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/ Aerosmith: I Love Trash, .

Refrain Oh, I love trash!
Anything dirty or dingy or dusty
Anything ragged or rotten or rusty
Yes, I love trash

I have here a sneaker that's tattered and worn
It's all full of holes and the laces are torn
A gift from my mother the day I was born
I love it because it's trash


I have here some newspaper thirteen months old
I've wrapped some fish inside it, it's smelly and cold
But I wouldn't trade it for a big pot o' gold
I love it because it's trash


I've a clock that won't work, and an old telephone
A broken umbrella, a rusty trombone
And I am delighted to call them my own
I love them because they're trash

Refrain, ending with...Yes, I love, I love, I love trash

/ Aerosmith: I Love Trash,
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