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AREA - 603,700square kilometers

Ukraine is one of the largest countries of Europe. It is one of the memberstates that founded the UNO. Ukraine signed the UNs Charter at the San Francisco Conference in 1945.

On December, 1, 1991 Ukraine became an independed sovereign state and the president was elected by direct vote.
Now Ukraine has its own territory, the highest and local bodies of state power and the government, its own national emblem, state flag and anthem.

President is the head of the state. He is also Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces of Ukraine. Vice-President is appointed by President and approved by the Supreme Council.

The Supreme Council is the highest organ of state power and the highest legislative body in the Republic. The Supreme Council sets up the Governmentthe Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is the highest executive and administrative organ of the state. Regional, district, city, town and village Soviets are the local bodies of power.

The highest organ of Judicial power of Ukraine is the Supreme Court.

Ukraine is a mighty industrial and agricultural state with advanced culture, science and art.

Ukrainian plants produce turbines, electric motors, excavators, airplanes, tractors, electronic computers. Together with heavy industry there are highly developed light and food industries. Ukraine establishes relations with countries throughout the world. It sets direct contacts with them signing agreements and treaties.

Ukraine maintains close ties with all the members of the Commonwealth of Independed States and is going to cooperate with them, to develop economic, trading and cultural relations.

Ukraine has proclaimed itself a nuclear free state and is going to destroy all nuclear weapons on its territory. The process of conversation from military to civil economy is under way.



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