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Vincent van Gogh (30.04.1853 - 29.07.1890) - Dutch painter

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter. His paintings are now highly valued in the world of art. He was born in the Southern Netherlands on March 30, 1853. His father was a pastor. Vincent wasnt the only child in the family; he had two brothers and three sisters. In 1869 not even finishing the secondary school he left for Hague to work there at one large art company. In painters family all men somehow dealt either with religion or with art.

By the age of twenty Vincent decided to change his work area and to follow his fathers steps. He soon found pastors assisting job in the suburbs of London and moved there. His first sermon was held on October 29, 1876. A year later he moved back to the Netherlands to study theology at the University of Amsterdam. Time spent in London had considerably changed the artists life and views. Firstly, he had a good salary, so he could afford to visit various art galleries and museums. Secondly, he became a successful trader and could have an excellent career.

However, everything changed when he fell in love with his flat owners daughter, who had already been engaged. Facing this fact, he became indifferent to his work and to other joyful things in life. He lost his job and returned to the Netherlands. The only solace he found was religion. Having moved to Amsterdam, he began studying priesthood, but soon dropped the faculty. When he was about thirty-three Vincent moved to Paris to stay with his brother Theo.

There he got a chance to take painting lessons from F. Cormon and to meet such artists as Gauguin, Pissarro and others. He soon forgot all the misfortunes and became a recognizable and respectful artist. He largely developed the styles of impressionism and post-impressionism. At the same time he still worked as a preacher in one evangelical church. By the age of twenty-seven he knew exactly that he would dedicate his life to art. Although he took some drawing lessons, he was considered a self-taught painter, as he read lots of tutorials and had his own style.

Unfortunately, the painters life was soon again filled with love sufferings. This time it was his widowed cousin Kee Vos. She was also the reason why he quarreled with his father and moved to Hague. He met a woman of easy virtue there. Wishing to save her from her numerous sins, Vincent was even willing to marry her, but again his family interfered and thoughts of marriage were simply shattered. Returning to his home place he improved his drawing skills.

Soon he returned to Paris to his brother Theo, who always helped and supported him in every possible way. In fact, France for van Gogh was almost like the motherland. He spent all the rest of his life there, feeling like home. He was a person with difficult and explosive character. Some people even called him a crazy lunatic. Nevertheless he had his own friends who kept him a company. In 1888 he moved to Arles where he planned to create a settlement for artists. When he shared his idea with his friend Gauguin, they became enemies.

In the burst of anger van Gogh cut off his own left ear. After this case he was placed for two weeks in psychiatric hospital. Even after returning home he suffered from occasional hallucinations and had to re-start the treatment. In 1890 he finally left the hospital and went to Theos home, whose wife had just given birth to the son they named Vincent after his uncle. This peaceful happiness didnt last. In July1890 van Gogh shot himself. The painter died in his brothers arms, who loved him very much. Six months later his brother Theo also died and was buried next to Vincent.



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