>> II/ Rush Hour II

II/ Rush Hour II

: II/ Rush Hour II.

II/ Rush Hour II


A smoky haze dims the blazing sun. Skyscrapers sit like watchtowers over the city, where East meets West for five and a half million people a day.


THE AMERICAN EMBASSY - U.S. and Chinese flags side by side.

HU LI, dark glasses, EXITS and slowly moves toward a STREET VENDOR across the street.

She pays for an order of pork bao; as she takes her first bite we see:


TWO OFFICES ON THE SIXTH FLOOR BLOWN OUT - a huge fireball erupting over one side of the embassy.

People panic and run. Hu Li doesn't even flinch. She takes a bite of her pork bao as she casually turns to the stunned street vendor.

HU LI (Chinese, subtitled) Someone better call the police.


The passenger window rolls down and we see Carter, styling in a Chinese-cut suit. He's holding a Chinese-English dictionary, leaning out the window - giving his best "do me" look to two girls in a convertible.

CARTER (int Chinese) Deng wa lu yun cai-shen wu.

The HORRIFIED GIRLS speed off, and Carter turns to Lee, who is driving and singing to his radio.

LEE (singing) ...wish they all could be California... wish they all could be California girls...

Carter ejects the BEACH BOYS CD from the stereo and TOSSES it out of the SUNROOF.

CARTER I warned you about playing that shit when I'm in the car.

LEE That was my CD. Don't you ever touch a Chinese man's CD.

CARTER Did you see the way those girls drove off? I did you a favor.

LEE Those girls drove off because of you.

CARTER All I did was invite them for a drink.

LEE You invited them to get naked and sacrifice a small goat.

CARTER (checking Chinese-English dictionary) I said that? Which word was "goat?"

Lee picks up his CD case.

LEE You owe me a copy of the Beach Boys Greatest Hits, Volume Two.

CARTER Don't be giving me attitude, Lee. I've been here three days and we haven't done shit. We haven't been to a club, haven't even talked to a girl. I'm on vacation, and I want some mu-shu.

LEE Mu-shu? You're hungry?

CARTER Not Mu-shu. Mu-shu. I want to see some women. Now stop playing dumb and show me the shu!

Carter flips through the dictionary. A CALL COMES in over LEE'S CELL PHONE.



The following conversation is in Chinese, English subtitles.

SUPERINDENDENT CHIN Lee, there was a bombing at the American Embassy. Two American translators were killed.

LEE Any leads?

SUPERINDENDENT CHIN (beat) We think it's Ricky Tan. If you don't want to take the case, I'll understand.

LEE It's my responsibility.

Lee hangs up the cell phone.

CARTER What was that? Did you just pick up a case? Did we just take another damn case on my vacation?

Lee smiles at Carter.

LEE Of course not. My Superindendent invited us to a club tonight. Big party.

CARTER Don't be messing with me, Lee. I will kick your ass. I'll hit you so hard you'll end up in the Ming Dynasty.

LEE Carter, would I lie to you? EXT. RAVEN CLUB - NIGHT

Carter follows Lee out of the car, the two men making their way to the door of the Raven Club. Carter is combing his hair, getting himself ready for a night on the town, stopping when he spots two hot WOMEN walking into the club.

CARTER That's what I'm talking about. A real Hong Kong night club. You want an Altoid?


CARTER You better take one. Your breath has been a little funky all day. Let me look at you.

Carter looks at Lee. Fixes his collar.

CARTER (CONT'D) Just relax and don't worry about a thing. I'll hook you up in there. You got condoms?


CARTER Take this. It's a Magnum. You can fold it in half.

Carter dances through the door, Lee follows.


A dark, upscale club that is packed with GANGSTERS, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS and CIVILIANS. Lee and Carter walk in. Lee is trying to keep a low profile as Carter stares up at the stage, where a man sings Karaoke -- the most painful rendition of Michael Jackson's "DON'T STOP 'TILL YOU GET ENOUGH."

LEE I'll meet you at the bar in ten minutes. They don't like tourists in here, so try to blend in.

CARTER Blend in? I'm two feet taller than everyone here. Where you going?

LEE Bathroom.

Lee walks off, trying not to be seen as Carter steps up to the bar, takes a seat next to TWO CHINESE THUGS.

CARTER How you boys doing tonight?

The thugs ignore Carter as he motions to the stage, where the OLD MAN continues to sing.

CARTER (CONT'D) That is the worst singing I've ever heard. That sounds like something you'd hear in prison after lights out.

The thugs continue to ignore Carter.


Lee makes his way down a hallway -- looks through an open door - sees a private room. Several TRIADS are using hi-tech MACHINES to count stacks of AMERICAN HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS.

CARTER (V.O.) Get closer to my body now. And just love me, till you don't know how...

Lee steps back into shadow -- does a double take as he realizes he's hearing Carter belting out "DON'T STOP 'TILL YOU GET ENOUGH."


A room full of Chinese sitting with their mouths open, watching Carter on the Karaoke stage doing a dead-on Michael Jackson, singing his heart out. Dancing and making eyes at a few of the smitten women who are watching him.

LEE (whispering from side of stage) Carter, get off that stage!

CARTER Are you kidding, they love me. I'm a star, Lee. A god to these people!

Carter resumes singing, really getting down. Moonwalking to the EDGE of the STATE where Lee PULLS HIM OFF.

LEE This is a gangster bar, we're here undercover.

CARTER I knew you were lying.

LEE I'm sorry.

CARTER Damn it, why are you ruining my night? I'm just starting to have fun. (beat) Well fine then, go ahead, pull your badge and do your thing.

LEE No, we're here for information, to find out where a man named Ricky Tan is. We must tread softly and keep our ears open.

CARTER Tread softly? Who taught you how to roost a bar?

LEE Carter, you don't understand. These men are Fu-Cang-Long Triads. Part of the most deadly gang in China.

CARTER Man, are you crazy? You think that scares me? I'm from L.A. We invented gangs. We were having gang wars before anybody even thought about it. We get royalties from other gangs. Now gimme your badge and gun and I'll show you how it's done.

LEE No. You are a civilian. In China, I am Michael Jackson, and you are Toto.

CARTER You mean Tito. We had Toto for dinner last night.

Before Lee can react, Carter has lifted Lee's badge and gun. Carter bounds back on stage, pulls the plug on the music and fires three SHOTS into the ceiling, silencing the bar.

CARTER (CONT'D) (Chinese) Deng wa lu yun, shen wu wattu masu wang lui.

Nobody moves. Strange looks from the crowd. Carter turns to Lee.

CARTER (CONT'D) (whispering) What'd I say?

LEE You just said you're their worst nightmare - and to line their mothers up for a milking.

CARTER Shit. C'mon, get up here and help me out.

Reluctantly, Lee gets on stage. More looks from the Chinese as Carter speaks, Lee translating.

CARTER (CONT'D) Okay, all the Triads and ugly women go to that side, all fine ass women on this side.

Nobody moves. Carter fires two more shots in the ceiling.

CARTER (CONT'D) Let's try this again. Who here knows Ricky Tan, raise your hand.

Nobody moves.

CARTER (CONT'D) Who here is named Lee? Raise your hand.

Nobody moves.

CARTER (CONT'D) Now I know you're lying.

The crowd still hasn't moved. Except in the back, where Lee spots several GANGSTERS leaving. As Lee runs off stage --

CARTER (CONT'D) (as they run out) I come back and catch y'all singing Michael Jackson and you're all going to jail.


Lee and Carter run into the street, just in time to see HU LI and several gangsters round a corner.


Lee takes off and chases them on foot.



The far end of the street is BLOCKED BY MARKET STALLS. The GANGSTERS look around frantically. An apartment building is under CONSTRUCTION, massive BAMBOO SCAFFOLDING top to bottom. Their only way out is UP.

Lee and Carter dash around the corner to see the gangsters SWARMING UP THE SCAFFOLDING. Lee wastes no time going after them. With a running start, he JAMS A FOOT on the wall and VAULTS to the BOTTOM RUNG, GRABS HOLD AND SWINGS UP.

CARTER Hang on, Lee. I'm coming.

Carter jumps to grab hold of the scaffolding. NOT EVEN CLOSE. He backs up -- he's gonna take a running start!

ABOVE - LEE REACHES 4 GANGSTERS. They all tear off the LENGTHS OF BAMBOO and square off. The clatter of wood against wood as they beat at each other. Wrestling over his pole, Lee FLINGS TWO of the GANGSTERS over the edge.

BELOW, Carter has hold of the bottom rung, STRAINING MIGHTILY to pull himself up. Just as he gets his chin above the bar... snap! It BREAKS and he drops. Then...

WHAM! WHAM! The two gangsters CRASH LAND ON EITHER side of CARTER. HE takes one look at their pain.

CARTER (CONT'D) Forget this...

He dashes into the stairwell. ABOVE, the last two GANGSTERS come at Lee. He stomps down, levering up floor boards, which SEE-SAWS them off-balance. With the advantage, he BATTERS them with his bamboo pole and knocks them off. He climbs after the GANGSTER LEADER.


Coming over the crest of the hill, seeing Carter climbing up the hill.


Lee pulls himself up onto the roof, takes a few steps when WHAM! He is clocked by a 16-foot BAMBOO POLE. Lee TOPPLES OVER THE EDGE! We see his adversary for the first time.


As she steps to the edge... BOOM! The STAIRWELL DOOR FLIES OPEN and CARTER EMERGES. Gun low and ready. Hu Li is gone.

CARTER (out of breath) Freeze! Nobody move!

Carter goes to the edge and sees Lee hanging on a pole below. Carter is blind-sided by Hu Li.

She takes one sultry step towards him, then twists her heel and WINDMILLS a HARD KICK that sends Carter FLYING OFF THE ROOF!

He falls along the side of the building. He manages to grab the end of a BAMBOO POLE that juts out from the scaffolding.


They're hanging side-by-side, holding on for their lives. Hu Li looks down at them. She has no weapon to finish them off. She turns and runs, disappearing in the night.


holding on with all their strength. The bamboo is starting to bend.

CARTER (CONT'D) All I wanted was a little mu-shu.

LEE Try to land on your feet.

Carter looks down at a rancid dumpster below them.

CARTER I can't believe I flew ten-thousand miles for this shit.




Carter and Lee drive through Hong Kong, the two men riding in silence, bruised and covered in garbage.

CARTER You lied to me.

LEE I'm sorry.

CARTER You're sorry. I got somebody's old chopsticks stuck in my ass, so don't tell me you're sorry. Just take me home.

LEE No time. There was an explosion at the American Embassy today -- two American translators were killed.

Carter takes this in. Can't believe his own bad luck.

CARTER So that Ricky Tan, he's the one who blew up the Embassy?


Lee and Carter walk into a massive COURTYARD, where thirty 12 year olds are going through their warm up routines.

MASTER FU, 60's, wears a BLACK ROBE as he teaches his kids.

CARTER I'm telling you right now, I'm tired of this shit. There's two billion Chinese - let one of them be your partner.

LEE This won't take long.

Master Fu barks out a barrage of SHAOLIN FIGHTING STANCES.

MASTER FU Dragon kick!

Like well-trained army, the students YELL AND KICK HARD.

MASTER FU (CONT'D) Lotus block!

The students YELL and form an "X" with their arms. Master Fu notices Carter and Lee watching from the back.

MASTER FU (CONT'D) Twisting Tiger!

No response. The students exchange baffled looks.

MASTER FU (CONT'D (CONT'D) (staring straight at Lee) Twisting Tiger!

Lee may be a big rusty, but he puts on a shit-kicking move that leaves the students blown away. Lee smiles, basking in the glow...

...until he sees Master Fu's disappointment.

MASTER FU (CONT'D) Didn't I teach you to always arch your back?

LEE (bowing, humbled) Yes, Master.

While Lee follows Master Fu, Carter stands in front of the 12 YEAR OLDS, who sit motionless around a fighting circle.

Carter starts stretching his legs, warming up.

CARTER I was watching you kids. My name is Carter, LAPD, and I'm a third degree black belt. At least that's what I tell the girls at the Holiday Health Spa where I work out.

Carter throws a series of QUICK PUNCHES, but the kids have no reaction.

CARTER (CONT'D) Let me give you kids some tips. The key to Kung Fu is the follow through. Why don't you stand up.

THE KIDS DON'T MOVE, no reaction. Carter continues to throw punches.

CARTER (CONT'D) Go ahead, kick me, hit me. I'll show you how to block. Come on, stand up, give me your best shot -- try to kick right to my head.

The kids still don't move. Carter, working up a sweat from shadow fighting, takes off his JACKET, DRAPING IT over the HOLY BUDDHA behind him -- a mistake. He swings back around to face the kids and NEVER SEES THE KICK that sends him flying back onto the mat. He looks around and sees ALL of the kids STANDING, in FIGHTING POSITION.

CARTER (CONT'D) That's pretty good. Which one of you kids did that?


Lee and Master Fu walking.

LEE I need your help, Master. I'm seeking a man who used to train with you. He's become a killer - the worst kind of animal.

MASTER FU Animals kill only from hunger or fear. The man you seek is lower than a serpent. (faces Lee) ...he kills for money.

In the b.g., we see the kids leaping acrobatically over Carter from all sides. Carter, frustrated, tries to grab the kids out of the air as they fly by, but they elude him. They disappear O.S.

Lee and Master Fu walk another moment, Master Fu lost in thought.

MASTER FU (CONT'D) He was the best I ever trained, you know.

LEE Ricky Tan?

MASTER FU No. Your father. (Lee reacts) Your father and Ricky Tan were my favorite students... and for such awful things to happen as they did --

Lee cuts off Master Fu's reminisces -- he's obviously uncomfortable.

LEE How do I find Ricky Tan?

AGAIN IN THE B.G., Carter and the flying kids go zipping by in the other direction, disappear O.S.

Master Fu pats the SOIL around a struggling plant.

MASTER FU A seeding spends its entire life reaching towards Heaven.

LEE I know, Master, but...

MASTER FU The answers you seek can be found in Heaven on Earth.

LEE Heaven on Earth? Master, I don't understand. (working it) A temple, where Heaven is on Earth? A mountain, where Earth reaches for the --

MASTER FU It's a massage parlor downtown. "Heaven on Earth." You will find your answers there.

Lee bows to Master Fu, slowly turns to walk back down the pathway.

MASTER FU (CONT'D) Wait! Put a c-note in the jar.

Lee puts a few bills in the jar, heads down a pathway. Master Fu walks over and takes the cash.

MASTER FU (CONT'D) Cheap bastard...


Lee emerges from the path, stops when he sees Carter -- two students headlocked under each arm, another two scissor locked between his legs, holding another two down with his hands, and sitting on the last one.

CARTER And that's how you use the LAPD choke hold. Now start practicing and don't make me come back here!

LEE Carter...you ready to have some fun!?


A neon light hangs above the upscale massage parlor.

LEE Just follow my lead and act like a tourist.

CARTER I am a tourist.


Lee and Carter walk into an upscale MASSAGE PARLOR and stand in a lobby. SOFT MUSIC is playing.

HOSTESS Good afternoon, gentlemen.

Lee bows, followed by Carter.

LEE (in Chinese) Hello.

CARTER How you doin'?

LEE My friend is on vacation, from America. I want to show him a good time.

HOSTESS Oh, you American?

CARTER That's right.

HOSTESS You bring American money?

CARTER (holding up a Platinum AmEx) Never leave home without it. (to Lee) Lee, this one's on me. You save your money.

The Hostess takes Carter by the arm, walks over to a HIDDEN SLIDING DOOR - slides it open to reveal TWENTY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. Carter truly is in Heaven.

HOSTESS You get massage from Chinese girl before?

CARTER No. It's my first time.

HOSTESS You pick any girl for you and your friend.

Carter looks like a kid in a candy store.

CARTER Any girl? Okay. Let's start with that one.

HOSTESS Oh yes, she's very nice.

CARTER She is nice. But I am very tense. I'm gonna need a lot of massages. I'll take that one, too. How you doin', baby? And...that one in pink. She can do my feet.

Lee elbows Carter.

LEE What are you doing?

CARTER She said I could pick any girl I want.

LEE Well, hurry up.

CARTER Hey! You don't break in front of a black man in a buffet line.

HOSTESS (to Lee) Your friend have big appetite. (handing ROBES to Lee and Carter) Please put these on and wait upstairs in the quiet room.


TWENTY MEN in SILK ROBES lie in reclining chairs, women massaging their feet and hands. There are BIG SCREEN TV's showing nature films, relaxation music playing in the background.

Lee and Carter sit in the quiet room dressed in MATCHING PURPLE ROBES. Lee wears SLIPPERS, Carter wears his HIGH TOPS. Carter is enjoying a hand and neck massage at the same time. A WOMAN walks over and hands them each a drink.

CARTER Now I'm on vacation. I knew you'd come through, Lee.

LEE doesn't respond. LEE IS STARING AT SOMEONE ON THE FAR SIDE OF THE ROOM. A man who radiates a unique blend of sophistication and brutality.

CARTER (CONT'D) What's wrong?

LEE Over there -- that's Ricky Tan.

CARTER That's Ricky Tan? He's four feet tall. I'll go over with you right now, shake him down.

LEE This is a very dangerous man.

CARTER I'm a dangerous man. You're not gonna ruin my massage because of some midget in a house coat.

LEE I'm calling for back up!

Lee gets up from a chair, hurriedly exits.

Carter looks at RICKY TAN -- sitting quietly in his chair with his LAPTOP COMPUTER on his knees. Carter makes a decision, gets up and walks towards him.

CARTER Ricky Tan, I've been looking all over for you. Get up.

Tan looks up for a moment, a smile.

RICKY TAN I'm busy at the moment.

CARTER I said get on your feet!

RICKY TAN I know you, Detective Carter, right? You're Lee's American friend. Enjoying your visit?

CARTER I'm Lee's new muscle, his right arm -- and don't let the robe fool you. This is the only color they had left. Now get up!

Tan laughs, goes back to his laptop. CARTER GRABS THE LAPTOP from Ricky and throws it across the room - SHATTERING IT against the wall. Ricky glances at his men who are seated around the room waiting to move.

CARTER (CONT'D) I told you to get on your feet!

Having heard the commotion, Lee arrives by Carter's side, breathless, as Tan looks up, surprised.

RICKY TAN Lee, I've missed you, brother. (getting up, giving Lee a hug) I heard about the two Americans, I'm so sorry, you must be under great pressure.

LEE You must come with me for questioning.

CARTER Let's go. I've got girls and chicken and hot oil waiting for me.

RICKY TAN I don't think so...

A nod of Ricky Tan's head, and TEN LARGE MEN in robes and towels spring out of reclining chairs -- menacingly facing Lee and Carter. A beat...

CARTER I'd like to pay you for that laptop.

RICKY TAN It's no problem. But I must excuse myself, inspector.

CARTER That's Chief Inspector, he got promoted.

Tan bows to Lee and Carter.

RICKY TAN Congratulations. And good day.

As Tan starts to exit, Lee and Carter move to intercept him. But they are blocked by TAN'S MEN.

Lee grabs one of the men's towels and pulls it off. The man covers his naked body. Lee is grabbed by one of the other henchmen, but he escapes and begins kicking ass, using the towel and his own robe to block and wrap another man's arms -- blocking, kicking, and punching everything in sight -- all the while managing to keep his privates covered with a towel, his robe, or some other found object.

Carter, meanwhile, uses his quick hands to send several men flying back -- grabbing a towel of one of them.

CARTER (ref: his privates) Damn! No wonder you're pissed off.

Carter uses the towel like Lee did to block and trap one of the men's punches.

In the middle of fighting, Lee is suddenly exposed -- he flinches to cover himself and is punched from behind. Momentarily stunned, he's lifted from behind -- two men throwing him out the front door.

Carter is also overpowered by two men, who lift him over their shoulders.


Ricky Tan's black limo SCREECHES to a stop. The door flies open and Lee and Carter are TOSSED out onto the highway. Both men are completely naked.


A packed street - Lee and Carter dodging in and out of people. The CAMERA PANS and we see Lee and Carter from behind.

CARTER Goddamn you got a small ass.

LEE Don't look at my ass!



The station is packed with Americans -- FBI AGENTS, SECRET SERVICE... they've set up shop right in the middle of the bullpen.

SUPERINDENDENT CHIN is arguing with SPECIAL AGENT STERLING, a 50-year old hard ass who is in charge of this circus.

SPECIAL AGENT STERLING Chin, you have been ordered by the Ministry of Public Security to assist the FBI and Secret Service with our investigation, to provide us with whatever we need. If you have information, it belongs to us.

SUPERINDENDENT CHIN This is still Hong Kong.

SPECIAL AGENT STERLING Two Americans have been killed on United States Government property -- this is our investigation.

SUPERINDENDENT CHIN Chief Inspector Lee will brief your people...

SPECIAL AGENT STERLING No. He will report to me. Do we understand each other?

SUDDENLY ALL EYES turn as Carter and Lee enter the bullpen. Out of breath, still robed: Lee covering himself with a trash can lid, Carter using a red construction cone.

SPECIAL AGENT STERLING (CONT'D) Who the hell is that?

SUPERINDENDENT CHIN (humiliated) That is...Chief Inspector Lee. The detective in charge of our investigation.

SPECIAL AGENT STERLING Put a diaper on him, Chin. I want to talk to the great Inspector Lee.


The shades are down as Lee frantically gets dressed, putting on a suit and fixing his tie. Carter finishes putting on a BLACK CHINESE STYLE SUIT from Lee's closet, then moves for the door.

LEE Where are you going?

CARTER Back to Heaven on Earth. I need my damn passport back. I'm going home.

LEE Fine. Go home. Who needs you.

CARTER Why you mad at me? You needed back-up, so I backed you up. I was about to take out Ricky Tan and those bodyguards.

LEE Stop! I'm sick of your bullshit!

CARTER My bullshit? I'm not the one who goes to a karaoke bar filled with gangsters! I'm not the one who goes to massage parlors to bust crime lords!

LEE It's my job!

CARTER You're pathetic, man. When's the last time you had some fun? When's the last time you took a night off, had a date?

LEE I have plenty of dates.

CARTER Really? When's the last time you had some Mu-shu Let's hear it, Lee, when was it? Year of the rat?

LEE You would never understand my life. You're not Chinese.

CARTER And you ain't black!

The two men look at each other for a long BEAT. Lee quickly walks out, slamming the door behind him, leaving Carter half dressed.


Lee walks in, sees Sterling sitting at Chin's desk. Chin stands in the back.

SUPERINDENDENT CHIN Lee, this is Special Agent Sterling from the United States Secret Service.

LEE The Secret Service? Why?

STERLING What I'm about to tell you cannot leave this room. The men who were killed yesterday were not American translators. They were undercover U.S. customs agents trying to break a Triad smuggling ring. We don't know what they're transporting out of Hong Kong, but whatever it is, it got the agents killed.

LEE How can we help?

STERLING Stay the hell out of our way.

LEE I can get to Ricky Tan.

STERLING We know all about Tan. That's why we're leaving him out there as bait. We think this is a lot bigger than just Ricky Tan and his Fu-Cang-Long Triads.


Carter is on the phone, his feet on Lee's desk. As he talks he opens a drawer, pulls out a wad of cash and pockets it.

CARTER Captain, you're gonna have to speak up. I'm on a car phone!


CAPTAIN DIEL sits behind his desk talking on the phone.

CAPTAIN DIEL Is it true, Carter? Are you in Hong Kong right now?

CARTER Hong Kong? I'm not in Hong Kong. I'm in Hollywood -- right at Sunset and Vine, two minutes from the station. How about I pick you up right now and take you to dinner?

CAPTAIN DIEL It's nine-thirty in the morning.

CARTER Did I say dinner? I meant diner. Biscuits and gravy, you love that shit.

CAPTAIN DIEL Do you know what happened yesterday, Carter? I was officially nominated for the Commissioner's post for the LAPD. There was a dinner last night, two hundred LAPD officers were there.

CARTER Two hundred cops? Was Mario Sanchez there? He owes me money.

CAPTAIN DIEL I've waited my whole life for this job, but I don't have a shot in hell of getting it. Do you know why?

CARTER Is it because of the hookers, sir? You tell them there's no crime in being lonely.

CAPTAIN DIEL No, Carter. The reason I'm screwed is because the entire department is about to find out the stolen credit cards we impounded were used to buy two first class upgrades to Hong Kong. And what the hell is Heaven on Earth?

CARTER Sir, I'm working on a big case over here -- and by the time I get back they're gonna make you Governor. Captain, you there? Hello? Shit!

As Carter walks out the DOOR, he brushes past HU LI, who is standing in the hallway disguised as a FED EX DELIVERY PERSON. Carter checks her out as he exits.


CARTER starts walking down the street, making his way past an outdoor BUTCHER MARKET, getting strange looks from locals and tourists alike. He motions to an OLD WOMAN who is selling LIVE DUCKS, PIGEONS AND CHICKENS

CARTER How you doing? Can you direct me to the Heaven on Earth massage parlor?

The OLD WOMAN stares at Carter, starts motioning to her CAGES filled with birds.

CARTER (CONT'D) No, I don't eat live birds. I like my birds dead and deep fried. You ever been to Popeyes?

The Woman takes out a bird, holds up a HATCHET.

CARTER (CONT'D) No, don't do that, I had a big lunch. I'm warning you, I'm a police officer -- just put the blade down and let the bird go.


Lee walks out of the Captain's office, heads for his own office - but never gets there.

AN EXPLOSION rips through the second floor of the station. Lee diving for safety as glass and debris shoot over his head. Sheer pandemonium as Lee quickly looks up at his destroyed office, tries to get to his feet.

STUNNED POLICE OFFICERS and DETECTIVES are crowded around Lee's office, looking at the rubble. Lee pushes through the crowd -- it's all smoke and fire. Now way anyone held back by the heat.



Carter walks down the street holding a CAGE WITH A LIVE RED BIRD inside. He stops a MAN who is sweeping in front of his store.

CARTER How you doing? I'm looking for Heaven on Earth.

The man stares at Carter, watches as he pulls out his:


CARTER (CONT'D) Shan-shui cao guo-jiu, pao gai niu tao zi.

MAN You wish to spank my sister with a ping pong paddle?

CARTER No man, I was just asking...

MAN Wait here. I'll go see if she's awake.

As the man walks into his store, Carter runs off.


Carter strolls back INTO FRAME, peering into the store to see if it's worth staying...


Lee sits by himself in shock. Superindendent Chin approaches.

LEE All he wanted was some mu-shu.



LEE I'm sorry, I have to go.


Carter finally makes his way to the massage parlor, moving for the FRONT DOOR when he sees RICKY TAN EXIT. Carter ducks to the side and watches as Ricky climbs into the back of a waiting Daimler.

The Daimler drives off. Carter rushes to the middle of the street with a determined look on his face.

CARTER I'm gonna solve this case myself. Taxi!

Carter flags down a CAB, jumps in the back seat.


The CAB DRIVER turns to Carter, who motions to the limo.

CARTER (loud) Follow that limo.

The Cab Driver continues to stare at Carter.

CARTER (CONT'D) You understand what I'm saying? Follow that car! Where it goes, you go! This is a chase -- we are chasing that limo! (beat) We are still parked -- we're not moving! This is the opposite of chasing -- drive the car or I will kill you!

The driver slowly turns, holding out his hand. Carter fishes in his pocket hands the cab driver a wad of cash.

CAB DRIVER Now you speak my language. INT. LEE'S CAR - DAY

Lee drives, misty-eyed. RAP MUSIC playing over the stereo. Lee turns it up, slowly moving his head to the music, in tribute to Carter.

His CELL PHONE rings, he turns down the music.



SUPERINDENDENT CHIN Lee, we just got a call from the harbor patrol. Ricky Tan is throwing a little party on his boat tonight. Victoria harbor. If you don't want to...

LEE Did you tell Sterling?

SUPERINDENDENT CHIN Let him find out on his own. I want the Hong Kong police handling this.

LEE Thank you.

Lee hangs up. A look of intensity. He CRANKS the RAP MUSIC up, a man on a mission.


A 190-FOOT YACHT is anchored in Victoria Harbor. Ricky Tan walks along the top deck with HU LI, disappearing into a crowd of people who are partying on the ship.

Carter steps out of the cab.

CARTER Stay here. I'll be right back. You understand?

CAB DRIVER Yes. I understand.

Carter steps out of the cab, which immediately drives off, leaving him alone on the docks.

Carter looks around the dock -- a pull up valet station parking fancy cars, RICH PEOPLE getting on the boat as their names are checked off a list by two DOORMEN.


A huge PARTY, a live band plays for a crowd of business men, politicians and beautiful women - a who's who of Hong Kong.

CARTER walks up to the front of the boat -- TWO DOORMEN HOLDING clipboards immediately stop him.

DOORMAN #1 Invitation, please.

CARTER I'm with the band. I'm the lead singer.

DOORMAN #1 The band has been playing over an hour.

CARTER I got held up at a wedding in Tai Koo. Ricky here yet, I need to get his requests.

As Carter walks past the doorman --

DOORMAN #1 Wait.

CARTER Last party all he wanted was Sting -- not one person danced. Tonight I'm doing Superfreak, I don't care what he says. Where is he?

DOORMAN #1 Mr. Tan is not to be disturbed by the help.

Carter turns back to the doorman, grabs him by the collar.

CARTER Help? I'm not the help, man -- I'm the star. That's my band up there -- I control the mood, the groove, the atmosphere.

Carter cuts a smoking DANCE MOVE.

CARTER (CONT'D) Can you do that? (man shakes head "no") That's why you're down here and I'm up there. Now this is my party -- don't forget it!

Carter walks onto the ship, starts singing to himself.


The SHIP'S HORN SOUNDS, the yacht starts to head out to sea. Lee steps out of his car, sees the yacht is pulling out of the slip. He runs along the side of the boat, has no choice but to jump from the end of the pier, landing hard on the side of the ship, somehow holding onto a PORTHOLE WINDOW. He clings to the yacht, then throws himself toward a hanging LIFEBOAT, climbs up the side and jumps toward the TOP RAIL --


As Carter walks through the ship, he grabs a handful of food from a waiter, his eyes searching the crowd, rounds a corner - almost stepping right into HU LI, who's approaching STEVEN REIGN. Steven Reign is in his 50's -- perfectly groomed, impeccably dressed - his looks and bearing say one thing -- money. He's got the big party smile on, but as Hu Li arrives, Reign's face shifts and his eyes go dead -- the billionaire as sociopath.

Carter steps back, but sees Reign Whisper to Hu Li. Carter hides and turns away as Hu Li instinctively scans the room for signs of trouble. He heads into the main party.

Carter stops walking when he comes upon ISABELLA MOLINA, a stunning brunette, sitting at the bar drinking a glass of champagne. Carter lights her cigarette for her.

CARTER How you doing, baby? My name is Prince Mubutu from Nigeria.

ISABELLA Isabella Molina, from San Juan. That seat is taken.

CARTER (in mangled Spanish) San Juan! You must know my good friend Pedro Martinez Hernandez Hector Elizondo.

ISABELLA (in English) I don't think so.

CARTER I'm sorry, you looked like you traveled in the best circles. But hey, I understand. Make yourself at home, Isabella. Champagne, caviar, whatever you want. My ship is your ship.

ISABELLA This is your ship?

CARTER That's right. I'm the owner, the Captain -- you can call me El Capitan.

ISABELLA El Capitan?

CARTER I don't want to play games with you, Isabella. I like you. I can see myself with you -- in one of those bathrooms over there in about five minutes.

ISABELLA Well, I'm very tempted. It's such a beautiful yacht. What's it called?

CARTER Called? What's my ship called? (he has no idea) Well...it's called the S.S. Minnow Johnson.

ISABELLA The S.S. Minow Johnson. Funny, the name on the back was "Red Dragon."

CARTER Red Dragon? You sure about that?

ISABELLA I'm sure, because this is my friend's yacht. And it's his party.

CARTER Your friend's ship? (looking around) Oh, man. I must've walked onto the wrong yacht. I knew there was a reason my keys didn't work.

STEVEN REIGN (taking seat next to Isabella) Who's your friend?

ISABELLA Somebody who got on the wrong yacht.

CARTER Wait a second. You're Steven Reign? You're big time. You own all them big hotels. What are you doing in Hong Kong?

STEVEN REIGN (ushering away Isabella) I'm just in town for the weekend, taking in the sights.

ISABELLA Enjoy the party, Mr. Carter.

Carter nods, waves. Steven Reign and Isabella walk away. Carter's watching.


Lee makes his way toward a STAIRCASE that is blocked by a BODYGUARD. He quickly disarms the guard and grabs him by the throat, pushing him against the wall.

LEE Ricky Tan. Where is he?

BODYGUARD #1 Who's asking?

LEE The Hong Kong Police. He killed a detective today and he's not getting away with it. Now where is he?

CARTER Yeah. Tell us! And don't play games or we'll kick your lying ass!

Lee slowly turns around and looks at Carter, who is standing right behind him.

LEE Carter?

CARTER Who died?

LEE You.

CARTER Detective Yu? Never met him.

LEE Not Yu. You!


LEE Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

CARTER Nobody understands the words that are coming out of your mouth.

BODYGUARD #1 Get your hands in the air.

Lee and Carter turn to see FOUR BODYGUARDS standing in front of them with GUNS in hand.


It looks like HUGH HEFNER'S BEDROOM complete with ROUND BED and SUNKEN BAR. Ricky Tan sits in front of a big screen satellite TV screaming at the Lakers. Hu Li opens the door and the bodyguards lead Lee into the bedroom.

RICKY TAN Come on, Shaq, hit a damn free-throw! You can do it, big guy.


We see Shaq miss his free throw.

RICKY TAN (CONT'D) Shit! He still doesn't follow through. I just lost five grand.

Tan turns off the TV, turns to Lee.

RICKY TAN (CONT'D) Why don't we go on the deck, get some air...and some privacy. (to Hu Li) Leave us alone.

Hu Li hesitates, upset at being dismissed.

RICKY TAN (CONT'D) (to Lee) Could you have your partner wait for us outside?

CARTER I ain't his partner, I'm a tourist. I got proof. See, I got a mini-bar key.

LEE (to Carter) I'll meet you on the main deck in ten minutes.

Carter pulls Lee aside.

CARTER What, leave you alone so he can cap you?

LEE I'm okay, you go.

CARTER Why the hell should you believe him? He had us beat up. Naked. That's nasty shit.

LEE Remember I told you my father was a policeman? (beat) Ricky Tan was his partner for ten years.

CARTER (pause) What the hell is going on here?

No answer. Carter holds Lee's glance for a beat, then turns and walks the other way.


Tan and Lee reach the upper deck, where they are alone.

RICKY TAN Despite what people suspect...what you suspect --

LEE Don't.

Ricky Tan hears the steel in Lee's voice, acknowledges it.

RICKY TAN ... if your father were alive, I would be turning to him now. (beat) I didn't blow up the American Embassy, but I believe some of my people did. My enemies are trying to frame me. (beat) There is a war going on within the Triads -- and I am going to lose. My name has been written into the book of death.

LEE The police can protect you.

RICKY TAN Nobody can protect me. I'll make a deal with you, Lee. But only iff you'll get me out of Hong Kong.

LEE Tell me why they killed the customs agents.

RICKY TAN There is a ship, in the Hong Kong Harbor...

Hu Li BURSTS onto the deck, flanked by FOUR BODYGUARDS.

Ricky Tan screams something at Hu Li in Chinese. Hu Li screams back as SHE EMPTIES HER GUN INTO RICKY'S CHEST. Tan falls back, over the rail, and into the water.

Lee MOVES TOWARDS HU LI, but the four bodyguards are on Lee, attacking from all sides. Hu Li exits as Lee tries to fight off the bodyguards.


Reactions from the crowd as GUNSHOTS echo from the deck above.


Hu Li moves quickly down the hallway, rounding a corner and suddenly goes FLYING, landing flat on her face.

It's Carter, who ran to the sound of the gunshot, and TRIPPED Hu Li with his leg.

CARTER All right, get your hands up.

Hu Li backflips up -- kicking Carter in the head.


Lee takes down Bodyguard #1, but is still fighting three on one. A furious exchange of acrobatic blows between Lee and Bodyguard #2.


Carter and Hu Li face off.

CARTER You wanna piece of me? C'mon, I'll give you a little LAPD ass kickin'.

Hu Li savages Carter with a series of punishing blows.


Lee manages to defeat Bodyguards #3 and #4. As he catches his breath the sound of a SPEED BOAT starting its engines.

LEE Hu Li!

Lee runs to the rail -- looks down to see a SPEEDBOAT starting to pull away from the ship. Hu Li jumps onboard the moving boat.

Lee starts to turn for the stairs, running down towards the stern. EXT. YACHT - STERN - CONTINUOUS

Lee and Carter run up to the stern at the same time -- watching helplessly as Hu Li gets away in the speed boat.

Carter turns his head, sees --

-- STEVEN REIGN at the other end of the boat, watching Hu Li escape, not at all behaving like a panicky billionaire should during a gangland shooting. Wordlessly, Reign disappears back into the shadows.


The yacht is anchored. A few TRIADS led away in handcuffs. Thrown into PATROL CARS that have surrounded the docks.

Sterling, Chin, Lee and Carter on the dock.

SPECIAL AGENT STERLING Quite a night, Inspector. Ricky Tan was our only bait, and now he's gone. You finally got your revenge - at the expense of a U.S. Government investigation.

CARTER What "revenge" is he talking about?

SPECIAL AGENT STERLING I don't know if the Fu-Cang-Long paid you to get rid of Tan, or whether it was a pure vendetta killing -- but you're off this case. I don't ever want to see you again, you got that?

CARTER Hey, you, Secret Service Man, what are you --

SPECIAL AGENT STERLING Stay out of it, Carter. You're going back to L.A.

CARTER Fine with me.

Sterling walks away disgusted.

SUPERINDENDENT CHIN I'm sorry Lee, but my orders are to fully cooperate with the Secret Service.

Lee nods a respectful but bitter acknowledgment. Chin motions for two uniformed Hong Kong police officers to approach.

SUPERINDENDENT CHIN (CONT'D) (to police officers) Escort Detective Carter to the airport --

LEE I'll take him.

CARTER Hell no.

The Hong Kong police officers produce HANDCUFFS. Beat.

CARTER (CONT'D) (to Lee) Fine. But don't expect me to talk to you.

Carter stalks off.

LEE Don't push me, Carter. I'm in no mood for your bullshit.

Carter gets in Lee's face. The two men look like they're about to come to blows.

CARTER What are you gonna do about it, grasshopper?

LEE I'll bitch slap you into Bangkok.

CARTER Give me your best shot, you flat assed mama's boy.

LEE Don't be talking about my mama. Or my ass!

CARTER I heard your mama pulls a rickshaw.

LEE No. She's a school teacher.

CARTER You're not very good at this, are you?

LEE Good at what?

CARTER Forget it.

A long beat while Lee considers what to say.

LEE Five years ago, my father was Chief Inspector working a big international smuggling case.

CARTER Ask me if I give a shit.

Lee waits a beat, then drops the bombshell.

LEE Ricky Tan killed my father.

Carter is suddenly all ears, listening intently now to Lee.

LEE (CONT'D) He found out his partner, Tan, had been working for the Triads all along. (beat) Before my father could prove it, he was killed in the line of duty.

CARTER How the hell did Tan get away with it?

LEE All the evidence against him disappeared, the smuggling case was unsolved. Tan resigned and went over to the Triads openly.

CARTER (pause) This is about your Daddy's death? Hell, Lee, you know my father died on the job. You could have told me... (realizing) This is about more than all that, isn't it? This is about your Daddy's last case, right?

Lee's caught, fibs badly.

LEE No, no, that would be crazy --

CARTER You thought the "Customs Agents get blown up" and "smuggling" and "Ricky Tan" and you put it all together and came up with a five year old case. That's why you didn't tell me what we were doing...

LEE I thought you'd think it was crazy.


LEE I know. I know. I am sorry.

Lee inclines his head, stiffly, turns and walks toward his car. Carter watches him. Finally he rolls his eyes and yells.

CARTER So are you getting on the plane or not?!

LEE What?

CARTER Come on, we still got time to order the Kosher meal. Always get the kosher meal, they bring it first.

LEE I cannot go to LA...

Carter steps close, and for a second we see the man and the cop beneath the attitude.

CARTER It sounds impossible --

LEE You said --

CARTER -- but if somebody gave me the chance to square up my father's death, I'd go to hell to do it.

Carter turns, walks away without looking back.

CARTER (CONT'D) You want to figure out why they killed your Daddy, get on the plane.


CARTER (still not turning) I guess you're going to have to trust me on this one. INT. 747 PASSENGER COMPARTMENT

Carter and Lee are getting comfortable among all the other passengers, preparing to take off. Lee has a moment of doubt.

LEE I should go back. Ricky Tan mentioned a boat in Hong Kong Harbor...

CARTER Lee, let me introduce you to the Carter Theory of Criminal Investigation: Follow the Rich White Man.

LEE Follow the Rich White Man?

CARTER Almost, but you've got to say "Rich White Man" all run together like it's one word.

LEE Follow the RichWhiteMan...

CARTER Not bad. Now every crime, somewhere, has a rich white man taking his cut. Every single one. Now in our case, we know the rich white man is Steven Reign.

LEE Who?

CARTER Big hotel billionaire. He was on Ricky Tan's boat ordering Hu Li around just before Ricky got smoked.

LEE How do you know he's our man?

CARTER Because when the shooting started he was way too cool. See most white people, when there's shooting, they either hide in a toilet or start screaming high pitched like "Aaaahhh!!! Aaaahh!!!!

LEE You sound like that all the time.

CARTER Black people keep their cool when the shit goes down.

LEE Maybe. But not like Asians. We never panic.

CARTER Yeah, what about when Godzilla was coming? You people were screaming your asses off.

LEE Just tell me where I can find this Steven Reign.

CARTER The same place you find all RichWhiteMen. (a tray arrives) Gefilte Fish. Lox and bagel. I love this stuff. Here, try it with a smear.



Carter standing at a window holding high-powered binoculars.

Lee standing next to him. WE ARE:


Cartons of Chinese food are all over the sleazy, run down hotel room. The LIGHTS LOW, the curtains open a crack.


Traveling up the side of the Reign Hotel. Stopping at the penthouse floor - where we see ISABELLA talking with Steven Reign in a hotel room. After a BEAT, Reign walks to the door.

Carter flips the binoculars to Lee, who starts watching.

CARTER Yeah, that's definitely the woman from Ricky Tan's boat, and she's staying in his suite at his hotel, I told you this would work out. They still just talking?

LEE He just left. Kissed her on the cheek.

CARTER He'll be back soon.

LEE How do you know?

CARTER Look at her. Now, wake me in an hour, I'll take over.

Lee lowers the binoculars, turns to Carter, who is trying to sleep on the bed.

LEE Carter, there's something I have to tell you. You were right about what you said in Hong Kong. All I do is work. Never take a day off. It's all I have right now.

CARTER Hey, I didn't mean to call you pathetic.

LEE The truth is, I haven't had any mu-shu in six months.

CARTER You pull a muscle or something?

LEE My fiancee left me over the summer -- a month before our wedding.

CARTER I'm sorry, Lee. Why did she leave you?

LEE It's a long story.

CARTER Let me guess, she couldn't handle the cop thing -- never knowing if you were dead or alive. I've seen it a million times.

LEE No. It was my singing.

CARTER Excuse me?

LEE She hated my voice. Said it drove her crazy. I sang to her all the time - in bed - in the shower - I thought she liked it. She finally told me it was driving her crazy.

Carter stares at Lee for a long BEAT.

CARTER Lee, maybe it's best if we don't discuss our personal lives. Let's die curious.

LEE LIFTS THE BINOCULARS - turns back to the building.

CARTER (CONT'D) What's she doing?




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