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We are students at the Ukrainian Academy of Law. Our Academy is one of the oldest educational establishments of this type in the Country. Its 70th anniversary was marked in 1990. The Academy is housed in one of the best buildings of our city. This is the house in 77 Pushkinskaya Street designed and constructed by Beketov-a well-known Russian architect. It has a great number of light, spacious class-rooms, lecture-halls, a gymnasium, a reading-room, etc. There are also special study rooms and laboratories here. The students have every opportunity to master their future profession which is law. Our Academy trains practical workers for law offices.

The course of study at the Academy is five years. Besides the day-time department there is also an evening and a correspondence department at the academy where the students study 5,5 years. We study general and special law subjects. Among the general subjects are history of the Political science, the History of the Economic science, Philosophy, Sociology, Ecological law and a foreign Language English, German and French. The law subjects are: criminal law, criminal procedure, criminology, criminalities, civil law, civil procedure, labor law, ecological law, international law and some others. We attend lectures, seminars and tutorials. Classes usually begin at 8.00 in the morning and are over at 12.30 in the afternoon.

After classes many students hurry to the canteen to have dinner and after a short rest begin preparing for their lessons and seminars in the reading room or a study room. A very important part in training future specialists is played by the Students Scientific Society, and a lot of students carry on research work in its numerous circles. All of us also take part in the public activities of the Academy. Almost all the out-of town students live in the hostel. At the end of each term we take credit tests and examinations. They are called terminals. All those who pass exams successfully are granted stipends. At the end of the course of study the students take state examinations.

Finals, as they are often called. When we graduate from the academy we shall work accordingly to our appointments as investigators, judges, procurators, etc. Some of us will work in the militia. Every year our country gets highly qualified specialists standing on guard of legality and law and order.



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