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Great Britain

Status: a parliamentary monarchy.

Executive power: the Cabinet of Ministers.

Legislative body: Parliament.

Houses: the House of Lords and of Commons.

Head of the state: the Queen.

Head of the Government: Prime Minister.

GB is a parliamentary monarchy. Officially the head of the state is the Queen, but her power is limited by Parliament. In practice the country is governed by the Government in the name of the Queen. In reality the whole political power belongs to B. Governmentconsisting of the Prime Minister and other ministers. All the ministers in the B. Government must be appointed by the Queen, but in fact she makes the appointment on the Prime Ministers advice.

The legislative power is vested in the Queen and Parliament. Parliament is made up of two Housesthe House of Lords and the House of Commons, the supreme legislative body. At presents all legislation is initiated by the Cabinet, which consists of the heads of the most important Departments.

The House of Commons is elected at General elections which are to take place every 5 years. The House of Lords is not electedthe titles and the seats are inherited there, but now is elected body.
The leader of the party that has won the election and has the majority in the House of Commons forms the Cabinet and becomes the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is responsible for the policy conducted by Parliament.

Two parties at dominate at the election in GB: the Conservative Party (the Tories) and the Labor Party. The Party which has majority in the House of Commons is called the Government and the othersthe opposition.

The Conservative Party represents the interests of big business and is described as the Party of upper and middle classes.

The Labor Party is composed mainly of trade union members. Members of Parliament are elected by direct and secret ballot. Citizens of 18 years and other have the right to vote. At a general election a person votes for the labor candidate, or for the Conservative candidate, or for the candidate for some other party.

About one-third of the people support the Labor Party all the time, another third theConservatives. The last third consists of people who are ready to change from one of these parties to the other.
Support for the Conservative Party is associated with a belief in the traditional basis of society, strong respect for the Royal Family and the privileged class.

The UK is a member of the European Economic County.



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