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CHARLIE Good. But stay here or at Jess's. No hikes or anything. We're issuing a warning about those bears.

Off Bella's nod --


SERIES OF CUTS - Bella tries to navigate her way to the meadow. She refers to a map, a compass.

BELLA (V.O.) I was more afraid of the hole in my chest than I was of bears. Without Jacob, I needed Edward more than ever...

Bella tries a trail; it doesn't look familiar. Backtracks. Tries another.

BELLA (V.O.) ... I needed to know he existed. There was only one place I might find him, or the feeling of him...

FLASHPOP - THE MEADOW - Edward and Bella lie in the grass surrounded by flowers, sunlight dappling them. They look lovingly into one another's eyes...

BACK ON BELLA - the memory and her desperation fuel her. Finally, she sees a clearing ahead, hurries toward it --


-- Bella steps into the clearing, hopeful... but her face falls. In contrast to the warmth of her memory, the meadow is cold, gloomy, cloudy. And no Edward. She closes her eyes, trying to force Edward here.

Nothing. Her eyes open on the empty, overcast meadow.

Bella sinks to her knees. Tears threatening. But then she hears a RUSTLING noise. She turns toward it, peers into the woods.

Another RUSTLING NOISE comes from another part of the woods. She spins toward it -- nothing. Then she turns and JUMPS when she finds --

Vampire LAURENT standing just ten yards away. Dreadlocks, chiseled face. Bella can't believe it.


BELLA Laurent?


She beams, realizing he's real.

BELLA Laurent!

LAURENT I must admit, I didn't expect to find you here.

BELLA I live here. But you - I thought you were in Alaska with Carlisle's friend.

LAURENT Tanya, I was. It was kind of him to arrange, given my association with James and Victoria, "The Enemy."

BELLA You tried to help us.

Laurent begins to stroll in a slow arc around her, his eyes assessing her as --

LAURENT I went to visit the Cullens, but their house is empty. I'm surprised they left you behind. Weren't you sort of a pet of theirs?

Bella's smile falters, fear beginning to dawn on her. BELLA Um... something like that.

LAURENT Do the Cullens visit often?

Suddenly, EDWARD'S apparition appears between them.


BELLA Absolutely. All the time.


EDWARD Lie better.

BELLA I'll tell them you stopped by.

Edward fades (throughout, he'll reappear when he speaks, then fade again). Bella tries to look relaxed.

BELLA Will they be able to reach you in Alaska?

LAURENT I don't think so. Tanya's "vegetarian" family was pleasant enough. But the dietary restrictions were difficult - living on nothing but animals.

Suddenly, he's standing inches from her. She now sees his EYES. Dark blood-red.

LAURENT (conspiratorial) Tell me Bella. Do you ever feel compelled to... cheat?

Bella involuntarily takes a step away from him.

LAURENT But that's not why I left. I came back here as a favor to Victoria.

BELLA ... You're still friends.

LAURENT (shrugs) More or less. She asked me to get the lay of the land with the Cullens. Because, well... I'm afraid Victoria is quite put out with you.

BELLA That's... too bad.

LAURENT Yes. She feels it's only fair to kill Edward's mate, given he killed hers. Eye for an eye, mate for a mate.

And now Bella knows. Terror overwhelms her. Edward appears --


EDWARD Threaten him.

BELLA Edward will know who did it. He'll come after both of you.

LAURENT I don't think he will. After all, how much could you mean to him if he left you here unprotected? (then) Victoria sent me here for information. She won't be happy about my killing you. BELLA No, Laurent...

LAURENT (sincere) No, no, no. Don't be upset. I'm doing you a kindness. Victoria plans on killing you slowly, painfully - whereas I'll make it very quick. (inhaling) And you smell so... mouth watering.

He faces her, taking in her scent, bloodlust building. Her eyes dart around, escape is impossible --

The only thing she SEES is the apparition of Edward, looking at her with alarm...

BELLA (whispering, barely audible) Edward. I love you. Laurent is milliseconds from biting - then abruptly, his expression changes. He sees something in the forest behind Bella - and it terrifies him.

LAURENT I... don't believe it.

He steps back. Bella's confused as she realizes he's no longer focused on her... she follows his eyes, slowly turning... to find behind her --

AN ENORMOUS BLACK WOLF skulking out of the darkness of the woods. It stalks towards them, a low disturbing GROWL in its throat, sharp teeth gleaming.


Bella is trapped between the two killers. Edward whispers in her ear --

EDWARD Don't. Move.

The wolf slinks closer to Bella, a mere twenty feet from where she stands, then --

FOUR MORE WOLVES soundlessly emerge from the trees, flanking the black wolf. They're the size of small horses, all of different hues: dark silver, chocolate, ash and russet- brown. Their hackles are up, lips curling, bodies crouched, ready to spring.

Bella is frozen with fear as they come toward her. The RUSSET- BROWN WOLF is the closest and looks directly at her. Laurent continues to retreat - then suddenly, almost simultaneously --

-- Laurent BOLTS across the meadow --

-- The wolves SPRING toward Bella -- and leap right over her in pursuit of Laurent! Their thunderous SNARLS and SNAPS shake her as the pack sprint after the vampire, surrounding him before he reaches the treeline --

Laurent SWINGS at the dark silver wolf, SMACKING the wolf half-way across the meadow. Another wolf lunges at Laurent - he kicks it and it sails into a tree, SPLINTERING it.

The two wolves recover, lurch back to the pack which closes in on Laurent. It's impossible to know who will prevail --

Bella doesn't stay to find out. She RACES into the woods --


-- Bella runs franticly, tearing down the hillside, tripping, quickly picking herself up -- running, running --


-- Bella DASHES out of the treeline and to her truck parked on the shoulder. She jumps in, PEALS out --


Bella BURSTS in, out of breath. Charlie and Harry Clearwater are washing their fishing gear. Charlie spins.

CHARLIE Bella? What's wrong?


BELLA They're not giant bears -- I saw them. Up in a meadow --

CHARLIE Damn it, I told you not to go into the woods!

HARRY CLEARWATER What did you see, Bella?

BELLA Wolves. They're wolves, Dad.

We might note, though they don't, that Harry Clearwater sighs ever-so-slightly. BELLA Five of them. The size of - of cars. I swear. They went after -- something - - and I ran.

Charlie grabs up the phone; as he dials --

CHARLIE Harry, can you get some men from the rez?

HARRY CLEARWATER Sure. Yeah. I'll just --

Harry seems more concerned than gung-ho as he slips out.

CHARLIE (into phone) Jerry? Put a hunting party together -- tranq guns, large caliber shotguns -- there's something dangerous out there. BELLA (V.O.) Something dangerous. Victoria.

Her eyes dart around the house, their vulnerability spinning in on her. As Charlie hangs up, goes to his gun cabinet --

BELLA (V.O.) If she came after me, Charlie would try to protect me -- and he'd die.

CHARLIE I've gotta go to the station.

BELLA Good! -- That's good.


CHARLIE You okay here? You want to come with?

BELLA Actually, I -- need to see a friend.


Bella knocks. Then knocks again. Finally, Billy answers.

BELLA Hi, Billy. I know Jacob's sick but --

BILLY He's out with friends. BELLA (taken aback) Oh.

BILLY I'll let him know you came by.

Billy starts to close the door, but Bella stops him.

BELLA Wait -- he's got mono, right? That's what you told my dad.

BILLY (with compassion) You should go on home, Bella.

And he closes the door. Off Bella --


Bella climbs in, slams the door, pissed. Starts the truck. Then turns it off. Deciding, she tosses the keys aside and sinks down into her seat to wait...


RAIN now pours down. Billy, inside, pulls the curtain back, looks out at Bella with sympathy. Then closes the curtain.


Bella looks out the passenger window at Billy. Suddenly, there's a KNOCK at the driver's window. She spins to find --

JACOB standing there. But his face is shockingly different. His hair is cropped short. No friendly smile.


No warmth in his eyes. Just a hard, brooding resentment. Bella is taken aback. She climbs out of the truck to FIND --


-- behind Jacob stand Sam Uley, Jared, Paul and Embry. They're oblivious to the rain, wear minimal clothes.

BELLA You cut your hair.

JACOB Go away.

Jacob turns away. Sam leads the group toward the house. Jacob follows. She, and we, note his sure-footed strides; his awkward growth spurt disappeared overnight. She grabs his arm.

BELLA What happened to you?

He stops, turns back. The others wait on the porch for him. They're out of earshot, but won't leave him alone with her.

BELLA (lowers her voice) I can help.

His face is hard as he shakes his head. He's not talking.

BELLA Sam got to you. What did he do?

JACOB Sam's trying to help me, don't blame him.

BELLA Then who? JACOB (bitterness seething) How `bout those filthy, reeking bloodsuckers you love? The Cullens.

BELLA (thrown) I... don't know what you're --

JACOB You know exactly what I'm talking about.

He's shaking, almost convulsing with anger. She regroups.


BELLA The Cullens are long gone. How are they to blame?

JACOB They started all this by existing. Goddamn leeches --

SAM Jacob.

Jacob glances at Sam, who gives him a look. Jacob takes a breath, trying to calm himself.

JACOB I can't be friends with you anymore. BELLA Jake, I know I hurt you. I should have been more up-front but -- I needed you, I still do. I don't know what that means yet, but if you give me time --

JACOB Stop. Don't. It's not you --

BELLA -- "It's not you, it's me?" God.

JACOB It's true. I'm not... good.

BELLA You're wrong --

JACOB It doesn't matter. This is over -- BELLA I can't take losing my best friend, too.

JACOB You already have --

BELLA Don't say that -- you promised --

JACOB Go home, Bella. Don't come back.

He practically runs away, joining the gang who all disappear inside. Off Bella, standing in the rain...



Bella enters, dripping wet, too listless to close the door. Charlie's face falls when he sees the pain and lifelessness returned to her. He grabs a blanket, wraps her in it.

CHARLIE Billy called, said you and Jacob had a fight. But, hey, you guys will work it out, I'm sure of it.

BELLA I'm... going to change.

Bella heads upstairs. Charlie sags, helpless. He moves to the open door -- UNKNOWN POV - EXT. BELLA'S HOUSE (CONTINUOUS) - NIGHT

-- It paces, watching Charlie slowly close the door...



Bella TEARS through the forest again, searching. She turns -- finds Edward, cold, distant. But his face begins to MORPH...

... and becomes Jacob's. She reaches for him but he BOLTS backward, suddenly many yards away.


He, too, retreats further, disappearing until Bella is alone.

BLACKNESS encroaches, the moonlight becoming a tiny spotlight on her. She searches the dark - then SEES a pair of EYES, female, blood-red - coming toward her; HEAR a loud SCREECHING NOISE --


-- Bella tosses herself awake, slowly realizing it was just a dream. But she HEARS the SCREECHING noise again! Fingernails on her window. Bella bolts upright, looks around for a weapon --

JACOB (O.S.) (whisper shouting) Bella! Ouch - damn it; open the window.

Bella cautiously moves to her window to find --



Jacob, shirtless, clings to the top of a tree which bends with his weight. Bella opens the window, whisper-yelling --

BELLA What the hell are you doing?

JACOB Get out of the way.

He begins to swing his legs, increasing momentum. She realizes what he's about to attempt --

BELLA No! He launches himself THROUGH the window with great agility --


-- Jacob lands on the balls of his feet. Bella is stunned. He freezes, listening for Charlie. Nothing. A bitter, self- satisfied grin spreads on his face. It pisses Bella off. He takes in her room.

JACOB I pictured your room more... cluttered.

BELLA Why are you here?

JACOB I had to talk to you. Alone.

BELLA To kick me in the gut again? It was bad before, but you made it so much worse.

JACOB I know. And I want to explain. But... I can't.

BELLA Then leave.

He stays put. She tries to push him but he's immoveable.

BELLA You're done with me, remember? Get. Out!


JACOB Bella, I literally can't explain...

She becomes aware of her hands on his bare skin and muscular chest. The intimacy of their touch. She pulls away.

JACOB I broke my promise not to hurt you, I know. But I'm trying to keep it now. I need you to understand... even if you don't want to see me when you find out --

BELLA Find what out? He starts to speak -- but can't. It's agonizing. She sees he's in pain. Is concerned.

BELLA What's wrong?

JACOB I can't do it.

BELLA Yes, you can. I'll help you. We can... we can leave. Leave home, leave Sam.

JACOB It's not something I can run away from. (then) I would run with you though. If I could. (beat, realizing) Wait. Wait, I already -- I told you. You know this -- you can guess.

BELLA I don't want to play games with you --

JACOB You have to! I can't tell you, but if you remember - it was that day I ran into you at the beach. I told you a story -- come on! I told you a story... about?

BELLA ... about... "The Cold Ones?" You said it was a stupid tribal myth.


JACOB (pointedly) Was it? Are the Cold Ones a myth?

She doesn't answer.

JACOB What else did I say?

BELLA That... the tribe made a treaty with them. They can't come onto your land and... I don't know, I don't remember.

JACOB Try, Bella. BELLA You have to give me more. Tell me where to look. Is there something I should see -- ?

JACOB No, that's too dangerous --

BELLA I'll take the risk. Jacob, show me.

He looks at her, doesn't want to but knows it's the only way. Beat.

JACOB Where was the last place you saw me... the way I used to be?

BELLA The motorcycles - that clearing in the woods. He nods slowly, then turns to go. She stops him.

BELLA Don't go. There are dangerous things out there; more than you know.

He looks at her with a wry smile. Then pulls her into a hug. Her cheek against his bare chest. She takes in the closeness... then he soundlessly heads out her door. A beat -- Bella starts pulling on clothes.


Bella drives through the darkness.


BELLA (V.O.) If I was going to lose someone else, I needed to know why.

She pulls off the road, and drives into the forest.


Bella parks. Climbs out of her truck. The moon eerily illuminates the clearing. Forest NOISES encroach.

She hears a RUSTLE amid the trees. Spooked, she freezes -- then SEES JACOB emerge from the trees. A moment as their eyes meet. Then --

Sam Uley, Paul, Embry and Jared step into the clearing, as well, half-clothed, movements almost synchronized. Their expressions simultaneously alter into fury when they see Bella. Paul spins on Jacob.

PAUL What the hell have you done?!

JACOB I didn't tell her. You'd know if I did.

PAUL She's here, isn't she?

SAM Bella, there's nothing to see here. You should go home.

BELLA Not until I know what you did to Jacob.

PAUL (advancing on Bella) What we did?!

Jacob moves in front of Bella protectively, facing Paul.

SAM Both of you, calm down --

JACOB Sam, she knows things about the bloodsuckers. She's been on the inside. She can help --

PAUL Like a leech lover's gonna help us.


JACOB Watch what you call her.

EMBRY Get a grip, guys --

But Paul and Jacob are so angry, their bodies begin to shake, nearly convulse. It unnerves Bella --

BELLA It's alright, Jacob, I'll go --

Paul and Jacob are beyond hearing.

PAUL All you care about is her -- SAM (commanding) Paul, back off.

PAUL -- and she doesn't give a crap about you --

Jacob flashes anger, PUSHES Paul, hard. Paul FLIES backward.

SAM Jacob.

Paul rises, outraged, throws his head back in a growl, vibrating violently --

JARED Too late.

SAM Bella, get back! Paul FALLS FORWARD but halfway to the ground there's a loud RIPPING noise and Paul explodes in silver-gray fur, becoming a massive wolf crouched and ready to spring!

Bella, horrified, grabs Jacob's arm, pulling him --

BELLA Run, Jacob! --

But he yanks away from her, runs directly at the Paul-wolf --

BELLA Jake, no! Stop -- !


Jacob DIVES headfirst into the air - with another sharp TEARING sound, shreds of cloth blast into the air, fur BURSTS from Jacob's skin - he lands on the ground a gigantic russet-brown wolf, charging the Paul-wolf.

Bella reels as the two wolves CRASH into each other, snarling and RAMMING one another. The sound is DEAFENING. Their teeth flash at each other's throats.

Bella stumbles backward as the fight carries the two wolves beyond the clearing and into the woods --

CAMERA FOLLOWS THEM, as they fight deeper and deeper into the darkness... until they disappear. The horrible SOUNDS of the fight still ECHO -- BACK IN THE CLEARING -- Sam starts after them, kicking off his shoes.

SAM Take Bella to Emily's place.

Sam disappears leaving an eerie quiet. A long silence...

EMBRY Guess the wolf's out of the bag.

Off Bella, stunned.


Bella's truck, driven by Embry, pulls up to a tiny, weathered house with a window box full of marigolds. Jared, in the back, jumps out, opens Bella's door. He and Embry head toward the house. She doesn't move.

EMBRY (to Jared) Pay up. She didn't puke.

Jared, annoyed, hands Embry five bucks.

EMBRY Told you she was tough. She does run with bloodsuckers.

BELLA Wait. We should go back, make sure Jacob's okay.

JARED I hope Paul gets some teeth in him. Serve him right.


EMBRY No way. Jake's a natural. You see him phase on the fly? I gotta fiver says Paul doesn't touch him.

JARED Easy money. Paul's been at it longer.

Bella looks at them, appalled. They realize she's not following them.

EMBRY Come on in. We won't bite.

JARED Speak for yourself. Bella warily climbs out of the car, joins them. Embry pauses at the door --

EMBRY Oh, hey, about Emily - Sam's fiance - just try not to stare. It bugs Sam.

BELLA Why would I stare? --

-- But the guys are already entering --


Bella hesitantly enters behind Jared and Embry. She sees EMILY, 20, at a counter, popping fresh muffins out of a tin. SEE only one side of Emily's beautiful face, draped by long black hair.

EMILY You guys hungry? Like I have to ask... Emily looks toward them now -- REVEALING the other side of her face: A scar runs from hairline to chin, three red lines that pull down her eye and twist her mouth.

EMILY Who's this?

As Jared and Embry beeline for the muffins --

JARED Bella Swan. Who else?

EMILY So you're the vampire girl.


BELLA And you're a... you're all...

EMILY Werewolves? I'm just engaged to one. But these animals -- (slaps Embry's hand) Save some for your brothers.

Bella cautiously approaches the counter, keeping an eye on the door for Jacob.

EMILY Leave it to Jacob to get around Sam's gag order. BELLA He didn't say anything, or... couldn't.

EMBRY That's a wolf thing. Alpha's orders get obeyed whether we want to or not --

JARED How `bout you shut up now, Embry?

EMBRY You know Jacob's gonna fill her in.

JARED Yeah, I know every stupid thought he has. (to Bella) Wanna know what he thinks of you?

EMILY Like you need special powers to know that.

EMBRY (to Bella) It's another wolf thing. We hear each other's thoughts. Good for hunting. Embarrassing for everything else.

Jared leans to Bella, challenging.

JARED Freaking out yet?


BELLA (meets his look) You're not the first -- mind reader I've met.

EMBRY (grins) Jake's right. You are good with the weird.

BELLA But I don't get -- how? Why? --

SAM (O.S.) -- Because there are bad things here. She spins - Sam is now standing behind her, the front door open behind him.

SAM And they're getting worse.

Bella is chilled. Sam moves past her to Emily - the sight of her instantly warms his face.

SAM Hey, Em.

He kisses Emily's scarred face adoringly. Bella has to look away. Their utter devotion is a painful reminder of what she has lost. Fortunately, she's distracted by --

Jacob and Paul's arrival. They laugh and jab one another. Bella is relieved to find Jacob unscathed. Jared and Embry crowd them, finding a scar on Paul's arm --

EMBRY Ha! Pay up. As Jared reluctantly hands Embry five bucks, Jacob's eyes find Bella's. He nods solemnly to the door; we should talk.


The sun is just beginning to rise, reddening the clouds overhead. Bella paces by the cliff's edge, trying to come to grips with this new reality. Jacob keeps his distance, trying to control his anger.

BELLA You just have to... stop.


JACOB It's not a life-style choice. It's in my DNA.

BELLA Killing is in your DNA?

JACOB Man, I thought maybe you wouldn't be such a hypocrite -- what, I'm not the right kind of monster for you? Can't measure up to your bloodsucking friends --

BELLA (angry as well) Hey, they manage to survive without hurting innocent people.

Jacob stops -- a beat as his anger is replaced by confusion.

JACOB Wait - innocent? -- so... you don't care that I morph into a giant dog. Just that I... kill people?

BELLA (appalled) "Just?" Those hikers' lives mean that little to you?

He bursts out laughing.

BELLA (repelled, turns to go) Oh my God.

JACOB Bella -- Bella wait... (he stops her) We're not killing hikers. We're trying to protect them.

BELLA From what?

JACOB The only thing we do kill: Vampires.

BELLA (stunned, reels) Vampires? Jake, no --


JACOB (steps back, bitter) Don't worry, we can't touch your precious Cullens - unless they bite someone and violate the Treaty --

BELLA That's not what I -- you can't fight vampires. They're too dangerous.

JACOB Please. We took out that leech with the dreads easy enough.

BELLA You... killed Laurent? JACOB (worried) ... He didn't seem like a friend.

BELLA No, God no. But... how?

JACOB It's what we do, why we exist. A few "lucky guys" in the tribe have the gene. If a bloodsucker moves to town, our DNA kicks in, we reach the right age and the fever hits --

BELLA (realizing) "Mono."

JACOB I wish. Next thing I know, they're telling me, this is your life now. That future you saw for yourself? Gone.

Desolation fills him. She sees this.

BELLA It's bad, huh?

JACOB I just hate feeling... out of control. Like maybe Sam is right; you shouldn't be around me.

BELLA Like you could get rid of me.


JACOB You've seen Emily.

That lands with her. She nods.

JACOB Sam lost it for a split second; Em was standing too close -- he's still messed up about it. (beat) I don't want to be that kind of nightmare.

BELLA You're not like that. You save people, right? You saved me from Laurent.

JACOB Yeah, didn't mind taking him out. His red-headed girlfriend will be fun, too.

Bella stops, chilled to the bone.

BELLA Victoria. She's here?

JACOB We chased her all the way to the border the other night. But she won't stay gone. Keeps coming back -- if we knew what she was after... (sees Bella's face) ... What?

BELLA I know what she wants. Me. SMASH TO:


A MASERATI with Canadian plates blasts down the highway at a blinding speed --


CLOSE ON VICTORIA, easily controlling the steering wheel with two fingers. She speaks to someone we don't see, her words laced with longing and fury.


VICTORIA James hated cars. He liked being close to the ground. But I'd steal one occasionally, to throw him off the scent... See, we played hide and seek sometimes. No one can hide like me -- (grins to her passenger) -- but no one could seek like James.

INCLUDE her barely conscious passenger, DENISE, 30's, a pretty bleach-blonde with expensive jewelry. She's just coming to, a bump on her head where she was knocked out.

DENISE What -- what are you -- ? VICTORIA Some games lasted months... but we always got hungry for each other. (sly, to Denise) So I'd let him find me...

Denise now lucid, looks around to SEE --

IN THE BACK SEAT her husband, MICHAEL'S BODY, well-dressed in a turtle neck, 40's, sits upright, his head tilted forward as if he's resting. Denise reaches for him --

DENISE Michael? Oh my God --

VICTORIA We never could get enough of each other... (seething) We would have had forever to try.

Denise, scared, shakes Michael's arm -- DENISE Michael?!

-- which causes Michael's head to roll to the side, revealing his gouged, blood-soaked neck and his vacant, dead eyes. Denise starts SCREAMING. Victoria grins.

VICTORIA James always loved a screamer.

Victoria's hand jets out, grabbing a fistful of Denise's hair. She yanks Denise over, exposing her neck just as we --





JARED Excellent. If the redhead's after Bella, we've got bait.

With stunning speed, Jacob grabs a four-pronged spading fork from some garden tools, and FLINGS it toward Jared's head - Jared easily, and amazingly, catches it.

JACOB She is not bait.

INCLUDE - A picnic table in the middle of this small, quaintly landscaped garden. Jacob, Bella, Embry, Paul, Sam, Jared and Emily are in the midst of a huge breakfast.

BELLA I should leave town.

SAM Victoria will follow you and make it harder for us to catch her.

BELLA No one can catch her. She can escape anything.

PAUL Ooh. She has special powers.

BELLA Some of them do.

They all look at her. She instantly regrets saying it. JACOB Like... what? Bella?

JARED The mind reader you said you knew. He was a suckhead? Can they all do that?

EMBRY That would blow.

BELLA No, I -- shouldn't have - no.

PAUL She's still protecting them.


JARED I don't know why. It's not like they stuck around to protect you --

JACOB Guys, back off.

Jacob looks apologetically at Bella. She shrinks, stung.


Jacob walks her to the door.

JACOB Don't worry, we've got this place covered. She won't get near you or Charlie.

Bella nods. He sees she's blue.

JACOB Hey, we should do something fun. Like... cliff diving, right?

BELLA I could use the rush.

JACOB Soon. After we catch her.

He offers a reassuring look before jogging into the woods.


Bella tentatively approaches the large, modern glass home. She climbs the porch steps, approaches the door...

INT. CULLEN HOUSE - LIVING ROOM (CONTINUOUS) - NIGHT Bella enters to find it perfectly intact, lived-in, warm, candles glowing... and the Cullen family enjoying the evening - Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper.

Bella is overwhelmed with joy at seeing them.

BELLA You're here.

But they ignore her. Won't even look at her. She starts toward them but suddenly --

Edward appears and YANKS Bella away, pulling her to the door and pushing her out, slamming it on her --



-- Bella runs to the window, peers in at the family who continue to ignore her as they gather around Edward --


Bella awakens, tears on her face. She can't take it. Gets the hell out of bed, anxious to leave the dream behind. But it stays with her...


Bella knocks on the door, rain falling around her, wind blowing strong. Emily opens the door. Sees her. EMILY Bella. Are you okay?

BELLA Yeah, I just... is Jacob here? He wasn't at home...

Sam appears behind Emily.

SAM He's with Jared and Embry, keeping an eye on things. I'm heading out soon. Should I tell him something?

-- as Sam wraps an arm around Emily. Their deep love is achingly obvious. Off Bella's face --

FLASHPOP to Bella and Edward at her birthday party, in a similar embrace, as Alice SNAPS their picture --

BACK ON BELLA - pained. EMILY You want to come in?

-- But Bella's already hurrying to her truck, determination on her face.


CLOSE ON A RIFLE as it locks and loads. INCLUDE CHARLIE, who checks it, then notes the position of the SIX MEN in his hunting party, all wearing rain gear. He SEES Harry at the end of the line, pausing, looking down.

CHARLIE You got something, Harry?


ON HARRY - he looks down at a large WOLF PAW PRINT.


The hunting party moves forward. Harry lets them get ahead, stomps out the paw print.

ON CHARLIE as he passes under a huge tree --

WHIP PAN UP THE TREE to find that HIGH ABOVE, crouching on a limb, is VICTORIA. She watches Charlie with a vengeful glare.

She noiselessly SWINGS down to a lower branch, getting ready to pounce on Charlie -- ON HARRY - his eye catches her movement; he looks up, SEES the back of her red head -- his breath CATCHES --

She HEARS the sound, even through the rain and wind. Before Harry can raise his shotgun --

Victoria's standing next to him, WHIPPING the gun out of his hands with superhuman speed. He GASPS, breath stuck in his chest. She grins, about to bite -- but suddenly --

THE RUSSET-BROWN JACOB-WOLF smashes into her, knocking her away. She rights herself immediately and takes off --

THE THREE WOLVES give chase, disappearing. It all happened soundlessly, in seconds, unbeknownst to the others...

STAY ON HARRY - he still can't catch his breath, IN SLOW MOTION he clasps his left arm -- INTERCUT WITH --


LIGHTNING FAST CUTS of THE CHASE - the wolves are right on Victoria's tail, blasting through the forest --

BACK ON CHARLIE - SLOW MOTION - He turns to SEE Harry clutching his chest. Charlie runs to Harry's side --

SMASH BACK TO VICTORIA escaping at breakneck speed she bursts out of the trees to --


-- Victoria beelines for the choppy water, dives in -- when she reappears, she's hundreds of yards offshore --

THE WOLVES prowl the beach in frustration as we go --


BACK ON HARRY - SLOW MOTION - he falls to his knees just as Charlie reaches him. Off Charlie beginning CPR...



Bella's truck comes to a stop; she climbs out. Ignoring the wind and rain, she strides to the cliff's edge; looks down --

BELLA'S POV - THE WATER - steely gray. Rough whitecaps.

EDWARD (O.S.) Step back.

Bella smiles, tears of relief springing to her eyes. She turns to find Edward's apparition at her side.

She steps back from the cliff's edge - which causes him to disappear.

That's it. She starts pulling off her shoes and coat, adrenaline pumping --

Edward's apparition reappears, but she keeps going --

EDWARD Stop this now, Bella.

BELLA You won't stay with me any other way.

She takes a last look at him... then with a running leap -- FLINGS herself over the edge --

ON BELLA SCREAMING with exhilaration as she plummets down, down... then SPLASHES into the water. EXT. ON THE WATER'S SURFACE (CONTINUOUS) - DAY

No sign of Bella. A beat. Suddenly, she POPS back up. Inhales deeply -- and laughs!


She enjoys a moment of elation and empowerment... then turns to swim ashore... but her smile falters when she realizes how strong the current is...

A WAVE crashes over her head. She gasps for breath. Then ANOTHER WAVE hits her. Starts to pull her under...


UNDER THE WATER - Bella struggles --

ABOVE WATER - she pops up, looks around in a panic, SEES --

BELLA'S POV - IN THE DISTANCE - something orange-ish, bobbing on the surface of the water --

Bella goes down - then comes up again - THE ORANGE-ISH thing is suddenly thirty yards closer.

Bella struggles to stay afloat but the current SMASHES her into a rock, the air goes out of her chest. She sinks.

ANGLE ON THE ORANGE-ISH THING -- IT'S VICTORIA, floating effortlessly, hungry anticipation on her face. She dips below the surface, vanishing... UNDER THE WATER - BELLA SINKS, struggling at first... Edward appears in front of her, his eyes full of longing and love. He reaches to her, she to him, hands almost touching, things going dark... suddenly A HAND GRABS HER COLLAR --



CLOSE ON BELLA - barely conscious.

JACOB Breathe, Bella! C'mon!

Jacob hits her on the back. She spits up water, coming to.

JACOB Bella? Can you hear me?

BELLA ... Jake? She focuses, finally SEES Jacob hovering over her, relieved. Behind him stands Sam.

SAM She'll be alright.

Sam looks out at the water, scanning it. Sensing something.

JACOB What the hell were you thinking?

BELLA I needed... to see... something.


JACOB What? The pearly gates? If we hadn't heard you scream --

SAM Get her home. I'm heading to the hospital. I'll meet you there.

Jacob nods. Sam jogs off.

JACOB Why would you jump? Didn't you notice it's like a hurricane out here?

BELLA I know. It was stupid -- (realizing) -- Sam said hospital - someone's hurt?

JACOB Harry Clearwater had a heart attack.

BELLA Oh my God - does my Dad know?

JACOB He and my dad are both over there.

BELLA Will Harry be okay?

JACOB I don't know. Come on. I'll find you something dry and drive you home.

As Jacob helps Bella up, we RACK FOCUS out to --

ANGLE ON THE WATER - where Victoria bobs, watching Jacob guide Bella away... then she disappears below the surface.


Jacob drives. Bella wears a fleece jacket but still shivers. He pulls her close, wrapping an arm around her --

JACOB Hundred and eight degrees over here.

She tucks herself into him.

BELLA Must be nice, never getting cold.


JACOB It's a wolf thing.

BELLA It's a Jacob thing. You're just... warm.

JACOB (grins) Like the sun.

BELLA (meaning it) Like the sun.

JACOB Which always comes back. You can count on me.

She nods. Awkward silence. He fills it.

JACOB There are other cool things about all this, like -- I heal fast. Wanna see me stab my hand?

BELLA (no!) Yeah, `cause that would be fun.


The truck pulls up to the curb. It's pitch black outside. Jacob's still holding her close as he shuts the engine off.

BELLA So... this wolf thing's not all bad? JACOB It's better. Now that you know. But...

BELLA ... but...

JACOB It just... comes so easily to me. More than the other guys.

BELLA That's a good thing, isn't it?


JACOB Maybe. Or maybe it makes me less... human than the others. (beat, quieter) Sometimes I'm scared I might... disappear, you know? Who I really am.

Bella faces him, looks directly in his eyes.

BELLA I won't let that happen.

Their faces are close... and stay close for an intimate beat. They could kiss, their lips near... but Bella blinks herself back to reality and pulls away. BELLA Thanks for driving - for everything.

-- as she pushes open her door. WIND wafts in -- Jacob reacts to a repugnant smell outside --

JACOB Holy crap -- !

He abruptly pulls Bella back into the truck, SLAMS her door shut and starts the truck.

JACOB There's a bloodsucker out there.

BELLA How do you know?

JACOB I can smell the stink. I'm getting you out of here. As Jacob whips the truck around, the HEADLIGHTS ILLUMINATE --

BELLA'S POV - THE DRIVEWAY -- a black Mercedes is parked in front. Bella spins to the rear window as Jacob floors it --

BELLA Stop! It's not Victoria --

JACOB Forget it --

BELLA It's Carlisle's car! They're here. Go back! --


JACOB It's a trick --

He's still flooring it -- Bella cracks her door open while they're moving - he SLAMS on the brakes. She jumps out --

JACOB Damn it, Bella --


Bella hurries up the road toward her house. Jacob's suddenly standing in front of her, furious --

JACOB Stop. You gotta come with me. BELLA It's okay. They're my friends --

JACOB Don't you get it? If a Cullen is back here, this is their territory. The Treaty says we can only defend our own lands.

BELLA -- It's not a war --

JACOB It is. And you'll only be safe in La Push. I can't protect you here anymore.

BELLA I don't need you to --

JACOB -- You're about to cross a line -- BELLA Only if you draw one.

She starts to move past him, but he stops her --

JACOB I'm not letting you do this.

BELLA You don't have a choice. I don't belong to you.

Her words are a knife to the heart. She sees that, but can't take them back. He hands her the keys.


JACOB Bye, Bella, I hope you don't die.

She flinches at the stinging remark. He disappears into the darkness, leaving her alone on the dark road.

She's closer to her house than her truck. She hurries forward. The NIGHT SOUNDS start to encroach, branches crackling, bushes rustling. She glances behind her... nothing but darkness... she faces forward again ---

And runs directly into a VAMPIRE! Bella SCREAMS -- then realizes IT'S ALICE. Bella is stunned. So is Alice.

BELLA Alice! ALICE You're... alive.

She's clearly confused, but Bella hugs her with tears of joy.

BELLA Oh my God, Alice. You're here.

ALICE I heard voices - I didn't think it was you but - you're alive.

BELLA You keep saying that.

ALICE I saw you - a vision of you - you jumped off a cliff. I knew I'd be too late but -- (becoming angry) Why the hell would you try to kill yourself?!

BELLA I didn't. I was cliff diving.


BELLA Um... fun?

ALICE That was fun for you.


BELLA Until I hit the water.

ALICE I have never met anyone more prone to life-threatening idiocy... and what is that hideous wet dog smell?

BELLA Oh. Probably Jacob. He's kind of a werewolf.

Off Alice's horrified expression.

INT. BELLA'S HOUSE - KITCHEN - NIGHT As Bella makes herself hot chocolate, Alice paces.

BELLA Werewolves are not vicious.

ALICE Until they lose their tempers.

BELLA They saved me from Laurent, they're protecting me from Victoria --

ALICE (shocked) Victoria? I didn't see her. I didn't see you get pulled from the water either.

BELLA It was Jacob who saved me. More than once. I couldn't have made it without him. You have no idea what it was like.

ALICE (softening) Yes. I do. I knew leaving wouldn't be good for you. I tried to tell Edward, but he wouldn't listen.

BELLA (hesitantly) ... Does he know you're here?

ALICE No. He's been... away...



A dump, empty but for a table and chair. On the table lie THE PHOTOS that once lined Bella's walls. Edward stands in the center of the room, stock still, staring out at the rising sun. His face is as empty and desolate as Bella's was after he left.

A CELL PHONE on the table RINGS jarringly. He doesn't move. It continues. Finally, he whips the receiver to his ear, exasperated.


ROSALIE (O.S.) Wow, Edward finally answered the phone. I feel so honored...



Rosalie, on the phone, stands at the picture window --

ROSALIE'S POV - EXT. ALASKAN HOUSE - Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle and Esme walk away from the house, over the snow to the treeline, on their way to hunt. None wear coats.

EDWARD I'm hanging up now...

Rosalie turns away from the window.

ROSALIE Wait!... You should come home. (no response) Esme's a wreck, Carlisle never smiles. Even Emmett's depressed. You've really done a number on them.

EDWARD (pained) I'm sorry. I am. But they wouldn't be happier with me around. Trust me.

ROSALIE I... I just miss... us. The family.

EDWARD I know. But the further away I am, the safer Bella will be. She deserves a shot at a normal life --


ROSALIE But see, you don't have to worry about that, not anymore --

She stops realizing she may be making a mistake. But Edward caught it, sits up.

EDWARD Why, Rose? Did something happen?

ROSALIE I - uh --

EDWARD Tell me, Rosalie. (rises, fierce) Tell me! --

ROSALIE (blurts) -- Alice had a vision. She saw Bella - - throw herself off a cliff... She's dead, Edward.

Edward reels, uncomprehending.

EDWARD I... don't believe it.

ROSALIE Alice is there now. Thought she could help with the funeral or something.


ROSALIE Come home, Edward. It's time... Edward...? She's been disconnected. Off Rosalie, worried...


Bella walks Charlie to his cruiser. He wears a dark, ill- fitting funeral suit. At the car, Bella adjusts his tie --

CHARLIE Thanks for understanding, Bells. They wanted to keep the service small.

BELLA Don't worry about me. Are you gonna be okay?


CHARLIE Yeah... but Sue, and those kids -- Leah's only a year older than you. And Seth's, what, fourteen...

Emotion threatens. She hugs him. He holds on a little too tightly for a beat. Then he bucks up, climbs into his car.

CHARLIE There'll be a reception after. I might stay late, see if I can help.

Bella nods, then waves as he drives away. She turns to head back inside but finds Alice suddenly at her side. She jumps.

ALICE You're not going?

BELLA I'm not the most popular person on the werewolf rez right now.

ALICE (saddened) Because you're friends with me.

Bella shrugs. Alice hears something, then looks down the road -- JACOB'S RABBIT appears in the distance....

ALICE Huh. Didn't see them coming. Didn't see him pull you out of the water - maybe my visions are allergic to dogs.

BELLA -- Alice.

ALICE (jogging off) I'll go do some hunting.

ANGLE ON THE RABBIT -- as it pulls up. Jacob drives, Embry in the passenger seat. Bella approaches, surprised to find QUIL in the back; same short hair and hard look as the others.

BELLA Quil... you, too?

QUIL (aggressive) Yeah. Me, too.

Jacob climbs out. Embry takes the driver's seat.


JACOB You alone?

BELLA Yes. Shouldn't you be at the funeral?

JACOB Had to talk to you first. (to the guys) I'll meet you there. Go on.

They're wary... but pull out. Jacob follows Bella into --


Jacob enters behind Bella. She turns to him... BELLA Look, Jake, I'm sorry I --

JACOB This place stinks to hell.

She sees he's shut down, cold. She shuts down, as well.

BELLA You're welcome to leave. In fact --

JACOB -- How many Cullens are here and how long are they staying?

BELLA (snapping back) Just Alice. And she'll stay as long as she wants.

JACOB Are the rest coming back?

BELLA Not that I'm aware of. Anything else?

JACOB That's it.

BELLA Better go report to Sam.

Jacob turns, starts to leave. He looks back, sees her anger turn to hurt. He stops. Beat.


JACOB I've done it again. I keep breaking my promise not to hurt you.

BELLA It doesn't have to be this way.

He moves back to her, looks into her eyes with sadness.

JACOB Yeah, it does.

BELLA Am I gonna lose you this time, Jacob?

He can't answer that, but he presses his hand to her cheek. JACOB It was easier when we were both human, wasn't it?

They look at one another, Jacob's hand still on her face, his eyes searching hers.

Slowly, he starts to bend toward her lips. She doesn't pull away. She misses him too much, needs him too badly. This time, she'll let it happen. A kiss is a centimeter away...

Suddenly, the shrill RING of the phone makes them both jump. Jacob, the closest to it, doesn't move his face, just keeps looking into her eyes as he reaches for the phone, answers --

JACOB Swan residence.

She smiles. But he instantly bristles, voice going cold.

JACOB He's not here. He's at a funeral...

Then the phone goes dead --


-- Edward stares at his phone crazed, enraged, grief- stricken -- he HURLS it against the wall, shattering it.


-- Jacob hangs up the phone.

JACOB Filthy bloodsucker.


BELLA Wait, who was it?

JACOB (spitting it out) Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

BELLA You should have let me talk to him.

JACOB He didn't ask for you --

Suddenly, Jacob's eyes go wild, his body stiffens, starts trembling in the way that precedes a wolf-morph. JACOB Step away from me, Bella.

Bella turns to see what he's reacting to - Alice. She stands in doorway looking empty, despairing. Bella immediately hurries to her side.

BELLA Alice, what's wrong?

ALICE ... Edward.

BELLA What about him? What happened?

ALICE I just saw him in a vision. He... thinks you're dead.

BELLA (realizing) That was him calling, not Carlisle.

ALICE Bella, he's going to Italy... to the Volturi...




The door SLAMS open and Bella races in, shoving clothes into a bag. Jacob dogs her, protesting.


JACOB Why do you have to go?

BELLA He won't believe Alice. He has to see that I'm alive.

JACOB (stops her) He left you, Bella. He didn't want you anymore, remember?

BELLA But I still love him, and I'm not gonna let him kill himself out of guilt. This wounds him. But she can't stop to soothe him. She pulls away and continues packing.

JACOB What about your dad?

BELLA I'm eighteen, legally free to go. I'll leave a note.

Alice enters.

ALICE Got the airline tickets.

JACOB (squaring off with Alice) You Cullens might hunt animals but those monsters in Italy don't.

ALICE I'm well aware what the Volturi are. JACOB Then why are you taking Bella to them like a bottle of wine to a party?

ALICE Right, she's better off here with Victoria stalking her. The one you dogs can't seem to catch?

Jacob growls, a shudder ripping through him. Bella intercedes, stopping him from morphing by grabbing Alice.

BELLA Let's go.



Alice flies to her car. But Jacob catches Bella's arm, not hostile. Just pleading.

JACOB Please, Bella. Stay here. For Charlie... for me.

Bella sees the love in his eyes; this could be last time she ever sees him. She hugs him, then pulls away.

BELLA Bye, Jacob.

He watches, agonized as she races to the car, climbs in... INT. THE MERCEDES (CONTINUOUS) - DAY

Bella tries to pull on her seat belt but Alice stops her --

ALICE Maybe Jacob's right. (Bella tries to interrupt) No. You need to realize - the Volturi could easily see me as Edward's accomplice. And you're a human who knows too much and tastes too good. They could kill us all.

Bella's response is to yank her seat belt into its clip. Alice sees she won't change her mind. She shifts into gear and PEELS OUT. Bella looks out the window for Jacob; he's not there... she turns toward the woods --

BELLA'S POV -- THE TREELINE -- SHREDDED CLOTHING FLIES in the air as we SEE the HIND LEGS OF A WOLF disappear into the forest. Off Bella, fighting tears but determined as hell...


ON EDWARD walking down a seemingly endless corridor. Finally, he reaches a set of intricately carved double doors which open for him. He enters --


-- Edward finds himself facing three wooden thrones, on which sit the ancient Volturi: Aro, Marcus, Caius.

Aro wears an expensive, contemporary, black Italian suit, long black hair in a loose ponytail to his waist.


Marcus and Caius eschew modern clothing for rich silk robes, their long hair loose around them. All three have translucent, onion-like, white skin.

EDWARD Have you decided?

ARO It was an intriguing debate. We don't get many suicidal vampires.

CAIUS Pathetic.

ARO I'm afraid your gifts are too valuable to destroy. But if you're unhappy with your lot, join us. We'd be delighted to utilize your skills.

EDWARD So you won't end this.

MARCUS Not without cause.

Edward registers this, his face setting. Clearly, he's going to give them cause. He strides out. Off Aro...

ARO Such a waste.


Bella waits impatiently at the curb as --

A YELLOW HARD-TOP PORSCHE with darkly tinted windows SCREECHES to a halt in front of her. The passenger door opens - Alice is behind the wheel, pulling off the chic, white, hooded coat she used for protection against the sun. As Bella climbs in, buckles up --

BELLA Where'd you get the car?

ALICE Hope you're not opposed to grand theft auto.

BELLA Not today.

Alice FLOORS it and the Porsche PEELS OUT --



AERIAL VIEW - THE YELLOW PORSCHE screams down a highway, cutting lanes, weaving through Peugots and Fiats --


Bella grips the dashboard as Alice narrowly misses a car.

BELLA How much time do we have.

ALICE (O.S.) He's waiting till noon, when the sun's at its highest... SMASH TO:


It's jumpy, uneven -- EDWARD stands in shadow, his shirt open, eyes shut. A clock GONGS as he steps into SUNLIGHT --

ALICE ... He's going to make the Volturi change their minds.


BELLA (checking her watch) It's almost noon now.

ALICE There's Volterra.

Alice punches it as Bella SEES -- BELLA'S POV - A MEDIEVAL FORTIFIED VILLAGE atop a distant hill. Volterra.


The narrow, centuries-old streets are crowded with festival revellers who all wear RED. They gaily head toward the town square carrying red pendants, balloons, scarves. The PORSCHE weaves through them, hurrying forward.


BELLA Why are they all wearing red?


ALICE San Marcos Day festival. The perfect setting. Large crowds. The Volturi won't let him get far enough to reveal himself - he's counting on that.

BELLA We only have five minutes --

Alice screeches to a halt at a ROAD BLOCK. Italian POLICE wave her back. Bella jumps out --

BELLA Where's the square?

ALICE Follow that lane --

-- Bella's already running --

ALICE He'll be under the clock tower!

Alice watches her go... then senses something, looks up --

ALICE'S POV - ON THE ROOFTOPS - A FIGURE IN A BLACK HOODED OVERCOAT leaps from building to building, tracking Bella. As he disappears, off Alice --


Bella races down the cobble-stoned alleys, stumbling on the uneven stones. Festival revellers head in the same direction, she maneuvers around them.


As Bella nears the square, the alleys become more populated. She pushes past people AD LIBBING "excuse me," "sorry." Finally, she emerges into --


BELLA'S POV - a sea of scarlet flags, dresses and jackets. On the other side of the crowded square - THE CLOCK TOWER; it reads one minute before noon.

Bella battles her way through the square; the crowd shoves back, shouting at her in Italian --

ITALIAN MAN Fare attenzione!


Bella charges forward to find herself blocked by --

A FOUNTAIN - Suddenly, GONG! The clock tower bells chime. It's noon!

Bella jumps into the fountain, wades through the shallow water to the other side -- she jumps out and barrels through the crowd. Finally, she SEES --


Edward, in the shadows, just inches from the sunlight.

BELLA Edward! -- -- GONG! Bella's cry is drowned out by the BOOMING CHIME. She pushes toward him, fighting to reach him as --

CLOSE ON EDWARD (IN SLOW MOTION) - as he unbuttons his shirt, exposing his bare chest --

ON BELLA (IN SLOW MOTION) - calling his name --

ON EDWARD'S FACE - he closes his eyes, welcoming death -- then slowly --

Edward takes a step into the sunlight, the rays hitting his shoe, but before the sun touches his skin --

BELLA SLAMS into him - it's like running into a brick wall --

BELLA No, Edward! Don't!

Edward opens his eyes and looks at Bella as the clock booms its final CHIME. He's amazed, already dead in his mind. EDWARD Carlisle was right... heaven...

BELLA No, I'm here. I'm alive.

EDWARD (confused) You're... not real.

BELLA Look at me! Alice was wrong.

He begins to realize... she is real.



BELLA Please, step back. I'm alive, I'm --

He suddenly kisses her, stepping back into the shade with her. They soak each other in like starved people suddenly nourished. He pulls away to look at her...

EDWARD You're here.

BELLA I'm here. They share a long look, he's about to kiss her again... when suddenly, he stiffens -- and abruptly PUSHES Bella behind him, taking a protective stance in front of her --

They face the DARK ALLEY that runs under the clock tower. Out of the alley's shadows emerge --

TWO FIGURES IN HOODED OVERCOATS. Both stunningly handsome males in their 20's: FELIX, huge, strong; and DEMETRI, slender, elegant. Both have unsettling burgundy red EYES.

EDWARD I won't be needing your services after all, gentlemen.

FELIX Aro wants to speak with you again.

EDWARD No rules were broken.

Demetri's smile suggests he doesn't agree. He's the more gracious of the two. But no less dangerous.

DEMETRI We should take this conversation to a more appropriate venue.

EDWARD Fine. Bella, why don't you stay and enjoy the festival?

FELIX The girl comes with us.

EDWARD That's not going to happen --


ALICE suddenly appears, lightly tripping through the alley toward them, pulling back the hood of her white swing coat.

ALICE Come on, guys, it's a festival.

She reaches Edward and Bella, positioning herself in a protective stance, as well.

ALICE We wouldn't want to make a scene.

FELIX There won't be any scene. And we'll still win. EDWARD But not easily --

JANE (O.S.) Enough.

A very tiny, young woman appears, JANE. She also wears a dark overcoat, her Botticelli angel-like face peering out from under the hood. SEE her CRIMSON IRISES.

Felix and Demetri are back off immediately. Edward and Alice step back, as well. Bella can see they're afraid of this small girl.

EDWARD (nodding to her) Jane.

BELLA (sotto to Alice) Who is she? ALICE (sotto to Bella) Just do as she says.

Jane tosses Edward an overcoat. He dons it.

JANE Follow me.

Jane simply turns and heads up the alley, confident they'll follow. Felix, smirking, gestures for them to go ahead of him. Edward takes Bella's hand...



Jane leads Edward, Bella and Alice through several narrow, dark alleys. Felix and Demetri bring up the rear. Edward never loosens his grip on Bella's hand.

Their path dead ends at a WALL OF BRICK. Jane just strides forward and, without breaking pace - drops down into an OPEN HOLE in the street; it's a drain. Alice follows Jane. Bella looks down, sees nothing but BLACKNESS.

EDWARD It's alright. Alice will catch you.

Edward takes her wrists, dangles her over the hole -- INT. SEWERS (CONTINUOUS) - DAY

-- ON BELLA as she drops through the darkness, to be caught by Alice. Edward lands beside them, then Felix and Demetri.

Edward pulls Bella close as they follow Jane through the sewer. He meets Bella's eyes, trying to look reassuring, but he's tense as hell. Finally, they reach --

A FOLDING IRON ELEVATOR DOOR. Jane easily pulls it aside. They all enter. As the door CLANGS shut on them --




An elegantly decorated space with old world charm. They're greeted politely by GIANNA an attractive (human) receptionist.

GIANNA Buon pomeriggio.

They head through the lobby to --

THE LONG CORRIDOR that Edward traversed earlier. Finally, they reach the carved double doors which open --


Bella, Edward and Alice enter to face the three ancients: Aro, Marcus, Caius.

Eight VOLTURI GUARDS (including Jane, Felix, Demetri) line the walls in a variety of modern dark overcoats.


BELLA'S POV - THE FLOOR - there's a depression in the center that leads to a drain. Bella shivers.

Aro rises, greets them like old friends, taking Edward's hand and shaking it --

ARO What a happy surprise! Bella is alive after all. Isn't that wonderful?

Caius responds with a sour expression. Marcus could care less. Aro doesn't release Edward's hand, looks at him as --

ARO Her blood appeals to you so much it makes me thirsty. How can you stand to be so close to her?

EDWARD It's not without effort.

ARO (laughing) I can see that.

Off Bella's look, Edward explains --

EDWARD One touch and Aro can see every thought I've ever had in my life.

ARO You're quite the telepath yourself, Edward. Though... you can't read Bella's thoughts. Fascinating.

He releases Edward's hand and turns to Bella. ARO I would love to see if you are an exception to my gifts, as well.

He reaches for Bella's hand. She hesitates, does she have a choice? Aro laughs at her reluctance, further extends his hand. Bella finally takes it.

A beat as he holds her hand... confusion sweeping over him.

ARO Interesting.

He releases her, moves back to his chair, deep in thought.


ARO I wonder if --

EDWARD (reading Aro's thoughts) No!

ARO Let's see if she's immune to all our powers, shall we Jane?

Jane turns toward Bella but Edward springs in front of her --

Jane instead focuses her gaze on Edward which FLINGS him across the room where he collapses, writhing in agony. Jane concentrates on him with a small smile, enjoying his pain. BELLA Stop!

Bella and Alice rush to his side. As soon as Jane looks away, Edward's pain ceases.

ARO Jane, dear. The girl?

Jane's gaze now turns toward Bella who cringes, awaiting the pain... but nothing happens. Jane's grin is replaced by anger. Aro laughs like a child with a new toy.

Jane, infuriated, moves toward Bella, but Aro stops her with a tiny gesture.

ARO Remarkable! She confounds us all. So what do we do with you now?

MARCUS (seemingly bored) You already know what you'll do, Aro.

CAIUS She knows too much; she's a liability.

ARO That's true. Unless Edward intends to give her immortality... (looks at Edward) But that's not your intention, is it. Shame.

He nods to Felix who moves toward Bella, but he only takes a step before Edward tackles him.


BELLA Edward, don't!

Alice leaps to help but several Volturi guard hold her back, which is no easy job. As she struggles mightily --

Edward is David to Felix's Goliath. Edward will lose, but he'll go down fighting.

-- Edward is fast, anticipating Felix's moves before he makes them, but Felix is stronger --

-- Felix grabs Edward, throws him into the ceiling, SMASHING against the marble; he drops like a stone. Is then immediately KICKED across the room. BELLA (to Aro) Stop this! Please!

But Aro ignores her, leans forward to study Edward. Jane is itching to step in. Aro gestures her back.

-- Felix takes some hits, but then lifts Edward overhead, CRACKING him like a nut, then flinging him against a wall --

Bella runs toward Aro but a Volturi Guard flings her away; she flies HARD against the wall.

The guard is then occupied by the thrashing Alice --

Bella, bruised, but not broken, makes another attempt to get to Aro -- finally reaches him, kneels in front of him --

BELLA Do it! Kill me! Just leave them alone! -- as she yanks her collar back, exposing her neck to him. Aro is surprised and intrigued. A beat.

ARO Enough.

Felix immediately releases Edward who manages to look up. He sees Bella kneeling in front of Aro.

EDWARD Get away from her -- !

Edward moves toward Aro but is quickly immediately pinned by Jane's invisible powers; he writhes in agony. Alice can no longer bear Edward's suffering --


ALICE Edward, stop. I've already seen it.

EDWARD (through gritted teeth) Alice, stay out of it.

ALICE I know what to do.

Aro, intrigued, gestures for Jane to stop; Edward goes limp.

ARO Ah yes, the clairvoyant. I saw your gift in Edward's thoughts. What is it you've seen? EDWARD ... don't...

ALICE I'm the one who will change Bella.

Bella is taken aback by this. Aro is surprised, as well.

ARO (beat, then gestures) Please. Be my guest.

ALICE Not here. Her father is in law enforcement. If she goes missing, there will be questions.

CAIUS He is easily dealt with.

ALICE It will happen, Aro. See for yourself.

She thrusts out her hand. Aro nods to the Guards who release her. She gives him her hand. He closes his eyes --



Edward hunts a deer. Matching his pace is another vampire - Bella! She's pale and beautiful - she and Edward smile at each other as they take a last grand leap for the kill --




BACK ON ARO, utterly delighted. He releases Alice's hand.

ARO Mesmerizing! To see the things you've seen, that haven't happened yet!

Alice moves to Edward's side, helps him up.

ALICE I'm so sorry.

ARO (to Bella) Your gifts will make for an intriguing immortal. Go make your preparations.

Bella hurries to Edward's side, too. Caius is put out.

CAIUS You're letting them leave?

ARO Dear Caius, the girl's disappearance will be conspicuous at best. And surely you see her potential.

MARCUS (dispassionately) Let us be done with this. Heidi will arrive any moment.

Aro gestures - Demetri throws open the carved double doors. Caius glares at them threateningly.

CAIUS We will make sure she follows through. I would not delay. We do not offer second chances.

Edward, recovered now, takes Bella by the arm and, with Alice, they cautiously back toward the door --


-- Demetri leads Bella, Edward and Alice out of the hall. As they make their way up the corridor, they see coming toward them --

A GROUP OF TWO DOZEN TOURISTS, led by a beautiful vampire, HEIDI. Edward, Alice and Bella stop to let them all pass. As Heidi passes Demetri, he gives her a flirtatious smile --


DEMETRI (sotto) Nice fishing, Heidi, save some for me.

Heidi smiles. She gives Bella a curious once-over, then continues on.

HEIDI (to the group) This way, please. Stay together...

A HUSBAND and WIFE, 60's, cameras around their necks, pass Bella. The Husband winks at Bella --

TOURIST HUSBAND Unusual tour, isn't it? TOURIST WIFE Bill, get a picture of that bust there.

As the Tourists file past, we HEAR a variety of languages, German, Japanese, English.

The group is moved toward the carved double doors which swing open for them. They file into the marble hall --

Edward pulls Bella forward, but she cranes her neck back as the last of the tourists disappear inside.

As the large doors close... we begin to HEAR SCREAMING --

Edward and Alice rush Bella out - PUSH IN ON BELLA'S TORMENTED FACE as the SCREAMING gets louder... and louder --


INT. BELLA'S ROOM - NIGHT ON BELLA'S SLEEPING FACE as the SCREAMING CRESCENDOS -- Bella sits bolt upright, yelling --

BELLA -- Stop!

She catches her breath, disoriented, confused. Then she turns to find Edward lying beside her, looking at her.

BELLA It... wasn't a dream.

EDWARD Go back to sleep. You've been through a lot.


BELLA No, you might --

EDWARD I'll be here when you wake up.

Beat, she looks at him, wary.

BELLA Why? Out of guilt?

EDWARD (realizing) You... think I asked the Volturi to kill me because I felt guilty? BELLA Didn't you?

EDWARD I went to them because I thought I'd lost you.

BELLA You didn't even want me.

Now Edward takes her by the shoulders.

EDWARD Bella. The only reason I left was to protect you. I wanted you to have a chance at a normal, happy life.

BELLA But it was so easy for you to leave.

EDWARD I had to be convincing. But easy? In my hundred years, I've never had a harder time than what I just went through.

She's beginning to believe him.

BELLA I kept seeing you. Visions of you. Always protecting me. I thought I was going crazy.

EDWARD Your own instincts were speaking to you. I wish it had been me. But you're the heroic one. You saved me.


He moves to kiss her... but abruptly stops. Suddenly --

HER DOOR swings open - she spins toward it as the LIGHTS flip on and Charlie enters. Edward is gone.

CHARLIE You alright? Another nightmare?

BELLA I'm okay. You don't have to worry.

CHARLIE Last time you said that, you disappeared. You want to talk nightmares? BELLA (sincere) I'm really sorry, Dad.

CHARLIE Just... don't ever do that to me again. Okay? (off her nod) And you're grounded for the rest of your life.

BELLA I know.

CHARLIE Get some rest so I can keep lecturing you in the morning.

He kisses her forehead. Exits. A beat... she turns to find Edward sitting on the bed.

EDWARD He won't forgive me easily.


EDWARD Will you? I don't deserve it but... I hope you will. Because I honestly have no idea how to live without you.

Bella melts in his eyes. He kisses her.

BELLA You won't be able to get rid of me once Alice changes me.


EDWARD She won't have to. There are ways to keep the Volturi in the dark.

BELLA (pulling away) They'll come after your whole family. You'd risk that just to keep me human?

EDWARD Just? You really don't understand what you'd be giving up.

BELLA I really do. They look at each other; an impasse. She decides something, grabs her jeans, pulls them on--

BELLA You're not the only one with a say in it.



BELLA You all know what Edward wants. And you know what I want. But I won't force myself on you...

INCLUDE THE ENTIRE CULLEN FAMILY who surround Bella. The house has been restored to it's original warmth and beauty. Edward sits off to the side as Bella addresses them.

BELLA I think the only fair way to handle this is by vote -- EDWARD You can't be serious --

BELLA (firmly) This is my meeting, Edward.

Edward, frustrated, sits back. She faces the family again.

BELLA However this turns out, I'm not letting the Volturi hurt you. I'll go back to Italy alone --


EMMETT The hell you will. I'm not missing another fight.

BELLA That's not up for a vote, Emmett. I don't want you involved.

ESME We've always been involved, honey, and we're not going to stop --

BELLA No, please -- I want you to seriously think about this. If I join you, you'll be stuck with me for a long time - forever. It's a huge decision. And I want - I need your honesty here.

They nod or otherwise communicate agreement.

BELLA Then let's take a vote... Alice?

Alice jumps up and hugs Bella.

ALICE Like you're not already my sister. Of course, yes!

Bella smiles. Jasper rises, but keeps his distance.

JASPER I vote yes. It'll be a relief not to want to kill you.

BELLA Um. Thanks? Okay, Rosalie? Rosalie, torn, looks at Edward who's stony toward her.

ROSALIE Edward, I'm sorry for what I did. I really am. And I know you're not ready to forgive me... (to Bella) But this isn't the life I'd have chosen for myself. I wish there'd been someone to vote no for me... (she exchanges a glance with Carlisle - then...) So... no.


Bella takes it stoically. Emmett bounds over and lifts Bella into a bear hug.

EMMETT I vote hell yeah. We can pick a fight with these Volturi some other way.

Esme approaches and embraces Bella warmly.

ESME I already think of you as part of the family. Yes.

BELLA Thank you, Esme. Carlisle moves, not to Bella, but to --

CARLISLE Edward --

EDWARD You can't go along with this, Carlisle, you know what it means.

CARLISLE You've chosen not to live without her, which leaves me no choice. I won't lose my son. (turns to Bella) But Alice has never turned anyone. It'd be safer if I did it --

The front door suddenly SLAMS. Edward's gone. Bella blanches but turns to the family.

BELLA Thank you. Thank you all. EXT. CULLEN HOUSE - SAME

POV FROM AFAR ON A HILLTOP -- REVEAL IT'S VICTORIA watching the house down below. Off her seething fury --



A FERRARI has pulled over to the side of the road. VICTORIA PEERS IN THE WINDOW. The DRIVER, a middle-aged man smiles --

VICTORIA Where you headed?


DRIVER Seattle.

VICTORIA (a slow grin) Sounds perfect.

As she climbs in...


Edward drives Bella home. He is somber. She is resigned.

EDWARD When? BELLA After graduation.

EDWARD Just two months.

BELLA It'll be best for Dad that way. I can pretend to be at college somewhere. Carlisle suggested it. But... (quiet, emotional) I wish you'd be the one to change me.

EDWARD (beat) Would you be willing to trade for that?

BELLA (hopeful) Name it.

EDWARD Five more years as a human.

BELLA The Volturi won't wait that long.

EDWARD I'll settle for three.

BELLA (sadly, shakes her head) I won't risk it. It'll have to be Carlisle.

He takes her hand.


EDWARD Why are you so willing to give up your soul?

BELLA Because I don't believe you've lost yours. And I want to share mine with you forever.

He looks to her, kisses her hand... then suddenly Edward SLAMS on the brakes --


-- Someone stands in the road directly in front of them -- it's JACOB. He glares, then turns and walks into the woods. BELLA What is he doing?

EDWARD He wants to talk to me.

BELLA Well, he can talk to me first.

She pushes out of the car --


Edward and Bella tramp through the woods to FIND -- Jacob leaning against a tree. His expression is hard.

JACOB You're still alive.

BELLA I've been calling you. JACOB Couldn't drop by?

EDWARD He thinks I'm keeping you away.

JACOB (spinning on him) Stay the hell out of my head!

BELLA Dad grounded me, Jake. We're trying to get back before he wakes up.


Jacob doesn't buy it. Bella is frustrated. But Edward takes a step toward Jacob. Calm. Diplomatic.

EDWARD Jacob, I know you have something to say to me, but I'd like to say something first. Alright?

Jacob leans back against the tree, arms folded, waiting.

EDWARD (sincere) Thank you. For keeping Bella alive when I... didn't.

JACOB No, you didn't. And it wasn't for your benefit, trust me.

EDWARD I know. I'm still grateful. (then) But I'm back now. And I'm not leaving Bella's side till she orders me away.

She looks at him. He returns the look. Jacob sees the devotion between them. It wounds him. But he masks it.

JACOB We'll see.

EDWARD Either way, we'll handle Victoria from here on out.

JACOB She's been laying low. Ever since your freaky sister showed up. Guess she can't stand you Cullens either.

EDWARD She'll come back.

JACOB She does, she's ours. She killed on our turf.

EDWARD We'll see.

JACOB My turn to talk. I'm here to remind you about a key point in the Treaty.


EDWARD (reads his thoughts, nods) I haven't forgotten.


BELLA What? What key point?

JACOB If any of them bites a human, the truce is over. That's bite, not kill.

BELLA (realizing) But... if I choose it, it's none of your business.

Jacob is horrified, starting to shake with rage.

JACOB If you... what!? No. No way. I won't let you --

EDWARD -- Bella, step back --

JACOB You're not gonna be one of them.

BELLA That's not your call --

JACOB (even more intense) You know what we'll do to you - I won't have a choice -- EDWARD We're done here --

Edward takes Bella's arm, starts to pull her away. Jacob lunges, trying to extract Bella from him --

JACOB You don't speak for her!

Edward PUSHES Jacob away; he flies back ten feet in the air, but mid-air he PHASES INTO A WOLF!


-- The Jacob-wolf lands on all fours, spinning to face Edward in an attack stance. Edward shifts stance, as well, readying for a fight --


Edward and Jacob circle one another, seconds from lunging --

EDWARD (to Bella) Get out of here. Now!

But Bella races between them, forceful, insistent.

BELLA (to both of them) You do this, you'll be going through me.

A long tense beat, none of them backing down - it could go either way --

BELLA I swear to God, I'm not moving.

Both rivals see she's dead serious. Edward backs off, ever- so-slightly... the Jacob-wolf does the same.

BELLA (turning to Edward) Give me a second. Please.

Edward shakes his head. Doesn't move an inch.

BELLA Read his thoughts. Is he going to hurt me? Edward does, and finally, reluctantly backs away. But his eyes never leave the wolf's. They glare at one another.

Bella carefully approaches the Jacob-wolf, blocking his line of sight. Her voice is kind, pleading.

BELLA Jacob, I love you. You're my best friend. But... I can't change how I feel. Please don't make me choose. (quietly, emotionally) Because it'll be him. It's always been him.


Anguish sweeps through the wolf's fierce face. It's even harder to take than when he's in human form --

BELLA But you know how important you are to --

Suddenly, the wolf BOLTS out of there...

ON BELLA - fighting tears as she watches him disappear...

BELLA (V.O.) There were problems ahead. Seemingly insurmountable...

Edward's arms wrap around her from behind. BELLA (V.O.) ... If I didn't become a vampire, the Volturi would kill me. If I did, my best friend would do the job himself, or get killed in the attempt.

She turns to face Edward, looking into his loving eyes...

BELLA (V.O.) Victoria was still on the loose, putting everyone I loved in danger...

He kisses her tenderly, washing away her concerns.

BELLA (V.O.) But I'd already survived the worst -- losing Edward. So I knew I could survive anything...

EDWARD I'm here. Always. And she sees that's the truth, believes it. He takes her hand and together they turn, heading out of the woods...

BELLA (V.O.) And soon, I'd be like him. We'd face our fate together. Forever.

Off them, hand in hand, inseparable... as we begin to --


... HEAR the agonized HOWL of a wolf in the far distance...




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