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My Future Occupation

Let me introduce myself. My name is Borya Socolov. Boriya is my first name and Cokolov is my surname. I am was born in 1980 in the city of Kharcov. My parents are lawyers. My mother works at the Procurators Office and my father works as a judge at court. My father is 52 and my mother is 50 years.

My elder brother is in legal profession. He often spoke with me about the job and gave me a lot of good advice.

At school I took a great interest in mathematics, history and foreign languages. Sports and adventure novels were my hobby.

I finished school in 1997. After leaving school I had chosen jurisprudence, it was not a great surprise for any member of our family. I realize well enough that the lawyers profession is not all smiles, hand-shakes and flowers. It abounds in hardships and problems which at times are difficult to solve. Besides I know that lawyers are ill-paid as are people of many other occupations in our country. But I think that these problems are temporary and a few years time people of brain work will be properly and justly paid

In 1997 I successfully passed my entrance exams to the National Law academy to the name Yaroslav Wise and now I am my third year.

The profession of a lawyer is a human one because he stands up for the interests and rights of people. Besides, I guess, this work requires much courage and determination for lawyers fight negative phenomena in the society.



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