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Thomas Alva Edison (11.02.1847 - 18.10.1931) - American inventor

Thomas A. Edison was an outstanding inventor and one of the best entrepreneurs of America. Many of his creations have literally changed the world and shaped its modern face. Born in Ohio in1847, he spent his childhood in Michigan. At young age he wasnt particularly successful at studies, partly because of some hearing problems he experienced.

His first job as an operator was connected with an unexpected story. He once saved the life of a little boy who had nearly gotten under the train. The boys father in gratitude helped Edison to get a job at the local telegraph station. Later on, he worked at other stations as well, but he always tried to get the night shifts. At the daytime he read various scientific books and led all sorts of experiments.

His professional inventions started in Newark. To be precise it was his first phonograph that brought him fame and success. A lot was achieved at the industrial research laboratory which he established in California. To build this lab he sold one of his first inventions, which he nominated in four or five thousands, but was paid ten thousand dollars. Its obvious that the inventor didnt know how much his works really cost.

His inventions can be listed endlessly. He made sufficient contributions into the field of recording, cinematography, telephone network, electrification of the country, etc. Considerable fame was reached on the basis of telegraph. Only studying this device, Thomas learned the principles of electricity. However, one of his world-famous inventions became the light bulb, which is an internationally recognized fact.

In 1889 Edison was invited to the World Exhibition to Paris, where he was awarded the Legion of Honor. During the war he was invited to be the head of the Advisory Board of the US Navy. Even after retiring he retained good imagination and enthusiasm. He had a lab at one of his shops where he spent most of his free time.

At an advanced age he worked on improving radio and film equipment, the wireless telegraph, even vehicles and aircraft. When he was over eighty he started researching some American plants which were related to synthetic rubber. He died in Glenmont on October 18, 1931.



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