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: The Legal Profession.


The Legal Profession

1. We are moving to the creation of law-governed state. This movement is accompanied by a cardinal updating of all basic branches of legeslation. Radical changes take place in the entire law-enforcement mechanism of Ukraine in the work of the courts, the procurators office, the legal proffesion, arbitration, militia and correctional labour institutions. These changes are to become an important step towards the law-ruled state. Who should translate the legal reform into reality? Special responsibility belongs to those who are in the legal profession( ): judges, lawyers, investigators, procurators.

2. A responsible mission in s law-abiding state is entrustated to courts that must become truly independent. High demands are made of judges professional and personal qualities. A judge should always be a person with a sharpened sense of justice, a broad horizon, a person of high moral qualities.

3. The role of lawyers is rapidly growing in our society. They are needed in ministries, at enterprises, cooperatives to say nothing of law-enforcement agencies, who stand on guard of the interests of Ukraine, of the rights and interests of our citizens and on guard of public order. Lawyers and legal advisers should be able to provide qualified consultansy. Lawyers are expected to be present in the early stage of investigation. That will raise the efficiency of the investigation. The participation of a lawyer in a trial demands from him proffessionalism, a principal and independent defendence on a case.

4. A law-abiding state is based on principles: law is equally binding on all people and all persons are equal before the law. The role of the Procurators`s Office, which is called upon to exercise supervision over the strict observance of laws is being enhanced in a state governed by law.



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