shower the floor.

AMANDA God damnit, Gus! This isn't funny!

Amanda fetches a dishtowel and kneels to clean up the mess.

Geoff and Drew exchange quick glances. As Geoff reaches for the salt...

...Gus intercepts his wrist. Geoff gulps.

Gus drops his jaw, revealing a gooey mass of food. But the frozen smile and the look in his eyes convey dementia rather than playfulness.

Geoff and Drew can't believe their eyes. They laugh uncomfortably. There's no other response.

Gus LAUGHS too... awkward, terrible laughter. Spitting out food over his shirt and plate as he does so.

The boys stop laughing, but Gus just keeps on going.

Amanda stares at Gus and carries the mess out of the room.

Through his laughter, Gus' bandage has slipped down, exposing part of his ragged wound. The wound glistens, oozing CLOTTED BLOOD and GOOEY PUS.

Drew hesitantly reaches for Gus' neck, readjusting the bandage.

Grossed out, Geoff averts his eyes and sets his fork aside.


Geoff and Drew enter. Drew swiftly secures the deadbolts on his door.

GEOFF What was that all about? You think he's trying to scare us?

DREW I don't know but I'm not taking any chances...

Drew opens the chest at the foot of his bed and produces a SHOTGUN. A box full of shells spill as he withdraws the gun. Cracking open the chamber, Drew loads two shells into the chamber.


A moonlit horizon. Unmoving. Silent. The kind of silence that pulls at the darkest recesses of imagination.

And now, A LONE FIGURE appears on the horizon. It's Zowie, moving at a deliberate pace.


Zowie takes pause. The TINKLING of his collar tags resumes as he drops over the horizon line, cutting down the hill.


Chase sits in the den, looking exhausted and disheveled. In front of him, the t.v. is on. RENEE'S FACE stares out at us. Chase hits the remote and rises, moving to the back door.

He checks the deadbolt, then secures the chain link as a backup. From somewhere outside, we hear a DOG HOWL.

Chase's eyes drop to the DOGGY DOOR, a holdover from the previous owner. Chase bends down and latches the door.

Now he pauses at his desk... considers... then pulls something out of the bottom drawer. It's a gun.


Chase moves to the front of the house, securing that door. Satisfied, he turns off the light and heads upstairs...


MOVING INTO DARKNESS, shadow and form begin to take shape. We hear a low GROWL and see a flash of RED EYES. It's Zowie. Already in the house.



Coming through the door from the downstairs, Chase stops cold.

RENEE is on the bed. Clothed in a negligee. Lying across a blanket of rose petals. Her eyes meet his with powerful longing.

RENEE Chase. I miss you so much...

CHASE (dry-mouthed) Renee...

Chase approaches. Slowly. Fearful that this is all a dream.

Renee reaches out her hand. They touch. This is not a dream.

CHASE Oh God...

Chase absently sets his gun on the bedside table as Renee draws his body to hers.

They kiss. Once. Twice. Not a dream.

Renee rolls Chase over, forcefully climbing on top. Chase sinks down into the center of the bed as Renee straddles him.

Slowly, Renee slips off the top of her negligee...

RENEE (a whisper) I can come back, Chase...

...and sinks down on top of him, kissing him hungrily.

Her nipples graze his chest, then her breasts flatten as she grinds her hips against his.

Almost instantly, the weight of her grows unbearable. Chase fights to pull his mouth from hers, to breathe...

CHASE No... Too heavy.

There is no pleasure in his words, just unmitigated horror as Renee's body comes down on him harder.

CHASE ...can't breathe... I can't...


pop open, frenzied, AS HE COMES OUT OF HIS DREAM.

Chase is alone on the bed, but he's still feeling the weight pressing down on him...


is laying on his chest, staring back at him, rearing his teeth in a growl...

Zowie LUNGES forward, jaws flashing, and Chase twists sideways...

GNASHING TEETH connect with Chase's shoulder, then with the pillows where Chase's head used to be. A BLIZZARD OF DOWN FEATHERS ERUPTS...

Chase scrambles out of bed, flailing for the gun on the bedside table...

THE GUN spins out of reach and across the floor...

Chase DIVES for the gun and reaches it just as Zowie leaps to the floor. In a panic, Chase FIRES WILD...

Zowie abruptly turns and SMASHES through the bedroom window, sending glass flying.


Zowie slides down the room and leaps to the ground below, disappearing into the night.


Chase looks on in terror. Finally he pulls his eyes away from the shattered window...

...and catches a glimpse of something in the dresser mirror. Something that sends a chill up his spine.

The flurry of down feathers is floating to the mattress. But intermingling with the feathers are a handful of ROSE PETALS, slowly settling to the bed.


Chase is bare-chested at the mirror, applying a dressing to the dog bite on his shoulder.

Marjorie appears in the doorway with a basket of laundry. She stops short at the sight of Chase standing there in his boxers.

Chase catches her reflection in the mirror and is startled.

MARJORIE I didn't mean to... I was going to empty the hamper...

Chase turns, shaking off the scare.

CHASE It's okay.

Marjorie's eyes can't help but fix on the dog bites scattered over Chase's chest and arms.

MARJORIE What happened to you?

CHASE I had a little run-in with Zowie.

MARJORIE You sure did...

Marjorie sets the laundry aside.

MARJORIE Here, let me do that...

Marjorie looks over the antiseptics Chase has laid out on the sink. Saturating a wad of gauze with hydrogen peroxide, she gently cleanses the gashes on his arms.

There's nothing overtly sexual in her actions, but the gentleness of her touch doesn't go unnoticed by Chase.

MARJORIE I hope he doesn't have rabies.

CHASE He doesn't. I don't know what he has, but I'm hoping to God it's not infectious...

Chase stops and looks at Marjorie's reflection in the mirror.

CHASE Marjorie... what do you know about the Creed murders?

Marjorie stiffens for a moment. Obviously the Creeds are a sore spot for the people in this town.

MARJORIE Did you ever play that game where you pass a story down a row of people and see how screwed up it gets by the time it's done? People say Louis Creed's son came back from the dead and it drove him crazy... (she rolls her eyes) He killed his wife and himself, and that's the end of story. Anything else belongs in the National Enquirer.

Marjorie tapes the bandage over Chase's shoulder too tight. Chase's groan snaps her back to the reality at hand.

MARJORIE Sorry. Now tell me what that has to do with Zowie?

Chase closes his eyes, shutting out the pain.

CHASE I wish I knew.


Chase approaches the counter, looking to the ELDERLY LIBRARIAN for assistance.

LIBRARIAN What are you looking for, Hon.

CHASE Do you have anything on the Creed murders? I can't find the microfilm from that period...

The librarian's smile vanishes. She lowers her voice, focusing her attention on some paperwork.

LIBRARIAN We don't keep anything on file from that far back.

CHASE But you've got files from the previous years...

LIBRARIAN We have nothing on the Creed murders, sir. Can I get you something else?

Chase looks around and realizes that a dozen hostile eyes are on him. TOWNSPEOPLE withholding a dark secret.

Chase slowly backs away, eager to escape the field of hostile stares.



Geoff and Drew have parked their bikes beneath the bridge. They sit on the bank of the creek below, watching the water run past. Geoff is lost in thought.

GEOFF Do you think everyone that came back would be like Gus?

DREW I don't know... (thinking) ...maybe it depends on what you were like before you...

GEOFF (finishing) Dies?

Drew nods. He tosses a stone into the creek, then looks up at the sun and sighs.

DREW I gotta go back and do my chores...

GEOFF Go later...

Drew shakes his head.

DREW I can't. Gus'd kill me if I showed up late.

The boys reluctantly rise and move to their bikes, walking them up the steep grade to the highway.

DREW See you at school Monday?

Geoff nods. He looks at Drew. The boy is genuinely frightened. But there's nothing either of them can do. They're trapped in their roles as kids.

Both boys mount their bikes. Drew turns...

DREW You ever think about running away?

GEOFF All the time.

Drew smiles at this. He waves to Geoff and pedals off.

DREW (calling back) See ya!

Geoff waves and heads off in the opposite direction.


As he moves down the road. Up ahead, we hear the approaching WHINE of a motorcycle...


rips by on an old junkyard fixer-up MOTORCYCLE, and he's heading in Geoff's direction.

Seeing him, Drew brakes and pulls his bike into a U-turn, pumping furiously to catch up with Geoff.


Now Geoff hears the WHINE of Clyde's motorcycle. He glances back...

Clyde's spotted him, REVVING the engine.

Geoff pedals like mad, but it's no use. Clyde is closing in on him, grinning sadistically.

Clyde sweeps in next to him, calling out over the ENGINE.

CLYDE Well look who's here!

Clyde veers right, forcing Geoff towards the shoulder of the road...




The ground ahead drops toward a ravine. Geoff has nowhere to go but down the slope. Clyde is right there beside him...

Laughing, Clyde reaches over and grabs ahold of Geoff's handlebar. He jerks it sideways...


Geoff's front wheel turns perpendicular. The bike pitches forward, THROWING Geoff into the dirt ahead...

Clyde broadies his bike to a stop. With the engine idling, he hops off.

Before Geoff can get to his feet, Clyde has picked up Geoff's bike and planted it upside down in the dirt.

CLYDE Guess your Dad's not here to save you now, is he?

Clyde gets a handful of Geoff's collar and drags him over toward the bike. With his free hand, Clyde cranks the pedal.

The back wheel spins. Faster and faster.

CLYDE You ever seen a tire take off a nose?

Through the blur of the spokes, WE SEE Geoff, eyes widening fearfully.

CLYDE Neither have I.

Clyde forces Geoff's face toward the spinning tread.

CLYDE Might even kill ya. Wheel might chew right into your brains. You could visit your mom.

Geoff tries to get a hold on the frame of the bike for leverage, but his arms don't reach beyond the spinning wheel.

Clyde is full of deranged glee, fueled by Geoff's fear.

But now, A HAND grabs the wool scarf streaming from the back of Clyde's neck and yanks him off of Geoff.

Clyde reels, finding...

GUS standing there behind him. He looks bad. Real bad. His bandages are unwound and his ruined neck is still seeping. His face is unearthly pale. He's deteriorated considerably since yesterday.

CLYDE (startled) Jesus Christ, Gus!

Gus levels a threatening gaze at Geoff.

GUS Go home.

But Geoff remains frozen. Gus fixes him with a stare that could turn flesh to stone.

GUS I said... GO HOME!!

Geoff snaps out of it and flips his bike over. He gets a running start, making a beeline for the highway without ever looking back.


Drew stops short of the ravine, watching from afar as Gus steps toward Clyde.


Clyde throws up his hands. He's frightened, but he tries to muster up a cocky front.

CLYDE Come on, Gus, I was just fucking with him... (nervous laughter) What're you gonna do? Give me a ticket? I mean, shit, Gus...

Clyde grows increasingly wary of Gus' evil stare. Gus steps closer.

CLYDE You can't lay a finger on me...

Wrong. Gus lashes out, backhanding Clyde across the face.

Clyde falls to the ground, flat on his back, with his nose gushing blood. Terrified.

Gus turns around and lifts the idling motorcycle. With one hand under the back of the seat, and the other working the accelerator handlebar, Gus advances toward Clyde.

Gus kicks the bike into gear and REVS the accelerator.

THE REAR WHEEL SPINS. On the pavement it would be moving forty miles an hour.

Clyde can't believe his eyes. Pleading.

CLYDE Gus... what are you doing?

GUS I'm just fucking with you...

Gus plants his foot against Clyde's chest, pinning him, and lowers the spinning rear wheel TOWARD CLYDE'S NECK. The wheel WHINES like a circular saw.

Gus lowers the wheel. Then jerks it away, flashing a sadistic smile.

Just when Clyde thinks Gus is backing off, the wheel comes down again...

CLYDE (wailing) Stop it, man! Stop it!!!

Gus gets into the rhythm as he lowers and retracts the spinning wheel at the terrified bully.

But this time, as the wheel comes down...

CLYDE'S WOOL SCARF, defying gravity, gets swept up, swallowed into the GEARS.

And along with the scarf, here comes Clyde's SCREAMING face. We can only imagine the gruesome instant that follows.

BLOOD sprays up over Gus' arms and chest. And then we hear the sound of CRUNCHING BONES jamming the motorcycle's gears.

GUS (dead-pan) Whoops.

He bares his teeth in a death's head grin.


Drew has witnessed the killing. He's mortified.


Gus tosses the bloody motorcycle aside, slowly raising his eyes up to where Drew stands. His eyes meet Drew's.

Drew hastily jerks his bike around and takes off.

Gus starts after him on foot.


Drew rushes through the front door, SLAMMING it behind him and throwing the deadbolt.


Drew climbs onto his bed and grabs his shotgun from the gun rack. His fingers shake as he flips off the safety.

DREW Oh man...

Just then we hear the CRACKLE of a POLICE P.A. and Gus' amplified VOICE coming from the yard outside.

GUS (V.O.) (mocking) This is the Police, come out of the house with your hands up!

Gus finishes his words with a burst of FEEDBACK and then amplified MANIACAL LAUGHTER.

Drew's eyes go wide with terror. He creeps out into the hall, clutching the gun.


Drew tries to look out the window. Then we hear a low, guttural GROWL. Drew slowly turns...

Zowie is standing down the hall, leveling a dead stare. Zowie takes the first step forward.

DREW (horrified) No, Zowie! It's me!

Pleading, Drew slowly retreats down the hallway.

Along the way, he backs right into...

GUS, grinning from ear to ear.

Drew recoils against the wall, swinging up his shotgun.

DREW Stay back!

But Gus just keeps on grinning. He takes a step forward...

Drew pulls the trigger...

And CLICK! Nothing happens. The chambers are empty.

GUS Forget something, Drew buddy?

Gus raises his hand. He's holding the shotgun shells. He lets them fall to the floor.

Suddenly Gus wrenches the gun from Drew's hands. He swings it and...

...Drew SCREAMS and ducks beneath the blow, as the shotgun butt SMASHES a hole in the wall above his head. Gus flings the shotgun aside and LUNGES for Drew...

Drew races down the hallway to the back door. He turns the latch. The deadbolt has been locked from the inside.

Drew's eyes whip to the keyholder on the wall. All the keyhooks are empty.

Here comes the JINGLING of keys in Gus' pockets as he comes down the hall...

Drew dashes away from the back door.

Gus' eyes shift from Drew's fleeing form to A BOX OF TOOLS in the service closet.


Drew jimmies the knob. Again, the deadbolt is locked from the inside. Tears are streaming down Drew's face now.

FOOTSTEPS approach. Drew spins around...

Gus is advancing, WITH A HAMMER tight in his grip.

GUS (crazed) You have the right to remain silent...

WHAM! Gus SMASHES the hammer into the wall to punctuate his words. Plaster goes flying.

GUS (continuing) ...while I bash your fucking head in!

Drew's eyes dart frantically, looking for a way out. The closest route of escape is UP THE STAIRS.

Down the hallway, Zowie starts running forward. Drew's caught between a rock and a hard place...

GUS You have the right to a lawyer, but you won't need one...

He runs for it. Gus charges to intercept him...

Drew gets to the stairs first.

GUS ...cause you'll be dead!

WHAM! Gus brings the hammer down with the claw end leading. It sinks into the stair below Drew's feet...

Zowie LEAPS past Gus, tearing up the stairs as Gus wrenches the hammer free...


Drew makes it to the top of the stairs with Zowie right on his heels.

Drew DIVES into Amanda and Gus' bedroom as...

Zowie springs from the floor. Drew SLAMS the door shut, SMACKING Zowie. Zowie collapses to the floor, dazed.


Drew throws the latch on the door. Almost immediately, Gus is outside, POUNDING at the door with the claw end of the hammer. Wood splinters fly as the hammer claw sinks through...

Drew SCREAMS and goes for one of the dormer windows. It's stuck; he can't get it open.

From the hallway, Gus violently SMASHES the door again and again. The door is splintering apart. WE SEE glimpses of Gus through the ragged holes.

GUS (O.S.) Do you understand these rights, Drew buddy?!

Drew grabs a chair and HEAVES it through the window...


The bedroom door EXPLODES INWARD and Gus claws his way into the room...

Wasting no time, Drew climbs through the broken window...


Drew slides down the slant of the roof. He hits the lattice and takes it to the ground with him.

Untangling himself, he gets to his feet...

...and here comes Amanda, ARRIVING HOME.

Drew runs for her car, waving his hands, throwing himself into her path so she'll go no further. She SLAMS on the brakes.

Drew pulls open the passenger door and dives inside...

DREW Gus killed Clyde, Mom! He's trying to kill me!

Just then, the BACK DOOR flies open. Gus steps out.

GUS Drew, buddy! Daddy's not done yet!

Amanda spots the hammer hanging from his grip. Gus cracks a sick smile and FLINGS THE HAMMER at the car...

CRACK! The hammer bounces off the windshield, causing it to spiderweb.

DREW Go Mom! Go!!!

That's all the convincing Amanda needs. She puts the car into reverse and stomps on the gas...


Speeding down the highway. Drew and Amanda are mortified.

Suddenly, we hear the WAIL of Gus' patrol car coming up from behind. Amanda looks to the rear-view mirror...


Approaching from the road ahead is a POTATO TRUCK.


Amanda hips her head back in front of them. The potato truck is blaring its HORN.

Gus' car swerves out onto the shoulder, speeding up to match her pace.

DREW Mom!!!

Gus cranks the wheel, jumping back onto the road, forcing Amanda's car into the path of the oncoming truck.


THE DRIVER stands on the BRAKES.



Thousands of potatoes explode from the rear of the truck, obscuring our view.


Gus' vehicle speeds past. WE HOLD on the mess of twisted steel. Clearly there are no survivors.


Geoff enters first. Wearing a dark suit. Looking pale and empty inside. Chase follows, dressed in black. It's obvious they've been to a funeral.

Without a word, Geoff heads up the stairs. Chase watches on, feeling utterly helpless.


Chase exits from his bedroom, pulling a sweater over a more casual change of clothes. He cocks his head at the SOUNDS of Geoff moving about in the attic above.

The door atop the attic stairway is barely ajar.

Chase wrinkles his brow, concerned. Turning away, he heads downstairs.


Marjorie is preparing dinner. Across the room, the kitchen TV is playing...

ON TELEVISION is the evening news. A photo of Drew and Amanda appears above the NEWSCASTER.

NEWSCASTER ... Friends and neighbors came to pay respects for Drew and Amanda Gilbert, who died in a head-on collision Saturday...

Chase enters the kitchen, eyes moving to the TV.

MARJORIE Those poor people. I saw Gus this morning... he looked terrible.

Chase pulls his eyes away from the broadcast as Marjorie sets dinner on the table. Chase yells upstairs.

CHASE Geoff, dinner's ready! (after no reply) Geoff?!

GEOFF (O.S.) I'm not hungry.

Chase gives Marjorie an apologetic look and rises from the table.

Meanwhile, the news broadcast continues. A photo of Clyde appears on the screen.

NEWSCASTER ...in other news, the disappearance of a Ludlow youth remains a mystery. Clyde Parker was last seen on Saturday afternoon. His motorcycle was found off Highway 62...



Chase pushes open the door. A spring coil pulls the CREAKING door closed behind him. One look at the attic and Chase turns pale...

A huge window at the far end of the room allows the moonlight to reach all corners of the spacious old attic...

All of Renee's belongings have been unpacked. The entire attic has been converted into a museum-like room, down to the last meticulous detail. A room in preparation for Renee's return.

Gauzy curtains billow out from some unseen draft. Pictures of Renee rest everywhere. Awards. Memorabilia...

GEOFF is seated before the brightly lit, three-way theatrical mirror, casually setting out Renee's make-up.

CHASE Geoff... what are you doing?

There's an obsessive dementia in Geoff's gaze.

GEOFF I'm getting things ready for Mom.

Chase sighs. Obviously the strain of Drew's funeral has proven too much for Geoff. He moves closer.

CHASE (gently) Mom is dead, Geoff. You know that...

A creepy smile flickers across Geoff's face.

GEOFF She doesn't have to be.

Chase freezes as a chill runs up his spine.

CHASE What are you talking about?

GEOFF I can bring her back. The same way Drew and me brought Zowie back...

At this, Chase is positively spooked.

CHASE Geoff, this is crazy. Zowie didn't die.

GEOFF He did. We buried him. (intense) There's a place out in the woods... if you bury something there, it comes back alive.

Chase stares at his son. This is insane. It must be.

Just then, the PHONE RINGS downstairs. Geoff continues to stare at his father.

GEOFF We tried it on Zowie first. And then we did it again, when Zowie killed Gus. Drew didn't want Gus to be dead, so we brought him back, too...

It's too much for Chase. His mouth is hanging agape.

MARJORIE (O.S.) (outside the attic door) Doctor Matthews, you've got a call. It's the caretaker at the funeral home. Something about your wife's grave...

Chase nods in private acknowledgement. He stares at Geoff as he backs away.

CHASE Look, Geoff. Just... just relax, okay. I'm going to take this call and I'll be right back. Okay?

Geoff doesn't respond. Chase pulls open the door and leaves.


Chase is on the phone. The CALLER'S WORDS bring grave concern to Chase.

CHASE What?! Christ, I'll be right there...

Chase hangs up, stunned. He turns to Marjorie, who's watching him with a concerned gaze.

CHASE (hurried) Marjorie, I need you to stay late. Geoff is really upset and I have to take care of this. Don't let him leave the house, alright?

Chase is out the door before she has a chance to respond.



Geoff is laying on his mother's bed, weeping. Tiger sits at the foot of the bed. Suddenly she wakens and HISSES.

From out of the darkness...


ENTERS FRAME, gently touching Geoff's side. And with its arrival, so comes her eerie LULLABY.

RENEE (a whisper) I need you, Geoff...


slowly raises his head, bewildered. Renee's hand withdraws into the darkness. He reaches out for her, but she's gone. The LULLABY remains, beckoning from down the attic stairs.

The attic door slowly swings open of its own accord.

Geoff rises from the bed and follows.


Geoff looks into the living room as he passes. Marjorie has fallen asleep on the sofa with the TV on.



The lullaby drifts from beyond the deadfall. The fog rolls inward, towards the distant burial ground. As Geoff moves towards the deadfall, the fog converges around him.



The lure of Renee's lullaby pulls Geoff deeper into the woods. We hear the unearthly ANIMAL HOWL once more.



Chase's van pulls to a stop behind a maintenance vehicle.

Chase is greeted by the limping CARETAKER, who quickly leads him off across the rolling hillside.

CARETAKER ...sorry to disturb you, Doctor Matthews, but I thought you'd want to come have a look for yourself. It's the damndest thing...


Chase stops cold, gazing at the ground before him in disbelief...

The grave is a gaping cavity. The casket has been unearthed. Renee's body is missing.

CHASE Jesus... (uncomprehending) Gus did this?!

CARETAKER (nodding) He stuck around after the funeral. Told me he had an order to exhume your wife. I didn't think much of it until I saw him drag the body out of the coffin... (shakes his head) He put your wife in his truck and drove off right through Amanda and Drew's headstones...

The caretaker points across the hillside...

TIRE TRACKS cut through the manicured grass, cutting a path of destruction right through the field of headstones and on through the fence.

CARETAKER I swear, nothing this weird has happened since Louis Creed dug up his boy... (beat) You want me to notify the authorities?

Chase doesn't answer, he just storms past the caretaker.


The van is speeding down the dark, open highway. Chase is on the car phone, frantic, waiting as it RINGS. There's finally an answer...

CHASE Doctor Yolander, this is Chase Matthews, we spoke the other day...

Yolander cuts him off.

YOLANDER'S VOICE (bitter) You didn't leave town, did you.


Yolander sits in the darkness, a bottle of whiskey and a tumbler at his side. His "creatures" are all around him, eyes glowing with reflected moonlight. His voice is slurred. The voice of someone who's already damned.

YOLANDER You sorry bastard. You stayed. I have nothing more to say to you, Matthews...

CHASE'S VOICE (desperate) Look, just tell me one thing. Did I treat an animal that had been brought back to life? Did I?!

YOLANDER What do you think?


Chase grips the carphone tightly, his knuckles white.

YOLANDER (V.O.) Believe what you saw, Matthews. The dog was dead.

CHASE My God... (mounting horror) ...how is that possible? You have to help me, Doctor Yolander. I don't know what I'm dealing with here! They've dug up my wife...

YOLANDER'S VOICE (cutting him off) I'm retired from my practice, Matthews. It's your practice now, and it's your problem. (beat) God help you...

CHASE (screaming) Wait! Don't hang up!

But Yolander does. And now we hear the DIAL TONE.


Chase flings the carphone down, looking up as...

An approaching potato truck ZOOMS by. Blinding headlights. A BLARING HORN. Chase barely swerves out of the way.

Recovering from the scare, Chase reaches over and opens the glove compartment. He pulls out his gun and sets it on the seat next to him.


Geoff climbs the stone steps, reaching the flattop meas. He stops short, looking over the clearing...


is standing in the center of the burial ground. He's HUMMING, mimicking Renee's feminine tone. Now he stops and slowly turns, regarding Geoff with dead eyes. He's holding a pickaxe and shovel at his side.

Gus looks to the ground at his side. Geoff follows his gaze...


Headstone. Manicured grass. Thriving flowers. As if it had been uprooted from her resting place at Pleasantville and set down right in the middle of the Micmac ground.

And now, the vision of Renee's grave fades away. In its place is a bundle of white: RENEE'S SHROUDED BODY.

Gus raises the pickaxe, offering it to Geoff.

GUS You bury your own, Geoff.

Geoff slowly nods and approaches, seduced beyond reason.



Marjorie stirs on the couch, blinking her eyes open at the SOUND of a THUD upstairs. Otherwise, the house is dark and silent.



Marjorie starts up the long, dark flight of stairs to the attic. The thin night-shirt she's wearing does little to protect her from the sudden cold. She clutches herself, shivering.

MARJORIE Geoff? You okay up there?


Marjorie cautiously pushes open the door. Her concern for Geoff is forgotten as she beholds the Renee Hallow memorabilia.

She moves about Renee's unpacked belongings in bewildered reverence.

The gauzy curtains billow about Marjorie like ghosts. And then she glimpses something beyond the curtains...


stands in the shadows, wearing the BEADED PEACH DRESS that Marjorie had admired earlier. For a moment we think it's Renee, but as Marjorie draws closer, we see that the dress has been fitted onto a dressmaker's model.

Marjorie lays a hand on the fabric, feeling the contours of the design.


Chase's headlights sweep across the front of the dark house. Pulling to a stop, Chase opens the van's door...


LEAPS out of the darkness, sinking his teeth into Chase's shoulder.

Chase is thrown back over the car seat, grappling with the nightmare dog as it tears into him again and again...

Chase SCREAMS, reaching back for the gun. He grabs hold of it and swings it around... FIRES...

Zowie is BLOWN backwards, clear out of the car, spraying CHASE with BLOOD...

Zowie lands outside on his feet, looking stunned. His chest is a ruined mess. Zowie WHIMPERS and drags himself weakly towards the front porch.

Chase stumbles out of the van, clutching the gun. He's bleeding profusely.



An old saw is laying in a pile of sawdust next to a square hole that's been cut in the base of the front door.

Chase gives it a look as he tries the door. It's unlocked. Chase enters, bringing with him an illuminating swath from his headlights.


Chase's headlights stream through the windows, distorting the interior. The house looks like it's been through a tornado. A trail of BLOODY PAW PRINTS leads into the kitchen. The stench is repulsive. Grimacing, Chase has to keep himself from gagging.

CHASE Jesus...

As Chase moves forward, he catches sight of...


standing in a swath of light. At Gus' feet is Zowie, tongue lolling out of his mouth. Dead for the second time. Scattered around the dog are various tools.

Propped against the wall is the cut out square of wood. It's fitted with hinges at the top.

CHASE Gus, what are you doing?!

Gus glances down at the dead dog.

GUS (dead-pan) I was building a doggy door.

CHASE God damn it Gus, you dug up my wife! What the fuck is going on around here?!

Gus brings a cordless electric drill up from his side, pointing it at Chase in a threatening manner.

GUS (grins) A little drilling. A little killing.

As Gus moves forward, Chase gets a good look at him for the first time. He doesn't look even remotely alive.

CHASE Holy shit!

Chase levels his gun with a trembling hand.

Gus stabs the air with the drill, feeding on Chase's horror.

Chase pulls the trigger. A bullet pounds Gus' chest. A SPRAY OF FLESH explodes from his back.

Unphased, Gus regains his balance.

GUS God I hate when that happens...

Before Chase can squeeze off the next round, Gus rips the gun from his grip...

GUS You got a permit for that?

Opening the chamber, Gus empties the remaining bullets and tosses the gun aside.

GUS Didn't think so.

Gus fires up the drill. The bit spinZZZZZZ. He DIVES at Chase, knocking him back against the counter. The drill bit SINKS INTO CHASE'S ARM...

Chase SCREAMS as Gus withdraws it. Now, he presses it into Chase's shoulder. Chase is on the verge of blacking out now. The pain is unbearable...

Gus withdraws the drill once again, aiming now for Chase's eye.

GUS (maniacal) No brain, no pain, Chase. Think about it...

The whirling drill bit is millimeters away from Chase's eye. He clutches Gus' arm, trying to force the drill aside...

At the last second, adrenaline kicks in and Chase diverts the drill. It SINKS INTO the counter-top nearby... STUCK.

Gus ROARS, lashing out, but Chase manages to duck away...

Chase catches sight of HIS GUN on the floor. He scrambles for it, scooping it up...

BULLETS are rolling across the floor every which way. Chase slaps his palm down on one and desperately fumbles with the chamber...

Gus' hands CLAMP DOWN around Chase's neck. He swings Chase around and SLAMS him against the wall, lifting him off his feet...

Chase GASPS as the life is literally crushed out of him...

He brings the gun up beneath Gus' chin and jams it into his ruined throat. Gus just keeps on throttling him...

GUS (insane) Just remember, Chase... I had Renee first... and now I'm gonna have her last...

BLAM! The top of Gus' head BLOWS off. His BODY is thrown back by the incredible force, tumbling him to the kitchen floor with a HEAVY THUD.

Chase sucks in precious air, then his head snaps up.

CHASE Geoff!


Chase stumbles from the house. It's a wonder he's even conscious. He swings open the van door and throws himself inside, sinking the key into the ignition.


Marjorie is now seated before Renee's theatrical make-up mirror, entranced. She's wearing the beaded peach dress.

With the help of Renee's vast array of cosmetics, Marjorie has turned herself into a stunning beauty.

The lipstick isn't quite right. Turning to the countertop magnifying mirror, she carefully touches up her ruby red lips. Her face fills nearly the entire mirror...

...except for one rim, which reflects the dark, shadowy attic behind her.

A HUGE EYE joins her reflection in the distorting mirror. Marjorie nearly jumps out of her skin. She spins around...

MARJORIE Jesus, Geoff! Don't sneak up on me like that!

...but no one is there.

THE MAKE-UP MIRROR catches another glimpse. Renee's RED LIPS, magnified tenfold. The lips begin to move...

RENEE (a whisper) Did you really think you could be like me?

Renee's fist swings in, SMASHING a panel of the mirror...

Marjorie raises her hands to protect herself against the flying glass. And as her hands come down, she finds...

Renee standing before her. Her ghostly form silhouetted by moonlight. Curtains billowing around her. We never fully see her.

Marjorie's face goes white with fear.

RENEE Such a young face... but you've got potential...

Renee grabs a fistful of Marjorie's hair, viciously YANKING her head back...

RENEE We'll do the eyes first. You always start with the eyes...

Renee lashes out, SLASHING a mirror shard across the skin beneath Marjorie's right eye. Marjorie SCREAMS.


Geoff awakens at the commotion upstairs. He rocks forward, rising from his bed.



Geoff pauses at the base of the attic stairway, looking up at the open door. All he hears are the faint SOUNDS of movement.

GEOFF Marjorie? You know you're not supposed to be in the attic.

Geoff starts up the stairs.


Geoff trepidatiously enters. He weaves through the maze of gauzy curtains. And then he sees her...

Renee is standing in the midst of the attic. She's perfectly made up. Gorgeous. Just as she was on the day she died. She smiles warmly.

GEOFF Mom...

RENEE I came back for you, Geoff. We're going to be together again.

Renee raises her outstretched arms to receive him. Through the haze of his tears, Geoff doesn't see the sinister, vacant gleam in her eyes.


Reaching the house, Chase SKIDS to a stop across the lawn.



Chase cautiously enters with the gun in his grasp. The spring coil swings the CREAKING door shut behind him.

From Chase's vantage point, he can't see them yet. He makes his way around the stripped dressmaker's model, past an upright dressing mirror. And then he sees...


Slumped against Renee's bed like a ragdoll. We can only see half of her face. It looks untouched. Chase reaches for her...

CHASE Marjorie?

Marjorie's head rolls sideways, exposing the other half of her face. The skin has been stripped from her skull and peeled back...

Chase turns his head away. And that's when he sees them...


Holding each other tightly. Geoff has his head buried in Renee's breast. Renee looks up from her son, meeting Chase's gaze. Her voice is both seductive and terrifying.

RENEE Hello, Chase.

Chase gasps. The word "horror" doesn't do the moment justice.

CHASE Oh my God...

RENEE We can try again, Chase. We can make it work this time.

Chase sinks back against the wall. He's lost a lot of blood and his strength is leaving him.

CHASE (shaking his head) No...

RENEE Don't you love me anymore, Chase?

CHASE You're not Renee... Renee's dead... (screaming) Geoff! Get over here now!

But Geoff just holds his mother tighter. A hint of annoyance flickers through Renee's eyes. She strokes Geoff's hair.

RENEE (looking at Chase) Geoff, honey, why don't you go downstairs. Your father and I need a moment alone. Do it for me?

Geoff looks up at his mother, mesmerized. She releases him from the embrace. He brushes past Chase without a glance and heads for the attic door.

RENEE Geoff...

Geoff pauses at the door, looking back. Renee's words have a hauntingly familiar ring...

RENEE I love you.

Geoff smiles. Turning away, he opens the door and...


is standing there, an AXE perched on his shoulder. His face is torn to shit, bones and brain matter exposed. He's covered from head to toe in dirt and clotted blood. He looks worse than any of the undead we've seen. A total walking nightmare.

CLYDE (grinning) Hey, Junior. Wanna play?

WHOOSH! Clyde swings the axe, sinking it into the wall just in front of Geoff's face...

Geoff tumbles back onto the floor, snapping out of his trance.

Clyde brings the axe down...

...and Geoff rolls to the side, barely avoiding decapitation.

CHASE Geoff!

Chase stumbles forward to rescue his son. As he does so, Clyde brings the axe back up, SMASHING Chase in the head with the blunt end...

Chase goes down. Unconscious.

CLYDE Oops! Looks like Daddy got a boo- boo...

Clyde turns his gaze back on Geoff.

CLYDE Now, where were we?

Geoff shuffles backwards across the floor as Clyde moves into the room.

Renee passes behind Clyde. She SLAMS the attic door shut and snaps off the knob with a jerk of the wrist, locking them all inside.

Scared out of his wits, Geoff makes it to his feet. Clyde swings again and misses...

Geoff grabs hold of the axe handle, struggling, and the two boys go down...


Moves to the vanity. She sweeps a hand across it, sending everything crashing to the ground. Crystal perfume bottles SHATTER, spilling their contents over the floor.

Renee reaches for a lighter and flicks it on. She touches the flame to the perfume-soaked floor...

FLAMES roar into existence, racing across the floorboards, igniting the curtains...

We see the flames reflected in Renee's soulless eyes.


As they wrestle with one another across the floor. Bloody spittle drips from Clyde's face. He flashes a feral snarl.

Clyde LUNGES forward and tears into Geoff's shoulder with his teeth...

Geoff SCREAMS. His hands grope blindly for a weapon and close on a mirror shard. He JABS it up and into Clyde's eye...

Somehow, Geoff manages to roll out from under Clyde. He rises to his feet...

Clyde lets loose a DEMONIC ROAR. He charges, SLASHING the axe wildly, knocking aside curtains and dressing models alike. Nothing's going to stop him. Nothing.

Flames are consuming the attic, licking the rafters, igniting the canopy drapings... devouring everything. SMOKE is rolling across the floor...

Geoff reaches a far wall. He's trapped in a corner. There's nowhere else to go. Behind Geoff is a CIRCUIT BOX. INSULATED CABLES run from the box down through the attic floor. Geoff turns...

And here comes Clyde...

CLYDE Here it comes, buddy! HERE IT FUCKING COMES!!!

Clyde swings. Geoff ducks. The axe hits the circuit box behind him, severing the insulated cables...

As Clyde rips the axe out of the wall for another try, Geoff reaches for one of the SPARKING CABLES.

Clyde raises the axe above his head...

CLYDE Eat it, ass-hole...


...and Geoff shoves the live cable into Clyde's mouth!

SPARKS shoot out of Clyde's eyes and ears. He jerks back and forth, writhing in a horrific replay of Renee's electrocution.

Then Clyde's face BLOWS APART in a gout of ruined flesh and BLUE FLAME. The circuit is blown and the SMOKING BODY falls...

Geoff drops the cable. The blazing inferno is closing in. He runs to Chase...

Chase is barely conscious. Geoff drops to his knees and pulls his father to his feet...

RENEE (O.S.) Don't leave me again, Geoff!

Geoff turns...


is standing in the midst of the FLAMES, reaching out. The make-up and mortician's wax she wears fall victim to the heat and her "face" begins to MELT AWAY...

RENEE Don't leave me alone!

Geoff turns away, horrified. With Chase on his shoulder, he reaches the door. Locked. Geoff sets Chase against the wall.

He spots the AXE, still clutched in Clyde's hand. Geoff drags the axe free from the dead boy's grasp and goes to work on the door...

Ignoring Renee's CRIES, Geoff swings the axe again and again, chopping the door apart. He coughs through the smoke. The flames are almost upon them...

Finally, the wood splinters apart. Geoff reaches through and grasps the outside handle, pulling the door open. Then he turns and lifts Chase up once more...

At the door, Geoff pauses for one final, tearful look back. Then his face hardens and he turns away, pulling Chase to safety.



Alone in the fiery storm, SCREAMING. Flames devour her flowing white dress. Her face doesn't even look remotely human anymore.

And as the inferno slowly closes in, we...



We PULL OUT from a sign on the door that says "CLOSED".

Chase is just now locking up the door. He's bandaged up, looking a little worse for the wear, but happy to be alive. He turns, grinning...


stands near the van, holding Tiger in his arms.

GEOFF All set?

CHASE All set.

Chase joins Geoff at the van and together they climb inside. Chase starts the engine, pulling away from the office.


As it moves off down the street, passing the familiar landmarks of sleepy Ludlow.


We follow the van as it sweeps out of town. Ludlow looks picture- perfect from our bird's eye vantage point. Charming and quiet.

CHASE (V.O.) So where're we going?

GEOFF Anywhere but here.

We continue rising up into the brilliant blue sky, losing the van amidst the rolling Maine countryside and we



RUSHING over the woods, just above the tree tops. It's an ocean of swaying green beneath us. A forest as ancient and mysterious as anything on the Earth.


The endless trees fall out from under us. We find ourselves above the flattop mesa of the Micmac burial ground, swooping downward...

The ground surges towards us. We see Renee's OPEN GRAVE.

The quality of light is different now. We hear the wail of the LONESOME WIND, and perhaps, the WHISPER of something altogether alien.

And on the unsettling note, we...





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