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Theodore Dreiser (27.08.1871 - 28.12.1945) - American writer.

Theodore Dreiser was a famous American writer and social activist. He was born on August 1871 in Indiana and was the twelfth child in a family. Having brought up in severe poverty and strict religious atmosphere, he had a dreamy nature. It was hard for him to struggle for existence in cruel world. His parents were involved in wool-spinning business, but after a terrible fire they had to move to Terre-Haute city.

Theodore graduated from school in 1887. Then he entered the Indiana University, where he studied only for one year, because of financial problems. He took up the job of a clerk to survive. After a short while he decided to try his wit at journalism which was a good idea. For two years he worked as a reporter for several newspapers.

At the age of twenty-three he moved to New York where he established his own paper. Three years later he was invited to write for such magazines as Cosmopolitan Metropolitan etc. By 1932 he had a contract with Paramount. The film-making company wanted to stage his novel Gennie Gerhardt. In 1944 he was awarded a golden medal for remarkable achievements in the literary field.

Speaking about his childhood, it was well-depicted in his autobiographical book Dawn. In the field of literature he was known as the masterful artist, as his works were based on enormous amount of observation and experience. His art was the art of precision through images, documents and facts. T. Dreiser was often seen at meetings and public speeches. He was an active social activist.

In 1932 he participated in the global anti-war Congress, along with other outstanding authors. In 1938 he was sent to participate in the Parisian anti-war conference. During his lifetime the writer travelled a lot across the world. He visited Russia, Spain, England and many other countries. His most famous works include Sister Carry, An American Tragedy, and many other world-known novels. The writer died at the age of seventy-four in California, where he was buried.



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