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The Investigator

In accordance with national legislation, all criminal cases pass through the stage of preliminary investigation before they are heard in Court.
The Procurators Office, the Ministry of the Interior and the National Security Service have their own investigation departments. Their competence is briefly as follows:

  1. Investigators from the Procurators Office have the right to investigate any case, but in actual fact they carry out inquires into the gravest crimes, such as murder, embezzlement on a large scale, rape, banditry etc and also in the cases if malfeasance;
  2. Investigators from the Ministry of the Interior have the right to institute proceedings against persons who have committed any crime, but in cases of grave crimes they only perform urgent action and then transfer the case to the investigators of the Procurators Office;
  3. Investigators from the National Security Service investigate cases of espionage and other especially dangerous crimes against the state.

The investigators job is to detect crimes, to disclose and expose persons, guilty of them so that every person who commits a crime shall suffer a just punishment and no innocent person shall be charged or punished, to ascertain all the circumstances of cases and to take crime preventing measures.
While fulfilling his duties, the investigator has the right to detain a person suspected ofa crime. He may question citizens and officials as witnesses to the crime, make requisite search and inspections, order an expert investigation, etc. he may undertake other actions proved for by the criminal procedure law.
The investigators job is to prepare the materials of the case for court hearing.

The preliminary investigation is called upon to facilitate the objective and comprehensive administration of Justice.



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