>> II/ Rush Hour II

II/ Rush Hour II ( 2)

: II/ Rush Hour II.

II/ Rush Hour II


She walks to the bedroom, where we see her through SHEER CURTAINS. Slowly taking off her coat.

CARTER (CONT'D) Lee? You okay?

Lee's eyes go wide as Isabella drops her coat and starts to unbutton her blouse.

LEE She's just standing around -- not doing much.

CARTER Just don't fall asleep. Sooner or later something's gonna happen.

LEE I'll try to stay awake. It's so boring.

Isabella starts to remove her blouse. Lee starting to sweat as he watches her undress.

LEE (CONT'D) Slow down, baby.

CARTER What did you say?

LEE Nothing. I said nothing.

Lee lowers his binoculars, steps away from the window.

LEE (CONT'D) Is it hot in here?

CARTER Hot? I'm freezing my ass off.

LEE I'm gonna go in the hall and get a bucket of ice. You want some ice?

CARTER What's going on?

Lee stares at Carter, looks dazed.

LEE She's getting undressed.

CARTER Gimme the binoculars.

LEE No. It's not right.

CARTER Gimme the binoculars or I will shoot you.

Lee hands Carter the binoculars, then turns his back as Carter watches to the window.

LEE What's she doing?

CARTER Oh, sweet glory hallelujah...

LEE I don't want to hear this.

CARTER Skirt just came off. She's in black bra and panties -- Victoria Secret Spring Catalogue, page 27 -- wait a sec - there's a tattoo on her left thigh... it looks like Snoopy.

LEE Snoopy? I love Snoopy.

CARTER She just took her hair down. Now she's going for the bra -- the clasp is in front -- she's using both hands. (to Lee) You better get that ice.

Lee steps in front of Carter, blocking his view.

LEE That's enough. We shouldn't be doing this!

Isabella suddenly drops undressing and walks back to the living room to pick up the PHONE. We see her clearly now in bra and panties.

CARTER This is our job. We took an oath as police officers. If we don't do this, who will? Firemen?

Lee backs off, and Carter steps back to the window. He sees Isabella hang up the phone.

CARTER (CONT'D) Wait a sec - what the hell is that between her legs?

LEE What?

CARTER She's reaching into her panties -- something is strapped to her leg. Oh, God...please don't let it be a dick.

LEE What is it?

CARTER No, I don't believe this shit -- it's a microphone. Lee, she's wired...


As she turns to the window. A TAPE RECORDER in hand. She puts the recording device away, walks back into the bedroom and puts on a robe.

LEE I don't understand?

CARTER She's walking back towards the door.


We see Isabella wearing a robe - standing at the door of her hotel room talking with someone.

CARTER (CONT'D) She opened the door. Someone is delivering a package.


Inside the hotel room WE SEE HU LI handing her a package.

CARTER (CONT'D) Lee...it's the girl who delivered the package to your office. It's a bomb!

Lee and Carter bolt on the move - sprinting out of the room.


Isabella closes the door. She BRINGS THE BOMB WITH HER as she walks into the bedroom --


Carter and Lee run across the street, heading towards the entrance of the hotel.


Lee and Carter sprint out the Penthouse Elevators, running down the hallway.


Isabella takes her robe off, glances at the package, picks it up and starts to open it as Lee and Carter come BURSTING THROUGH the BEDROOM DOOR.


Carter and Lee stare at Isabella, who stands in bra and panties.

CARTER Damn girl, you fine.

Lee lowers his eyes as Isabella looks at him, grabbing the BOMB, Carter following him as they sprint out the bedroom.


Lee and Carter run out the suite - Lee throwing the BOMB toward the END OF THE HALL as he and Carter dive to the floor.

Nothing happens.

Lee looks up, SEES a HOTEL EMPLOYEE pushing a room service CART, about to walk right past the package --


Lee and Carter run back to the bomb.

CARTER Pick it up!

LEE It's your turn!

CARTER I don't need a turn!

Carter picks it up, starts running with it through the hall, heading for the elevator.

LEE Throw it!

Carter is about to throw it in, when HE SEES AN OLDER COUPLE STANDING INSIDE.

HOTEL GUESTS Do you want us to hold the elevator?

CARTER Get the hell away from here!

Carter is still holding the bomb, doesn't know what to do with it --

LEE Stairs!

Carter throws him the bomb, and Lee runs to the stairs --


Lee is about to throw the bomb down the stairwell -- when he sees TWO MAIDS WALKING toward him.

CARTER Get out of the building!

Lee looks horrified as he hangs onto the package, has no choice but to throw it back to Carter.

LEE Roof!


Lee and Carter burst through the roof door - Carter trying to hold the bomb as far away from himself as possible. He looks over the side for a place to dump it - the streets are filled with PEOPLE AND CARS.

LEE Wait! There's people down there!

CARTER There's people up here!

LEE Get it out of here!

CARTER Take it!

Lee takes the bomb, quickly ROLLS IT across the roof -- Lee and Carter diving to the ground once again as the bomb slides to the center of the roof - COMING TO A STOP RIGHT IN FRONT OF ISABELLA. She's wearing a bathrobe now, clearly pissed off as she slowly bends down and picks up the package.

ISABELLA Get on your feet.

Lee and Carter stand and face Isabella - watch as Isabella begins to open the package.

CARTER I wouldn't do that!!!

LEE It's a bomb.

Isabella opens the package, removing a stack of a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS.

ISABELLA You see, no bomb. Now stay away before I throw you both in jail for obstruction.

CARTER Throw us in jail? I'm about to bust you right now.

ISABELLA I'm an undercover agent for the United States Secret Service.

CARTER How do we know you're not lying? Let me see your badge.

Isabella opens her bathrobe -- WE SEE a small BADGE pinned to her bra.

CARTER (CONT'D) Let me see it again?

LEE We can help you. I'm a detective in Hong Kong.

ISABELLA I know who you are, Inspector Lee.

LEE Then you know I'm not walking away from this case.

CARTER Yeah, that's right.

ISABELLA We need to get out of sight. Come down to my suite.


ISABELLA (she locks the door) Look, I've been working this case for months now...

CARTER So what's your story?

ISABELLA They think I'm a crooked customs agent.

Lee examines the stack of HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS from Hu Li's package. Carter checks out the suite, pocketing some of the food from the mini fridge.

LEE Is this a payoff?

ISABELLA No. It's a sample. You guys ever heard of the Superbill?

CARTER It's a myth. Some kind of counterfeit.

ISABELLA It's much more than a counterfeit. 14 out of 15 world banks can't tell the difference. The paper is Crane linen blend -- and the bills are printed on U.S. Intaglio presses.

CARTER How're they getting into the U.S. Mint to use the presses?

ISABELLA In 1959, the United States was very friendly with the Shah of Iran. We wanted his oil, so for the Shah's birthday, the government gave him a gift -- a U.S. Treasury Intaglio press. The only one to ever leave the country. Five years ago Ricky Tan bought that press on the black market.

LEE Five years ago?! (beat) That's right before he left the force.

Lee and Carter exchange looks.

ISABELLA It wasn't hard to spot the fakes until this past year. Then Tan got hold of one of a kind Swiss made hundred dollar plates -- and started making superbills.

LEE (understanding) And Hu Li killed him for the plates.

ISABELLA Yes. They've printed and shipped one hundred million dollars, and there's only one way to spot a fake.

Isabella lights a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL on fire, and it burns RED.

ISABELLA (CONT'D) They use an optical transfer ink from India that burns red -- the real ink burns black.

CARTER What the hell are they going to do with a hundred million dollars in funny money?

ISABELLA The real question is, where are the plates? If we can find the plates, we can stop the whole operation.

Isabella thinks for a beat.

ISABELLA (CONT'D) Maybe that's where you can help us. Carter, this is your city, right?

Carter nods.

ISABELLA (CONT'D) And Lee, you know Hu Li and the Triads?

Lee nods.

ISABELLA (CONT'D) Okay, find out where Hu Li's keeping the plates. (hands Lee a card with a phone number) Welcome aboard, gentlemen. From this moment on, you're working for the United States Secret Service.

Isabella opens the door to let Lee and Carter out. They exit quickly, trying to hide their excitement. CAMERA STAYS on Isabella as she takes out her CELL PHONE, punches in a number.

STERLING (O.S.) Sterling.

ISABELLA Lee and Carter are officially out of the Secret Service's way...


Lee and Carter, both wearing dark sunglasses, walk through the street trying their best to look like Secret Service Agents. They approach Carter's parked VETTE.

CARTER Secret Service Agent Carter. This is my calling, Lee. Give me six months and I'll be in Washington protecting a white guy.

LEE We both know you would never take a bullet for someone else.

CARTER They don't know that. What are they gonna do, try and shoot the President during the interview? I'll bet Isabella can pull some strings. You saw the way she was staring at me.

LEE She never even looked at you.

CARTER You're just jealous 'cos the girl picked me. I'm tall, dark and handsome, you're third world ugly.

LEE I am not third world ugly. Women like me, they think I'm cute. Like Snoopy.

CARTER Snoopy is about six inches taller than you. I'm sorry, Lee, you never had a chance.

Carter's had the last word, he gets into the Vette. Lee reluctantly gets in, too. EXT. CRENSHAW KITCHEN - CHINESE SOUL FOOD RESTAURANT - NIGHT

Carter's Vette pulls up in front of a hole in the wall.


Carter and Lee pass through the restaurant, only two tables are occupied.


Carter and Lee enter the busy kitchen where the OWNER, a BLACK MAN named KENNY, is yelling in Chinese to an over worked waiter. Kenny's wife, a spectacular looking Chinese woman, works the stove. A couple of cute half-black, half Asian kids run around the kitchen.

CARTER Kenny! How you doin'?

Kenny looks up at Carter. A cool, appraising glance.

CARTER (CONT'D) How's the action tonight? The house making out okay?

Kenny follows as Carter opens a door to --


MEN seated around several card tables, playing MAH-JONGG for big money. Lee and Kenny follow Carter inside. It's very smokey and very crowded.

CARTER (to Kenny) This is where I say I'm LAPD in a loud voice, they all scream and run and shit. Watch. It's real funny.

Kenny grabs Carter's shoulder, pulling him aside.

KENNY Come with me.


Kenny leads Carter and Lee in, closes the door.

KENNY Hear you got your ass kicked in Hong Kong, James.

CARTER What?? Where'd you hear that?

KENNY I got my sources.

CARTER And I got mine, meaning you. Nice how that works out. (beat) I'm serious this time, I'm closing this place down.

KENNY James, you see my kids back there? You know how much I'm paying for private school? How can you come in here with this attitude, you being little Chang's godfather?

CARTER Little Chang is gonna have to go visit his daddy in jail if you don't cooperate.

KENNY Jail!? James, you better back off. Badge or no badge, I'll kick your ass.

CARTER I'd like to see you try.

Kenny takes a step back and throws a lightning fast martial arts move. Lee gets in front of Carter to protect him -- countering Kenny's move.

KENNY (to Lee) We're on, then.

Kenny throws out another precision martial arts sequence -- Lee BLOCKS -- Kenny ends in an advanced fighting stance.

LEE (impressed) That's a good Twisting Tiger -- where did you learn that?

They switch to Chinese.

KENNY Master Ching taught me.

LEE The Praying Mantis school, in Bejing?

KENNY No. Freddy Ching's, in Crenshaw.

Lee smiles, Carter looks back and forth from Lee to Kenny.

KENNY (CONT'D) What are you doing hanging out with Baby Duck?

LEE Baby Duck?

KENNY That's what we all used to call him when he was a kid -- cause he was always quacking. Never shut up.

CARTER I heard that.

Lee and Kenny laugh.

CARTER (CONT'D) Look, I need some info and I don't have time to play around.

KENNY Is this about the funny money?

CARTER How'd you know?

KENNY You've been asking loud questions in all the wrong places all morning. How come you always save me for last, James? When are you gonna learn. Shit don't happen I don't know about.

CARTER So tell me what you know.

KENNY I know Teddy Wu is cranking out a pretty good double sawbuck -- but you knew that too, didn't you?

CARTER Yeah. We already been there. This is big, Kenny. Benjamins. Secret Service calls 'em superbills. Banks can't even tell the difference.

Kenny considers this for a moment.


KENNY One of my regulars lost fifty thousand dollars at the table here last week. I was about to send my boys down to tune his ass up, when the guy comes in and pays off the whole thing. Including the vig -- brand new sequential hundred dollar bills. I knew something was wrong. Cause this guy's got a regular job, no way he comes up with fifty grand in cash. But I tested the bills, infrared. The whole thing. And they checked out. 100%.

LEE Do you still have the bills?

KENNY I still have my lunch money from third grade.

CARTER Lemme see 'em.

Kenny pushes a Chinese painting aside to reveal a WALL SAFE. He opens the safe and hands Carter a $100 bill. Carter checks it out.

KENNY See. It's perfect.

Carter takes out a LIGHTER and holds the flame to it.

KENNY (CONT'D) Whoa, what are you doing?

Kenny's question is answered as the BILL BURNS BRIGHT RED.

KENNY (CONT'D) (pissed off) I knew it. The guy's name is Zing. He works at the kitchen at Reign Plaza.

CARTER All right, Kenny. Thanks. You're off the hook. For now.

Carter and Lee move for the door.

KENNY You sure you guys don't want to stay and have a bite? My wife's got the best mu shu this side of Compton.

Carter and Lee exchange a look as we CUT TO: EXT. REIGN PLAZA - DAY

Establishing. Carter and Lee park their car and walk inside.


Carter and Lee enter.

CARTER (to a worker) We're looking for a guy named Zing. Is he here?

Zing hears Carter, turns and sees them. Then RUNS. Carter and Lee exchange looks and run after him.


Zing sprints down an employee hallway, through a doorway and down some stairs. Carter and Lee in pursuit.


Carter and Lee burst out the door at the bottom of the stairway -- coming almost face to face with --


Who has her gun out. Waiting for them. ISABELLA is standing near by, and ZING is visible off to the side. An 18-WHEELER in the loading bay is just being shut and locked. A LIMO is parked beside it.

Lee and Carter both assume fighting positions. When most of the other WORKERS pull guns; other TRIAD SOLDIERS step out, putting their guns close on Lee and Carter. They can't blink without getting mowed down.

HU LI (in Chinese) The great Chief Inspector Lee -- I will be remembered for ridding the Triads of your petulance.

Hu Li savors the moment.

CARTER I hope you just said I have no business being here, 'cos I was just leaving.

Carter starts to leave, and Hu Li trains her gun on him, freezing him in his tracks. Isabella slowly walks several feet, ending up behind Lee as she speaks.

ISABELLA Hu Li, I think there's someone who will want to talk to them first.

Hu Li looks at Isabella, nods an acknowledgement. BANG! Lee falls. Isabella's knocked him out from behind with the butt of her gun.

BANG! Carter drops to one knee as Hu Li POUNDS him across the jaw with her fist.

CARTER ...oh, that's a filling right there. That's gonna cost you.

Hu Li lunges forward and KICKS Carter, sending him backwards.

HU LI Put them in the truck.

The WORKERS pick up Lee, bring him to the back of the truck.

CARTER I should kill you right now, but I'm gonna let you live, 'cause you're fine, and maybe you can be reformed.

The WORKERS start towards Carter. He holds up his hands.

CARTER (CONT'D) No more hitting. I'll get in the truck myself.

As Carter walks towards the truck by Hu Li, they exchange a look of sheer hatred. As soon as he passes by her, Hu Li COLDCOCKS Carter with her gun.


The eighteen wheeler, the limo and the black Lincoln Town car pull out of the loading dock, headed for the highway.


The truck pulls onto a HIGHWAY, the LIMO close behind it.


LEE and CARTER are in the back with crates filled with MONEY.

They're both in pain, trying to recover from the head blows. Carter is flexing his battered body.

LEE Are you okay?

CARTER What's the first thing I told you -- never trust nobody. How could you fall for that shit? I knew she was dirty.

LEE She saved our lives.

CARTER For how long? Face it, Lee, she's playing both sides.

Lee looks disappointed.

CARTER (CONT'D) Look, man I'm sorry. I know you got a thing for her.

LEE Shhh, my head hurts.

CARTER I'm about to be killed and you "Shhh" me! This wasn't my case, Lee. Ricky Tan didn't kill my father, the Fu-Cang Long are not in South Central. I didn't have to help you.

LEE Why did you help me?

CARTER It doesn't matter.

Lee thinks about this for a BEAT.

LEE I'm not used to having a partner.

CARTER We are not partners. Between your daddy, my daddy, and the beating I just took, as far as I can tell all partners get you is dead.

LEE Well we're not friends.

CARTER You got that right. And we ain't brothers. Maybe we should just end this right here.

LEE Fine with me.

CARTER I won't talk to you, you don't talk to me. We'll die in peace.

LEE See you in the next world.


CARTER I don't believe in reincarnation. So I won't see you in the next world.

LEE Fine.

CARTER I believe in heaven. You people believe in heaven?

LEE Yes. We have heaven.

CARTER Is it the same heaven, or is it a Chinese heaven?

LEE What's a Chinese heaven?

CARTER I thought it might be like those five foot and under basketball leagues. They don't let everybody in.

LEE I think we should stop talking.

CARTER Fine by me.


CARTER (CONT'D) You thinking about that girl that dumped you?


CARTER If she was the right girl, you'd be thinking about her.

LEE Mind your own business.

CARTER How was the sex?

LEE There was no sex. She was very traditional. We were waiting until we were married.

CARTER You're kidding. No sex? Nothing? No mu-shu?

LEE No mu-shu.

CARTER What about a little king pao chicken?

LEE No kung pao chicken. Never.

CARTER Steamed dumplings?

LEE Once in a while, steamed dumplings. But only when she was drunk.

CARTER That's rough, man. If I don't get steamed dumplings once a week, I go crazy.

LEE Tell me the truth, Carter. Do you think I have a good voice?

CARTER Are you serious?

LEE Forget it. It doesn't matter.

Lee turns away from Carter.

CARTER As long as you're asking...I think you have a pretty good voice.

LEE I knew it. What does she know. You want me to sing something?

CARTER That depends. How do the Fu-Cang-Long usually kill their victims?

LEE They'll probably torture us first, shock our privates, then put two bullets in our eyes and one in the back of the head.

CARTER Go ahead. Sing your ass off.

Lee clears his voice.

LEE Did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world...and if you did, was she crying, crying...hey!


The 18-WHEELER drives by followed by the LIMO.


Hu Li and Isabella sit in the back of one of the limos that is driving behind the truck. Hu Li is on the car phone.

HU LI Don't worry, the plates are safe. Yes, the dragon's been fed.

She HANGS UP and glances at Isabella, who is doing her best to appear completely uninterested.


The LIMO splits off from the 18-WHEELER.


Carter works at opening one of the crates. Lee steps up, takes a deep breath, searches the crate looking for the sweet spot, and PUNCHES a hole in one of the thick boards. They start prying the crate open.

CARTER Very nice.

LEE It's focus. Every opponent has a weak spot. You ignore everything around you, and put all your energy into one perfect strike.

CARTER I'll remember that next time I'm fighting a box.

Carter opens the crate -- it's filled with SUPERBILLS, about $1,000,000 worth. He tosses a stack to Lee.

CARTER (CONT'D) Hello, Benjamin.

LEE Who's Benjamin?

CARTER Benjamin Franklin, he discovered electricity.

LEE A Chinese man discovered electricity.

CARTER No Chinese man discovered electricity.

LEE Yes he did. He also invented the bicycle.

CARTER Now that I believe.

Carter pockets two stacks of superbills. Lee looks at him.

CARTER (CONT'D) You never know. Besides, I always wanted to die rich.

The truck lurches.

LEE We're slowing down. This must be it.

CARTER End of the line.

LEE You've been a good friend, James Carter.

CARTER Oh no you don't. Don't you be getting corny on me, Lee. I'll kick your ass from here to Compton.

LEE You could never kick my ass. You mama's boy.

CARTER Don't you talk about my mama. (winks at Lee) That's more like it.


The truck is parked in the underground loading docks. It's approached by FOUR TRIAD SOLDIERS. Soldier #1 opens the TRUCK'S DOUBLE DOORS to find.

Lee and Carter are gone. Except for boxes of money, the truck bed is EMPTY.

Two soldiers enter the truck bed.


Lee and Carter WEDGED up against the CEILING of the truck bed. Above the doors and over the soldiers.

Lee and Carter SWING DOWN in unison -- knocking both soldiers to the ground. In the next instant:


still holding on to the door frame -- swings and backflips onto the roof of the truck.


who swings onto the ground -- grabbing one of the guards to use a shield as gunfire erupts.

Lee jumps off the truck, knocking the last guard to the ground. He then grabs the guard Carter is using as a shield and together THEY SWING him into the truck -- KNOCKING DOWN the first two guards.

Carter and Lee slam the back doors SHUT -- bolting them CLOSED and run like hell - scrambling into what looks like the closest way out:

A LARGE OPEN PIPE on the side of the tunnel.


Lee and Carter run through - it extends out from the underground loading docks.

LEE This way. I see some lights.

Lee and Carter spot a tiny sliver of light coming through a MANHOLE COVER. They start climbing up the metal stairs that lead up to the street.


The blvd.'s packed with PEOPLE and CARS.


Lee and Carter coming up from the manhole -- standing together in stunned disbelief as they look out at the LAS VEGAS STRIP. They cover their eyes, blinded by the greatest light show in the world.

LEE Vegas...

CARTER Lee. I just got an idea how someone could launder a hundred million dollars in cash.

They both turn around and come FACE TO FACE WITH:

A TEN-STORY DRAGON. Fire shoots from its nostrils every 60 SECONDS. EXT. RED DRAGON HOTEL AND CASINO - NIGHT

FIRE BALLS BLOW out over the strip as Lee and Carter look up at the RED DRAGON. The HUGE NEON SIGN READS: GRAND OPENING - EVERYBODY'S A WINNER!

Lee and Carter come out of the sewer.

LEE Red Dragon.

CARTER That was the name of Ricky Tan's boat.

Lee and Carter watch as limos pull up to the front of the hotel -- it's like a HOLLYWOOD PREMIERE. The richest of the rich are making their way inside.

LEE Let's go.

CARTER Wait a second. We can't go in like this. Look at this place, we gotta look fly. We gotta Mac out.

LEE What is Mac out?

CARTER Follow me my Asian brother.

Carter and Lee start to walk away.

CARTER (CONT'D) Just stay down wind, because I think you stepped in some serious rat shit down there.


Lee and Carter are walking into the upscale clothing store.


As they enter, a SALESMAN approaches them.

SALESMAN May I help you gentlemen?

Carter flashes his biggest smile as he pulls out a stack of superbills.

CARTER Black. 42-long. Nothing touches this body but pure silk. And get my partner something from the children's department.

Carter puts his hand on Lee's shoulder.

SALESMAN Would your partner like silk as well? I personally like it when a couple matches.

Carter takes his hand off Lee's shoulder.

CARTER Couple? No, you got it wrong, there's no couple here. Just two single police officers working a very dangerous case.

LEE Yes. We have lots of big men chasing us.

SALESMAN I'm sure all the boys are chasing you two. Don't worry, I'll make you guys the bell of the ball.

He WINKS as he walks off, and Carter looks at Lee.

CARTER This is the last time I go shopping with you.


Lee and Carter enter frame, dressed to kill - perfectly tailored couture Versace suits, gold watches, the whole bit. Le is awkward in "player" guise.

CARTER (whispering) Remember, Lee, you're a player now. You own the place.

Carter pulls out his ALTOIDS, and he and Lee each take one as they walk through the doors.

LEE I own the place.


Carter STRUTS through the lobby, Lee doing his best to imitate Carter's pimp and roll. THEY WALK PAST THE GIANT BUDDHA --

CARTER That looks exactly like my Uncle Darrell.

LEE Buddha is the symbol of luck and good fortune.

CARTER Buddha is the symbol for fat and lazy. The man has the biggest tits in Asia.

They are moving through the MAIN ENTRY HALL lined with TERRA COTTA CHINESE SOLDIERS - posed and dressed for battle.

RICKSHAWS and BICYCLES take people through the hotel. The MAIN CASINO is roped off and empty. People crowded around the perimeter - a sign reads:

SIGN $50,000 buy in -- EVERYBODY'S A WINNER!

The LIGHTS DIM - a spotlight comes on and finds STEVEN REIGN on the balcony overlooking the ENTRANCE.

STEVEN REIGN A thousand years ago, a small, wealthy village in China hired a young Dragon to guard their treasure in a cave, hoping to scare off potential bandits. Their plan worked quite well, until the people of the village started sneaking the Dragon extra food -- hoping to make him bigger and stronger. The Dragon ate so much and grew so big -- that he eventually got stuck inside the cave -- and the treasure was stuck behind him for all eternity. (beat) Ladies and gentlemen, I have found that lost treasure. It is here, inside the greatest casino in the world! Welcome to the Red Dragon, where everybody is a winner!

Reign smiles, flips a switch -- the CASINO COMES TO LIFE. Fireworks, bright lights, endless rows of tables, dealers waiting.

A BAND PLAYS on a stage in the casino lounge.

Chinese ACROBATS perform suspended from the ceiling and on the balconies above.

Applause all around as the FLAME shoots out of the dragon's nostrils and the acrobats perform. Carter and Lee walk down the red carpet.

CARTER (to waitress) Bring us some twelve-year old scotch... (to a cigarette girl) Get us a box of your finest cigars. (to a change girl) Give me ten dollars in nickels. INT. CASINO - NIGHT


Dice ROLLING on a craps table.

CRAPS DEALER Winner! Seven!


Hundred dollar slot machines paying out jackpots.

GAMBLERS winning all over the casino. Then going to the main cage and exchanging their chips for SUPERBILLS.

CARTER Look at this place, Lee. The biggest front in the world.

As people pour into the casino, Steven Reign is making his way through the crowd, shaking hands and posing for pictures.

LEE Carter...here comes the rich white man.

CARTER Wait here. I'll handle this.

As Carter walks off, a WOMAN grabs Lee and pulls him onto the dance floor.


The woman spins to face Lee, her face half-hidden under the dance floor lights.

ISABELLA Put your arms around me.

LEE Excuse me?

Isabella grabs him around the waist, pulls him close.

ISABELLA Hold me close. There's cameras everywhere.

An ASIAN BAND sings STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT as Lee tries his best to slow dance. An intimate moment between Isabella and Lee, her face nestled in the crook of his neck, hiding her face.

LEE What's going on?

ISABELLA I need your help.

LEE Last time you needed my help I ended up in the back of a truck.

ISABELLA I'm undercover. I had no choice. You have to trust me.

Lee starts to get into the music, moving his hips in a slow, sensual rhythm.

ISABELLA (CONT'D) You move well.

LEE Just trying to make it look real.

ISABELLA Look over there. That's the eye in the sky room.

Lee looks over her shoulder.

ISABELLA (CONT'D) Behind me is the soft count room. We're pretty sure the plates are back there.

LEE Why don't you go get them?

ISABELLA If I'm wrong then my cover is blown.


As Steven Reign makes his way through the casino, Carter steps right in front of him, giving him a big hug.

CARTER Stevie, how's it going my man? Somebody get a picture, we can use it for a mug shot.

STEVEN REIGN Detective Carter, you always seem to show up where you don't belong.

CARTER Lemme ask you something, Steven. And I want the truth. Is there any way I can date your daughter? Just dinner and a movie, maybe go listen to some jazz...

STEVEN REIGN Vegas has been my town for 30 years. I crawled out from under the first rock. Do you really think you can intimidate me here?

CARTER You're right, you're a smart guy. Most counterfeiters only get ten cents on the dollar. But this is an even swap. Pure genius.

STEVEN REIGN You play games with me, Detective, and you'll lose every time. Don't forget. The odds are always in favor of the house.

Reign walks off with his men. Carter watches him leave.


Lee is dancing close with Isabella.

ISABELLA The Secret Service almost busted Reign at his casino in Macao, but the place burned down before we could move in.

LEE How do I know I can trust you?


Lee dips her, holds her in his arms for a long BEAT.

ISABELLA (CONT'D) I'm asking for real now -- will you help the Secret Service?

LEE No. (beat) But I'll help you.

Lee holds her for a long BEAT, their lips almost touching. He finally lets her go, and she disappears into the crowd. Carter walks up, sees Lee standing alone on the dance floor.

CARTER Lee, what the hell are you doing?

LEE Dancing?

CARTER Dancing? I'm out here trying to strong arm Steven Reign, putting my life on the line, and you're up here dancing with some bimbo. Did she have a friend?

LEE It was Isabella. She says the plates are in the soft count room.

Lee motions to the room, where WE SEE a SECURITY GUARD standing in front of a small door.

CARTER Isabella? Are you crazy, man? She almost got us killed. She's setting you up again!

LEE No. I'm going to find out.

CARTER Wait a second. There's guards all over the place. You'll need a distraction.

Carter looks around the casino.

CARTER (CONT'D) I'll go to the craps table, make a big scene. When security comes over, you make your move.

LEE Try to keep them busy for five minutes.

CARTER I'll give it my best shot. INT. CASINO - CONTINUOUS

Carter walks up to a CRAPS TABLE, everyone turning to stare.

CRAPS DEALER Sir, you're aware that we require a fifty-thousand dollar buy in to gamble here this weekend?

Carter throws a HUNDRED THOUSAND in $100 BILLS onto the table.

CARTER I saw the sign, I can read. Now gimme a hundred-thousand in chips. And a Diet Coke and some wash-n-dries. Let's move, people, I came to play.

The DEALER pushes 100K worth of CHIPS in front of Carter.

CARTER (CONT'D) What the hell is that?

CRAPS DEALER Those are five hundred dollar chips.

CARTER Did you give me five-hundred dollar chips because I'm black?

CRAPS DEALER No, I just assumed...

CARTER You assumed a brother coming in here can only afford five-hundred dollars a roll, is that right? Are you a racist?


CARTER (starting to scream) Everyone else at the table has thousand dollar chips, but the black man gets the nickel, is that it? Did my people survive two-hundred years of slavery so you could send us back to the cotton fields with five-hundred dollar chips? Do I look like Chicken George to you?

The PIT BOSS gets on his walkie-talkie.

PIT BOSS Floor security, we have a problem at table nine.


The SECURITY GUARD lowers his walkie-talkie, starts moving towards Carter's table.


TWO SECURITY GUARDS approach Carter's table.

CARTER Answer me one question. How come Ben Vereen isn't performing here at the hotel? Is Ben Vereen not good enough for you people?

PIT BOSS Lionel Ritchie is performing here tonight.

CARTER Lionel Ritchie hasn't been black since the Commodores.

PIT BOSS Sir, you're going to have to calm down.

Carter watches as Lee moves past the guard and makes his way into the soft count room.

CARTER I have a dream, where black people and white people can gamble together without getting different chips!

A BIG CROWD has gathered as the Security Guards try and push their way through. The pit boss picks up the phone, calls upstairs.

CARTER (CONT'D) Sing with me! "We shall overcome!"

Carter starts clapping, and the confused crowd joins in as the Security Guards move in.

CARTER (CONT'D) Thank you. Now in the spirit of brotherhood, let's play craps!


Lee walks into the hallway, moving like a cat as he hugs the walls and tries to make his way to the soft count room.

He hears noise, TWO SECURITY GUARDS coming behind him through the casino door. He has no choice but to crawl over the back of a money cart and hug the top. He lies as still as he can, trying not to be seen -- until he realizes he's staring directly into the EYE IN THE SKY cameras that are in the ceiling.


as he passes directly under the camera, clearly mouthing the words "oh shit" as he rolls by.

Lee looks to his left, sees the SOFT COUNT ROOM -- a mountain of COUNTERFEIT SUPERBILLS that are waiting to be paid out. On the opposite side, the REAL MONEY is being WHEELED OUT toward a waiting TRUCK that is parked at the back door.

Lee sees two more cameras in the ceiling, knows his cover is blown. He jumps down off the cart, is standing in front of the locked vault. There's no way to get the plates. Isabella has set him up again.

He turns and smiles at the confused SECURITY GUARDS.

LEE Hi. How's it going? You guys have change for a twenty?

The GUARDS make their move. And Lee starts to fight them down the hall, using the cart as a shield as he RAMS into TWO MORE GUARDS, fights them off as he turns the corner toward the casino door -- but he gets slammed to the ground by a right cross.

Hu Li threw the punch, a roll of quarters in her hand as she stands over him with FIVE TRIAD SOLDIERS. She holds a knife to Lee's throat.

HU LI (in Chinese) Open your mouth.

She puts the small grenade in Lee's mouth, tapes it shut. She holds the detonator in her hand.

HU LI (CONT'D) (continuing in Chinese) That's a ying-tao grenade, Inspector. Please follow me or I'll blow 32 teeth into your brain.


A crowd has gathered behind Carter who is at the table rolling dice, a huge stack of chips in front of him.

CRAPS DEALER Winner six!

CARTER How much is that?

CRAPS DEALER Two-hundred thousand!

CARTER Two-hundred thousand dollars? Who wants a hundred dollars?

Carter turns to the MAN next to him, who wears a traditional AFRICAN ROBE and is standing with a giant blonde escort.

CARTER (CONT'D) Here, your highness, have a hundred dollars. The Viagra is on me tonight!

GAMBLER (South African accent) I am not royalty, sir.

CARTER Don't say that, we're all royalty. My great grandmammy was Queen Nephertit -- we probably cousins, man. How much you got on the table?

GAMBLER One million.

CARTER Yeah, we definitely cousins now. Who wants to blow on my hand for luck?

Carter turns to a BIG TEXAN who is standing with a GORGEOUS YOUNG GIRL who is falling out of her dress.

CARTER (CONT'D) Hey, Marlboro man, you mind if your lady blows on my hand for luck?

TEXAN (embarrassed) She's not my lady. She's my niece.

CARTER Can I come over for Thanksgiving? Come on, baby, give me some luck.

The GIRL blows on the dice, and Carter stares down at her.

CARTER (CONT'D) Nice blowing. When's your next birthday, I'll be the cake.

TEXAN Hey, buddy, watch yourself.

CARTER Don't threaten me. I got friends in this town that will bite off your ears. Just sit tight, because I've got the dice and I am on fire!

Carter throws the dice.

CRAPS DEALER Winner, seven!

The table erupts as Carter grabs the dice.


The elevator doors OPEN and Lee is led toward the eye in the sky room by Hu Li and the three Triads. As they walk into the room, the Triads remain outside guarding the room.


FORTY VIDEO MONITORS show every inch of the hotel. A MAN stands in front of the two-way mirror looking down at the casino, the reflection off the glass obscuring his features.

Lee has the tape around his mouth and his hands tied behind his back as he's led into the room by Hu Li.

RICKY TAN Imagine a business where people hand you money. And you hand them back absolutely nothing.

Ricky Tan - alive and well, turns around and stares at Lee. Isabella is standing next to him. Lee is shocked at the sight of Ricky Tan alive.

RICKY TAN (CONT'D) Now that's a true American dream. Thanks to a few pieces of metal and a very greed driven US Customs agent.

Ricky Tan walks toward Lee, starts to smile.

RICKY TAN (CONT'D) Look at you, you're ridiculous. You know it didn't have to be like this. But it's too bad! Like father, like son.

Lee stares at Isabella for a BEAT. Hu Li motions to one of the monitors.

HU LI (in Chinese) He's going for the plates.

Ricky Tan looks at one of the MONITORS, sees Steven Reign walking down a hallway, about to walk into the PENTHOUSE SUITE.

RICKY TAN Look at this old fool, what does he think he's doing?

Ricky Tan shifts his attention back to Lee.

RICKY TAN (CONT'D) It's almost impossible to find a partner that's trustworthy and loyal. Wouldn't you agree, Lee?


We see Carter at the craps table having the time of his life. Ricky Tan turns to walk out of the room, motioning to Isabella as he goes.

RICKY TAN (CONT'D) Well, at least you will die with honor. But choy Gien.

SUBTITLES: "Won't see you again."


Carter has two racks of chips in front of him, a huge crowd surrounding him.

CRAPS DEALER Winner! Four, winner!

CARTER I'm up a hundred and fifty-grand. That's a Ferrari. Do they sell those here in the gift shop? Somebody cash me out!

Several TRIAD SOLDIERS dressed like SECURITY GUARDS approach Carter's table.

PIT BOSS Sir, we'd like to escort you to the cashier.

CARTER That would be great. Don't want any of these rich white people to jump me.

As they walk toward the door marked "VIP ROOM", Carter glances at the MEN, knows he's in deep shit.


Ricky Tan turns to Hu Li.

RICKY TAN Chai Hu Li. ("Little Fox") Have fun.

Ricky Tan walks out. Hu Li holds the detonator up to Lee, plays with the button.

HU LI (in Chinese) In a few minutes...you'll beg me to push this button.

Hu Li pulls her KNIFE, moves towards Lee. She holds the blade to his face. About to cut him. When Isabella pulls her gun.

Isabella walks toward Lee, whose hands are still tied behind his back. Hu Li clutches the detonator in one hand, her knife in the other. She takes a step toward Isabella.

ISABELLA It's time to end this, Inspector.

Isabella cocks the gun, spins back and kicks the detonator from Hu Li's hand -- slamming her against the wall and sticking the gun under her chin.

ISABELLA (CONT'D) Don't move! United States Secret Service.

Hu Li WHIPS her KNIFE around, catches Isabella across the hand -- the GUN SLIDING across the room near the detonator -- the TWO WOMEN fight around it.

Lee watches them almost step on it - dives to the floor and rolls toward the detonator. He's about to grab it when:


They're about to move in.

HU LI Get the detonator!

The Triads go for the detonator -- as Lee gets to his feet, KICKS Hu Li's legs out from under her.

One of the Triads about to pick up the detonator - but Lee gets to him first. He fights with one hand tied behind his back.

Hu Li and Isabella fight it out in the EYE IN THE SKY ROOM.

Lee gets kicked towards the Eye In The Sky WINDOW.


Two security guards lead Carter away from the table when:


An AIRBORNE Lee rockets through the EYE IN THE SKY WINDOW. In a rain of glass, he lands HARD on the casino floor.

The NOISE grabs everyone's attention, including:


The guards restrain him.

CARTER (CONT'D) Lemme ask you something. Any of you ever felt $500,000 before?

He SLAMS THE RACK OF CHIPS ACROSS THEIR FACES -- chips flying as the GUARDS hit the floor.

CARTER (CONT'D) Doesn't feel so good, does it?


Hu Li picks up the detonator. WHACK! A heeled foot kicks it from her grasp. Isabella has recovered! The detonator FLIES OUT THE BROKEN WINDOW.


On his back, Lee watches the detonator SAIL OVER HIS HEAD AND DISAPPEAR into the crowd. It lands on a DRINK CART. Before Lee can get there, a WAITRESS changes trays and carries the detonator on her rounds.

Panicked, Lee searches for the detonator. He JUMPS atop a BLACKJACK TABLE to get a better vantage. He can't see it, but he does see:


Carter on top of a CRAPS TABLE, keeping security guards at bay with a croupier stick.

CARTER Black man gets on a hot streak and you're all trippin'?

Carter and Lee see each other. They have the same simultaneous though:

CARTER (CONT'D) (help!) Lee!

LEE (help!) MMMMMM!!!!

Carter is Lee's only hope to get the bomb out of his mouth. But from here to there, a MASS OF PEOPLE. The quickest way is the HIGH WAY.

Lee leaps from TABLE to TABLE. Scattering playing cards. Reaching the carpeted divide...Lee doesn't stop. He launches off the bent-over back of a high roller -- landing on a RICKSHAW, SURFING IT to the tables on the other side.

Carter looks around for Lee, catches a glimpse of the Eye in the Sky Room. He grins.

CARTER Check it out. Catfight!

POW! He socks a GUARD in the face.


Isabella and Hu Li are locked in battle. Rolling to the floor, they both see the gun. They scramble over each other to get to it first.


A security guard CLIMBS on the table to level Carter when Lee arrives. He kicks the guard off and turns to Carter, his plea MUFFLED.

CARTER What the HELL are you doing with tape on your face?

No time to explain -- two more security guards arrive. Kicks and punches fly, but Lee CAN'T GET HIT IN THE MOUTH! He bobs and weaves, holding his hands to Carter to untie them in between swings. Suddenly:

BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! GUNSHOTS from the Eye In The Sky Room.

Everyone HITS THE DECK. Carter and Lee dive on to the floor as panic ripples through the Casino. People FLEE for the EXITS.

THE WAITRESS DESERTS HER TRAY. It gets knocked over and TIPS on the floor. The DETONATOR LANDS feet away from Carter.

CARTER (CONT'D) This can't be good.

Lee's eyes BUG - he sees it too, feet STAMPEDING past it! A high heel misses it by a fraction of an inch. He LUNGES for it, manages to CRADLE it in his taped hands when --

WHAM! He is BUMPED and it FLIES AWAY. The second it hits the floor, it is KICKED, skittering down the red carpet.

ABOVE...the victor emerges in the Eye in the Sky Room. Hu Li STEPS OUT on the PAGODA ROOF and JUMPS DOWN.

The DETONATOR ROLLS right past Hu Li. As she bends to PICK up the detonator, Lee knows he won't get there in time. Horrified, he SCREAMS at CARTER through the tape.

Hu Li lifts the detonator.

Carter finally pulls the TAPE OFF Lee's face.

Lee SPITS the grenade into the air.

LEE (diving on Carter) Bomb!!!

Hu Li HITS the TRIGGER just as it lands on a roulette table.


The table is BLOWN OFF IT'S FOUNDATION. Chips and cash volcano. Hu Li is blown backwards by the force of the blast. SHEER PANDEMONIUM grips the casino.


Carter and Lee peer out from behind a row of slot machines. The place is deserted.

CARTER Why didn't you tell me you had a bomb in your mouth?

LEE I did!

CARTER No you didn't!

LEE Yes I did. I said MMMMMM!

A hand on Carter's arm. THIS IS SERIOUS. LEE (CONT'D) Ricky Tan is alive.

CARTER What?!?!

LEE We have to get to the Penthouse.

Lee jumps up, SPRINTS toward the elevators at the dragon end of the casino.

CARTER Hold on!

Carter stuffs his pockets with chips, then races after Lee. But halfway up the carpet. Carter stops. Lee turns to see what is holding him up.

Hu Li SURVIVED the blast and Carter has turned to face her.

CARTER (CONT'D) You go after Ricky. I got this.

LEE Carter...


Lee turns and runs off past the dragon. Unfortunately, FIVE TRIADS block his path. In a flurry of PUNCHES, Lee makes short work of them, and races toward the elevators.


Each readying in their own manner. Hu Li carefully wraps her long hair into a bun on top of her head. Carter stretches, flexes, ready to sting like a bee.

CARTER (CONT'D) I'm not gonna hold you back this time just because you're a woman. I'm gonna pretend you're a man.

She pulls off her jacket, prepares to fight him in her undershirt.

CARTER (CONT'D) A very beautiful man with a perfect body who I'd like to take to the movies.

She takes a sword from a Terra Cotta statue, SWINGS IT AROUND like a master.

CARTER (CONT'D) I may have been absent the day we went over this in karate class.

Quick, Carter reaches for a fighting stick off a Terra Cotta soldier. WHOOSH! She SLICES IT IN HALF. Carter reaches for another. SLICE! She's toying with him.


Lee's in the elevator as the doors close. SUDDENLY, a HAND cuts through, parting the doors.

It's ISABELLA! A wound on her shoulder.

LEE Are you okay?

ISABELLA I'm fine.

She steps in, too weak and starts to fall. Lee grabs her and holds her in his arms. HE gently helps her down.

LEE I didn't know which side you were on.

ISABELLA Now you know.

DING! The elevator doors open. Isabella holds up a ROOM KEY - the key to the SUITE. Lee takes the key, backs away and steps into the elevator.

ISABELLA (CONT'D) I'll try to get backup. Be careful.

The elevator doors close. INT. PENTHOUSE SUITE - CONTINUOUS

Steven Reign is closing the safe. There are stacks of HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS on his desk, which he's putting in a black bag along with the plates. As he turns around, he comes face-to-face with Ricky Tan.

RICKY TAN American's love to gamble. Don't they, Mr. Reign?

STEVEN REIGN I'm cutting our deal short. I'm leaving.

RICKY TAN And my plates?

STEVEN REIGN They stay with me. I'm sure you won't have a problem with that.

Reign shows Tan the gun in his belt. Grabs the bag and starts to walk toward the door.

RICKY TAN I enjoyed that little story you told about the Dragon and the treasure. My mother used to tell it to me all the time. Do you know the moral of that story, Mr. Reign?

STEVEN REIGN Greed will imprison us all.

Tan grabs Reign from behind and stabs him with a knife.

RICKY TAN I hate that fortune cookie shit.

Lee BURSTS through the suite door - watches as Reign falls dead to the floor. Ricky takes the black bag off the desk.

LEE Put the plates down.

Ricky Tan looks down at the gun in Reign's belt.


WHOOSH! Another Terra Cotta fighting stick is in half in Carter's hands.

CARTER Will you STOP?!?! (picks up cocktail umbrella) What am I supposed to fight you with?

No more toying. Hu Li CHARGES Carter, who GRABS a ROULETTE WHEEL as a MAKESHIFT SHIELD. She SLICES it in HALF! He's got nowhere to hide.

She JABS him with the sword. Carter SCREAMS. Falls back against the table, clutching his chest. Hu Li WINDMILLS, kicking a Terra Cotta soldier on top of Carter, but --


The DOUBLE-BLADED BAMBOO POLE in its hand ricochets back and she is PIERCED THROUGH THE SHOULDER with the blade. Staring at Carter in stunned disbelief, she drops to her knees.

Carter walks toward her, considers his options, then KICKS HER IN THE HEAD, knocking her out.

CARTER (CONT'D) When are you people gonna learn? Don't mess with the brothas!

WEAK in the KNEES, Carter looks to the SOUND ON HIS CHEST. He reaches through the slice in his jacket. Instead of a hand covered in blood, it comes out with a THICK WAD OF CASH!

CARTER (CONT'D) Thank you, Benjamin!

Carter runs for the elevator. INT. PENTHOUSE SUITE - CONTINUOUS

Lee is walking toward Ricky Tan, the two men circling Reign's body.

RICKY TAN You're just like your father, Lee. All these years hiding behind his badge. I wanted to help him, to share with him, but he was too afraid of change. When you think about it, I didn't really kill him. I just put him out of his misery.

LEE Put the plates down. It's over.

RICKY TAN I don't think it's over. There are casinos all over this country. Let me make you a rich man, Lee. Don't make the same mistake he did.

Ricky glances at the gun in Reign's belt.

LEE If you reach for that gun, I'm going to kill you.

RICKY TAN Don't you remember? I'm already dead.

Ricky makes a play for the gun, but Lee is much too fast, taking the gun and pushing Ricky against the wall just as Carter bursts in the room.

CARTER Hey, Ricky, how's it going man? What's up, Lee?

Lee has the gun pressed to Tan's head. We've never seen him like this before.

RICKY TAN Would you like me to tell you how your father died?

CARTER Lee, you okay?

Lee doesn't respond. He keeps an eye on Ricky.

RICKY TAN He never begged for his life. Or tried to make a deal. All that he asked me, just seconds before I pulled the trigger, was that I promise not to kill you.

Lee's finger is on the trigger -- he wants to pull the trigger but can't.

CARTER Lee, wait a second. It's not worth it, man. He's making you do this.

LEE It's worth it to me.

RICKY TAN Do you have it in you, Lee? Or are you gonna spend the rest of your life hiding like your father?

CARTER C'mon, Lee. He's going to jail. You won, now just put the gun down.

Lee is trying to pull the trigger, but he can't.

RICKY TAN That's what I thought.

Tan takes the black bag and swings it toward Lee -- the plates hit him across the face and knock him down.


Tan reaches for it and is about to pull the trigger when:

Lee and Carter come flying at him TOGETHER. Both KICKING HIM SQUARE IN THE CHEST.

Tan falls back, SMASHING THROUGH THE WINDOW. Lee tries to grab Tan's hand, their fingers touch for a split second.

But Tan pulls his hand away and falls 20 STORIES to the street below.




Lee and Carter are looking down at the street, both relieved it's finally over. Carter puts his hand on Lee's shoulder.

CARTER I don't know about you, but I need a wine cooler.

As they turn to the door -- Hu Li is walking toward them, bleeding and half-dead. She has ANOTHER BOMB IN HER HAND. This one twice the size of the one from earlier.

HU LI (in Chinese) We'll go together, Inspector.

CARTER Please tell me she just asked for a ride to the airport.

Hu Li hits the switch - starts to smile. Lee and Carter turn and RUN for the OPEN WINDOW.


Lee and Carter DIVE OUT THE WINDOW, grab a cable just as the PENTHOUSE BLOWS!

The FIREBALL SHOOTS out as they start to slide down the side of the hotel.


Lee and Carter SWING toward a HUGE "GRAND OPENING" BANNER. They flip under it, do a loop before they SLAM AGAINST THE SIGN.

It's KNOCKED LOOSE and they fall with it toward VEGAS BLVD.

Lee and Carter hang on as they drop to the street. A HUGE TRUCK speeds toward them as they hold on for their lives. The entire STRIP SPEEDING toward them.

LEE I can't believe I flew ten-thousand miles for this shit!!

They lift their feet just as the TRUCK PASSES. The sign dips and they fall straight down into the open sunroof of a LARGE STRETCH LIMO. INT. LIMOUSINE - CONTINUOUS

Lee and Carter land in the back. Slam into their seats and try to catch their breath. The TWO MEN STARTING TO LAUGH when they realize they're alive!

CARTER We made it, man.

LEE No problem.

Lee and Carter look up to see the VERSACE SALESMAN and FOUR OF HIS FRIENDS sitting in the back of the limo staring at them. The BOYS are all drinking champagne and dressed for a night on the town.

VERSACE SALESMAN Well, there is a God after all.

Lee and Carter exchange looks as the limo stops in front of the hotel.

LIMO DRIVER Here we are. The Red Dragon hotel.

In front of the hotel WE SEE FIRE TRUCKS, AMBULANCE, POLICE CARS and Isabella and Sterling arresting TWENTY TRIADS.

VERSACE SALESMAN We're all going gambling and then to see Siegried and Roy. I hope you two are feeling lucky!


Lee is talking with a bandaged Isabella, who is standing with Sterling and several other SECRET SERVICE AGENTS. Lee and Isabella hug goodbye. As she walks off to board her plane, Lee slowly walks back to Carter who is smiling.

CARTER I saw that. She kissed you, didn't she? You played it cool, though. Walking away, never looking back.

LEE She's going home to New York. I need some ice.

Lee and Carter watch as she gets on the plane.

CARTER That your gate down there?

LEE Yes.

CARTER I'm this way. I guess this is goodbye.

LEE I guess so. Thank you, Carter.

CARTER You take care of yourself, Lee.

Carter steps back, BOWS TO LEE. Lee SHAKES CARTER'S HAND like a brother. The two men smile. Turn to walk away.

LEE Carter, wait. There's something I want you to have.

Lee pulls a BADGE from his pocket. Hands it to Carter.

CARTER Your father's badge? No way, man. I can't take this.

LEE It's okay. I can finally let it go.

Carter takes the badge. Smiles.

CARTER In that case, I got something for you. I picked it up at the hotel.

Carter pulls out a WAD OF CASH.

LEE What is this?

CARTER About fifty grand. I won it at the tables.

LEE No, Carter. I can't take this.

CARTER It's okay, I got lots more.

Carter pulls out another wad of cash.

CARTER (CONT'D) They owe us, man. That's the least they can do.

LEE This money is evidence.

CARTER Come on, Lee. Stop being a cop for five minutes and live it up. There must be something you want.

Lee looks back toward Isabella.

LEE I always wanted to go to Madison Square Garden. See the Knicks play.

CARTER New York City?

LEE First class.

CARTER The Plaza Hotel?

LEE A little Mu-shu.

CARTER Some Kung-Pao?

They look at each other, smile.

CARTER (CONT'D) I could use a little vacation.

LEE Amen to that, brother.

As Lee and Carter start to walk away together, the MUSIC SWELLS. "WAR" starts to PLAY. They dance their way through a crowd of people, their arms raised as the two friends make their way through the airport. END CREDITS




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