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Winston Churchill (30.10.1874 - 24.01.1965) - British politician.

Winston Churchill was one of the most powerful British politicians. He was twice the Prime minister of the UK. Moreover, he was a very talented man. In 1901 he got the Nobel Prize in Literature. Winston Churchill was born on November the 30th 1874, in Woodstock, in the aristocratic family of the Dukes. At the very young age he was taught at home by his nanny. At the age of eight he was sent to St. Georges School. He was rebellious by nature and had poor academic record in school. The boy suffered a speech impediment, which continued throughout his career.

Since 1888 he had been studying at Harrow School - one of the oldest and most renowned schools for boys in England. In 1893 Churchill entered the Royal Military College at Sandhurst. At first, he was at the infantry class, but two years later he was promoted to second lieutenant. At the same time, he suffered the loss of two close people - his father and his nanny. Being a young officer, he participated in several war campaigns: in British India, Sudan, Cuba. Gradually, he became a war correspondent and an author of works about military campaigns.
He met his future wife, Clementine Hozier, in 1904 during the ball at the Earl of Crewes house. Four years later he proposed to her and they got married. All in all, they had five children: four daughters and one son. In 1899 Churchill unsuccessfully ran for parliament. Then he was captured during the Anglo-Boer war but managed to escape. In 1900 he was elected to the House of Commons from the Conservatives. At the same time he published his novel Savrola. In 1905 he became Under-Secretary of States for the Colonies.

Being in high politics for fifty years, Churchill had a number of political posts, including the First Lord of the Admiralty, the Secretary of State for War, the President of the Board of Trade. However, the most important mission of this figure was yet to come. In May of 1940 he became the Prime Minister of the UK and remained in office till July of 1945. He was again elected to hold this position in October of 1951. This time he remained in office until his resignation in April 1955. Winston Churchill had a series of heart strokes when he was old. He died at his London home on January 24th, 1965.



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